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    1. Provide plenty of compost and mulching

    2. The higher energy sources provide to the plants a quick pick me up, Higher energy food sources are easier to be absorbed then lower energy sources which require more energy to assimilate leaving the plant in a minus situation which in turn causes stress etc

    3. This often times will provide pest and disease protection and you will not need to make any thing stronger

    4. One has to provide a moral and spiritual compass that will guide them throughout their life

    5. We usually do not provide the growing children with wisdom instead try to teach them what we know and believe in

    6. If we apply ourselves to allowing these creatures to live in harmony with us, we can provide for both us and them a better life and one in which we do not immediately think of how bad they are etc

    7. I provide a feeding station for them on another part of the property that I do not mind them being in

    8. Good rich compost will provide the zinc

    9. Grandchildren provide a second chance for us to do again what we may have lacked the first time with our children

    10. Continual use of the dusts, sprays and vacuuming mentioned above will provide a form of birth control for fleas

    11. The aim of the counseling is to provide an opportunity for the client to live a more satisfying life

    12. Once the event occurs our cooperation to authorities, encouraging the younger lot to provide help to the needy, taking some sort of control to prevent theft and arsons, regulate the crowd that usually collects and hampers rescue efforts and the doctors amongst us to provide urgent medical aid are some of the tasks we can take upon ourselves and thus be relevant for the society even at this age

    13. It is important not to provide food sources for them

    14. The investment may provide for the following type of returns:

    15. Repair all cracks in the foundation that provide access to the wood inside

    16. Organic material contains nutrients that provide the microorganisms in the soil with the materials they need to be active

    17. It is important that at least the near relatives and friends understand as to how they can provide better support to elders

    18. "All you can provide me with as a reason is as a hostage to insure my sister's cooperation

    19. The basic idea is to provide for the ants a feeding center, see Ant Cafes™ chapter one

    20. They provide for them the means to reproduce and to grow far away from the parents

    21. Also Foliar feeding them will provide for them the fastest source of food and energy therefore it is important that you only feed them nutrition that relieves stress; and not causes it

    22. The idea is to provide plants with important trace minerals, bacteria, enzymes, and elements necessary for a healthy plant to grow

    23. Always provide plenty of oxygen (by stirring pile, aerate it) and plenty of natural nitrogen and trace minerals

    24. They will be happy to provide a lab report you

    25. ‘But it does provide a pretty strong motive for Dan

    26. He nodded vigorously, assuming that this would provide the necessary proof

    27. provide protection -- and the

    28. was sure, would provide the next heir to her line

    29. You may feel that the Lord did not provide you with the same power,

    30. All she could really do for her was provide an example of a typical unskilled user

    31. As a technician it was his job to provide all souls with a universe free from these simulation artifacts, but there were times when he just wasn't able to do so

    32. "We need to provide enough weapons to the converts," Dufbin, another member of the C

    33. Only the male technicians get to know about anything of 3D reality outside the ship, the female technicians are protected and do not, they provide essential services to the female Paradis

    34. We have discussed the creation and the fall because of the foundation they provide upon

    35. First I have some things to say and maybe they’ll provide you with some answers

    36. It went only to enough circuitry to provide the instruments on the male side with the inputs they would generate if there really was a female side to the ship

    37. There was no energy to run a pump here, in fact a wind-wheel drew their water, so the pool could hold nothing but some ornamental fish and plants to provide their oxygen

    38. With a helmet, the user interface was 'always knew that', with a keyboard and crystal ball, you asked questions and it would provide answers, or you typed messages to someone else on the system

    39. No universe on the market could provide cherubim as lovely as what this world provided in the flesh

    40. Today she wished to holiday in Crete and live like they did, these people who provided succour, and tonight, she was sure, would provide the next heir to her line

    41. She returned home only to find that her parents had been murdered and, although her brother tried his hardest to provide a home for her, the double loss was too much and she committed suicide two years later

    42. People had found you use the least material and provide the most seats and easiest entry with back-to-back benches facing outward with a grab bar every two seats

    43. There are a number of benefits that Instagram videos provide to business customers

    44. But I have to ask the question: as necessary as some of these things are, is it really benefiting the common person? Who is Lord? Does our Government satisfy our deepest needs, or do they only provide (sometimes) for our external luxuries?

    45. I was following the pathway up to the top of the mountain, and thinking of how I could provide food for Jake, we didn’t have much in the size he would require

    46. I shall provide my own food My Lady, do not worry

    47. that the space between them should provide

    48. A small, open-all-hours, traditional general store and two small, occasionally open shops seemed to provide most of the basics for the villagers

    49. He didn't keep Essone around the castle just for sex, though she was outstandingly skilled at it, and equipped with everything his labs could provide

    50. He would provide

    1. Advertising can take place on or off the Internet using newsletters, e-mail automation techniques, or by following leads that are provided by your existing customers

    2. had no wish to be a “circus freak” provided for the entertainment of the ensuing crowd

    3. It is often said that man can achieve anything provided he has confidence in himself

    4. · To believe that almost anything can be achieved provided one has enough will power

    5. When people become sedentary, they lose the natural visceral mobilization provided by functional exercise

    6. Recognising the void that suddenly lands on the senior citizen in terms of emotional support hitherto provided by joint families, Government, NGOs and Associations of senior citizens can institute this highly effective “treatment” programme

    7. Neither was willing to accept enough of the native culture to leave the familiarity they provided each other

    8. Small loans are provided of around CNY 1,000 (USD 120) to families that include an elderly relative

    9. and, after the Moor had provided a match, the Marchese waited, wreathed in blue

    10. Theo sat down in the one rickety chair provided in the reception area and checked his phone

    11. There will be supper provided

    12. "It's all we have," Ava said, "and you have to admit that provided a different experience than you were used to

    13. Under the broad limbs of an oak, in a deep hollow that provided both shade

    14. The NatSurv quickly provided Ginger with information that Kandhi could have used the night before - Leonora entering Sarah Watson's car and driving it out of the Trinidad rest area

    15. Any heaven would do at that point, even one provided by the theocracy

    16. As a technician, he provided infrastructure, not oversight

    17. The basic reason for the divorce is hunger: If Anthony provided his family with a minimum sum of money, Alice would never leave him

    18. We are using the large room behind the stage area for changing … men on the left and women on the right with a row of mobile clothing racks down the middle, where we each have our personal designated areas to hang our costumes, giving some sort of modesty division, though to be honest, who the hell wants to gawp? As the play takes place in the present day, the clothes are not really costumes anyway, but, all the same, my character has certain things she has to wear – some my own and some provided by wardrobe

    19. write this chapter; he provided the computer to accomplish the writing; his Christian love for an old man

    20. If God has provided the rule, pattern, authority for the operation of his church, man

    21. To the non-technical, she was a holy spirit provided by God as a reward for a good mortal life

    22. The glass was embedded in a network of roots instead of lead, the columns of the door were carved in sensuous curves, but the window provided a small alcove that Herndon could back him into

    23. As the android swam in space toward it, he saw the ship because the video that its android's eyes provided to the Angel who animated it, could also be projected to the crystal ball on his desk down here in the chaparral below Gengee City

    24. No universe on the market could provide cherubim as lovely as what this world provided in the flesh

    25. Today she wished to holiday in Crete and live like they did, these people who provided succour, and tonight, she was sure, would provide the next heir to her line

    26. Plough: It is a symbol of success in business and financial affairs, provided that you work hard

    27. Shells: Full shells indicate success, provided that you work hard for it; empty shells bode vain hopes and loss of money

    28. Just when Abram is about to run the knife through, an angel cries out, “STOP!” and a ram caught in a bush is provided

    29. Jesus is the same God that provided for Elijah and the widow

    30. Under the broad limbs of an oak, in a deep hollow that provided both shade and yet was open to the breeze that continually blew in from the sea, the old man lay down at midday, mopped his brow with a red, paisley handkerchief, and reached into his bag for the hard, round goats cheese and the hunk of heavy bread that he had picked up this morning when leaving his hut at first light

    31. She picked up the small fork that had been provided and tried a small piece

    32. Without the instructions provided by the ever efficient Wiesse, Kara would never have found it even though she’d been there before

    33. Poopsie and Lardyme had indeed provided a feast

    34. The barge provided for our journey is much newer than the ones Berndt and I travelled on – but I should not be surprised at that, I suppose

    35. It had produced titans of industry; leaders of legend, and far thinking scientists who provided this country the advances she enjoyed

    36. Before I go on to your next exercise I would mention here that the CAMEL POSTURE or UTRASANA described in chapter six in connection with backache should also be practiced by women suffering from displacement of the uterus and fallopian tubes provided that the displacement is not of a serious order

    37. What Gilla has provided will keep well enough for that

    38. There is nothing wrong with flirting at bars and nightclubs, provided some safety measures are

    39. This service is provided so that

    40. Without a mortgage to worry about, the funds that they had received from the sale of their previous, modest abode provided them with a solid foundation on which to base their daily activities

    41. Lord Dorsal was master of Sea Hold; his people built the large fishing ships that fished the large seas and provided food for the different Holds

    42. He also grew the grapes that provided the sweet wines of Aura

    43. Lord Justin was master of Tailor Hold; his people provided clothing for the population; seamstresses and tailors for the different Holds

    44. Lord Gustav was master of Knowledge Hold; he kept the Hall of Records of the People and provided the teachers for the different Holds

    45. For seating he had provided plush plumes with ornately carved wooden arms, ergonomic for one percent gravity, invisible of course

    46. was provided with the finest tutors, all of whom made sure that the

    47. These shall be provided at the visitor’s convenience of

    48. “Bloggingehow was my one source of inspiration that i could easily connect to, unlike other big corporate blogs that, although provided the information, lacked the intimacy a beginner needs in order to get the wheel turning

    49. Then there's the complications caused by free meal kids who have to have a packed lunch provided by the school kitchen

    50. Her careful handling of the Scather female was exemplary, she told her, and may have just provided them with a way to end the war with the Scathers

    1. High energy soil provides greater balance that reduces stress and reduces the pest activity

    2. He showed that a reasonable level of stress provides challenge and creative stimulus and motivates us to action

    3. They lay their eggs in the host body, which provides the young with a source of food

    4. This sticky substance covers the leaves and provides nutrients for the mold to grow

    5. Repair loose or cracked siding or stucco, peeling paint and gaps around windows and doors that allow moisture into the wood that provides an attractive environment for them to live in

    6. Manure provides organic matter and trace minerals to the soil

    7. But the best top dressings are made from well made compost because it provides a complete and varied food source as well as varied bacterial sources

    8. This sharing of resources provides for an ecologically balanced system

    9. This provides for deep watering, encourages root development, provides oxygen to the soil

    10. We are here for a higher purpose which, when discovered and fulfilled, provides permanent peace of mind and lasting soul fulfillment

    11. This site enables on line puja in many temples and provides information about the type of pujas that can be performed

    12. This site provides information about all the recent government announcements and important judgements related to direct and indirect taxes and related laws

    13. This is the home site of BBC and provides links on various topics of interest apart from news and views

    14. One can select magazines, newspapers, sites and TV channels for whom the site provides on-line linkage

    15. (A salon that provides beauty services)

    16. God provides a way for us to have faith

    17. He Provides For the Sheep (Psalms 23) - He doctors the sick and the needy

    18. I suppose it was some kind of narcotic – taking into account that Zisis often provides Aphrodite with hashish, and who knows what else

    19. I can believe that God provides, but that doesn’t mean I have faith

    20. Regardless of al the benefits vitamin C provides, one should note that it is important not to get stuck on just one antioxidant alone

    21. This provides an

    22. NET provides helper function to check for Ajax requests which internally inspects X-Requested-

    23. country dreams about a cushy job that gives a steady salary and provides

    24. Undercut banks are a great location to find trout since this location provides them with excellent cover from predators

    25. Meridian and all other meridians, it provides the most

    26. Muscle testing provides a real window into what is

    27. Cold-heartedness at times provides an unmatched liberty

    28. com provides me with a brilliant map of Naples … the Villa dei Mille, where the Embassy was … and still is for that matter … is in one of the older quarters of the city so it is likely that the area hasn’t changed much in the last fifty odd years

    29. Holy The solution to evil which God provides to all creation

    30. that provides new membership is required to provide that new member with

    31. love provides and hate does not in any way wishes to be known or have

    32. In an age as fast-paced as ours the commodity of time provides wealth

    33. (as far) provides her or his own testimony with a new expression of the 16

    34. They love the holiday season as it provides them with a chance to wear singlets and impress dumb blondes

    35. She walks over, watched by the crowd and the comic, who provides a running commentary

    36. Broadband comes as part of the cable package, and it provides Ted with a window on the world and hard porn comfort when he is sober enough to be interested, which is less and less frequently these days

    37. Snuggle's provides her with as much alcohol as she could possibly want

    38. He feels like a goldfish in a bowl, peering out at a world that he can’t understand, a world for which his own experience strangely provides no point of reference

    39. 'Then the arrest of Guichard provides me with such an

    40. 41Who provides food for the raven when its young cry out to God

    41. "I would be able to, my simulated skin provides all sensations that will result from contact with the personification I present

    42. inexpensive way of eating, but it provides an opportunity

    43. Among nations of hunters and shepherds, therefore, whose food consists chiefly in the flesh of those animals, everyman, by providing himself with food, provides himself with the materials of more clothing than he can wear

    44. These, though they do not increase in the same proportion as corn, which is altogether the acquisition of human industry, yet multiply under the care and protection of men, who store up in the season of plenty what may maintain them in that of scarcity ; who, through the whole year, furnish them with a greater quantity of food than uncultivated nature provides for them; and who, by destroying and extirpating their enemies, secure them in the free enjoyment of all that she provides

    45. That provides you with the perfect excuse for

    46. We eat her food, sleep under her roof, dress in clothes that she provides

    47. In that rude state of society, in which there is no division of labour, in which exchanges are seldom made, and in which every man provides every thing

    48. So far as it is employed in the second way, it promotes industry ; and though it increases the consumption of the society, it provides a permanent fund for supporting that consumption; the people who consume reproducing, with a profit, the whole value of their annual consumption

    49. problem, one should rather revert to relatives, friends and other help that our modern society provides

    50. turned to her mother and said, “God provides

    1. She didn't say anything more, but looked around the camp, noticed the planks providing privacy around the digester and seemed to approve

    2. I would probably be advised by the local “boys in blue” that I was providing information liable to promote discrimination

    3. This solves two needs at once: buying groceries, and providing dining companionship

    4. The Invisible Gardener says: “You can avoid many problems associated with high nitrogen use imply by understanding the organic system of providing nitrogen as the plant needs it

    5. Providing housing, food and water for our bird allies will help insure good insect balance

    6. So right from the beginning we are providing them with the wrong inputs

    7. This is done by providing your soil with plenty of good rich compost, by regular mulching and by promoting a biological diversity

    8. Leaking pipes or water faucets will keep the wood moist causing damage to the wood and providing access to the termites

    9. DE is one of the safest methods of providing termite control

    10. Understanding the components of the lawn’s ecosystem and providing a more suitable environment for the types of grasses and microorganisms that grow best there while decreasing the conditions for pests and harmful bacteria’s, is the “ideal” and more natural, less toxic method of providing yourself with a beautiful lawn

    11. By providing them a food source, we can begin to retrain them to come for food here and to stop looking for food in the kitchen, or on the roses, etc

    12. One farmer tells us that providing food for his family all the year round ‘shouldn’t be a problem’, but that meat is only served once every two months

    13. I am providing you with Natural alternatives to chemicals, but nature’s chemicals can be dangerous if misused

    14. It also produces a constantly updated compendium of current environmental reports providing an essential tool toward understanding the battle against -and alternatives to - polluting chemicals, which is available for free to ClubIG members on his website

    15. quiet and, frankly, pretty boring, providing a thin string of tavernas and bars set back

    16. They got down there to find that dolphins had quite a bar down here set up on the shelf corals with schools of glowing fish lighting the party and a school of drumfish providing the rhythm that the dolphin's girlfriends squealed to

    17. Preachers, be sure and give the congregation credit for providing a list of men that

    18. Indiana while providing for his family by selling insurance

    19. against the elements providing feed for the flock

    20. Providing they kept them

    21. ‘Yes, in fact Drens suggested that we should … he doesn’t want to have to think about providing meals until this evening

    22. There was a storm crossing the desert, huge streaks of lightening raced across the night sky providing her with her own private show

    23. No sandy beaches just small pebbled bays providing a clear sea and I could see no bars or tavernas on any of the beaches

    24. Berndt is providing all the items we need in the tent (!), sleeping bag and provisions line, though I shall be responsible for my own clothing and personal requirements

    25. From the takings her husband was able to recompense his mate for the ruined cards, put enough cash in his pocket for a good night in the pub and leave Cyberia with enough housekeeping to keep them going for nearly a whole week, providing, of course, that she shopped frugally and avoided anything expensive like fresh bread and real butter

    26. After providing services to those who needed

    27. For Ken and Lucy the wall to wall air play of the song was a great boon, providing them with many moments of peace and calm in their otherwise tormented lives

    28. Once again he was amazed that this personification was able to do such a good job providing these sensations to his soul

    29. nearly a whole week, providing, of course, that she shopped

    30. Services are basically all about providing a

    31. It could be only eight or ten of the crew, driving many different cherubs, that were providing the society around her

    32. But she didn’t seriously entertain that notion, she would recognize one of any group of eight or ten on the crew with the power to pull this off, even if Alan was providing the code behind it

    33. Both men discussed the ramifications of Naria’s foresight to providing a sanctuary for the young Scathers

    34. building with stone arches providing covered walkways on every

    35. A single candle hung from a reflector providing all the light in this wing of the catacombs it seemed

    36. “Seeing as it’s now late in the day, I would be glad to help you in that cause by providing a little nutrition

    37. Providing the investigation into his own past gave him that chance

    38. are not providing every assistance they can

    39. The facilities there are very well designed, giving the occupants a high degree of privacy while at the same time providing a community within which they can live as full a life as their age or infirmity permits

    40. areas by providing them with narcotics at wholesale prices

    41. coded, providing the date, time, and location of the meeting

    42. trouble of providing a bucket for ablutions, Jean noticed

    43. fisherman along the way, and providing them with a

    44. The tower itself was surrounded by a scaffold exoskeleton, with rigging, ladders and several lift platforms providing transitions from one level to the next

    45. "I've told you what more I know, but you want proof of their power over the Instinct? I don't want Alan to die providing that proof

    46. galling when you’re providing the bulk of the labour -

    47. the people of the early Church were so concerned with providing

    48. By this statute, the necessity of providing for their own poor was indispensably imposed upon

    49. She approached him in secret, convincing him that she felt a passion for his cause that was similar to his own and conscripting him into service, providing him will all the necessary resources the man would need to carry out his quest

    50. It took him time and trouble to get over his shock and disappointment in her at providing such a stupid answer, especially when she told him it was a ghost ship

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