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    1. The wizards of the Kassikan have been thru this, personally, since before people on Earth could write, you can't sustain a society that uses energy at a greater rate than that supplied by the sun

    2. But if the plants are supplied with an abundance of food, a greater balance is achieved between the plant and its surrounding environment

    3. i insist that all my needs are supplied

    4. As a technician, of course Bahkmar knew that the view rendering busses that supplied all souls eye-stream input was dependent on all objects in the field of view

    5. From there, via one party conversation or another, he landed a series of job offers that culminated with him moving to London as foreign correspondent for Consolidated World News, better known as CWN, one of the many news agencies that supplied stories for the Middle East newspapers and satellite television channels

    6. Pistachios also contain potassium and fibre - in fact a 30g serving has more than three times that supplied by the Almonds

    7. ‘How far is it to Abery from the wasteg?’ Iain asked as they munched on the sandwiches Friede had supplied

    8. The warehouse in question formed part of a complex of buildings set inside a forbidding stone wall a considerable amount taller than Kara; she presented herself at the gatehouse, offering the authority Berndt had supplied

    9. Has Caesar been a good ruler? Has he brought you peace? Has Herod been all that you have hoped he would be? Have the rulers and the governments over you really brought you the peace that you were hoping for? Have they really supplied for your needs? Or are your needs deeper than stuff? Are your needs and your deepest longings for something bigger and greater than that which has been given you? Choose ye this day: Caesar or Christ? Herod or Jesus?

    10. The dreams had supplied him with many of these

    11. Wiesse has arranged for me to be supplied with a neat backpack for daily use and a holdall for all the other stuff

    12. Conditions didn’t used to be so bad … and this is one of the backwoods in the country – most places are better supplied

    13. Intelligent crime on a huge scale with a demon in the detail; a high-powered, heavily-armed, luxurious schooner feeding world-wide drivelling greed, gagging for more and supplied on demand by ruthless slavering zeal

    14. The farmer boasted proudly that he grew the sweetest Tesh fruit in the entire realm; he even supplied the Queen’s Hold with the tasty fruit

    15. supplied to four schools

    16. Naria supplied them with food, and tools to help them build their own structures to live in

    17. They supplied a foresail, or jib, in the same pattern

    18. “She was his sex pet, and she kept him well supplied, everyone on the block as well as everyone in the house could hear that just as well as their fights

    19. He had to keep in mind that the person who supplied the shonggot could be someone rich and important, rich enough to hire detectives, but not rich enough to hire good ones

    20. “Yesterday we found that two of the businesses that supplied the more common ingredients have people who remember doing business with someone of your name and/or appearance in that time frame

    21. Matt grumbled but did as he was told, wandering off a bit to a flat-looking rock where he could cut up the carrots with the knife that Andrew had supplied

    22. This was supplied in part to dissuade any truly unqualified candidates from wasting the time and materials of the new instructor

    23. However, I rest assured that God has supplied the proper person

    24. Strenhowell know he hadn't been supplied with 'a space' in his capacity as apprentice at large

    25. "Nothing–" He replied wiping his face with the towel Beth had supplied

    26. The ranch supplied everything she wanted, and what she needed extra she ordered and paid for on an account

    27. Such enhancements of the market price are evidently the effect of natural causes, which may hinder the effectual demand from ever being fully supplied, and which may continue, therefore, to operate for ever

    28. The market comes to be less fully supplied with many different sorts of goods

    29. The sailor, indeed, over and above his pay, is supplied with

    30. encouragement to curates, the cures have, in several places, been meanly supplied, the bishop

    31. Though, from the preference given in those colonies to the cultivation of tobacco above that of corn, it would appear that the effectual demand of Europe for tobacco is not completely supplied, it probably is more nearly so than that for sugar; and though the present price of tobacco is probably more than sufficient to pay the whole rent, wages, and profit, necessary for preparing and bringing it to market, according to the rate at which they are commonly paid in corn land, it must not be so much more as the present price of sugar

    32. The marine had then taken the fishing line that Conradie had supplied and set up a rudimentary alarm system

    33. It is natural to suppose, too, that the greater part of the mines which then supplied the European market with silver might be a good deal exhausted, and have become more expensive in the working

    34. But gold and silver will naturally exchange for a greater quantity of subsistence in a rich than in a poor country ; in a country which abounds with subsistence, than in one which is but indifferently supplied with it

    35. It must have had this effect, more or less, at all the different markets in the kingdom, but particularly at those in the neighbourhood of London, which require to be supplied from the greatest distance

    36. The seasons, for these ten or twelve years past, have been unfavourable through the greater part of Europe; and the disorders of Poland have very much increased the scarcity in all those countries, which, in dear years, used to be supplied from that market

    37. Though the mines, therefore, which supplied the Indian market, had been as abundant as those which supplied the European, such commodities would naturally exchange for a greater quantity of food in India than in Europe

    38. But the mines which supplied the Indian market with the precious metals seem to have been a good deal less abundant, and those which supplied it with the precious stones a good deal more so, than the mines which supplied the European

    39. A market which, from requiring only one thousand, comes to require annually ten thousand ton of fish, can seldom be supplied, without employing more than ten times the quantity of labour which had before been sufficient to supply it

    40. The far greater part of them are supplied by the produce of other men's labour, which he purchases with the produce, or, what is the same thing, with the price of the produce, of his own

    41. The demand of the country may frequently, in this manner, be supplied more completely, and at a smaller expense, than in any other

    42. This time however, with Ravena's internal ship's scans as a viable inventory of the Guild supplied arsenal, the Elf herself made the specific request of Deni for those very modules---much to Deni's chagrin

    43. By supplying them, as nearly as he can judge, in this proportion, he is likely to sell all his corn for the highest price, and with the greatest profit ; and his knowledge of the state of the crop, and of his daily, weekly, and monthly sales, enables him to judge, with more or less accuracy, how far they really are supplied in this manner

    44. “And your Captain turned to piracy to keep you all fed and supplied?”

    45. But if a merchant ever buys up corn, either going to a particular market, or in a particular market, in order to sell it again soon after in the same market, it must be because he judges that the market cannot be so liberally supplied through the whole season as upon that particular occasion, and that the price, therefore, must soon rise

    46. The colonies would be ill supplied, and would be obliged both to buy very dear, and to sell very cheap

    47. Of this kind are molasses, coffee, cocoa-nuts, tobacco, pimento, ginger, whalefins, raw silk, cotton, wool, beaver, and other peltry of America, indigo, fustick, and other dyeing woods; secondly, such as are not the peculiar produce of America, but which are, and may be produced in the mother country, though not in such quantities as to supply the greater part of her demand, which is principally supplied from foreign countries

    48. The capital which had before supplied the colonies with but a part of the goods which they wanted from Europe, was now all that was employed to supply them with the whole

    49. is supplied in your rooms

    50. First, those colonies, in preparing themselves for their non-importation agreement, drained Great Britain completely of all the commodities which were fit for their market ; secondly, the extra ordinary demand of the Spanish flota has, this year, drained Germany and the north of many commodities, linen in particular, which used to come into competition, even in the British market, with the manufactures of Great Britain; thirdly, the peace between Russia and Turkey has occasioned an extraordinary demand from the Turkey market, which, during the distress of the country, and while a Russian fleet was cruizing in the Archipelago, had been very poorly supplied ; fourthly, the demand of the north of Europe for the manufactures of Great Britain has been increasing from year to year, for some time past; and, fifthly, the late partition, and consequential pacification of Poland, by opening the market of that great country, have, this year, added an extraordinary demand from thence to the increasing demand of the north

    1. But then, I saw Tobias at the hospital offering to help rebuild and work as a transporter for medical supplies

    2. Still in the doldrums, Dave looks through the food supplies

    3. "We have over half a decade to lay in supplies," doostEr told him

    4. "We don't have supplies," he said

    5. With the three of us together, they see a hunting party with powerful weapons and supplies

    6. Viparita-Karani is very much a beauty treatment for it supplies the skin with an extra amount of blood and so prevents and smooths away untimely wrinkles

    7. The following areas are known to have good supplies of oxygen and therefore are great for fly fishing:

    8. Naria set up an encampment on the Northern continent and gave the first Scather residents, about 10 young boys, enough supplies and equipment for them to hack-out an encampment for themselves

    9. The ships that brought them supplies were crewed by carefully trained

    10. We will outfit your ship with supplies and the latest star charts showing where each of their ships is located at the present time

    11. He checked his supplies

    12. On top was a tray of art supplies, brushes, bowls, pallets, vials of pigments

    13. George smiled and indicated a rack of rods inconspicuously set between a shelf of painting supplies and a rack of gardening implements

    14. He wasn’t going to pass any supplies thru her, but he would continue to enjoy her body if she would still allow it

    15. He paid for her supplies and equipment

    16. The doctor's supplies, the impromptu picnic hamper that he brought over from the barn the previous evening is empty, save for a couple of sachets of Resolve

    17. Instead he let another of his cases take over and stopped at a cook stand and watched his supplies and suppliers for a few minutes while he ate

    18. Before he even got to the main canal he bought and packed his supplies, along with five bags of fuel for just over two irons, a very good deal

    19. Roman put his supplies in his cart and made

    20. This latter facility was the result of having been given the responsibility of performing the daily ordering and planning based upon the restaurant's business load, the current menus, and the seasonal availability of supplies

    21. It was the second Empire that had really perfected genetics and with energy and metal supplies dwindling, they turned to them for military advantage

    22. Inside a long bar stretched down one side of the small building and several small isles held the beauty supplies

    23. Every person involved in delivering supplies is licensed and subjected to ongoing personal testing

    24. inexpertly tied supplies on the roof – looking for a picnic

    25. And somehow, despite their dwindling supplies and resources, Rapheal had been able to keep them moving through space

    26. We replenished our supplies

    27. David was told he could not build the house of God, so what did he do? He began to get all the supplies and tools ready for his son Solomon to do the work

    28. Grain, the food of the common people, is dearer in Scotland than in England, whence Scotland receives almost every year very large supplies

    29. Oatmeal, indeed, supplies the common people in Scotland with the greatest and the best part of their food, which is, in general, much inferior to that of their neighbours of the same rank in England

    30. Supply lines only work when the supplies reach the troops, and a

    31. ends of the earth because supplies weren’t reaching the troops

    32. Occasionally the trio would come upon a horde of sheep or carts laden with supplies jamming the roadway, at such times, they would be forced to wait anxiously in the tightly packed street, choking on the stench of sweat and manure until the flow of traffic crept forward once more

    33. Now, Drau'd took advantage of the open section to transport supplies and men between sides

    34. The elf said, that if needed, they could quickly adapt the bridge to accommodate a sudden influx of heavy traffic or loads of supplies

    35. She puts articles in the wrong magazines, overstocks supplies and is far too lax about manning the presses

    36. For the most part, the courtyard was now vacant, the gardeners having rounded up most of the wildlife, as well as any edible plant life, to be immediately delivered to the kitchen, prepped for storage and added to the keep's list of supplies in anticipation of a lengthy siege

    37. Behind him, being drawn by another two horses, was an open back Volvo truck, piled high with supplies

    38. supplies, and catch up with neighbours and news from

    39. Scotland receives almost every year very large supplies from England, and every commodity must commonly be somewhat dearer in the country to which it

    40. his supplies in the stores and markets, and left the safety

    41. They are certainly, however, dearer in England than in France, as England receives considerable supplies from France

    42. Supplies to Saint Sebastien returned to

    43. The other is that which supplies his immediate consumption, and which consists either, first, in that portion of his whole stock which was originally reserved for this purpose; or, secondly, in his revenue, from whatever source derived, as it gradually comes in ; or, thirdly, in such things as had been purchased by either of these in former years, and which are not yet entirely consumed, such as a stock of clothes, household furniture, and the like

    44. Their riches or poverty depend upon the abundant or sparing supplies which those two capitals can afford to the stock reserved for immediate consumption

    45. The whole paper money of every kind which can easily circulate in any country, never can exceed the value of the gold and silver, of which it supplies the place, or which (the commerce being supposed the same) would circulate there, if there was no paper money

    46. We needed neither the protection of a coast, nor daily supplies of fresh water, as would have been the case were we The Maiden’s Odyssey

    47. Almost all loans at interest are made in money, either of paper, or of gold and silver ; but what the borrower really wants, and what the lender readily supplies him with, is not the money, but the money's worth, or the goods which it can purchase

    48. The country supplies the town with the means of subsistence and the materials of manufacture

    49. It is this commerce which supplies the inhabitants of the town, both with the materials of their work, and the means of their subsistence

    50. With his twin daggers, an old but trusty sword and a few miscellaneous supplies, he headed to the north side of town, near the stables

    1. "It's from an industrial supply

    2. Memory is the worst affected by hunger as the brain requires a minute-to-minute supply of glucose for its normal functioning

    3. The Brazilian starship had almost doubled this world's supply of some metals

    4. A good source of these traps is ARBICO, or Gardener’s Supply

    5. Available from most garden centers or through mail firms like Arbico, Gardeners Supply

    6. "What good is an infinite supply of money now?"

    7. Cut your wants and better prepare your cash flow chart of money supply and finally develop the habit of spending a little for the less fortunate people of the community and also practice practical spirituality to enjoy the bliss of life

    8. It also helps in increasing blood circulation towards the kidneys that helps in cleansing the wastes increasing blood supply

    9. America and can be found in outfitters supply stores and in every health food store

    10. supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus

    11. ‘Yes … he had a supply he kept in the shed

    12. In old movies you would have people in hissing space suits fumbling with obsolete access codes and overcoming the dead batteries in the security system as the air supply in their suits ran low

    13. Since all souls personifications had to be evaluated to supply the eyestream of the first, Bahkmar was forced to drop the eye-stream by another clock, and when it gets two clocks behind, souls begin to notice that the universe they see and the universe they feel are out of phase

    14. Our Haad needs a supply of souls

    15. It struck me then that it would be so ironic to win a lifetime’s supply of electrical goods in a country where the power browned-out more often than not

    16. I wreathed myself in clouds of smoke when the cigarette supply allowed, even smoking an unhealthy portion of my friend’s allowance

    17. Now that he was in it, he was very aware that he was nothing like the heroes he used to read about, courageous, mighty of thew, able to fight on in spite of grievous injuries and with an endless supply of knowledge of whatever enemy they faced

    18. They had no way to cook now, anything that needed a pan was going to have to wait til after they passed a cooking supply shop

    19. Your body has the ability to regulate itself, supply nutrients to various organs such as the skin and generally give it a healthy glow

    20. He’s taken a supply of bread and cheese to his cabin along with some ale

    21. The nerve centre and cells along the spine are stimulated as they receive a richer supply of blood

    22. I don’t know! There is even a supply of wine

    23. The supply of this vitamin decreases when there is an increase in the consumption of fats and minerals, and is conserved by the intake of fibrous foods

    24. A quiet word with Gilla on the subject of feminine hygiene has resulted in a supply of the necessary articles being included in my baggage

    25. Ardha-Matsendrasana primarily affects the adrenal glands which are situated above each kidney, thus sending them a richer supply of blood

    26. They are usually sited by wasteg – partly because of the water supply and partly because it enables the produce to be transported quickly and easily to the major towns which is where the food is most needed

    27. They gave them the ability to reproduce so they would have a constant supply on hand

    28. Aquatic plants need a steady supply of oxygen to keep them alive and thriving

    29. Therefore there will be a better supply of oxygen

    30. reservoirs of energy, which connect with and supply

    31. “anyones” who would but for a substantial moment supply attention to them

    32. Values That Supply the Being:

    33. it used to worry me, but I read somewhere that the blood supply tends to concentrate on the digestive system at times like this

    34. This book was not created to supply the mis-understood

    35. This can only be achieved if the energy channels that supply this

    36. “When we cut off the supply of souls,” Ava answered

    37. On a day-to-day basis the brothers McCoist run errands, supply wholesale drugs, ensure that local coppers turn a blind eye and deal with any unexpected situations

    38. We have an arrangement with a certain gentleman, a mutual acquaintance if I remember correctly, who will supply us with as much of this shit as we can shift

    39. and security, with the flickering flame illuminating a large supply of

    40. George built up the supply of blanks and rods for the store racks

    41. Leona's blood glucose level is already being checked and she is hooked up to the onboard oxygen supply

    42. There he introduced them to George as avid fishermen who, although they might not be ready to purchase, would still enjoy admiring his available supply of finished rods

    43. White Feathers's supply of ice blocks was nearly exhausted before the last week of August, which prompted discussion of an alternative plan to the tedium of retrieving the blocks from beneath their scattered holding buoys in the lake

    44. He and George excavated a deep cellar and after sealing it against leaks then further insulating bins within it to receive the next summer's supply, decided they would also reuse the initial method as well, though with fewer buoys

    45. “Remember last winter the pipe under the street froze; so it's best that we have a back up supply system

    46. in the back of one of the supply trucks returning to the Grange, rather

    47. valve and prime the fuel supply, carefully and smoothly operating the

    48. Someone could have tampered with her supply

    49. Since Gnome women were in such short supply, it seemed they didn’t have to care how they looked

    50. A bucket of water sat next to the contraption to pitch hit for the lack of a plumbed water supply, but other than that slight modification, the house was now as well furnished as any in the whole state of California

    1. We’re supplying another supplier across the city

    2. She took a wherry across the river to the Southwark side where the warehouse was situated, strolling along the lanes behind the Shakespearean theatre where herb gardens, supplying the nearby centre for the Herbmasters, occupied neat little patches of ground carefully tended by a cadre of gotteswomen specially trained for the purpose, the purple outfits of their calling showing up clearly as they toiled amongst the neat rows of plants

    3. That channel thru entanglement in the decay bacteria has been supplying a richer source of souls with every step forward in evolution and every increase in human population

    4. He confessed to supplying Tdeshi, as Hyondahi had told him, but said he had none when she left for the city

    5. “That could be, but in that case you could blame it on me because I was the one who told you to stop supplying him

    6. By the wages of labour being lowered, the owners of what stock remains in the society can bring their goods at less expense to market than before ; and less stock being employed in supplying the market than before, they can sell them dearer

    7. Surprisingly, his diet of dry dog food was supplying him with enough calories and vitamins to keep him alert

    8. Diminish the real opulence either of Holland or of the territory of Genoa, while the number of their inhabitants remains the same ; diminish their power of supplying themselves from distant countries; and the price of corn, instead of sinking with that diminution in the quantity of their silver, which must necessarily accompany this declension, either as its cause or as its effect, will rise to the price of a famine

    9. By the time the last vardo was in and the gates closed, Axel had already been placed in the infirmary and a drip was set up supplying him intravenously with Amoxicillin, glucose and pain killers

    10. That the silver mines of Spanish America, like all other mines, become gradually more expensive in the working, on account of the greater depths at which it is necessary to carry on the works, and of the greater expense of drawing out the water, and of supplying them with fresh air at those depths, is acknowledged by everybody who has inquired into the state of those mines

    11. But it will generally be impossible to supply the great and extended market, without employing a quantity of labour greater than in proportion to what had been requisite for supplying the narrow and confined one

    12. There is more to altruism than supplying material things

    13. Fats are essential for supplying the body with energy

    14. The Bank of England, it is to be observed, by supplying its own coffers with coin, is indirectly obliged to supply the whole kingdom, into which coin is continually flowing from those coffers in a great variety of ways

    15. Though the whole annual produce of the land and labour of every country is no doubt ultimately destined for supplying the consumption of its inhabitants, and for procuring a revenue to them; yet when it first comes either from the ground, or from the hands of the productive labourers, it naturally divides itself into two parts

    16. In the other parliament towns of France, very little more capital seems to be employed than what is necessary for supplying their own consumption; that is, little more than the smallest capital which can be employed in them

    17. In a city where a great revenue is spent, to employ with advantage a capital for any other purpose than for supplying the consumption of that city, is probably more difficult than in one in which the inferior ranks of people have no other maintenance but what they derive from the employment of such a

    18. When the capital stock of any country is increased to such a degree that it cannot be all employed in supplying the consumption, and supporting the productive labour of that particular country, the surplus part of it naturally disgorges itself into the carrying trade, and is employed in performing the same offices to other countries

    19. The butcher, the brewer, and the baker, soon join them, together with many other artificers and retailers, necessary or useful for supplying their occasional wants, and who contribute still further to augment the town

    20. When an artificer has acquired a little more stock than is necessary for carrying on his own business in supplying the neighbouring country, he does not, in North America, attempt to establish with it a manufacture for more distant sale, but employs it in the purchase and improvement of uncultivated land

    21. The great armies which marched from all parts to the conquest of the Holy Land, gave extraordinary encouragement to the shipping of Venice, Genoa, and Pisa, sometimes in transporting them thither, and always in supplying them with provisions

    22. If, not withstanding all this, gold and silver should at any time fall short in a country which has wherewithal to purchase them, there are more expedients for supplying their place, than that of almost any other commodity

    23. It might, indeed, suffer some loss and inconveniency, and be forced upon some of those expedients which are necessary for supplying the place of money

    24. An extraordinary quantity of paper money of some sort or other, too, such as exchequer notes, navy bills, and bank bills, in England, is generally issued upon such occasions, and, by supplying the place of circulating gold and silver, gives an opportunity of sending a greater quantity of it abroad

    25. They all derive great benefit from it, though that in which the merchant resides generally derives the greatest, as he is generally more employed in supplying the wants, and carrying out the superfluities of his own, than of any other particular country

    26. It was probably in imitation of them, and to put themselves upon a level with those who, they found, were disposed to oppress them, that the country gentlemen and farmers of Great Britain so far forgot the generosity which is natural to their station, as to demand the exclusive privilege of supplying their countrymen with corn and butcher's meat

    27. By this regulation, a very heavy burden was laid upon their supplying Great Britain

    28. 7, called an act for the encouragement of trade, had given Great Britain the monopoly of supplying the colonies with all the commodities of the growth or manufacture of Europe, and consequently with wines

    29. By supplying them, as nearly as he can judge, in this proportion, he is likely to sell all his corn for the highest price, and with the greatest profit ; and his knowledge of the state of the crop, and of his daily, weekly, and monthly sales, enables him to judge, with more or less accuracy, how far they really are supplied in this manner

    30. What the manufacturer was prohibited to do, the farmer was in some measure enjoined to do ; to divide his capital between two different employments; to keep one part of it in his granaries and stack-yard, for supplying the occasional demands of the market, and to employ the other in the cultivation of his land

    31. He hurts himself, therefore, much more essentially than he can hurt even the particular people whom he may hinder from supplying themselves upon that particular market day, because they may afterwards supply themselves just as cheap upon any other market day

    32. For supplying the home market, therefore, the importance of the inland trade must be to that of the importation trade as five hundred and seventy to one

    33. These little settlements, too, were under the government of an exclusive company, which had the sole right, both of purchasing the surplus produce of the colonies, and of supplying them with such goods of other countries as they wanted, and which, therefore, both in its purchases and sales, had not only the power of oppressing them, but the greatest temptation to do so

    34. Our colonies, however, are by no means independent foreign countries; and Great Britain having assumed to herself the exclusive right of supplying them with all goods from Europe, might have forced them (in the same manner as other countries have done their colonies) to receive such goods loaded with all the same duties which they paid in the mother country

    35. In their exclusive privilege of supplying the colonies with all the goods which they wanted from Europe, and of purchasing all such parts of their surplus produce as could not interfere with any of the trades which they themselves carried on at home, the interest of the colonies was sacrificed to the interest of those merchants

    36. The supplying of those ships with every sort of fresh provisions, with fruit, and sometimes with wine, affords alone a very extensive market for the surplus produce of the colonies

    37. They endeavour, for this purpose, to keep out as much as possible all competitors from the market of the countries which are subject to their government, and consequently to reduce, at least, some part of the surplus produce of those countries to what is barely sufficient for supplying their own demand, or to what they can expect to sell in Europe, with such a profit as they may think reasonable

    38. The problem is that America itself is having trouble supplying water to its own population, let alone exporting water to Columbia

    39. They’ve said soon they will have to ration water for their own people and stop supplying Columbia

    40. First, If the tolls which are levied at the turnpikes should ever be considered as one of the resources for supplying the

    41. The first trade which they engaged in, was that of supplying the Spanish West Indies with negroes, of which (in consequence of what was called the Assiento Contract granted them by the treaty of Utrecht) they had the exclusive privilege

    42. supplying products and services to the whalers and also for

    43. with Madagascar and other ports in Africa by supplying seafood

    44. Walk behind, don"t go out of the house without a male relative escort, don"t drive a car, don"t get an education, but always be prepared to be one of the seventy virgins supplying sex and figs to the glorious martyrs

    45. The sawmill continued in the business of supplying wood products to the

    46. He never forgot about us again and we never stopped supplying the beer

    47. I also knew they were sympathetic for some reason to our own terrorists in supplying them with weapons and training

    48. He was becoming a bit concerned since it seemed that Kate was not concentrating, not supplying him with the facts he wanted

    49. Even Libya suddenly stopped supplying the needs of terrorists and today there are not many countries willing to take the chance

    50. She was wearing it the day she looked up into his face and made it plain that if he didn’t want to end up in one of his own coffins, he would carry on supplying them with the services they paid him for

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