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Run en una oración (en ingles)

  1. So I cut and run.
  2. I told her to run.
  3. I have to run now.
  4. It was run by Mrs.
  5. If they have run a.

  6. No, I would not run.
  7. In the long run it.
  8. I run the website www.
  9. You run my legs off.
  10. It's a close run thing.
  11. I could run off if I.
  12. Now you 2 run along.
  13. Rich men would run it.
  14. She should cut and run.
  15. They run the risk of.

  16. His feet wanted to run.
  17. And that man could run.
  18. Do I run? Where? Think.
  19. Playing tag on the run.
  20. They were ready to run.
  21. He needed to run faster.
  22. As he tried to run, he.
  23. There is nowhere to run.
  24. Ajax had already run off.
  25. No more love on the run.

  26. He had run straight away.
  27. He has an errand to run.
  28. And I had nowhere to run.
  29. I couldn’t run or hide.
  30. Same with my second run.
  31. What if someone had run.
  32. I think she could run it.
  33. It seemed to run forever.
  34. I have a business to run.
  35. I only run the business.
  36. It turns for a second run.
  37. We’ve run as far as.
  38. This was his practice run.
  39. It can run hard for hours.
  40. The Department, run by a.
  41. His dog body ached to run.
  42. This is no time to run.
  43. Run and don’t look back.
  44. This was just a trial run.
  45. If she did run away, how.
  46. It was too late to run back.
  47. Preferring to run and hide.
  48. Run the waste pipe before.
  49. He can run but he can’t.
  50. I should have run for cover.
  51. Built to run on 386-based.
  52. The men did not run anymore.
  53. Run as quickly as you can.
  54. Screaming at me to run away.
  55. There was nowhere to run to.
  56. Let him run this damn place.
  57. We must have run non-stop.
  58. Robert’s plans had run out.
  59. Beatrice, we have to run.
  60. The North is run by a hard.
  61. Another SA had run into him.
  62. I run back in and follow him.
  63. She could not run any longer.
  64. It was neither run down nor.
  65. Naturally, I always run away.
  66. He should have turned to run.
  67. We had nowhere to run or hide.
  68. Being TIME (God) run himself.
  69. The place is run like a club.
  70. Bad thoughts run and scatter.
  71. You could have just run away.
  72. He has claimed I run my own.
  73. He cannot run away from this.
  74. She tried in earnest to run.
  75. The riders left at a dead run.
  76. The media would run the story.
  77. I want you to run these down.
  78. I have never run away before.
  79. Burn up the scrol and run.
  80. I needed help to run the shop.
  81. I had to run out of the garage.
  82. When a Python program is run i.
  83. We had no choice but to run.
  84. Guys like that always run late.
  85. In case we run into problems.
  86. Run thru a grinder if you can.
  87. Don’t run, she told herself.
  88. So will a run along the beach.
  89. Batistuta run his hands over.
  90. Maggie left for the other run.
  91. I intend to run the presses.
  92. Then you can run reports and.
  93. They usually run around $110.
  94. Bull run in the local harbor.
  95. I see why Casey run off from.
  96. It was the usual European run.
  97. Bull run in the local harbour.
  98. Once can’t run away from it.
  99. He knew he shouldn't run away.
  100. Sam and John took off in a run.
  1. He came running to her.
  2. And time is running out.
  3. Some of us are running.
  4. I am running in the park.
  5. I'm not running from you.
  6. She was still running now.
  7. I spent my days running.
  8. I’m running out of gas.
  9. I was running out of time.
  10. And now they were running.
  11. Time was now running short.
  12. They had a running battle.
  13. He was running out of the.
  14. So I undertook the running.
  15. Your time is running short.
  16. They are still running free.
  17. He’d have to keep running.
  18. The water was still running.
  19. The kids were running wild.
  20. We’re running out of them.
  21. On the other hand, running.
  22. His options were running out.
  23. They were running for safety.
  24. I was running out of topics.
  25. Mama came running to our shop.
  26. And his time was running out.
  27. And time is running out fast.
  28. It is a running joke in our.
  29. He was running so fast that.
  30. Almost running away from him.
  31. The shower was still running.
  32. In a flash, we were running.
  33. Running Horse who had arrived.
  34. I can hear the shower running.
  35. I was quickly running out of.
  36. The men came running after us.
  37. The rock dogs took off running.
  38. She was running over the link.
  39. He wore old running shoes, no.
  40. This caused me to stop running.
  41. She pictured it, running hard.
  42. Running Horse could finish his.
  43. He was running though the woods.
  44. Whew! Her mind was running wild.
  45. I’m running these with you.
  46. Running Horse would pay and he.
  47. Running Horse, will be sent to.
  48. We had set out running at once.
  49. Roman was still running after.
  50. From the Earth's running water.
  51. From behind me came running a.
  52. Son was running, dodging, and.
  53. Back there was a room running.
  54. Estwig came running back to them.
  55. But his patience is running out.
  56. Run! He started running, too.
  57. Pam came running up the stairs.
  58. Glad I have my running shoes on.
  59. In hiding, running for his life.
  60. But he was running out of time.
  61. Chickens were running all over.
  62. And, I’m kind of running late.
  63. Callyn asked but, Running Horse.
  64. Mika has an aversion to running.
  65. He could hear the shower running.
  66. Children running scared in their.
  67. James mother came running up to.
  68. We’re running out of time!.
  69. Running into the infirmary they.
  70. It was wild, running around here.
  71. But his men were already running.
  72. O' Coolant we hope we're running.
  73. Blood was running from his mouth.
  74. I saw nothing under the running.
  75. Jesus, the wine is running out.
  76. Why was she running the water so.
  77. He prepared to take a running leap.
  78. Water was running in the bathroom.
  79. Always running ahead of the adults.
  80. I got up and started running again.
  81. They stopped running, but walked.
  82. I came running, I know not why.
  83. Now running, he chases after the.
  84. She could hear the shower running.
  85. He was running at us with a knife.
  86. Peter came running down the stairs.
  87. Constellation ran and kept running.
  88. Suddenly children came running out.
  89. Running to me with your arms wide.
  90. Shorty, already running the stops.
  91. Tears were running down her checks.
  92. That is, if he’s running for fun.
  93. They were running out of ammunition.
  94. Not that running now will save him.
  95. Everyone started running towards me.
  96. Michael went running off the train.
  97. Services were now running normally.
  98. His name is Running Elk, and he is.
  99. That beast is in good running shape.
  100. It's all part of running a business.
  1. Just as a car runs.
  2. It runs into my eyes.
  3. It runs in our family.
  4. It runs in the family.
  5. So runs the world away.
  6. Do come! [He runs off].
  7. He runs the garage here.
  8. Sweat runs into my eyes.
  9. Blood runs from his head.
  10. The company also runs a.
  11. It runs under the midway.
  12. This school runs on them.
  13. He runs through the night.
  14. A shudder runs through him.
  15. If it runs at less than 1.
  16. Lunacy runs in the family.
  17. His long hikes became runs.
  18. One runs about 20,000 words.
  19. It runs the groove like a.
  20. She runs for the main door.
  21. She runs toward the stairs.
  22. He runs inside to his phone.
  23. Hell, it runs in our blood.
  24. It runs through these hills.
  25. Why? This business runs on.
  26. ANÍSYA runs into the porch.
  27. I guess, or whoever runs it.
  28. Anísya runs into the porch.
  29. My blood runs cold sometimes.
  30. This is how it runs in your.
  31. She runs to look out the door.
  32. She runs the towel over her.
  33. The man in black runs inside.
  34. Sweat runs through his beard.
  35. She runs in your bloodstream.
  36. The madam runs out of the way.
  37. The teenager quickly runs away.
  38. Diane D runs to her motorcycle.
  39. So much so that it runs over.
  40. In chapter 3, he runs with it.
  41. Chee-Chee runs and takes cover.
  42. Good selling runs in the family.
  43. He runs his hand over his mouth.
  44. It runs in the family, Pammy.
  45. Turning, she runs out the door.
  46. Jeanine nods, and he runs to me.
  47. He runs a hand through his hair.
  48. Force always runs out of steam.
  49. The old wagon runs like a bird.
  50. Hence, the parameter why runs.
  51. She runs her hand over my hair.
  52. He runs burning into the night.
  53. We could’ve scored more runs.
  54. We averaged more runs in that.
  55. He runs Lewis Security Services.
  56. River, which runs through Peoria.
  57. Look at her stockings, all runs.
  58. Who runs the Reform Institute?
  59. Gary runs a healthy operation:.
  60. The steam runs along the pipes.
  61. And then a chill runs through me.
  62. The stream runs down to the sea.
  63. Q: That is how God runs the world.
  64. Wherever he runs, we'll catch him.
  65. The power runs in you like water.
  66. Act Two comes in and runs up to.
  67. Then she runs out of the bedroom.
  68. It's the way God runs the world.
  69. He runs faster with anticipation.
  70. It runs into the billions too.
  71. The theme that runs through the.
  72. Torgas Finance Company runs that.
  73. That which runs over ones dogma.
  74. Nick, Deb runs the office here.
  75. They will kill anything that runs.
  76. The factory runs out of materials.
  77. The woman who runs the house had.
  78. That river runs under this palace.
  79. The ship runs with a minimum crew.
  80. The brake runs along the bone here.
  81. After all he runs the temple trust.
  82. She runs her own business you know.
  83. As time runs on, and stars descend.
  84. How that mortal runs this palace.
  85. Tobias runs a hand through his hair.
  86. They fall back, the hero runs away.
  87. A tremor runs through my whole body.
  88. He runs to hide from the violence.
  89. Davidson never runs out of cash.
  90. His face runs a gamut of expression.
  92. It runs for about thirty-five miles.
  93. The man who runs the agency and pub.
  94. Betrayed! The anguish runs too deep.
  95. Something runs through all creation.
  96. It is an energy that never runs out.
  97. Graphic 13 The steam runs along the.
  98. We lived as Runs Like Cheetah lives.
  99. Runs a theatre intime in his parlor.
  100. It runs for several kilometres with.
  1. My mom ran to me.
  2. I ran into a cat.
  3. I ran to the door.
  4. I ran to his side.
  5. We ran to the SUV.
  6. I ran to catch up.
  7. We ran as we could.
  8. I ran over to Josh.
  9. I ran to the sight.
  10. I ran to the stairs.
  11. We ran up the stairs.
  12. I ran out after him.
  13. We ran for the exit.
  14. I ran back to nothing.
  15. Danny ran over to a.
  16. Jon ran up the stairs.
  17. I simply ran out of.
  18. I ran as fast I could.
  19. We ran down the road.
  20. I ran to it, opened.
  21. He ran to the corner.
  22. I ran out to meet him.
  23. I ran back to the mall.
  24. Ran into him in Crete.
  25. Theo ran to pick it up.
  26. He ran after Ali and.
  27. Laino ran to meet him.
  28. She ran to tend to him.
  29. Yukino ran for her life.
  30. A chill ran through me.
  31. You just ran that one.
  32. Kirsti ran at his side.
  33. I ran this by Max and.
  34. I ran out into the sand.
  35. Aquana ran in her house.
  36. Jezzabell ran up to her.
  37. Tears ran down her face.
  38. I got out and ran to it.
  39. Mary opened it and ran.
  40. Tetl ran in to greet me.
  41. She ran for the shotgun.
  42. Tears ran down his face.
  43. Roidon ran to his craft.
  44. Then she ran to Orphenn.
  45. Adele ran away from Alex.
  46. The guy ran it through.
  47. Hades ran to his Prison.
  48. I ran to try and keep up.
  49. I ran to help my friend.
  50. They ran out of patience.
  51. A chill ran up his spine.
  52. I ran as fast as I could.
  53. Bilo ran towards the SUV.
  54. Bilo ran up to the store.
  55. Ish ran to get the ball.
  56. She ran over to the A&E.
  57. Rachel and Avi ran to her.
  58. They ran into the house.
  59. The priest ran to her aid.
  60. She ran toward the sound.
  61. Taxi and I ran to the car.
  62. His magazine had ran out.
  63. Bruce ran with that crew.
  64. She ran for ten minutes.
  65. Buey Dan ran close to Tui.
  66. I ran to Roman’s house.
  67. I ran to it, entered it.
  68. The Dog ran under a chair.
  69. Then she ran out of track.
  70. Finally, the words ran out.
  71. I ran to my room in tears.
  72. Annie and Colette ran to.
  73. He quickly ran away twice.
  74. Prickles ran down her back.
  75. He ran up the stairs and.
  76. Ariel ran into any trouble.
  77. She ran a magnet down my.
  78. He ran as the car blow up.
  79. He ran back home to Venus.
  80. I crouched down and ran on.
  81. I ran to the tourism office.
  82. He ran but by the time he.
  83. On the way he ran into Will.
  84. Kenichi ran out of the room.
  85. I ran across him in Iowa.
  86. Sam and I ran to the hotel.
  87. He ran through the doorway.
  88. He woke up and ran to Ish.
  89. He ran his hands down her.
  90. Limpy ran along beside Ben.
  91. Ollius and Gabe ran to her.
  92. I ran his simulations, too.
  93. He ran out, arms open, H.
  94. The two ran back to the car.
  95. She ran around to face him.
  96. He ran up a tab of $76,000.
  97. Manda ran towards the sound.
  98. Xavier ran back to the Mazda.
  99. She ran to the kitchen and.
  100. Glaze screamed and sweat ran.

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