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    1. While it is desirable to know the antecedents of these NGOs, many have good reputation and spend major portion of the donations in actually helping others

    2. He has worn his monstrous reputation like a badge

    3. You don't need to try and make the Starskater, though if you do, this says she was refitted in the second decade and Ebmiytn's in command, his reputation is good and he's been plying the lake since it was still rising

    4. More importantly he was the only independently elected figure we had in town and I knew he had a strong reputation for local grass roots community work

    5. I arrived a few years later by which time Dad had got himself a reputation as a reliable maths teacher and, when I was seven, we moved down to Plymouth

    6. We bring into play just here his "blameless reputation" (1 Timothy 3:2; Titus 1:7) and note the "example" found in such Ch

    7. I moan about this to Wally on Monday when I see him and he assures me that the village garage is okay, stressing that they have a good reputation and going on to mention that it’s where he takes his car

    8. Scales: It denotes that you are an honest and reasonable person, which will help you earn money and a good reputation

    9. ‘Well … the man I saw at the Association offices in London – Gerisse Stowman, his name was, he struck me as being extremely uneasy when I announced my presence – he plainly knew my reputation - and he became even more bothered when I said I was coming down here

    10. All I can say is that you have certainly lived up to your extremely well-deserved reputation, though I hazard a guess that Joris would have your head for being so careless

    11. He would not start that contact with a reputation as a vicious conqueror

    12. This boat does not have a big party reputation, nothing like KangDarceen

    13. “A wise decision my Queen,” Tarak laughed and then cleared his throat; “Now, as to this Duncan Wayside; he has a reputation of being his own man

    14. Aware of Rayne’s reputation, they were in awe of her abilities

    15. Tarak knew the reputation of the protectiveness of the Densi mothers towards their young

    16. ‘Not properly, but I know of his reputation

    17. yet in the office he is dead pan to say the least and he has a reputation for being poker-faced professionally

    18. How about stopping at that pub over there for lunch – it has a good reputation for food

    19. “According to Granddad, this area had quite a reputation for being

    20. 'Her reputation as a determined woman was founded on reality

    21. Yet they were faced with a conundrum: how to sabotage the upstart's enterprise without soliciting collateral damage upon the stability of the village's good reputation as a welcoming and pleasant retreat, as it was still viewed by the flocks of visitors for whom they yearly played host

    22. senior, and that he had a reputation for unswerving, even over-

    23. Lavished, as it were, on the upholding of this village's standards of excellence and good reputation;” she paused, “So valuable to our native industry,” then curtly added, “Don't you agree?”

    24. have a reputation for skills in woodcraft

    25. The navy has a reputation for severity

    26. He didn’t know at the time what that enzyme was used for, or the reputation of Kemberra’s friend

    27. For another reason, they were obsessed with the honor and reputation of the Kassikan

    28. Her son was soon to be parted from the only world he had known and in the company of a man he knew only by reputation, carried away to a faraway place

    29. She herself broke up too many fights to count over the years, and her reputation

    30. He knew them by reputation

    31. reputation had preceded him and it seemed that everyone

    32. The usual tenants were respectable and the establishment itself enjoys a favorable reputation among the villagers

    33. However it was the children of these very same 'high-minded' folks who were the instigators of the acts which were smudging the village's reputation

    34. he nevertheless knew most of these people by reputation

    35. But I only know him by reputation, I wouldn’t

    36. On Thursday that same week the Village Council reconvened and decided to go forward with the grand experiment designed to remedy the town's ailing reputation

    37. his reputation, and wouldn’t have put it past him to have

    38. and enhance your reputation

    39. It was beginning, at last, to dawn on them that the Livingsons had done more for their little village's affluence and reputation in just the last twelve years than anyone else had done during the length of the village's long history

    40. Know her book by reputation

    41. She stayed close, probably closer than her reputation could handle that night

    42. He was defending her reputation, as he looked from one to the other of them

    43. One unhappy occasion only, marred their otherwise pristine reputation

    44. reputation of gambling houses), but Jean had no idea how

    45. his reputation, and was still satisfied that he had made

    46. reputation as the greatest host of all time

    47. They have been proven to have a gift and have a reputation for being accurate

    48. This town’s reputation and name

    49. villages attracted a bad reputation

    50. sometimes our life and reputation, to the lawyer and attorney

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    report reputation repute celebrity notoriety prominence eminence distinction renown esteem standing rep estimation position regard