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Now, I had to retrace my steps.
Retrace their steps, take a wide.
He turned, about to retrace his steps.
We must now retrace our way a little.
Generously ready to admit and retrace.
It also must not retrace all of Wave 3.
It will move, retrace, and then resume.

I think we should retrace out steps now.
As Harry turned to retrace his path he saw.
Still I could not turn, nor retrace one step.
She decided to retrace her steps from the door.
We just had to retrace our steps along the riverbank.
He would have to retrace his steps over the last week.
He would have to retrace his steps, crossing the swamp alone.
Maybe you will have to retrace your steps that’s okay too.
They started to retrace their steps, but their path was blocked.
He simply didn’t have the willpower to retrace his rhetorical.
They are already preparing to retrace their steps, and for several reasons.
After the timers are set, we retrace our steps and get out of there before.
Haven was just about to turn around and retrace her route when her eyes spotted a.
They turned as if to retrace their steps, and he slipped into the nearest archway.
Price moves into profit initially but then starts to retrace back up the trendline.
There was no doubt they could not retrace their steps and cancel out their actions.
I would only request that I be allowed to retrace our ancestral route to the north.
There would be guards there, to make sure they didn’t try and retrace their steps.
Thinking that she had been mistaken in her recollection, she decided to retrace the.
He had to retrace a few spots, the storm was moving in and he did not have much time.
I’m sure I could retrace my steps, but I came through the port and market square.
Steve proceeded to retrace the material and evidence on the case, from the beginning.
She noted the position on her watch and used the find home function to retrace her steps.
Suleiman would retrace his expeditions from the lakes to Bagamoyo and thence to Zanzibar.
He had to carefully and methodically retrace his steps and his activities over the past weeks.
With only one day to expiration, there is not enough time for the market to retrace its movement.
I did notice that the Ben Zah was looking after me for a while and then got up to retrace my steps.
I could retrace my steps to Sierra City and catch another ride farther north still, clear of the snow.
Well, in that case tell the Khakhan you wish to travel overland to retrace the path of our ancestors.
This may be at a new level, or prices may immediately retrace their course and return to the preshock levels.
And then, just as I was about to retrace my steps, I came upon something looking like a derelict shepherd's hut.
They smiled and waved a last time before turning to retrace their steps, the roar of the crowd still loud in their ears.
Both times this was confirmed by a subsequent horizontal consolidation without any real retrace, which is a bearish sign.
So did his erection in retracing.
We leave, retracing our path exactly.
He was retracing his alibis and lies.
Mac, retracing his steps, found him there.
The first target will be a move retracing 38.
We started retracing our steps from the day before.
I continued running as fast as I could, retracing my.
Retracing our steps to the hallway, we entered a room.
Cautiously retracing her steps, Elmyra approached the car.
The Princes paused for a second before retracing he steps to.
Tomorrow morning we would be retracing our steps back to Ozone.
Now there was nothing to hide behind without retracing her steps.
Once the rope is down you may have no way of retracing your steps.
My mind raced, retracing every step I'd taken inside that building.
He wondered if they would be retracing his steps to find out what.
I spent hours retracing my steps from the last time I knew I had it.
I bowed respectfully and turned back, retracing our path to the large room.
But, as I propose to devote a letter entirely to the pleasure of retracing.
He tried retracing his steps, but if anything the light got worse, and his.
Cautiously retracing their steps, they passed several abandoned guard stations.
They waited until it was nearly dark before retracing their steps to Zapieskowa.
Rapidly retracing his steps, he loosened the complaining JY and locked the gate.
With that, I wandered out the door and began retracing my path from the previous day.
Quickly retracing their steps they lifted the lock rod and shut the outer lift doors.
He stands by the door and lets Sensible Billy argue the case for retracing his steps.
He picked up the blanket and the lamp and left, retracing his steps out of the station.
Retracing his steps along the track he'd taken earlier, Slikit's snout twitched zealously.
After retracing our swim several more times, we presumed that the bag was hopelessly lost.
He always avoided retracing the way he and Zach had taken on their last morning together.
The new high is not held and the average quickly pulls back again, retracing the entire gain.
After a moment or so, he heard the sound of his companions retracing their steps in the dark.
The trend line in this case was interrupted by a few sessions retracing in a downward direction.
Retracing his steps was easy; he had only to follow the flattened bushes and broken tree limbs.
He saw a bit of humor that he’d be retracing his steps, though this time at a much swifter pace.
A move retracing back through the entire PRZ via a terminal price bar gives a reversal target for the entire pattern.
It was the devious-cruising Rachel, that in her retracing search after her missing children, only found another orphan.
Retracing her steps down the worn concrete path, she crossed the front lawn and made her way down the side of the house.
More than once they had thought of retracing their steps and trying another of the passages that led off the main chamber.
I knew that this opening gap had a high probability of retracing half its opening range (to where the Dow was only up +65).
But there was no halting at Resaca, at Calhoun, at Kingston, hoping at each stop to hear that the retracing that sunny road.
From there it retraced 78.
She left her room and retraced her.
Rudolph retraced his steps to the door.
She lowered her hand and retraced the symbol.
Teller retraced his steps to the open square.
It barked furiously and he retraced his steps.
The young man hesitated, then retraced his steps.
As they retraced their steps, the path widened.
Thereafter, I retraced my tracks back to the cloud.
Olivia retraced her steps to the main corridor and.
Then Octavia retraced her route to the rear of the.
Philip Peirce retraced their steps toward the station.
Pa and I retraced our route back to the Corrigan place.
They had retraced their steps along the banks of Gold.
But at the door he stopped and then retraced his steps.
He retraced his steps; the gates of D—— were closed.
The events which been have retraced, all pressed upon us.
So I did and we retraced our steps, about two hours flying.
The three retraced their steps out of the hallway and John.
I retraced my journey to the post box, then to the bus stop.
That was encouraging, and he would sell if it retraced to $9.
It retraced its steps for a while, and then changed direction.
Later on that night Clare also retraced his steps to the house.
I pushed his hand away, turned and retraced my steps to the well.
Maybe if he retraced his steps, like when you lose your car keys.
Billy reached Groveton, and retraced what Shane had said happened.
Spinning away, Locke retraced a few of his steps down the corridor.
I turned the caravan around and retraced our exploits so we could.
He retraced his steps and soon discovered what Tim was talking about.
Piece by piece, she retraced the valley on the inside of her eyelids.
Carefully she retraced her steps from the hideout with Harry manually.
The Toad retraced his weary way on foot, and related his disappointing.
He barely remembered he had planned to sell when the stock retraced 5%.
Effusively she thanked him; retraced her steps; dropped her glove again.
Bisdah dismissed them with a wave and they hastily retraced their steps.
This stock had retraced over 10% and he still wasn’t convinced to sell.
Close to four-thirty, he retraced his steps to the Deutsches Post office.
With that, we left the villagers to their mourning and retraced our steps.
No one spoke as we unloaded and retraced our steps to the edge of the cliffs.
Slowly she retraced her steps, listening to the voices grow louder with anger.
When leaving the field the object retraces the.
Wave 2 often retraces most but not all of Wave 1.
It is different in that it retraces only about 61.
This trend retraces to C, before a new trend moves higher to D.
As he retraces his steps, he remains preoccupied by the matter of the instant.
Deciding to head back to the spaceport Grailem retraces his steps to the railway station.
He retraces his steps, closing the office door, climbing back out the window, falling into the grass.
You may take a limit order (executing the trade after the market retraces, or moves in the wrong direction).
Reaching the High Street Steve retraces his steps from the chase earlier looking under cars and along the gutter as he walks.
The clearest signals on this chart are the sell signal where the price retraces from the 75% strong resistance level (1st red.
Colin Jessup, a naked forex trader in Canada has this to say about managing his trades: If price action retraces more that 61.
Also, on some occasions, we notice that price retraces to test the broken trendline from underneath and then continues in a downward direction.
That is the key to selling Puts in an up trending stock, even when it retraces to the 200-day, it is much higher than a few weeks ago when the Put was sold.
The second clear entry signal is the buy signal (2nd red circle) where the price bounces off the 0% support level and retraces back to the 75% resistance level.
The stop level does not change at all unless the trader manually changes it; which he does only when the price retraces and then bounces off a notional support level at around 80 on 7 / 8 April.

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