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    1. Knowing that I was sitting in a hole in the ground seemed to me to be an alien construct, something half remembered from another world, another time, another me

    2. construct realities based on what they are fed and what they

    3. remember, the Heart-Wall is an imaginary construct

    4. What will you construct upon it? As

    5. construct, Tom was forced to the conclusion that the dragon hunters

    6. It is a mathematical construct which can be verified with simple skills and it is ancient beyond fathoming

    7. blocks were of a different material to that used to construct the arch

    8. Like language, it is metaphorical, but unlike language it is a mathematical construct

    9. “What you see before you, if you pretend the numbers we used to construct it aren't there, is the one fragment left to us, which was in the depths of time, condensed into the symbol of all things existing

    10. Inspired, Harry began sketches of the more remarkable foundations and buildings, trying for himself to devise the methods he might employ if he were to construct the imposing structures

    11. Spelman to construct a new patisserie-brasserie next door to the school house

    12. wants him because of his knowledge of how to construct this machine

    13. So on this morning of February 13th, 2278, she finally completed such a construct and established a session to try and test it

    14. how to construct the machines, cannot well require more than the lessons of a few weeks;

    15. "Thought some ignorant twit would eventually construct it and return it

    16. After that, Ammon ordered the fair folk and their construct retainers through the gateway, confident that, whatever happened, he had 650 000 armed troops on Earth and 560 000 troops protecting the opening of the gateway, including the 10 000 trolls

    17. And she then next realized that it was not a blow from the construct that had moved her

    18. And they soon collapsed on the floor some distance from the dysfunctional Dwemer construct

    19. It is a mental construct, accumulated over the years

    20. In each moment of awareness, you internally construct your perception of the world based on the input from these senses

    21. When you are not present to see reality as it is, you limit your view of it to your mental construct of it

    22. We all construct our version of reality in our minds

    23. Through our intentionality, we construct from this information a personal version of reality

    24. You may place two links to your site in this box, - I’ll show you how to construct these shortly

    25. If you construct this as I suggested earlier, and I really recommend you do, your sequence will consist of let’s say 6 or 7 emails over a period of 7 to 10 days

    26. The answers to the five questions are used to construct the Satisfaction With Life Scale (SWLS)

    27. is up to you to put it to use to construct the life of your

    28. “The lines are so close together here and the Turkish machine guns and snipers so close and active that it would be madness to stand out in the open trying to construct elaborate entanglements

    29. He would need the ability to anticipate and have knowledge of future events, at the time when the books were written, to be able to design and construct this masterpiece

    30. To construct the patterns, models or the numerical design in the structure of the text, while at the same time predicting events in the distant future with 100% accuracy, both in the surface text and in codes embedded in the text, would be absolutely impossible for a human to achieve

    31. Or one can choose to rely on a document, which is scientifically proven to be far above human capability to construct, both in its structure and content, and which is proven to be 100% true in the information that it conveys

    32. When he arrived at Wil and Hayley’s tent – a red and white striped wall construct with a golden light within – twelve Guardians stood around the door to the tent

    33. “What’s the purpose of a soul construct, besides—”

    34. “And how does one kill a soul construct?” Books asked

    35. “The soul construct

    36. The soul construct loomed, its bulky dun-colored body crusted with snow and gore

    37. The construct leapt at him

    38. I did, no…He went…I never…’ I couldn’t construct a decent sentence, never mind a rebuttal, but instead spluttered words in shock and horror at the verbal abuse I had just received

    39. America‘s ―expanding‖ middle class is merely an artificial construct synthesized by the fusion of ―easy credit‖ and arbitrarily defined (economic) assumptions

    40. Morality, correctly understood, is a conventional construct; that is to say, of a nature predicated on many subjects providing a broader frame of reference extending beyond (the) individual

    41. The visitor is truly amazed by the panoramic beauty and the architectural skill that is necessary to construct, in that mountainous and rocky topography, a four-lane freeway

    42. Colling discovered that Klaus had used the six days that they had been gone to construct a long counter along one side of the large main room of the former canteen that Colling envisioned would be the PX dining area, if approval were given to establish one

    43. All around him now, he could pick up on the rounded vowels and the preferred grammatical construct, (“We was late for the kick-off” and “D’ya think we’ll win them, Ron?”) That dialect, which had annoyed him as a youth, now came across as warm and welcoming

    44. He would organize the activities required to construct a circle of fire

    45. She laughed at the autobiography he had concocted for Kazowskis, and repeated her amazement at his ability to construct plausible stories on short notice

    46. It is an energy grid field-inducing construct

    47. Hilderich looked with puzzlement at this construct, and could find nothing to say

    48. The construct stopped babbling incessantly in unknown tongues and suddenly spoke in perfect Helican:

    49. The construct bobbed again and wiggled its large round base a little

    50. The construct made another weird motion

    1. Moreover, until recently, feelings of sexuality and sexual need among those over 60 years of age might be cause for guilt feelings, based on the culturally constructed assumption that people were supposed to "mature out of" sexual interest and become sexual neuters as they entered into their so-called "golden years

    2. constructed of corrugated iron and plywood

    3. The temple is constructed of rough timber and lumber with no ornamentation, the sliding doors are made of rice paper

    4. I constructed a hypothetical link between dispossession and extreme motive

    5. To the east they have constructed a big tank, which receives water from the spring and serves mostly as a swimming pool

    6. constructed thoughts they have very little power

    7. even when we have constructed so much of our identity of

    8. “Independence commemorative monument, constructed in 1973 upon the spot where Uhuru (freedom/independence) from colonial rule was declared

    9. that we scratch into constructed stardust…

    10. True he would have to solve the problem of what to do while the mechanism was being constructed, but there is no need to solve that problem til he completed the design of the mechanism

    11. ” Alan knew Elmore didn’t have anywhere near enough understanding of how the virtual universe is actually constructed

    12. ‘I think I had better start by explaining a little about the Gotteshouse and how it is constructed

    13. "Isn't it a beautifully constructed thing", said the two public relations wiz kids, and they explained every nuance, every intimation and every statement, overt or implied

    14. He knew he had no way to tell if this piece of paper ever actually existed, or is it a digitally constructed image of this piece of paper

    15. "Isn't it a beautifully constructed thing", said the two public

    16. constructed a wall and piles of hardcore, soft sand and gravel were

    17. an old masonry bridge, reached by a long causeway constructed in

    18. buildings, all of which looked as if they had been rapidly constructed

    19. stock pens had been constructed from the same stones used for the

    20. see that it was constructed of vast stone blocks, now weathered and

    21. constructed at the narrowest point between mainland and island

    22. destination was a long low building constructed of bricks painted a

    23. The main building itself was constructed from heavy blocks of

    24. when the House was originally constructed

    25. had been more recently constructed in a ‘lean-to’ style against the

    26. it had been constructed much more recently than the causeway,

    27. itself had been constructed only wide enough for a single line of

    28. Tom knew that this barrier had been carefully constructed

    29. The buildings aren’t well constructed and in the areas where Europeans tend to stay there has been a lot of very fast, jerry-built stuff put up in recent years … but … but there has to be hope

    30. night, wheeling himself down the newly constructed handicapped ramp

    31. An inviting main entrance faced Main Street, but an equally elaborate side entrance was constructed facing the school house

    32. their buildings had not been constructed to withstand

    33. Depending on their location, the towers were constructed in various ways; some were entirely tunneled into the mountain face, while others were mainly stacks of granite blocks

    34. Among his inventions and creations were the wooden cow he constructed for the queen of Knossos, the Labyrinth of the Minotaur, artificial wings for himself and his son Icarus, and he was even said to have invented images

    35. There he constructed a wooden cow for the queen to hide in to satisfy her amorous longings

    36. In one story, after a 10-year war, the Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse, and hid a force of men inside

    37. Originally constructed and designed by dwarven craftsmen to house a human king who had fled from a broken world

    38. This fence had been constructed from material pillaged from fences in the interior of the walled area, Then it was fortified with earthen embankments and had a walkway six foot up to provide sentries with a good vantage point from which to see and to fire

    39. It stood four meters high and was constructed from steel scaffolding

    40. wasn’t supposed to be a bed wholly constructed of thorns either

    41. Subversively anticipated and constructed with insidious precision, will Culminate in a sort of rupture, or breaking through from one side Into the other—the unconscious breaking through into Consciousness—or rather, unconscious becoming

    42. Should you look for a team that’s already constructed, or find individual

    43. I marvelled at the scene, constructed so beautifully by the

    44. carefully constructed by God, and only now were the pieces falling

    45. Nebuchadnezzar took his seat on the temporary throne that had specially been constructed for this event

    46. The king had it constructed for his wife because she missed the mountains and gardens in her homeland, Media

    47. A 'hole-in-space,' if you will, is constructed artificially

    48. It is important to remember that the world you see and interact with is the image of the world that you have constructed in your mind

    49. They have a latent talent for martial activities and their physical bodies seem to be constructed of brass and leather rather than sinew and skin

    50. has been constructed for some time now, it’s

    1. There was a very noisy week when we rehearsed to the sound of carpenters constructing the set, which made it very difficult to concentrate, followed by a weekend papering and painting the result of their labours to make it look like the interior of a house

    2. Every time it came round to my turn to shake and roll, with every attempt that I made to scale the ladders of hope by constructing impossible plans for my salvation, with every throw of the dice, I just slipped down another snake

    3. He was capable of constructing it, but passing the suffering on to Jaseem was all out of proportion to the casual callousness that Jaseem had committed

    4. “Those in authority set about constructing barriers between the

    5. By a more extensive navigation, the Chinese would naturally learn the art of using and constructing, themselves, all the different machines made use of in other countries, as well as the other improvements of art and industry which are practised in all the different parts of the world

    6. For this phenomenon to have been included in the text by accident, we would have to multiply our already impossible odds of constructing the numerical structure of the text by another 3,000,000 to obtain the odds of this being a result of chance

    7. Considering all these facts, it is mind boggling to even try and fathom how one would go about constructing an object such as this, containing the qualities that have been mentioned, from a human point of view

    8. We already know that the same person, who was responsible for constructing the Old Testament, also constructed the New Testament

    9. Suggestions were to be mooted of constructing Mars-like biospheres to create a natural but completely isolated arcology

    10. constructing the self-refuting sentence: Foucault; Derrida; Dmann; Rorty; and, giving credit where credit is currently due, Stanley Fish

    11. Any private company that wants to do business with State has to be black owned or it will be excluded regardless of its experience, leading to massive corruption as seen in the process of constructing the 2010 Soccer World Cup Stadiums and numerous other reported cases

    12. And when you consider the lack of action in constructing power plants and oil drilling, it seems logical

    13. Our guide yesterday also made a point of taking us past a site on the other side of the river, where workers are constructing a huge steel tower supported by four enormous legs

    14. busy constructing something outside of the igloo from a large

    15. If so, and when you consider the lack of action in constructing power plants and oil drilling, it seems logical than the Department of Energy is not doing anything that helps us

    16. Globally, nuclear energy is undergoing renewed growth, with 13 countries constructing 53 new nuclear power units and 27 countries in the planning stages for an additional 142 units

    17. China has four nuclear power plants under construction and anticipates constructing one in four years

    18. With the Endangered Species Act rescinded and the Environmental Protection Agency abolished that should allow the states to allow logging, drilling for oil, mining coal, mining shale for oil, constructing nuclear power plants and oil refineries and fixing our energy problems

    19. experience of perceptual relativity, but rather than constructing an untested and untestable

    20. world is not this way, and that may be so, though our focus is that nothing prevented Democritus from constructing this sort of atomism

    21. Thinking is no longer the step-by-step progression of isolated thoughts that transiently manifest on a digital screen, but becomes the act of observing, anticipating, and constructing the field of thoughts and their intimate, directed relations

    22. So they are constructing a new facility

    23. 9 You O King when you created the illimitable and measureless Earth did choose out this city you did make this place sacred to your name albeit you need nothing you did glorify it with your illustrious presence after constructing it to the glory of your great and honourable name

    24. One afternoon while on his sabbatical, Nuke asked me, “May I also participate in constructing Adam’s project?”

    25. I had just spent a full week of my life meticulously constructing an enemy out of thin air

    26. ✗ Task Effort: A task metric, such as effort, is usually included with the task, obviously suggesting that the estimation is done when constructing the project

    27. And so began the very tedious task of constructing psychological profiles of everyone most likely to sympathize with Raidan

    28. The first is to dig in and fortify the position further; perhaps by constructing another outer wall, they have one large resource at their disposal – manpower

    29. By reversing the process of constructing experience (which is basically what our brains do), meditation brings us into contact with the true nature of reality as it already and always exists

    30. It tends to over-generalize, frequently constructing a potential past as opposed to a true one

    31. the constructing miniature Phinisi boats from wooden, chips and part of boat’s hull

    32. We spend years constructing it

    33. Watching all the practices for constructing the barn,

    34. my central premises in constructing the MindMap – which I call “an index of the whole of

    35. They will be busy constructing stories to tell after vacation is over

    36. doing your pushups as a way to constructing more explosive

    37. I regret constructing a new breach to rescue him when Guardon and Ankharet are still desirous of usurping our lands

    38. The edges of the old town were disfigured by featureless concrete apartment blocks built for Russian workers constructing the High Dam

    39. The Maegar were busy constructing homes and barns to house their livestock and grain

    40. and the immense cost of constructing just one of these things, there was simply no way to test it

    41. The only thing that could arouse him at the moment was constructing fantasies about slowly killing Vaselly and his cock-sucking mate

    42. constructing each time a sort of temporary dam or barrier in the

    43. “You see, although you’re writing and signing a document with the mother of the child, you’re not constructing the agreement with the child

    44. by constructing a concealed subterranean store-room - (the underground work being done at night, when Hu Lyang’s “HL Security Company” patrolled the premises) – which was hidden immediately beneath the “Ubisi” store-room and accessed via a cunningly-concealed trapdoor

    45. On her way to Earth, she had created a considerably more powerful device inside herself that was capable of constructing, or for her need, deconstructing a space fold

    46. The bi-product of the nuclear fusion was their main source of weaponry and they had been constructing them for years

    47. “Human remains are burned and then added to the mortar when constructing a new building

    48. that day that were in the tavern, were constructing a tall wooden pole

    49. This is quite frustrating to a student, and it may indicate that the teacher needs more effort in constructing a meaningful evaluating device

    50. A major component inherent in constructing your foundation is to understand that there

    1. This evidence of death, of random nature in the raw, undermined these brittle constructs of hope

    2. It could be Alan was just getting a little more sophisticated in his constructs, she still couldn’t be sure this wasn’t his doing and had to be observant of things like that

    3. 80 000 constructs, 800 000 battle Orcs, 10 000 trolls and 400 000 goblins

    4. The magikal-biological constructs that the Fair Folk bred would also be seen as their true selves; however, they were, on appearance, similar to human children

    5. But he was convinced that, due to the humans ease at being glamoured, they might find that there would be no need to create any new constructs

    6. The Orcs, trolls, goblins and constructs had been selectively bred for many, many generations so as to be refined into the perfect tools for their particular job

    7. Perhaps it had never existed at all, and in the constructs of this nightmare it had only been a symbol of hope

    8. In other words, from the raw material of sense impressions, your mind constructs your world

    9. If we now string the meaning of these words together, it constructs the following sentence:

    10. She wanted to know if Akstyr knew anything about soul constructs, such as how to kill them

    11. They did not know about time, and space, and dimension, and if they had; they could have cared less about such false and artificial constructs of theory

    12. He had wandered through a meandering labyrinth of large metal pipes, interconnections and all manners of weird machinery and constructs the likes of which he could not believe were made by mere men

    13. There seemed to be dozens of these huge constructs in regular intervals, as if an architect blessed with godly sight had deemed to place them all over the landscape which in itself was another peculiarity: as far as the eye could see the horizon was covered in shades of greenery, spotted in parts by yellow and red patches

    14. The power of the human mind, for Minsky, lies in its vast repertoire of different ways to think, and in its ability to switch among them in order to pursue its goals…[He] acknowledges that it is useful for us to conceive of our goals as originating from our ‘selves’—mental constructs that embody our personal identities

    15. observed, observation and observer are mental constructs

    16. distances are theoretical constructs that only exist in one’s imagination for the benefit of the

    17. “Research has been conducted on attraction, cognitive constructs and interpersonal complexities

    18. Deconceptualisation and deconstruction of theoretical constructs (which reduces ‘useful information’) is an integral part of Zen meditation strategy and in many other meditative techniques found in various religions

    19. concepts and constructs around until you create an effective ensemble - history confirms that it works!

    20. constructs in our thoughts

    21. since all of language and its constructs can be

    22. that can successfully build a functional brain, not using biological constructs mind you but pure

    23. Grailem carries on his impersonation of Martin Maseeve for five weeks in which he constructs and programmes even more microchips

    24. Adding hair to his face, follicle by follicle, hair by hair, he constructs a slightly unshaven appearance

    25. It is important to know that there are men who will work to defeat this because of the constructs of man and how tightly they grasp to the aspects of these that consider themselves more important than others and give only the ability to degrade others within them

    26. The fact that your mind is power that constructs the universe around you, this is doing the same

    27. It is important to understand that your mind also constructs much of your reality, not simply the perception of it, but the rate and in what way specific items will appear

    28. from healthy constructs, and subscribe to more constructive and

    29. us constructs our reality on the basis of our subjective

    30. theological constructs that typically tend to confuse and convolute a simple premise - that God

    31. use these constructs to exhibit the difference in the cases of both taxes and no taxes

    32. constructs surrounding her, no Babel within her field of vision

    33. After the Cataclysm nearly wiped out humanity, the remnants of mankind survived in Havens: city-sized constructs built to reboot society and usher in a new age of mankind

    34. “Wormholes are interesting theoretical constructs, but nothing more than that,”

    35. As we also know, objects, emotions and mental constructs associated with events, maintain an existence within the overall Sound Matrix

    36. These constitute constructs of life-energy, because everything in existence is constructed of quanta, which are units of electro-tonal energy-identity

    37. In fact, it is where Star Fleet first learned of the actuality of transwarp, beyond theoretical constructs

    38. What is really going on out there in the universe cannot in any way be comprehended by mind and its intellectual constructs (thought forms)

    39. It followed her as she crossed the complex, walking by where the constructs were forged

    40. Constructs a solution to an optimization problem piece by piece through a sequence of choices that are: feasible, i

    41. Constructs of man’s warped mind that eternally strives to make “real” that which doesn’t exist—and to deny the reality of all that does

    42. One hundred nanoteers builds a mouse, a thousand assembles a laptop, a million constructs a computer lab, and a trillion dedicates a Gamegineer Server to their own online Collaborative School of Competitive Design

    43. The metaphors we think in, the pragmatics we consider, how we frame the issues which dictate the questions we ask is all part of the logic that constructs an ethic, whose gravity of thought produces a discipline of acting with the goal of living the right life

    44. In the proper order, it constructs the

    45. In the proper order, it constructs the skeleton, mus-

    46. From these daggers they weave through the trees their constructs of creation, their nests of beauty, their exhibits of cleanliness

    47. They will raise their tools, arm their constructs, hurl rocks through the air and slash her with twigs—there is absolutely nothing they won’t do to protect themselves, so it is no wonder that they are staring

    48. It is a creature of monstrous proportions, of metal and agony, with two bright eyes that shine at the front of its person and two dorsal constructs that flash the colors of pain and serenity overhead

    49. It is hollow inside, much like all transportable constructs, and within its driver’s side compartment is a man wearing a police uniform

    50. "Let us think that the carpenter who has bought the log lumber constructs a fence to hold in some livestock, which have been errant in their paths

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