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    1. And then, just as I was about to retrace my steps, I came upon something looking like a derelict shepherd's hut

    2. had to retrace their steps with full wagons

    3. He turned, about to retrace his steps

    4. They had somehow or other also gained curves in all the right places and this forced their admirers to retrace their most recent memories for any prior evidence of same

    5. “I think we should retrace out steps now

    6. “I’m sure I could retrace my steps, but I came through the port and market square

    7. Steve proceeded to retrace the material and evidence on the case, from the beginning

    8. He would have to retrace his steps, crossing the swamp alone

    9. Knowing the date of the Exodus, then adding the 450 years of the Joseph story, and the three generations that retrace to Abraham, is how I arrived at the middle of the seventeenth century BC, also referred to earlier, admittedly a very rough approximation

    10. Once Henry was ready, we began to retrace our steps south with the rest of the army in our wake followed by the remains of the Waylya army

    1. retracing your steps but not in any way you could articulate

    2. He stands by the door and lets Sensible Billy argue the case for retracing his steps

    3. Soon enough the thief was off, figuring that retracing the Breton woman’s steps would be the best approach to begin with until he found more clues

    4. He picked up the blanket and the lamp and left, retracing his steps out of the station

    5. With that, I wandered out the door and began retracing my path from the previous day

    6. Retracing his steps along the track he'd taken earlier, Slikit's snout twitched zealously

    7. On the return ride, the spirited thoroughbred knew exactly where they were going: they were retracing their steps and at the end of the trail waited its cozy stall with a feed bin full of fresh grain

    8. Colling asked if there were a route to the camp that was shorter than retracing his steps through Grabensheim, and Elizabeth informed him that there was not

    9. They waited until it was nearly dark before retracing their steps to Zapieskowa

    10. Retracing our path back along the 4025 we crossed the intersection at Heroine’s Monument to join the 4027 heading north-east towards the gibbon rehabilitation centre and Bang-Pae Falls which is in the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park

    1. Piece by piece, she retraced the valley on the inside of her eyelids

    2. Slowly she retraced her steps, listening to the voices grow louder with anger

    3. A color that didn’t fit in the room, and now her eyes retraced the path of

    4. The man turned and retraced his steps and called his dog which had run back to the park gate

    5. Concerning itself with character: It thought through the Zodiac and retraced historical Structures of human memory and psychology with

    6. Once she was certain she could recreate the path, she pulled herself back up to the catwalk and retraced the way she'd come, which wasn't hard as Yula led the way

    7. I pushed his hand away, turned and retraced my steps to the well

    8. I got off the tram and retraced my steps back to the house I now no longer felt the same trepidation that had overtaken me the first time I came here

    9. Twice he became convinced that he had backtracked in his delirium and retraced his footsteps, only to lose himself again

    10. As they retraced their steps, a battered black Renault sedan parked on the opposite side of the boulevard, across from the Polonia’s main entrance, caught Colling’s eye

    1. The clearest signals on this chart are the sell signal where the price retraces from the 75% strong resistance level (1st red

    2. The second clear entry signal is the buy signal (2nd red circle) where the price bounces off the 0% support level and retraces back to the 75% resistance level

    3. Reaching the High Street Steve retraces his steps from the chase earlier looking under cars and along the gutter as he walks

    4. Deciding to head back to the spaceport Grailem retraces his steps to the railway station

    5. When leaving the field the object retraces the

    6. As he retraces his steps, he remains preoccupied by the matter of the instant

    7. He retraces his steps, closing the office door, climbing back out the window, falling into the grass

    8. He retraces his steps, closing the office door, climbing back out the window, falling into the grass

    9. You may take a limit order (executing the trade after the market retraces, or moves in the “wrong” direction)

    10. Colin Jessup, a naked forex trader in Canada has this to say about managing his trades: “If price action retraces more that 61

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