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Roam en una oración (en ingles)

We roam in the snow.
We went on to roam.
Tell them that I will roam.
Awaiting on the shore I roam.
Ever since I started to roam.
Ever since she started to roam the.
You merely dream that you roam about.

To leave their home–and where to roam?
Why she left her home intermedium to roam.
He kissed her throat, letting his hands roam.
The urge to roam must have been overwhelming.
They roam, fish, hunt and trap for a livelihood.
Q: What is the cause of the urge to roam about?
Sometimes they would choose to roam and explore.
No more the mountains roam or sail the stormy sea.
She felt like Tdeshi, and he let his hands roam her.
There are legends of unnatural beasts that roam here.
His eyes roam over the symbol of Abnegation, and he smiles.
A Sheltie should never be allowed to roam around unless in.
Child beggars in Nigeria roam the streets grabbing hold of.
My mother began to roam the hallway as soon as soon as the.
Strapping himself in again, he allowed the cat to roam free.
A place where monstrous beasts roam and magical powers reign.
The students continued to roam about the class room in total.
It is estimated that hundreds of these children roam the streets.
Say, Roam the earth, and observe how He originated the creation.
While his friend slept he would have some time to roam the woods.
Then letting his gaze roam the crowd again, he touched his chest.
Now I had the freedom to roam as I please I set out to find Sofia.
Say, Roam the earth, and observe the fate of those who came before.
Roam also figured with his self-healing he would be a good protector.
Monks were not supposed to roam about the streets of the town at will.
I’m off the clock, Roam said as he reached his hand out to her.
Only the guardians of the dracolich roam these halls, he explained.
Roam wasn’t afraid of the drag queens, but instead being around Dina.
Often times John, Jesus, and the apostles were able to preach and roam.
They roam remote areas all across the country, mostly in western Canada.
Oh I come from a land, from a faraway place, where the caravan camels roam.
The valley was a place they often had to roam through because it was not.
Dinosaurs and other monsters roam the jungles of this land that time forgot.
His roaming eyes fell on me.
The round me roaming end bit.
His eyes were roaming over me.
But we are roaming off the point.
Henry was roaming around the café.
Isn’t it the Roaming Zubr?
The continents continued their roaming.
The two became roaming prophets of doom.
Can't have these types roaming our halls.
Amarillo was infested with roaming freaks.
And turned us into homeless roaming creatures.
Could a stranger be roaming around the forest?
Say there was such a monster roaming the earth.
Nothing can stand in the way of the Roaming Zubr.
I therefore spent the morning roaming about from.
He had an Internet roaming card my office paid for.
He sensed him roaming about looking for information.
She used to spend hours roaming about the lawns and.
He nods, his eyes roaming around the ground at my feet.
Roaming forward to their terrifying encounter at Ags.
There was another dog roaming freely in the yard and.
There’re only a couple of guards roaming the place.
The second Sattler finds out there's an Oddbot roaming.
What are you doing roaming around like a lost child?
Vaidehi was roaming around the jungles in a confused state.
How far would mother and daughter have gotten roaming the.
Monkeys were chattering noisily, roaming free without care.
When I was roaming around the island, I saw several towers.
After some roaming and looking she found one and loped for.
Jessie wrote that she was beginning to enjoy this roaming life.
Then Emory realized that he was responsible for the roaming bull.
The winds intensified and thunders were roaming around on the sky.
Vyry: Some are roaming around the Realms and some around the Earth.
Yes, I’m sure they’re roaming all over the place as animals.
The Roaming Zubr is a creature of these forests, but not just a.
Roaming in thought over the Universe, I saw the little that is Good.
Van Thorn’s shoulder at some customers roaming about, just checking.
What are you doing roaming around out in the street? Didn’t you.
They were nomads, roaming the face of this world as was their desire.
I roamed around for an hour.
I roamed hither and thither.
His gaze roamed further down.
His eyes roamed all over her body.
Corey roamed the interior of the.
I roamed all over the Giza plateau.
Eve roamed around the room, restless.
The whole day I roamed here and there.
Tom’s arrogant eyes roamed the crowd.
His eyes slowly roamed across the room.
The cougar once roamed most of the Americas.
Wild turkeys, elk and deer roamed the land.
The other roamed her body like skittish ants.
He roamed through the car’s, stroking them.
Redeemers roamed the Empire and all trembled.
Wild sylphs and horses that roamed the valleys.
The terror roamed amongst the speechless guests.
Abanir still roamed around, searching for Rabel.
Carroll’s eyes roamed over the red brick garage.
Carrie watched as her father’s eyes roamed over.
Gaddest: To have roamed about the land; to go away.
My mother stretched her muscles then roamed around.
All my life She's been there, while on land I roamed.
Amongst them roamed a range of fell chaos creatures.
When they roamed over David’s body, they drew his.
A man should have roamed carefree in the turmoil.
When the three of us roamed the Fraternity, only.
Numerous Russian stragglers roamed about the streets.
Back home, coyotes, lean and rangy, roamed the canyons.
I roamed around the castle for a couple of hours before.
In the seas sharks and the huge Tylosaurus roamed eating.
The Native American Tribes that roamed the foothills and.
The monk stil roamed the city and now he was going to be.
Grizzly bears once roamed an area about half the size of.
I roamed about the terrestrial worm hole for a roughly an.
But, you guys once roamed the British Isles, or at least.
My eyes roamed over the purple walls of my childhood bedroom.
Cheetahs once roamed large tracts of the African plains and.
Visualizing the greatest creatures that ever roamed Earth.
We roamed through history, saw the makings of a wonderful land.
A ragged peasant roams the Krapivensky district.
Kalahari Highway in the wildlife that roams freely.
Then he has a beast of a dog which roams the garden.
Hish is the jaguar, who roams the earth and sees everything under.
How can ye say that Pyracy is dead when Robin roams the Seas? Lancelot cried.
Thence he passed to the huge and ferocious bird, the phororachus, and to the great elk which still roams upon this upland.
Many villagers believe that Christine Bouchard was killed by a vampire and still roams the northwest forest in search of her lover.
I ended by suggesting he still roams the mountains hunting the bears without mercy and if they come across him they will know him by the scores of bear claw necklaces he wears.
On all sides roams the harmless rover,.

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