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Stray en una oración (en ingles)

The stray cat in me.
I kicked a stray pebble.
That you may not stray.
Just a few stray catus.
But do not stray far.
And when we stray from.
Stray cats are not the.

It is when we stray from.
There were no stray papers.
Some had actual stray dogs.
Every day I see stray dogs.
Along the way you will stray.
They knew that I was a stray.
But do not stray far into.
So out the door I started to stray.
And if my weak heart should stray.
So frequently his mind would stray.
Through this house each fairy stray.
Not that type of stray, you idiot.
Thither hussars on leave will stray.
You stray away from your own center.
And the whispering scents that stray.
A stray he had picked up and taken in.
You sure he’s a stray? Yes.
Halloween is a stray cat who’s black.
She brushed a stray hair out of my eyes.
Stray dogs that have never been close.
A stray bullet from an unseen gunman.
Stray bullets whistled across our heads.
Do not stray from the others when you go.
Stray cats are usually terrified of human.
Stray potato chips crumbled under her feet.
No magazines or stray mugs on the end tables.
Whatever stray emotions we can bring to bear.
There are stray comets all over the place.
There is no space left for mind to stray away.
I placed a stray strand of hair behind my ear.
One can’t stray here and there too much, or.
Maybe she thought of him as a big stray kitten.
Xzavier grabs a stray bin off one of the tables.
That is the far straying.
Straying from the path that takes.
Ideas of all kinds were straying through my mind.
While she was telling me this, my eyes kept straying.
With his mate and playmate gone, his straying days ended.
Straying of the mind is deviation from the path of virtue.
Is that what this is? B’Etor asked, her hands straying.
With respect, you seem to be straying from the issue somewhat.
And as for my friends, she said, her thoughts straying to Marie.
Here the children straying westward so long? so wide the tramping?
By a yellow gleam straying out of window shutters Rob saw his face.
The cloths will prevent the animals from straying during the storm.
He kissed me a lot, and we enjoyed it until his hands started straying.
Unfortunately I never had straying ladies to shadow; mine were all men.
Their heroes were always straying from well-lit paths and into the woods.
It denotes: you, disbeliever! Move your thought and stop your straying.
This is the turning point where the straying ceases and the seeker begins to.
Straying out beyond the security of the tunnel, the chamber he sensed was sizeable.
Several close their eyes, and think, or try to get their straying thoughts together.
The Almighty clarified their straying from the right path which arised from their unbelief.
Our host said no more, but now I fancied that a sly and ambiguous smile was straying on his lips.
Is it true that Carl got pneumonia from straying out in the graveyard that wet night for a dare?
All that bad result is actually caused by his insight-blindness and his straying from the right path.
Accidents is a song about a straying lover struggling to tell the truth and face the consequences.
Grass had already begun to grow on the garden paths, and horses and calves were straying in the English park.
The Chicago race riots of 1919 were sparked off by a black man straying onto the whites-only part of the beach.
This belief will lead them to abide by God’s Orders and refrain from transgression and straying from His Path.
But, if the relationship was truly fair and equal, why did he feel satisfaction about straying outside the boundaries?
It was a god enough distance to go into the forest without straying too far into the heart of it, where the predators lurked.
I fought to keep my eyes from straying to the snakes head tattoo on his cheek, but it was hard not to, which was its purpose.
Though she suspected she had leeway to go after Garcia, straying into the neutral zone at this time was not a wise thing to do.
He finishes barking out directions to one of his deputies before hanging up and looking me over, a hand straying over his mouth.
Look out for any Russian embassy staff straying anywhere near Culham, or for any other unusual activity that could be connected.
Melodía ate with her usual voracity, which helped her pretend not to notice how the young Alemán’s eyes kept straying her way.
The man got out of the car and he could see for certain, after his brush with death, that he had been straying from the right path.
Animals are nothing else than the figures of our virtues and our vices, straying before our eyes, the visible phantoms of our souls.
Then, his operations finished, he went and leaned his elbows on the beacon housing, his eyes straying over the surface of the ocean.
And, like a blind old sheepherder-saint, he wandered out into the hall with the flock straying and ambling and softly colliding after.
And like a blind old sheepherder-saint, he wandered out into the hall, with the flock straying and ambling and softly colliding after.
His head and throat were bare, and, as he spoke with a helpless look straying all around, he took his coat off, and let it drop on the floor.
His eyes strayed to Sage.
Clara strayed up to them.
My name is Cheryl Strayed.
It has never strayed on me.
The one who never strayed.
Their eyes strayed no more.
And in the mountains strayed.
We have strayed from this path.
You must be Cheryl Strayed.
But, I strayed from the subject.
In the woods the hunter strayed.
Where both of us had strayed.
A few winged ones strayed over.
I have strayed on some path that.
I feel guilty at having strayed.
The third leg had strayed too far.
He can’t have strayed far from home.
Into what madhouse have we strayed?
Fred’s hand strayed to his hip pocket.
But his mind strayed back to Mauthausen.
Harald's eyes strayed to their polearms.
Their conversation strayed from Hamilton.
He’d already strayed out of bounds once.
His mind strayed back to that bloody field.
Be off!' His hand strayed to his sword-hilt.
On the trail, Strayed encounters mostly men.
Mori’s focus strayed to the middle distance.
Rabbits strayed, took alarm, stopped to rest.
At that instant the saw strayed off its path.
By this means a dog had strayed in, which she.
Their ponies unburdened strayed upon the grass.
I strayed from the path that was appointed to me.
He guides you and protects you from being strayed.
It’s a wonder I haven’t strayed long ere this.
For showing us the way, when-as often- we strayed.
He opened the gate, passed through it, and strayed.
It’s because we have strayed from walking with Him.
His hand strayed to an album not used in a long time.
At first I thought it was an animal that had strayed.
Joseph and Mary’s mind strayed toward assassination.
Others are strays.
There's a few strays.
Many city cats are strays.
You brought in some strays a.
One of the strays you brought.
He prayed it was just a couple of strays.
Then he knelt to check the tiles for strays.
A few strays are not usually a problem, but.
You sure that was one of the strays Jeremy.
USA where the people does not confront with strays.
The strays then have litters of their own, and the.
Love is a husband and father who never strays from home.
Children should understand why we have so many strays;.
Taking in all these waifs and strays - it’s just not nice.
Jeremy finds some unbranded strays and turns them in to us.
If the group strays from the agenda, ask the group if they would.
Oh, some people can foster animals that are abandoned or strays.
Killing strays does not stop the problem and only offers a temporary.
When did those strays show up? Stokes asked, again taking control.
Beverly’s pet looked as if it belonged chasing strays to the alleyways.
Recalcitrant strays kept breaking away only to be brought back with great.
The mayor has promised future help for the castration of strays to Trakossas.
The reality was that they were strays that nobody loved or really cared for.
Apparently there’s an animal control guy that picks up strays for the county.
Your Lord knows best who strays from His path, and He knows best the guided ones.
Until the nineties, the Italian government tried to solve the problem of strays by.
Anyone who disobeys Al’lah and His Envoy strays far indeed, and incurs a great loss.
And he that disobeys Al’lah and His Messenger strays far indeed and incurs a great loss.
Recalcitrant strays kept breaking away only to be brought back with great effort and anger.
In other words: Italian strays could be much better off, if their fate wouldn‘t be in the.
The process of creating, expanding, and managing a religion always strays from any truth and.
He had allowed even encouraged a couple of strays to stay, which had wandered in a few months back.
While Her intention strays out under the clouds, we could put an end to Her meddling once and for all.
But who knows what wild dogs or strays are out there in those woods? All I knew was that ‘Puddy’ was gone.
The only time Ulysses strays away from Ithaca, when he is an adolescent, a boar attacks him and rips open his thigh.
She liked having the space to herself, especially when her son insisted on bringing all sorts of waifs and strays to stay.
If your attention strays to other thoughts, calmly notice this, and then gently move your attention back to your object of meditation.
The bishop broke into the eulogy, echoing through the Tannoy, ringing round the valleys, bringing in the strays and frightening the wild.
And what about the animals in shelters, zoos and roadside menageries, circuses, biomedical labs, strays, birds and whatever else is out there.
It was tourists that either adopted a stray cat or dog, or upon seeing their plight, saw to it that needy strays were taken to an animal sanctuary.

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