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Schematic en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The schematic shows how we.
  2. Below is a schematic in Fig 12.
  3. As we can in our schematic in Fig 7.
  4. This is a schematic of the chemistry.
  5. As we can see in the schematic in Fig 7.

  6. What is happening in the schematic in Fig 7.
  7. The test is as shown in the schematic below:.
  8. It is a schematic showing how work is directed to the major AGI plants at.
  9. If Lydia stared long enough, she could almost see the schematic in her head.
  10. A combination of both approaches which is shown in the schematic below in Fig 12.
  11. Almost all of them are based on relatively few schematic diagrams and principles.
  12. Schematic representation of the initial set where each cell corresponds to one of 400 stocks.
  13. I tap each icon he points to until a schematic of the Ember expands and rotates on the display.
  14. The answer is to execute a test in the rising market which is shown in the schematic in Fig 5.
  15. Once he is looking at them, he is actually pretty free to look at whatever schematic he can find.

  16. A schematic of a building outlined in green tracer lines that extended far underground lit up before Loric.
  17. Imagine that you are looking at a vertical cross section of a house which is shown in the schematic in Fig 7.
  18. I think the best way is to go back to that computer room and it may give us a schematic, or a layout of the place.
  19. If you don’t have a schematic, determining the exact distances may be the most difficult part of the whole process.
  20. If your network is well documented, you should have a schematic containing the precise distances of all your cable runs.
  21. Let me round off this chapter by creating a simple schematic, which I hope will help to put all of this into perspective.
  22. To make a long story short after two hours of testing, probing and referencing the electrical schematic I found the problem.
  23. If the demand is low, then all the buying has been absorbed in the distribution phase as we can see in the schematic in Fig.
  24. What is far more difficult is to try and identify major turning points in real time so I have created the schematic in Fig 6.
  25. Let's go back to our house schematic again, and in particular the failure to break the ceiling of resistance on the second floor.

  26. There are two sets of stairs and an elevator leading down, Vinnie said beside Johnny as he consulted a schematic of the building.
  27. Let me explain the price action on the schematic as it moves through the house, to better visualise the concept of support and resistance.
  28. Praying that the schematic and floor plan had been accurate, she reached through the bars and clawed blindly to the left for the activation switch.
  29. From this schematic the delta volume gives an indication of the net difference between the buying and the selling as the market moves higher and lower.
  30. The above introduction has given us the framework to move on, but at this stage most trend analysis would then present you with the schematic in Fig 8.
  31. Figure 3-1: A schematic of how an offline and online computer work together to securely sign Bitcoin transactions without exposing a private key to the Internet.
  32. Any indicator measuring delta volume would then display this as a negative volume bar of -300 and generally these appear as shown in the schematic below in Fig 12.
  33. What volume does is put this weakness into context, which is why I have shown the schematic with the three volume bars, low, average and high (or even ultra high).
  34. The resistor across the capacitors provides a ing an insulated ferrite toroidal core are given in discharge path for the capacitors after the battery the schematic.
  35. This zig zag price action is repeated over and over again, and as a result, has created the 'channel' of price action with peaks and troughs as shown on the schematic.
  36. In the evenings, Ken studied the schematic map of the tank farm, trying to unscramble the maze of pipes and valves in a way that would allow no contamination of the fuels.
  37. When her finger hit the console, the life-size schematic of limbless Master Chief Evelyn Horcheese was projected upwards to float perfectly vertical in the air over the console next to the meter-long model of Tipperary.
  38. Children’s songs, rhymes, stories and games form an intrinsic part of linguistic culture and are important not only for the acquisition of schematic knowledge (language and notions that all members of the mother tongue share) but also because:.
  39. Let me remind you of the schematic of an individual rotation Cycle with the following example: imagine Energy-Plasma (that is, the only source of your Thoughts, Feelings, Desires, and Actions) in the form of an infinite field covered with a thick layer of snow.
  40. It is thus apparent that the correspondence of the figures in this frieze is by no means rigid and schematic or devoid of life, but that, on the contrary, the same principles of symmetry obtain which have been pointed out by many authorities as prevalent in Greek art.
  41. There were days when he saw the multiplication of the squares reflected there as a teeming riddle, something with a life of its own rising up out of the schematic in the same way that thoughts and dreams arise from neurons or computer programs emerge from binary codes.
  42. Amélie has decided to intervene in the world that surrounds her, modifying it deeply, on the basis of a schematic and elementary morale, initially inspired by the principle to attribute that which is due to everyone or that which she considers to be best for an individual.
  43. The picture I just depicted above is the schematic image of a skrruullerrt system illustrating the possible Directions of further development of life dynamics (development scenarios) with Rays of Choice Vectors that lead to different consequences in the further development of the seemingly same scenario.
  44. Through the Creative Activity of the Formo-Creators of our Self-Consciousness on the Levels of a high-qualitative resopason, we as if “attract” the dynamics of our FCA to the NUU-VVU-Configurations that are already initially structured by this flaks VVU-Information (together with the FLAKS-Idea ciphered in it), “unpack-unfold” it in the high-frequency part of our information space, after which it is immediately karmo-quantized by our best Conceptions (already existing SFUURMM-Forms about architecture) of the future house and transforms in our Imagination into a particular image, which then is put on paper (that is, primitively “materialized”) in the form of a schematic picture or a detailed drawing of the house, which, perhaps, one day will be manifested in “future” stages of our rotation Cycle.

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