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    1. After a couple of weeks he got over it and we settled down again, though he wasn’t interested in sex … I tried to seduce him a couple of times, but he just shook me off … not nastily or anything, just indifferent

    2. "So you're saying I should have no need to seduce you?"

    3. She tried to seduce me but I didn't give in," he went on, "I'm sure it's in a log

    4. Her guard talked with her almost an hour but did not try to force her and did not try to seduce her either

    5. No doubt he was afraid she would still try to seduce him in exchange for the lesson

    6. Seduce to accusation, then:

    7. What Nuska needed to do now was seduce Zarko one more time and get pregnant; and it had to happen fast, there was no time to be wasted

    8. What if she had a hidden intention to have you seduce her?”

    9. Allowing him to seduce her in this place gilded with gold and silver, on a bed with the finest satin sheets, surrounded by classical paintings

    10. Did Reese really have second thoughts about staying at Serenor? Had her beloved home failed to seduce him? Had she done something to upset him?

    1. ’ I said, taken with the idea of seducing this man

    2. 'Yes, looks as though that sod of an American made a habit of seducing young girls

    3. As I drive away it suddenly occurs to me that Bunty had a certain magnetism for men … Stuart obviously found her attractive in some way, he wouldn’t have bothered seducing a lump of lard

    4. Sally was as nice to me as she had been in months, seducing me—on

    5. Seducing into salvation! Our pitch to the

    6. Picking up a young boy, driving him into the country and seducing him, “molesting” him, fucking him, sucking him off, was great, because he would never again see her unless she made certain that he would

    7. A somewhat selfish boy was quite often the best type for seducing

    8. If she had not played her part in all but seducing Gerrid Lytum into their scheme perhaps he would not have been persuaded; at least put up a greater objection, after his inevitable capture

    9. Never heed to these seducing spirits dear friend…

    10. Sierra had a way of seducing men even when she wasn’t trying

    1. I was seduced into revealing many things about myself and he made so bold as to suggest our going to his house “for a drink, as friends”

    2. night, Song seduced and killed the king of War and we killed his other two

    3. In my wanderings I actually find a discarded fold-up bed and try to sleep on it under a ramshackle stone building on the edge of a public park but after only half an hour my own snoring wakes me and so with dry throat I wander back to the Flea Market area and even at this hour am greeted with early morning hellos from the traders and completely seduced by the mouth-watering aromas of hot sesame cakes and sugar-dusted doughnuts, of pastries and fresh coffee

    4. We were there, together, late that night in a mountain kafeneion, half of us strangers, seduced by plaintive melodies and angry clashes of Arabic, Turkish and Slavic themes until it fired our blood and led us deeper into ourselves than anything had before

    5. He kissed me and slowly removed all my clothing and he seduced me there in the mountains

    6. "I think Jason's only converts are those that are forced, or those that are seduced by the use of force

    7. Once seduced by the vanities of a religion,

    8. I could deal with irritation, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself because my body was seduced by the tone of his voice

    9. He told me that she had seduced a soldier, then killed him with a dagger and escaped into the desert

    10. Dillard knew he has heavily in debt so he seduced him with a lot of money to go undercover

    1. seduces them; the slow and lazy man roasts not that which he took in hunting, but the substance of the diligent man is precious; In the

    2. how my sperm seduces even the moon

    3. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose

    4. who seduces the prince at his twenty-first birthday

    5. He must face the mother who devours and the mother that seduces and

    6. Oedipus’ mother is a mother who seduces her son and manipulates him to

    7. representations of this mother that first seduces and then castrates her son

    8. Slowly but surely the monk’s disciple seduces her and has sexual relations with her

    9. entices and seduces; and thirdly, he forces and coerces

    10. Lousanne forms a friendship with Sher, who then seduces Joseph, who is promised eternal life with Sher if he will sacrifice Lousanne and her baby to Hella Dracon

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    seduce in English

    induce bait decoy deceive bribe allure beguile inveigle tempt attract invite vamp defile corrupt deflower violate rape pervert prostitute

    Sinónimos para "seduce"

    seduce make score induce bait decoy deceive bribe allure beguile inveigle tempt attract invite vamp defile corrupt deflower violate rape pervert prostitute