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    1. Aspiration, swinging her hips, playing the vamp

    2. The tabs are broken down into Straight, Bi, Queer, Punk, Goth, and Vamp

    3. I looked more like cat woman than a new age vamp

    4. Connor employed his vamp speed to pounce on me, pushing me against the uneven cresses of the alley’s wall; I winced in pain as a chunk of concrete stuck in my back

    5. I was shocked, what did he mean? When had Levi and Connor met? Before I could ask, Levi had let go of Connor’s throat and Connor had taken advantage of the situation and used his vamp speed to the end of the street after which he had yelled, from a safe distance

    6. A hungry hurt vamp is a fatal one, and even though I had been fed considerably, in my present condition, I needed an extra feed every now and again, and any absence of temptations would make my life a whole lot easier

    7. Even a vamp had tingles down their spine once a month when the moon was full

    8. I wasn’t disappointed, and that night was the first of few where I saw Ishvara appear to be happy, but with a vamp, you can hardly ever tell if he smiles to please your heart, or because he is truly exultant with his heart

    9. I was beginning to lose my grip on reality the way I had dangerously come close to before and if I hadn’t heard the crackling of leaves, the stems under someone’s light footstep, moving the way only a vamp knew, tracing the forest the way only a vampire could, I would have given in to Levi then and there, without a care for what would have happened afterwards

    10. I knew a vamp was on the loose, but Levi hadn’t noticed that we had company till I turned and called Ishvara’s name

    11. It wasn’t achievable, a vampire who didn’t know he was one, how could Levi control his hunger at such a tender age if he was a vamp? His desire for blood would be far too great to control, but then again, recalling his reaction to the way I had bled earlier, that could be construed as a little off

    12. Finding it, I turned it around to face me, the red blaring luminosity signalling the ungodly hour, human or vamp, of four nineteen in the morning

    13. My internal clock was telling me I had about fifteen minutes left before I needed to be at our vamp summit, too short to say all I felt, and far too long to say those three words that can seal or end a relationship, I love you

    14. vamp up from within the city

    15. that are awesome, set within my vamp world, using my laws and

    16. ‘A vamp? Be careful with those

    17. First I wonder how she knows, but then I remember she’s a vamp with an excellent hearing

    18. A shifter, Were, or vamp might have heard her but not many humans

    19. "Sam, I'm sorry for speaking out but maybe the vamp should of taking this blonde Barbie, then at least we would have some kind of plan

    20. This is what we think happened to Daniel, in a club all drunk and probably got seduced by a female vamp and bit him

    21. On that note my dad told all of us about a head vamp that's been trying for centuries to eliminate our bloodline

    22. It could of been by accident, like Daniel went out and one of Vlad's henchman vamp could of pick up my scent, since he was dating Kristin he would at the house a lot

    23. vamp? That he sucked all the life-force out of Grandpa?”

    24. Maybe he thought I would decide to become a vamp someday like my sister and then I would be a princess

    25. Can’t a girl catch a break? I tried to shut the door in their faces but the hairy guy (obviously the Were) put his boot in the way and the Vamp pushed it open

    26. I pushed against the Vamp with all of my strength which caused him to take a step back into hairy guy number one

    27. While they were touching, I shot a bolt of electricity into the Vamp and since he was touching the Were, the current traveled through both of them

    28. Where did they go? The Vamp and Were I killed were gone

    29. I guess the best way to explain it is like this, when I borrow energy from an Other I'm technically getting a piece of their essence (which they replenish within days) and it feels like them whether it's a Vamp, Were, Elve, etc

    30. " The worst was re-imagining that moment when the vamp had Brett pinned, fangs inches from his jugular

    31. The last thing I need is my mom discovering how close I came to biting it in that vamp fight

    32. It gives him the upper hand with the vamp he's struggling with, and he takes it out

    33. 44 she used on the vamp earlier sitting harmlessly next to a plate of empanadas

    34. She's a bit of an anomaly: a vamp that doesn't drink from the source

    35. Then another vamp steps up to her, marking her cheeks and forehead with blood

    36. I've heard of warlocks that can sense thoughts—Rachel's little sister, the witch, apparently could—but not a vamp

    37. Her vamp is as hot as the rest of her

    38. Vamp of her stockings

    39. Over the closing vamp of “Ballad of a Well-Known Gun,” I adopted a carnival barker delivery and reeled off the legend of our Knight of Song, rather than simply recite his awards and chart positions in a familiar but bland introduction

    40. All the faces still flowed on my retina, the dancing daughter, the butterfly, the Chinese vamp, the tomboy clown

    1. The feds vamped the info

    2. If Levi had vamped right there in front of me I would have been less surprised

    3. I was there with him, vamped appropriately, my eyes swirling dangerously, my fangs ripping at my tender gums

    4. "Now that's a rum thing, Christianer—hey? To think o' the miles I've vamped o' starlight nights these last thirty year, courting, or trading, or for doctor, or for nurse, and yet never had the least notion

    5. They went on to Lew-Everard, where they had summut to drink, and then on they vamped to Dree-armed Cross, and there they seemed to have parted, Retty striking across the water-meads as if for home, and Marian going on to the next village, where there's another public-house

    6. The wind pulled at the dust and the shining rocket and pulled at the accordion, and the dust got into the vamped harmonica

    7. But, no, say gentlemen, the seamen are not saved; and here we are amused with the old story, new vamped, of the fishermen running away

    1. He’d buzz down there, vamping horny broads

    2. My eyes darkened, not from vamping, but more from desolation

    3. I couldn’t be bothered vamping, it was the early hours of the morning, dawn was nearly complete, and I was exhausted

    4. Frankly, it was too late, the cat was out of the bag and realistically, I didn’t require Ishvara vamping to know he was interested

    5. I was only vamping, man

    1. It was after 2am, and the streets had been relatively quiet from a vampire point of view, bar a few vamps that were out and about doing their usual, sucking pretty girls or boys’ necks routine after a few drinks out on the night

    2. So as far as I’m concerned, I’m just like the rest of the ass kicking, good looking, suave, irresistible bunch of vamps who are looking at protecting our kind from the bed of needless destruction my brothers have laid out so inappropriately, may I add, for the rest of us”

    3. “There are a growing number of vamps unhappy with your brothers’ reign on our world”, Ishvara answered looking out onto the street and into the trees that framed my home

    4. I had my legion of vamps, and Akua had his fair share of poor unsuspecting girls

    5. Vamps liked to feed fresh, and having tasted it a few, precious times in my life, I understood why

    6. Now if I could only find some, nice vamps, that is

    7. As I turned the corner on Levi’s street, I realised I’d have to do with what I had, an army that at this stage included Ishvara, Jiva, myself, and a few other runaway vamps who’d been mistreated by Adrinius and Zacchaeus, basically the no-hopers that were going to die one way or another

    8. Perhaps she would feature in a horror story to the grandchildren one day she mused as she headed for Adrinius and Zacchaeus, shoving the other vamps mercilessly out of her way

    9. in a vampire to do a memory wipe, and vamps hated being

    10. styled Italian mobster vamps, living on the fringe of society, would be too campy to stomach, but this smart, well-written vampire comedy

    11. I’m curious about how much experience she has with vamps

    12. Can vamps apply it on each other? I haven’t got the slightest idea

    13. Diedie tells me vamps can indeed hypnotize each other

    14. Mostly because it was rare for Vamps to go through the mating ritual that bound them together and allowed them to procreate

    15. I have read that feeding directly from the vein tends to raise a Vamps sex drive for a short period during and after the feeding

    16. “I thought we told you vamps not to come here anymore,” the hulking man they knew to be the pack master, declared as they came close

    17. "You're sure that she wasn't involved with any other vamps?"

    18. But he isn't supposed to know about vamps or Chasers

    19. During one of those times, he told me that Uncle Felix thought the vamps must have seen us at the mall and taken the opportunity to attack

    20. The vamps have the upper hand, some of my family have fallen, but I can't tell how bad the damage is

    21. We're back-to-back in the middle of the parquet floor, and the vamps keep coming

    22. Some of the vamps flee

    23. I remember the vamps attacking him, and feel a fresh wave of anxiety

    24. One of the vamps gets in a blow to her left leg and knocks her forward

    25. Rachel strikes with a silver flash—a knife?—and nearly decapitates one of the vamps

    26. Something inside me roars as one of the vamps slits her throat and blood pours

    27. Had the General chosen her for that reason? I haven't publicized my past, and most of the vamps that were present when it happened aren't around any longer, and I doubt they’d have told him, anyway

    28. Only able to move my eyes, I scan the room and count six other vamps with weapons around the dance floor

    29. Shane’s in a scuffle with one of the vamps

    30. Several of the songs on National Ransom employed the same ragtime rolls and arcane vamps as “Poison Moon” and “Wave a White Flag”—songs written before my first album was released

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