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    1. And in the garbage dump was a cast off shipping container

    2. You know, get the crate, arrange shipping, like that

    3. From his perspective, the ‘draggers dodging fire and debris below drove straight into a cloud of Staas Shipping containers and came to a dead stop

    4. It took them an hour to get to shipping cut

    5. "Yeah, and I have to admit, an hour and two to shipping cut is record time

    6. Shipping cut comes up the side of the city, and right at the turn the buildings along the canal are small so the view of the whole city from the land side spreads before you

    7. By the end of the 52nd shipping had to keep clearing to maintain a channel thru to Shempala

    8. He also oversaw the shipping lanes of the planet

    9. Small combustible engines power some vehicles, for shipping and hauling

    10. The business was shipping but most of his warehouse space was actually used as residences by the poor he employed

    11. “I have those outside investments in real estate and shipping

    12. knew that this whole area was notoriously dangerous for shipping,

    13. Of course this would be the day several major shipping deals had to be decided so he barely had time to post it and print it out before the whirlwind began

    14. He didn’t see how she could, it was a trade mag, ‘Center Lake Shipping Digest,’ that was not known for gripping suspense or moving human interest

    15. “He has a business in real estate and another in shipping

    16. All thru Nightday and well into Dawnsleep she paced the deck while the darkrunner toiled in foul winds thru Shipping Cut and the Grand Canal

    17. Delurna looked up what they each earned at the Kassikan and in the last four days his paper chasers were able to find public records of a valid sample of Kulai’s real estate and shipping transactions all the way back to that decade

    18. The air of deep dark was so clear it was like a telescope so he could see the entry to Shipping Cut by it’s navigation lanterns, thirty miles away, and aimed straight for it

    19. It was deep into Dawnsleep when he finally got there, but he cruised by Ebmemboz far off shore, thru Shipping Cut and henarDee while the small traffic slept

    20. He’d turned the last corner in Shipping Cut when he saw a sail he was sure was that of Tellin’s Balloon

    21. It was over a mile ahead of him, halfway to the mouth of Shipping Cut

    22. Kulai has given up his position at the Kassikan to devote full time to the shipping business

    23. He is container manager at the Likes Line Shipping Company, owned by the Americans

    24. “They will be in the discarded shipping containers with the shredded materials

    25. Captain Jones had worked his way up from the wharf to deckhand and then onto the merchant shipping line to eventually become a commissioned captain

    26. Adrien drove the first crane hauling four flatbed trailers that carried shipping containers with the air compressor trailing behind

    27. insurance upon shipping, however, in the same manner as upon houses, is, in most cases, the

    28. They are rich in the industry and skill of their artificers and manufacturers, in every sort of machinery which can facilitate and abridge labour; in shipping, and in all the other instruments and means of carriage and commerce: but they are poor in corn, which, as it must be brought to them from distant countries, must, by an addition to its price, pay for the carriage from those countries

    29. The tonnage, accordingly, of all the European shipping employed in the East India trade, at any one time during the last century, was not, perhaps, much greater than that of the English East India company before the late reduction of their shipping

    30. It is upon this account, however, that the carrying trade has been supposed peculiarly advantageous to such a country as Great Britain, of which the defence and security depend upon the number of its sailors and shipping

    31. But the same capital may employ as many sailors and shipping, either in the foreign trade of consumption, or even in the home trade, when carried on by coasting vessels, as it could in the carrying trade

    32. The number of sailors and shipping which any particular capital can employ, does not depend upon the nature of the trade, but partly upon the bulk of the goods, in proportion to their value, and partly upon the distance of the ports between which they are to be carried; chiefly upon the former of those two circumstances

    33. The coal trade from Newcastle to London, for example, employs more shipping than all the carrying trade of England, though the ports are at no great distance

    34. To force, therefore, by extraordinary encouragements, a larger share of the capital of any country into the carrying trade, than what would naturally go to it, will not always necessarily increase the shipping of that country

    35. The great armies which marched from all parts to the conquest of the Holy Land, gave extraordinary encouragement to the shipping of Venice, Genoa, and Pisa, sometimes in transporting them thither, and always in supplying them with provisions

    36. But if there were an effectual demand for grain to the same value, to import it would require, at five guineas a-ton, a million of tons of shipping, or a thousand ships of a thousand tons each

    37. To increase the shipping and naval power of Great Britain by the extension of the fisheries of our colonies, is an object which the legizslature seems to have had almost constantly in view

    38. list of goods and shipping instructions; waybill

    39. list of goods and shipping instructions; bill of lading - air waybill n

    40. By the same law, a duty of eighteen pence the pound was imposed upon the exportation of beaver wool or woumbs, without making any alteration in the duty upon the importation of that commodity, which, when imported by British, and in British shipping, amounted at that time to between fourpence and fivepence the piece

    41. Heavy duties, accordingly, have been imposed upon their exportation, amounting at present (1783) to more than five shillings the ton, or more than fifteen shillings the chaldron, Newcastle measure ; which is, in most cases, more than the original value of the commodity at the coal-pit, or even at the shipping port for exportation

    42. We waited while the doctor examined him then he told us that Eli was an urgent serious case and would be transferred to a hospital ship for shipping back to Egypt

    43. had no capability to build warships on their own as the North had sufficient control of all the ports and shipping lanes in the

    44. Bulloch had many friends in the northern shipping

    45. Mallory, ordered Bulloch to go abroad to secure ships and military supplies and to build a Confederate navy that could prey on Union shipping

    46. shipping the supplies to the Confederacy, Bulloch secretly

    47. It was called Aspinwall in honor of one of the original backers of the railroad project and influential shipping business leader

    48. was in conjunction with another shipping line to carry mail from the eastern side of Panama to the eastern United States

    49. “gold rush” had caused an enormous increase in shipping

    50. United States shipping wherever found

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