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Transportation en una oración (en ingles)

  1. We use them for transportation.
  2. And transportation over the Earth.
  3. I am merely the transportation.
  4. I can't use public transportation.
  5. The transportation was new and shiny.

  6. La Paz is a major transportation center.
  7. Investing in transportation and shipping.
  8. Rethink Alternate Means of Transportation.
  9. He waited for transportation to the city.
  10. Frugal Clothing and Transportation Hints.
  11. Cars aren’t the only transportation.
  12. Transportation is or is not paid as stated.
  13. They had river transportation and dug canals.
  14. For example, its transportation ratio was 47.
  15. Save $$$ by eliminating transportation costs!.

  17. Discovery is not the result of transportation.
  18. As chairman of the Institute of Transportation.
  19. She knew of this transportation system of Earth.
  20. With modern methods of transportation and com-.
  21. These, as well as the transportation vehicles.
  22. They would have to take different transportation.
  23. The time lapses; the instant transportation from.
  24. Bev said, This is a fun mode of transportation.
  25. We traded goods for transportation on this ship.

  26. She rarely had to set foot on public transportation.
  27. The transportation of a single heavy gun was often.
  28. The bankruptcy of the Penn Central Transportation Co.
  29. Citizens are encouraged to use public transportation.
  30. It helps to increase the blood in transportation of.
  31. Transportation to Van Diemen’s Land ceased in 1853.
  32. Department that regulates the transportation industry.
  33. You may even get creative with transportation at times.
  34. I had a motorcycle as my primary means of transportation.
  35. Arranging transportation through the city was impossible.
  36. Locomotion and transportation will not give you salvation.
  37. Ray got on the phone and called transportation to have a.
  38. Come, come, I have transportation to a restaurant waiting.
  39. Stone went downstairs and inquired about transportation.
  40. There were no secrets in the OWG Transportation Department.
  41. Getting from here to there: Natural gas and transportation.
  42. We can’t rely on cars or the trucks for transportation.
  43. Then there’s the issue of transportation for all of that.
  44. Al-Niyah would handle the security, and the transportation.
  45. He excelled in math and in transportation cost calculations.
  46. He was so used to transportation by now that he thanked his.
  47. They had their own planes and other modes of transportation.
  48. With transportation so limited it was kind of so many to come.
  49. One of the soldiers pointed to their beautiful transportation.
  50. Families did not see the need for such personal transportation.
  51. What you want is transportation, ain’t it? No baloney for you.
  52. Arranging transportation through the city was impossible.
  53. In Hekapolis, we have several forms of public transportation.
  54. There's not many modes of transportation where you can spend so.
  55. You have things we require such as transportation and machinery.
  56. Energy consumption in the transportation sector has risen from 1.
  57. He had no transportation, and hardly any cash left in his wallet.
  58. The feds built our interstate highway and transportation systems.
  59. Alistair guided Tom to the Public Transportation building at the.
  60. In fact, McDuff set on the theme of global transportation in 2006.
  61. In cases of animal transportation and shipments without required.
  62. If they ran, how would they travel? All transportation was tracked.
  63. The memo is titled interstate transportation of obscene matter.
  64. Hesitantly I asked, Do you have transportation out of here?
  65. He’d gotten his own healthcare, food, clothing, and transportation.
  66. Transportation for us would be provided to the airport from ‘The.
  67. The industrial sector was followed by the transportation sector (26.
  68. Both Hamilton and Pate were sentenced to seven years' transportation.
  69. The Department of Transportation workers finished repairing the fence.
  70. Transportation of Explosives only by the licensed Explosive Van from.
  71. Don’t worry about transportation: I will send buses to your orphanage.
  72. Some cities have adequate mass transportation systems, but many don’t.
  73. Lithium Ion batteries had been perfected and powered all transportation.
  74. Inter city transportation was conducted on trains and the new airliners.
  75. The US Army activated my reserve unit, the 737th Transportation Company.
  76. Johanna is arranging transportation for those who want to leave the city.
  77. Buses are inspected and refueled in Department of Transportation garages.
  78. I’d guess that transportation was their biggest problem, he said.
  79. Jack and Jill into the secure environs of the vehicle’s transportation.
  80. There are still left 750 roubles for school appliances and transportation.
  81. Admiral, will you provide transportation for the other councils? Mrs.
  82. Everyone travelled on the buses, there was no other form of transportation.
  83. Your brother Zevin and Ellanara have discovered a transportation device.
  84. So far, we’ve only spent a little money on these rooms and transportation.
  85. A bus provided transportation to the PX and movies in Kummersfeld on weekends.
  86. Your transportation has been arranged and we will meet back here in six weeks.
  87. And we strategize ahead of time about how to keep our transportation costs down.
  88. If you release the Memphis, I would be willing to offer you transportation to.
  89. Most Muscovites used public transportation, as it was too expensive to own a car.
  90. With no transportation and time running out, Kay and Harry make the trip via raft.
  91. Electric vehicles make sense on the golf course but not as a transportation vehicle.
  92. Accustoming himself to bus transportation following the second DUI was much easier;.
  93. It is the center of a transportation hub, and several local products are exported.
  94. They have this advanced technology when it comes to transportation and space travel.
  95. Either that, or they’re switching transportation, Carroll had another thought.
  96. As mentioned earlier, railroads are more efficient than other transportation methods.
  97. I didn’t understand his apparent pain at the thought of transportation out of here.
  98. From the campsite, there is public bus transportation into the city seven days a week.
  99. Food, clothing, rent and transportation would be covered by vouchers from this program.
  100. They had one they were selling for sixty dollars including transportation to the house.

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