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    1. Earning for our food, rushing to work by various modes of transport, waiting in queues, communication using modern means, social responsibilities, all have been added to the man who was originally created to deal with only nature

    2. Furthermore, consider the environmental pollution associated with their production, transport and consumer use

    3. "So you want me to transport stolen property?" He folded his massive arms in front of Tahlmute's face

    4. "We will bring the crate to a convenient pick-up point for your transport

    5. The looming thunder of artillery from the previous night had stopped but still the diesel-growl of moving men and transport played out in the background

    6. That is the only air transport available in this civilization

    7. What’s even more interesting is that the rather jumpy young man we just met is brother to the woman in charge of organising transport for the Guild

    8. At ten thirty, the official coffee break in his office, he telephoned Kara to say that he’d pulled it off and that it would be safe for her to arrange transport for Thursday or Friday

    9. He’d pass their details to Lorenze and between her and Bazilda they’d concoct the papers and arrange transport

    10. If we need any other means of transport, we shall have to obtain it when we are there

    11. ‘Drens said he will organise some transport for us – he’s coming with us to the kahtstation

    12. She hated public transport now that the buggers in the government, lead by that cigar chomping public school twat, had introduced all these smoking bans

    13. Clothes, of course, were something that Cyberia did know about and despite the unearthly hour of her rising and the wonky wheels on the shopping trolley that she had to use to transport her uncharitable apparel down to the local football club’s car park, she made a good fist of the first hour

    14. A transport truck was coming my way

    15. ‘And you’ve got good communications and transport systems

    16. ‘We need transport to Chester

    17. Clearly the wasteg is the preferred mode of transport for those who live near it - having experienced the trackways, I can understand why

    18. Okay, so transport systems here are a lot more primitive than on Earth but it has to be said that the so-called progressive move to internal combustion engines is a double-edged sword

    19. Have you got transport sorted out yet?’

    20. I questioned Emanuele about the public transport facilities because I don’t want you to be isolated, and it seems that here the Italians have got us beaten – there is a cheap and frequent local bus service from the main road at the top of the lane and there are also the long distance buses which run along there as well

    21. It’s proving to be a very difficult problem, not least because anything bulky would be difficult to transport to Italy

    22. Shelley then starts asking about the public transport … she hasn’t got a car and decides that it just would not be feasible to live out here and have to rely on two lots of buses to get her to the university over the other side of the town

    23. She loved the cottage but would be dependent on public transport; she couldn’t hack the thought of two buses just to get to uni and it would be terribly difficult if she wanted to get involved in any social life

    24. She hated public transport now that the buggers in the

    25. on the shopping trolley that she had to use to transport her

    26. This was a transport with which they were entirely

    27. considerable service in the Army, and more recently used to transport

    28. who almost never walked but preferred to transport themselves on

    29. the arch appeared to be a blank masonry wall but, when the transport

    30. than awaiting the official transport, which always seemed to entail

    31. transport and hurtled along the causeway towards the bridge

    32. ‘Kev wouldn’t have taken the car, would he?’ Chrissie whispered, ‘Surely he wouldn’t have left us here without any transport, would he?’

    33. contained a goods portal, used to transport the cut timber to other

    34. He recognized a fellow passenger from their own train, here and there busily seeking assistance with transport from the station, or being greeted by friends and relatives

    35. Could a single kiss transport you from one level to the

    36. Heather wondered if Roman’s was more than that—did his line magically transport

    37. They had been damaged during transport

    38. Donkeys were the main form of transport here once

    39. They were digging so deep and so distant, that the cost to transport their goods basically tripled its value; thus allowing Rafe to sell his silver at an obscene price

    40. Such a difference of prices, which, it seems, is not always sufficient to transport a man from one parish to another, would necessarily occasion so great a transportation of the most bulky commodities, not only from one parish to another, but from one end of the kingdom, almost from one end of the world to the other, as would soon reduce them more nearly to a level

    41. The genie would transport the bed to Aladdin and put the groom out in the cold

    42. Now, Drau'd took advantage of the open section to transport supplies and men between sides

    43. 'Building motorized transport with enormous exhausts, so I'm told by Sky', Beauty remarked as they flew by

    44. If the two countries are at a great distance, the difference may be very great; because, though the metals naturally fly from the worse to the better market, yet it may be difficult to transport them in such quantities as to bring their price nearly to a level in both

    45. If it hadn't tried too early and hadn't had been held up by all those retries in the transport protocol I wouldn't have had time

    46. Quit the negative side of existence and transport yourself to the brighter area of a universe that exists at exactly the same place and moment where you are

    47. on the map and learn the means of transport

    48. various locations, means of transport and other

    49. you cannot be sure of the means of transport,

    50. On the window of a transport agency

    1. I gather that he often uses the van from the garage when the drama group needs stuff transported

    2. he was transported to the

    3. He was ashamed wasn't he? He had never knowingly transported stolen goods before and he wasn't about to admit it

    4. "This cargo is valuable, if criminals learn that it is being transported, there is a very good chance that it might become stolen cargo, unless you can defend it from bandits?"

    5. For the last forty decades scientists agreed that life of humanoid evolution had been transported here from a planet at a star called YingolNeerie and Estwig had never heard otherwise

    6. He is to be transported

    7. ‘Even now when I smell the scent of wood shavings I’m transported back there … funny how evocative scents can be

    8. I was transported back to the moment when Robinson Crusoe sees that footprint in the sand

    9. There was quite a big herd of karga brought in that day and he had to arrange extra haulage, a Nightday trip for more brining jars and a celebration to be had in the native tradition at the end of the next week when the last of the jars was finally transported off

    10. They are usually sited by wasteg – partly because of the water supply and partly because it enables the produce to be transported quickly and easily to the major towns which is where the food is most needed

    11. "I was worried that she transported Alan to meet the intruder

    12. "Sir, I think the possibility exists that this agent that arrived by Thom's condensate transported Alan to the distant site in his universe," Glayet said

    13. "Then he should have transported himself back before he was caught," Heymon said

    14. They managed to cram a tremendous amount of stuff in - though the second set of bookshelves defeats them, and has to be left with the other furniture to be transported by the hauliers

    15. She would have seen rats in real life, so this was still a simulation, she had not been transported in time to reality itself in whatever era of Earth’s history this was meant to represent

    16. In every particular it was as if this was still the Bronze Age, and she might as well allow herself to imagine she had been transported back in time to the real Minoan civilization, but she knew little enough about it that she could very well be fooled

    17. “It was almost as if you had been suddenly transported into a

    18. transported by cars or motorbikes

    19. I examined her and inspected her tube’s as soon as she was transported to our section

    20. On this occasion, the entire intake had been transported in trucks

    21. He was instantly transported back in time to his school days

    22. Roman sat on the couch, transported through paper and ink to

    23. it was as if I’d suddenly been transported back twenty

    24. When Kaitlyn stepped into the foyer she was transported through time and her heart nearly leapt from her chest through her throat and out for all the world to see

    25. They are suddenly transported to a lower astral plane

    26. When there was no answer Desa was transported a few minutes back in time

    27. Heather was transported back to the night of the

    28. large number of cameras being transported, had to store

    29. After all that has been said of the levity and inconstancy of human nature, it appears evidently from experience, that man is, of all sorts of luggage, the most difficult to be transported

    30. Aladdin then went to his chamber, where, at midnight the genie transported the bed containing the vizir’s son and the princess

    31. In the morning the genie got the shivering bridegroom, laid him in his place, and transported the bed back to the palace

    32. The materials of lodging cannot always be transported to so great a distance as those of clothing, and do not so readily become an object of foreign commerce

    33. He continued watching her in horror, transported back to that day at Lock Core when his every childish nightmare had become a reality

    34. He had not noticed a great number of trees in the area they were heading to so even the stockades had to be prefabricated ready to be transported through the gate

    35. large amount of goods that were also transported

    36. "You would of course maintain that humans were transported to this world at some remote date in the past," Myanfyinga said, "Did you come from the world where humans evolved?"

    37. The nature of the commodity renders it not quite so proper for being transported to distant markets as wool

    38. the wharf and had it transported to Saint Sebastien – he

    39. sat back, withdrawing from the conference and was transported

    40. transported into the family's home via the flat screen as

    41. But no commodities regulate themselves more easily or more exactly, according to this effectual demand, than gold and silver ; because, on account of the small bulk and great value of those metals, no commodities can be more easily transported from one place to another ; from the places where they are cheap, to those where they are dear ; from the places where they exceed, to those where they fall short of this effectual demand

    42. The commodities most proper for being transported to distatnt countries, in order to purchase there either the pay and provisions of an army, or some part of the money of the mercantile republic to be employed in purchasing them, seem to be the finer and more improved manufactures; such as contain a great value in a small bulk, and can therefore be exported to a great distance at little expense

    43. Zarko, on the other hand, was to bathe and dress at the house and would then be transported in the royal carriage to the palace where their friends and family would be waiting for them

    44. As they are the universal instruments of commerce, they are more readily received in return for all commodities than any other goods ; and, on account of their small bulk and great value, it costs less to transport them backward and forward from one place to another than almost any other sort of merchandize, and they lose less of their value by being so transported

    45. Inside, Jodie would be transported back to the library

    46. I've transported him to Earth's far future

    47. goods or products that are being transported or shipped

    48. property, merchandise or any goods in the process of being transported

    49. transported you to some unknown place on Earth, in the

    50. If the person convicted of this offence is not able to pay the penalties within three months after judgment, he is to be transported for seven years; and if he returns before the expiration of that term, he is liable to the pains of felony, without benefit of clergy

    1. "It's Brazilian and I'm transporting it for a Brazilian, indirectly

    2. Why would they go to the bother of transporting me out here? Why would they keep me alive with food and water? I was worth something to them

    3. They were transporting me somewhere other than my destination and using mind powers to make me ignorant

    4. ” He’d told about transporting the coma victims from the starship, but he never talked about the aluminums to a stranger

    5. In the price of flour or meal, we must add to the price of the corn, the profits of the miller, and the wages of his servants ; in the price of bread, the profits of the baker, and the wages of his servants; and in the price of both, the labour of transporting the corn from the house of the farmer to that of the miller, and from that of the miller to that of the baker, together with the profits of those who advance the wages of that labour

    6. A considerable quantity, too, must be annually lost in transporting those metals from one place to another both by sea and by land

    7. If the manufactures, especially, of which those commodities are the materials, should ever come to flourish in the country, the market, though it might not be much enlarged, would at least be brought much nearer to the place of growth than before ; and the price of those materials might at least be increased by what had usually been the expense of transporting them to distant countries

    8. A capital may be employed in four different ways; either, first, in procuring the rude produce annually required for the use and consumption of the society ; or, secondly, in manufacturing and preparing that rude produce for immediate use and consumption; or, thirdly in transporting either the rude or manufactured produce from the places where they abound to those where they are wanted ; or, lastly, in dividing particular portions of either into such small parcels as suit the occasional demands of those who want them

    9. Unless a capital was employed in transporting either the rude or manufactured produce from the places where it abounds to those where it is wanted, no more of either could be produced than was necessary for the consumption of the neighbourhood

    10. The great armies which marched from all parts to the conquest of the Holy Land, gave extraordinary encouragement to the shipping of Venice, Genoa, and Pisa, sometimes in transporting them thither, and always in supplying them with provisions

    11. Bank money, over and above both its in trinsic superiority to currency, and the additional value which this demand necessarily gives it, has likewise some other advantages, It is secure from fire, robbery, and other accidents; the city of Amsterdam is bound for it; it can be paid away by a simple transfer, without the trouble of counting, or the risk of transporting it from one place to another

    12. These causes seem to be, the general liberty of trade, which, notwithstanding some restraints, is at least equal, perhaps superior, to what it is in any other country ; the liberty of exporting, duty free, almost all sorts of goods which are the produce of domestic industry, to almost any foreign country; and what, perhaps, is of still greater importance, the unbounded liberty of transporting them from one part of our own country to any other, without being obliged to give any account to any public office, without being liable to question or examination of any kind; but, above all, that equal and impartial administration of justice, which renders the rights of the meanest British subject respectable to the greatest, and which, by securing to every man the fruits of his own industry, gives the greatest and most effectual encouragement to every sort of industry

    13. The expense of transporting all heavy goods from one part of the country to another, would soon be so much increased, the market for all such goods, consequently, would soon be so much narrowed, that their production would be in a great measure discouraged, and the most important branches of the domestic industry of the country annihilated altogether

    14. It occasions a general and most pernicious subversion of the fortunes of private people; enriching, in most cases, the idle and profuse debtor, at the expense of the industrious and frugal creditor ; and transporting a great part of the national capital from the hands which were likely to increase and improve it, to those who are likely to dissipate and destroy it

    15. We left them behind as the train picked up speed transporting us back to the horror of the trenches and the war

    16. (Road Rage) If I may indulge a science fiction fantasy for a moment, I envision a day in the foreseeable future when an elaborate, computerized transportation network transporting travelers in ―PODS‖ atop elevated guideways will become a reality

    17. Very few vehicles were seen, but there were many horses pulling wagons, cyclists and tricycles transporting crates full of vegetables

    18. The road conditions were terrible and overcrowded, as military vehicles were transporting troops and goods to the Russian border

    19. "But think o' the expense o' transporting 'em in a lorry," Uncle Hobart protested

    20. Until such a time Science invents a time machine capable of transporting vast populations to the Wellsian corners of time and space, our Justices would be well-advised to correctly consider the direction our society has taken and the incomparable nature of crime in today‘s environment marked by an unprecedented increase in youthful offenders whose

    21. Huge profits, sufficient to fill the financial gaps left by Congress, can be earned for the cause by transporting cocaine

    22. To be found transporting many times that could lead to serious laundering charges, tax evasion and possible exposure of its source

    23. Particularly with one of their men arrested and the cops undoubtedly watching anyone even remotely associated, safer methods of transporting both the cocaine and the cash had to be found

    24. She left it to Sal to come up with a new and safer method for transporting the cash to Costa Rica, and the other problems, legal and domestic, regarding the mule and his family

    25. All he needed do was apologize for losing his temper and sound natural when he spoke about collecting and transporting the cocaine the following day

    26. Colling asked Gambelli to inform Sergeant Ferguson that sick call was over, and he was transporting a sick man to the regimental aid station

    27. Colling stopped by the orderly room to inform Sergeant Prinzman that he would be transporting the sergeant with the broken wrist to Kummersfeld, and that if the man were discharged, he would be bringing him back after a cast had been placed on his arm

    28. Ask for a cheaper hearse, it needs not be a 50 foot limousine! You even have the option of transporting the body to the cemetery yourself if you so choose

    29. because it helps in transporting cells which travel from the testicles

    30. I asked why and they said that the weather was treacherous and far too dangerous for transporting men and horses

    31. He thinks that maybe landing on the sun is some kind of transporting method

    32. Bellona pauses for a few seconds, and then continues, ‘Yes, we do have that same Andromedian body transporting problem in one other nearby galaxy

    33. When our ship you were in, made it from our center galaxy black hole and began transporting star to star, a colony of Darclonians only 550 light-years from the center of the galaxy was able to detect the ship

    34. We don’t travel through them because they are unstable for transporting in galaxies

    35. Those played an important part in the country’s development transporting coffee and other products to market and to the coastal ports on the Caribbean and the Pacific

    36. ” She says as he begins transporting the endless supply of gifts to his truck

    37. We’ve gone through hell and high water transporting these war machines to this place

    38. through hell and high water transporting these war machines to this place

    39. Tesar was very fond of WWII era airplanes and would have them replicated in every detail at the Station before transporting them into our dimension, where he joyfully and skillfully flew them

    40. So she was sent here -- locked in a cage suitable for transporting a wild animal -- with a short note from Bishop Higbold ordering me to "teach her how to become a proper Nun

    41. ” There are two conduits or tubes that are transporting the golden oil from the clusters to the menorah

    42. The conservation interest groups advocated restricting the single-hulled liquid chemical barges from transporting cargo on the Upper Mississippi

    43. Hill also helped start Japan’s railroad boom around 1900 by transporting Pittsburgh rails for $1

    44. "What I want to know, Mister Hughes, is why someone would be transporting isotome in the first place

    45. surface reveal that the Sun indeed has a much easier time transporting heat from

    46. Who else would take a job at a hotel transporting the massive potted palms on the

    47. Used to transporting drunks and minor crims they used the same tactics on Mark who appeared to be docile

    48. transporting the stuff to somewhere as mysterious as Oz

    49. His professional work was interrupted by time in jail and volunteer work transporting injured during Boer war and Zulu rebellion

    50. It supports local farmers, people get fresh fruits and vegetables to eat and save expense of transporting food from far away places

    1. To the sweet transports of genial bed

    2. “It must’ve been in the river and gotten caught up in the irrigation mechanism that transports water to the top of the Hanging Gardens

    3. Hundreds of torches were lit, while the crowd of nobles, courtiers, captains, citizens, and slaves, went mad with transports of joy, excitement, and rum

    4. Once in the Protectorate proper we were accorded a warm reception, for the villages had just heard of Prempeh's capture, and as we passed through, the women danced and shouted, clapping their hands in transports of joy at the Ashanti king's overthrow, and various offerings of palm wine, fou-fou and plantains were always ready

    5. is history; this was war and it emanated from the commanding general that “All who were not on board the transports by daybreak would be left behind

    6. Troops at the extreme end of the pier were afterwards assigned to transports moored at the shore end, and vice versa

    7. The leading transports were headed off far down the bay at this time, and only recalled after a long chase by the “Helena”

    8. Garcia brought 2000 insurgents, his Negro regiments of Cambote and Barracoa, from Assedero, in government transports

    9. At the base hospital there, with the navy and fleet of transports in the offing, there was a lack of everything, and men were virtually dying for the want of nourishing food

    10. During the Ashanti and Benin campaigns half-civilised Houssa soldiers in the British service found ice in the hospitals of the West African jungle; but in Cuba, an island adjacent to their own shores, the American army moved without an ice machine or arrangements for manufacture of ice on any of the forty transports

    11. Despite the exodus of invalids, shipped North on dirty transports supplied with hardtack, canned meat, and foul water, to become an object lesson to the American people of the effect of Cuban climate and official negligence, 4122 soldiers were on the sick list in Cuba on July 24th

    12. The army that had landed but seven weeks before, in the flush of health and strength, crawled back to the transports in regiments of gaunt spectres, to return to the country whose readiness and anxiety to do everything possible for its defenders had been negated by the unfortunate officialdom and chaos in Washington

    13. the route to Moscow destroying the food transports on the way to the city

    14. And after that my grandfather Enoch gave me the teaching of all the secrets in the book in the Parables which had been given to him, and he put them together for me in the words of the book of the Parables; And on that day Michael answered Raphael and said: 'The power of the spirit transports and makes me to tremble because of the severity of the judgement of the secrets, the judgement of the angels; who can endure the severe judgement which has been executed and before which they melt away?' And Michael answered again, and said to Raphael: 'Who is he whose heart is not softened concerning it, and whose reins are not troubled by this word of judgement that has gone out on them because of those who have so led them out?' And it came to pass when he stood before the Lord of Spirits, Michael said so to Raphael: 'I will not take their part under the eye of the Lord, for the Lord of Spirits has been angry with them because they do as if they were the Lord

    15. into troop transports that would carry embarked Marines and SEALs,

    16. And after that my grandfather Enoch gave me the teaching of all the secrets in the book in the Parables which had been given to him and he put them together for me in the words of the book of the Parables; And on that day Michael answered Raphael and said: 'The power of the spirit transports and makes me to tremble because of the severity of the judgement of the secrets the judgement of the angels; who can endure the severe judgement which has been executed and before which they melt away?' And Michael answered again and said to Raphael: 'Who is he whose heart is not softened concerning it and whose reins are not troubled by this word of judgement that has gone out on them because of those who have so led them out?' And it came to pass when he stood before the Lord of Spirits Michael said so to Raphael: 'I will not take their part under the eye of the Lord for the Lord of Spirits has been angry with them because they do as if they were the Lord

    17. Their Shields then fail, and Sir Silaran transports that trio elsewhere as well

    18. And the USAF is building up to twenty wings and 50-some squadrons of fighters and recce and transports here

    19. He could have, should have, stayed flying transports in MAC

    20. Not only control, but own all the air below that altitude to include close air support, transports for aerial resupply--be it by landing or by parachute, and reconnaissance

    21. The Caribou brouhaha had come to a head earlier when the Army was forced to request USAF tactical airlift support in the form of C-123 and C-130 transports when their Caribous couldn't resupply the airmobile troops in the Ia Drang valley fast enough to sustain their drive

    22. Unfortunately, the Alliance does not have enough transports or enough homes for everyone

    23. Helios transports and people surrounded his house

    24. And for what? So he could blow up some alien transports out of irrational hate? What a stupid, stupid waste!"

    25. Sydney has a pipe that transports sewage way out

    26. The troop transports were armed with relatively light firepower, designed mostly for defense against smaller ships such as fighters

    27. Xin and the Odyssey re-materialized side-by-side at the back of the column of ships, and just behind one of the troop transports that had been bringing up the rear of the fleet

    28. that would have been largely arms, ammunition, and wheeled transports of all

    29. The third group, unattended by armed spacecraft, included thirty troop transports with two Class Ten cargo ships

    30. Greg doubted that these transports were themselves unarmed, but he was surprised that there was no escort for them

    31. Wreckage of troop transports littered the space around the planet

    32. low hill and watched the Swordsman Marine transports parachute into the ocean

    33. He knew that the Marines would have to drop their cargo containers and troop transports into the water, and he depended on the home-sharks to reduce the force that got to the land

    34. assault began, he waited as he’d been instructed until the Marines had disembarked from the transports and were well within range before opening fire

    35. Once the Marines had inspected the transports for weapons, the captives were allowed to return to retrieve personal effects, bedding and clothes

    36. P A F ships attacked the landing sites even as the transports were unloading

    37. Behind them were four mammoth transports

    38. They have two old battleships, four cruisers, six destroyers, two carrier ships and an unknown number of troop transports

    39. She has requested that your pilots and flight crews be on the flight line when the transports land for immediate transfer to their ships

    40. Two of the troop transports collided seconds after dropping out of hyperspace

    41. Careful to focus their attacks on the enemy propulsion systems as they had been trained, they quickly eliminated two of the destroyers attempting to take position to protect the troop transports

    42. Troop transports rolled out the opening to the road beyond

    43. A value of 2 transports us to the procedure for entering a change to the first name and we won’t leave it unless we have entered valid characters

    44. # Self-Service Mover: A mover that transports a customer’s goods after they have been packed and loaded onto the moving vehicle or a moving container

    45. LIMO transports and tents, the figure of Jo rose into the

    46. At nine thirty the transports were waiting for them, piloted

    47. pleasantries with the director another two transports arrived

    48. I hope that’s not what I think it transports

    49. The field personnel seemed busy refueling and servicing the C-87s that had arrived from the Philippines, while another group of transports were being loaded up at what Ingrid considered a lazy pace

    50. Another victory, in a sense, was the fact that the air bridge with Darwin was still operating, with 32 heavy transports having landed just before Sunset, loaded with over 120 tons of munitions and vital spare parts, including 36 precious torpedoes for his submarines, which had done such a stellar job today

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