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Sift en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Sift together the dry ingredients.
  2. Sift the flour and salt into a bowl.
  3. Doug felt the breath sift over his lips.
  4. Sift together the remaining ingredients.
  5. If he could sift through her thoughts….

  6. I used the shovel to sift through the ashes.
  7. Sift the flour and salt together into a bowl.
  8. Sift the sugar with the baking powder and salt.
  9. That's why I want to sift the matter to the bottom.
  10. Sift away the cocoa beans and add 1 percent gelatin.
  11. Sift through a sieve with a double layer of filter cloth.
  12. Let us sift it, and examine it, and see what it contains.
  13. Sift the truth from the lies and your eyes will be opened.
  14. It would take him a long time to sift his way through them.
  15. Sift through our memories and you can verify it for yourself.

  16. Sift together the cocoa and confectioners sugar and set aside.
  17. Mori tipped his head and Thaniel saw him sift through memories.
  18. Sift confectioners' sugar over potato mixture a cup at a time.
  19. Together they seemed to sift the vital fact from an experience.
  20. Sift the rest of the dry ingredients together and add to the mixture.
  21. Save the first rinsing water and sift it into a clean glass container.
  22. I can sift through your brain, and pick out information that you know.
  23. Few of the Fae can sift, and we’ve killed most of the ones that can.
  24. Phoebe, however, began to sift the state and pulses of my heart toward.
  25. Sift the flour and salt together, cut in the shortening and mix with hands.

  26. Gomes too got on his hands and knees and began to sift through the rubbish.
  27. Morosely he watched the mist of white air bubbles sift through the sea water.
  28. There isn’t much to sift through because the excavations began this morning.
  29. O let not Satan have us to sift us as wheat, or however let not our faith fail.
  30. Then the roar of the planes was gone and the smoke started to sift apart overhead.
  31. I had a lot more questions to ask but wanted to sift through the data a bit first.
  32. Sift the confectioners sugar over potato, stirring and adding about 1 cup at a time.
  33. Its wish to sift him as wheat, but I intercede for him, that his faith may not fail.
  34. This careful self-censoring is supposedly done to sift out flawed and mistaken theories.
  35. They shovel or scoop sand into their mouth and then sift the sand in their mouth and then.
  36. Sift through a fine sieve with a sifting cloth and store in an airtight container in the fridge.
  37. Pour into a can with a tight lid and leave it in a cool place for three to four weeks, then sift.
  38. She however decided to use that chance to go sift through the equipment bags left behind by the CIA agents.
  39. He had to make two more visits, and then he had to retire under the black cypress tree to sift his findings.
  40. Perhaps he wanted to believe him rather than listen objectively, then sift the probabilities from the fiction.
  41. But there were thousands of brittle cities and towns and villages and it would take a millennium to sift them all.
  42. Volkheimer sets two fingers on the photograph as though he could pluck out the notebook and sift through its pages.
  43. Spiders started building new webs in abandoned huts; dust started to sift in from unpatched roofs in golden spicules.
  44. It would be a hell of a lot of stuff to sift through but there just might be some incriminating evidence of their activities.
  45. Ideas sift from the bottom, floating to the surface, then spring into action, crawling onto land to evolve their arms and legs.
  46. I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall on the ground.
  47. I would hope that he might be encouraged to sift through that verbiage for those hidden gems to flesh out that positive support.
  48. Mother Church had no choice but to sweep every corner, sift every hint of heresy, if she was to purify the Republic of Siddarmark once again.
  49. He knew it made no sense to compare the dream world to the real, but his consciousness had already begun to sift across the threshold into the world beyond.
  50. Inquisitor General Wylbyr’s own reports make it clear his inquisitors haven’t had time to sift the guilty from the innocent, Zhaspahr! Duchairn protested.
  51. It would take his entire staff weeks to sift through everything in search of one name, and even as he tried to think of ways to do it, he could see it was hopeless.
  52. After Jim had gone, Monica began to sift through the details of the program in an honest effort to solve the design work connected with the system with which she was working.
  53. He walked away as though he were in a dream, and not until he was safely housed under bolt and bar in the sheriff’s lodge could he even try to sift the matter to a logical conclusion.
  54. Simon Simon note Satan has desired to have you so that he may sift you like wheat but I have prayed for you so that your faith does not fail and when you are converted strengthen your brothers.
  55. The common goose does not sift the water, but uses its beak exclusively for tearing or cutting herbage, for which purpose it is so well fitted that it can crop grass closer than almost any other animal.
  56. If I’d brought this information to you, especially before Father Allayn and I found the opportunity to sift the ‘evidence’ against Father Sairahs, it must have planted a seed of doubt in your mind.
  57. Measure three cups of graham flour into a large mixing-bowl; add one cup of bran, and sift on to these one cup and one-half of white flour, to which one and one-fourth a teaspoonful of salt has been added.
  58. Severus was pleased to at last have a trail to follow and used his sword to sift through the remains of a few of the campfires they had come across, So, this is where the Giants have been all these years.
  59. But the positive and negative elements have all been so mixed up together: that it would take thousands of books to sift through all of the thousands of different myths and separate what is fact and what is fiction.
  60. Mori rarely left it except to buy groceries, and since the grocer’s was at the top of the street, he was only ever gone for less than half the time it would have taken to sift through the workshop and his bedroom.
  61. He centred himself on the names of the stars: the mountain; the lone man; the lovers; then the horseman; the river; and the elm, feeling the memory of his mother sift through his deepest thoughts with the latter star.
  62. This Unseelie is one of the most complex and powerful the king ever created, capable of opening holes in space-time to travel, similar to the Seelie ability to sift but with catastrophic results for the matter it manipulates.
  63. I am not the prophet to be able to discern which peoples fit into which generations, but I know that God will sift all nations (generations/peoples) and separate them like a Shepherd separates the sheep from the goats (Matthew 25:32).
  64. Advice from newspapers, magazines, radio, television, newsletters and mail shots may be readily available, and some of it free, but investors still have to collect and sort it all, sift the material and test it to see if any of it is worth acting on.
  65. For a heartbeat before he spoke, he was going to sift the words only in his thoughts, knowing the cane could read him, but then he understood he was here not simply of his own volition, but on behalf of Lammas, and Gathandria, and all the countries beyond.
  66. She said herself that she loved her mother better;—perhaps she hates him, and doesn't love him at all! And what's all that nonsense about ‘hanging himself!’ What did she mean by that? As if he would hang himself, the fool! I must sift the matter—the whole matter.
  67. Second was the expansion of the fixed income markets and the proliferation of innumerable fixed income securities that created opportunities for value investing in the bond market for those willing to sift through vast numbers of similar instruments in search of anomalous pricing.
  68. Everything had to sift through the gargantuan train of Ministry processes, officials and hearings to disappear in its labyrinth offices, clerk pits and then back up again through the same path, in order to probably but not always most likely, make something useful and tangible in the end.
  69. It’s pretty safe to say that when you see broad measures of volatility taking a nosedive into expiration week, you won’t see much volatility on actual expiration week, which of course should give you some inkling that you should at least sift through your portfolio and find some pin candidates.
  70. Each one had some good ideas; none of them were intelligent enough to sift out all the bad ideas and put all the good ones together for a simple reason: all of them were poisoned by undead entities who were doing everything in their power to ruin everything these fanatical Jewish sects tried to create.
  71. And then you move to throw it in the garbage but you stop yourself because you realize if you put it in the trash you’re just creating more stuff to sift through to find your keys, and so you stand there with one hand in the garbage while you stare indecisively at the funnel cake, which has stumped you?
  72. Methods vary widely for homing in on such ideas—and limiting the time devoted to running down blind alleys—but the best investors combine an avid curiosity with a keen ability to sift through the avalanche of available information to focus on the core elements of a company's situation that signal potential opportunity.
  73. Was he trying to spare her the mental burden of tracking his own misplaced things? Was he practicing for his future without her? Was he just too embarrassed to ask for help from an Alzheimer’s patient? She sipped her tea, engrossed in a painting of an apple and a pear that had been on the wall for at least a decade, and listened to him sift through the mail and papers on the counter behind her.
  74. An ever-increasing material may be collected by observation, but the accumulated facts are of very different value for the explanation of nature, and as we esteem most highly those useful qualities of men which are of the rarest occurrence, so does natural philosophy sift the facts and attach a preeminent importance to that striking class which cannot be accounted for by the usual and daily observation of life.
  75. They are not meaningless; they are just so poisoned and twisted and corrupted by undead filth invading your dream, that unless you find out WHO: WHICH undead entities are poisoning your dream, and WHAT their agenda is, and WHY they are poisoning your dream, and what THEIR subconscious insane urges and addictions and fears and hatreds are: you will never be able to sift out the part of your dreams that come from you, and the parts that are poisoned by them.
  76. Four minutes later and thousands of miles away in the United States, the supervisor of a special team of signal analysts at the National Security Agency got a short warning on his computer that prompted him to type a pre-selected command in his system, directing the electronic ears and powerful analytical computers at his command to listen and sift through the radio traffic presently going through the communications satellite covering the area of Spain and of the Western Mediterranean.
  77. And so he went on naming a number of knights of one squadron or the other out of his imagination, and to all he assigned off-hand their arms, colours, devices, and mottoes, carried away by the illusions of his unheard-of craze; and without a pause, he continued, People of divers nations compose this squadron in front; here are those that drink of the sweet waters of the famous Xanthus, those that scour the woody Massilian plains, those that sift the pure fine gold of Arabia Felix, those that enjoy the famed cool banks of the crystal Thermodon, those that in many and various ways divert the streams of the golden Pactolus, the.
  1. SIFTING: Fae method of travel.
  2. Sifting through all of those.
  3. When her quick, half-hearted sifting of.
  4. He is sifting the hearts of those nations.
  5. The sifting process they named examinations.
  6. Nothing but fog sifting across the empty boulevard.
  7. Spend hours sifting through resumes or job applications.
  8. The other animals got busy again, too, sifting the wreckage.
  9. His hands dropped in front of him and he began sifting the loose.
  10. In addition to me, who are the other two sifting in? Jada says.
  11. She paused, sifting her hands nervously through the brown beach sand.
  12. But suddenly, you hear a rattling noise sifting through the arid air.
  13. I’d wondered how she was preventing an Unseelie Prince from sifting.
  14. Hang a sifting cloth over the stove so that the cheese stays lukewarm.
  15. Israel is sifted through all nations, but God is not only sifting Israel.
  16. Bolt stands at the front of a line of customers, sifting through some photos.
  17. But the answer was there, sifting down the midway in the whorling wind devils.
  18. I have a lot of data that I am sifting through, and I hope he can confirm some.
  19. MacArthur, who had been sifting through the file while listening, then intervened.
  20. The old man nodded his head and continued to do so while sifting through his binder.
  21. The only answer was the dust sifting down and around the spiral stairwell from above.
  22. The only answer was the dust sifting down and around the spiral stair well from above.
  23. You will remove the ward that prohibits our sifting, or you will take away her spear.
  24. After marking the quadrants, we started removing and sifting the first layers of topsoil.
  25. Sifting through the linen was next, but no, there was nothing he could use there either.
  26. He said: I recognize that this sifting of the kingdom distresses you, but it is unavoidable.
  27. Brown leaves fluttered slowly down from the bare branches, sifting upon his mailed shoulders.
  28. Mark had spent the entire afternoon sifting through all the information he’d gleaned in the.
  29. Sift through a fine sieve with a sifting cloth and store in an airtight container in the fridge.
  30. The only problem will be sifting through such a vast quantity of knowledge to pick out the most.
  31. It was a time of quiet departures, of the sifting away of all that was not staunch against winter.
  32. We’re still sifting the dirt in the yard, but we’re done with the main house, he told me.
  33. GRAY MAN: Tall, monstrous, leprous, capable of sifting, he feeds by stealing beauty from human women.
  34. In all recipes where flour is used, unless otherwise stated, the flour is measured after sifting once.
  35. After sifting through its contents, he finally came up holding what looked like a shoe box in his hand.
  36. They vaguely discerned and dimly foresaw the approaching times of spiritual sifting and cruel adversity.
  37. Afters hours of sifting through the rubble, it was Wilx who finally found an uninjured sample of Jupiter.
  38. They knew your name, but not mine? Murdam asked as he started sifting through the pallets and debris.
  39. He began sifting around tarps and trying to find planks far apart enough that he could fit in between them.
  40. As I’m sifting through the hot pictures in my mind, she walks over to the elevator and presses the button.
  41. The notes I have here made will want sifting, and you can, if you please, extract them under my direction.
  42. One day you could be on top of the world, and the next you could be sifting through trash in some back alley.
  43. There was an awkward silence in the office while Nancy sat at her desk and started sifting through her paperwork.
  44. No, that wasn’t quite right, he thought, sifting through the wind’s strange language, seeking understanding.
  45. He was sifting the data in various ways, trying to reconcile it with observed course corrections in the impactors.
  46. Cupid unzipped the bag and began sifting through the contents while Sebastian turned to collect ammunition from his dresser.
  47. You just told me she can turn us Pri-ya, and our wards don’t prevent her from sifting while within the walls of my club.
  48. Sifting through the legal jargon, code numbers, case histories and local laws was tedious but at least it made sense to him.
  49. A soldier busied himself by sifting through the truck’s glove compartment while two others hovered around the open tailgate.
  50. Then Jada materializes between the Hag and Ryodan with the abruptness of a Fae sifting in and I realize that was never his plan.
  51. R’jan has provided them with three sifting Seelie to help them search in exchange for protection against his various enemies.
  52. Jamie watched as Banda got down on his hands and knees and began slowly crawling along the beach, his fingers sifting sand as he moved.
  53. They found the page sifting a little barley for his horse, and Sanchica cutting a rasher of bacon to be paved with eggs for his dinner.
  54. And all these robots, concluded Groomfleg, are perpetually sifting through the tapes, always perfecting the translation machine.
  55. CRUCE: (Unseelie, but has masqueraded for over half a million years as the Seelie Prince V’Lane) Powerful, sifting, lethally sexual Fae.
  56. After sifting through mountains of interview summaries, forensic reports, facts, opinions and gossip, his instincts screamed, No!.
  57. He was putting trays of dirt inside a machine, sifting through other trays, then picking out bones and other things Hank couldn’t identify.
  58. Barak Obama, raising his eyes from the documents he had been sifting through as quickly as he could, gave a harassed look at his two visitors.
  59. Later that day, he found himself standing in his bedroom with the stack of paper-clipped lottery tickets sifting uneasily through his right hand.
  60. She was sifting through a long rack of cocktail dresses, always thinking of her appearance, always defining her existence through her reflection.
  61. HALL OF ALL DAYS: The airport terminal of the Sifting Silvers where one can choose which mirror to enter to travel to other worlds and realms.
  62. That you have to become a professional historian: and study history for years… sifting to find out what is a true fact, and what is a cunning lie.
  63. After turning to her digital clock, he gazed at the pulsating dots that separated the numbers, like sand sifting through the holes of an hour glass.
  64. They walked in the silent morning with the great sky watching them and the strange blue and steam-white sands sifting about their feet on the new highway.
  65. He had finally isolated some changes in some pulse trains that corresponded to course corrections on the impactors, he was still sifting the data for more.
  66. Then the boy’s body stiffened; Simon could feel the terror sifting through the boy like wheat, pouring itself upward through his hands and into his heart.
  67. Salvin, in which the lamellae are considerably less developed than in the common duck; but I do not know whether they use their beaks for sifting the water.
  68. Nick, Jack, and a couple of their agents were busily sifting through what appeared to be photographs, wearing protective head and body gear, as they did so.
  69. First, though, there'd have to be an honest, eyes-full-open sifting of the material—a little bit good is as impossible a thing to be as a little bit pregnant.
  70. But it was clear enough to her that he would expect her to devote herself to sifting those mixed heaps of material, which were to be the doubtful illustration.
  71. Mmm, very strange to say the least, and I was wondering how the kids were doing, sifting through all those papers that Oma had left there before she went to Sydney.
  72. The Winds of Dawn had altered direction slightly for its sound was a modest howl instead of a constant shriek, and there was less snow sifting down from the overhang.
  73. If you use a financial adviser to help pick investments, there is obviously a charge for the research and for the expertise in sifting the results to provide the advice.
  74. Before Hill starts seriously sifting through the boards, he develops his macro themes, mostly culled from Web research and forum postings from other investors he respects.
  75. Federation intelligence agencies sifting through the press releases in search of clues derived as much information from determining who did not deny responsibility as who did.
  76. After he had prepared a place for his horse to rest, he asked the servants to bring him a quantity of fodder and a sieve for sifting out small stones, so he could feed his horse.
  77. In the family of the ducks, the lamellae are first used as teeth, then partly as teeth and partly as a sifting apparatus, and at last almost exclusively for this latter purpose.
  78. The people in the library paid only scant notice to her as she started sifting through the first book, one titled ‘History of humanity – From the antiquity to the present’.
  79. I have mentioned this lest anybody should mind what Sancho said about Dulcinea's winnowing or sifting; for, as they changed her to me, it is no wonder if they changed her to him.
  80. It was also said that the town had been ransacked for this "murderer" (the public are not slow in the matter of sifting evidence and arriving at a verdict), but that he could not be found.
  81. Mark was busy or at least pretending to be busying, sifting aimlessly through the piles of unimportant memos, invoices and delivery notes that had accumulated on his desk at the Velvet Sun Factory.
  82. Refraining from asking in what way it could help, she could sense her companion’s mind still sifting through the tale she had told, her grandmother’s injustice and Annyeke’s own long-held rage.
  83. One of the officers that had come in with Tsukahara then whispered something to him before sifting through a thick book and opening it to a specific page, then presenting the book to the vice admiral.
  84. Salvin), without any great break, as far as fitness for sifting is concerned, through the beak of the Merganetta armata, and in some respects through that of the Aix sponsa, to the beak of the common duck.
  85. That relief, caused by water laden clouds drifting in off the warm Indian Ocean, propelled by a gentle north easterly wind, was now sifting down gently and had the locals huddled over their drinks far earlier than usual.
  86. Mandy and Belle published notices of hiring for the 'Concessions,' and Sarah Bunker assisted them in sifting through the applications for the most likely candidates based upon her firsthand knowledge of her former students.
  87. Due to the location of a large Sifting Silver in the study on the first floor, the bookstore’s dimensions can shift from as few as four stories to as many as seven, and rooms on the upper levels often reposition themselves.
  88. The believers were beginning to hold public meetings once more, and there was occurring a gradual but effective consolidation of the tried and true survivors of the great sifting through which the gospel believers had just passed.
  89. Whichever side you walk in the woods the partridge bursts away on whirring wings, jarring the snow from the dry leaves and twigs on high, which comes sifting down in the sunbeams like golden dust, for this brave bird is not to be scared by winter.
  90. Mystified and unsure what it is she is supposed to do now that this revelation has been bestowed unto her, Mary continues to crouch there for the next several moments, sifting ash through her fingers and trying desperately to understand her purpose in the world.
  91. Where conjunction natives rely on immediate, knee-jerk responses – or immediate dismissal of ideas to oblivion (once they’ve decided something, their minds are made up forever); elongation natives rely on continual self-analysis, sifting and refining their thinking, over and over and over and over.
  92. Faith sat within her own darkness, eyes open seeing nothing, eyes closed imagining only what had been imaged to her, sifting flesh-only hands – a sensation not mediated by machine – through the ephemeral substancelessness of ego competitions and games of desire searching, feeling, calling for a Hope without hate and a Love without Xemption.
  93. In answer to the proposals contained in the letter, Grandet of Saumur demanded that all vouchers for claims against the estate of his brother should be deposited with a notary, together with aquittances for the forty-seven per cent already paid; he made this demand under pretence of sifting the accounts and finding out the exact condition of the estate.
  94. But how to obtain the beginning of such useful development? In answer, it may be asked, why should not the early progenitors of the whales with baleen have possessed a mouth constructed something like the lamellated beak of a duck? Ducks, like whales, subsist by sifting the mud and water; and the family has sometimes been called Criblatores, or sifters.
  95. But I cannot help entertaining a doubt, and having a certain grudge against Sancho Panza; the doubt is this, that the aforesaid history declares that the said Sancho Panza, when he carried a letter on your worship's behalf to the said lady Dulcinea, found her sifting a sack of wheat; and more by token it says it was red wheat; a thing which makes me doubt the loftiness of her lineage.
  96. We’ve heard, through the years, late in the night, the great boa constrictor, the terrible endless snake of concrete rushing upon us, nearly soundless, no men swearing or shouting or revving tractor and truck engines, but just a terrible oiled hiss, the sound of reptiles sidewinding the grass or sifting the sand, all by itself, no men guiding, no one riding its loops and folds, a destination to itself, mindless but drawn by body warmth, the heat of people.
  97. One is: inasmuch as worthy Sancho never saw Dulcinea, I mean the lady Dulcinea del Toboso, nor took Don Quixote's letter to her, for it was left in the memorandum book in the Sierra Morena, how did he dare to invent the answer and all that about finding her sifting wheat, the whole story being a deception and falsehood, and so much to the prejudice of the peerless Dulcinea's good name, a thing that is not at all becoming the character and fidelity of a good squire?
  98. If so, it will hardly be denied that the points might have been converted through variation and natural selection into lamellae as well-developed as those of the Egyptian goose, in which case they would have been used both for seizing objects and for sifting the water; then into lamellae like those of the domestic duck; and so onward, until they became as well constructed as those of the shoveller, in which case they would have served exclusively as a sifting apparatus.
  99. But as I delivered myself from that one, I am inclined to believe that there is no other that can hurt me; and so, these enchanters, seeing that they cannot exert their vile craft against my person, revenge themselves on what I love most, and seek to rob me of life by maltreating that of Dulcinea in whom I live; and therefore I am convinced that when my squire carried my message to her, they changed her into a common peasant girl, engaged in such a mean occupation as sifting wheat; I have already said, however, that that wheat was not red wheat, nor wheat at all, but grains of orient pearl.
  100. But nevertheless the answer to an address, although that answer might finally contain the most exceptionable passages, was in fact the greatest opportunity which the opposition to the measures of the administration had of canvassing and sifting its measures; and, in my mind, whatever goes to take away this opportunity, goes so far to narrow down the rights of the minority or opposition, commonly so called, and in fact to enlarge the rights of the majority and the administration party so called; and I beg leave not to be understood as speaking of the state of parties at this time, but of that which has always existed.
  1. He sifted through the sheets.
  2. He sifted through her things.
  3. Godwyn sifted through the coins.
  4. He sifted through the large stack.
  5. He sifted through countless tales.
  6. On low speed, add the sifted cocoa.
  7. She sifted through what he told her.
  8. As the other customers sifted out i.
  9. Tiny flecks of sawdust sifted through.
  10. John Baret sifted through a batch of paper.
  11. The newsprint crackled as he sifted through it.
  12. He sifted through the question appreciatively.
  13. Dust sifted into the cab despite closed windows.
  14. The ceiling shuddered, and cement dust sifted down.
  15. Hundreds of scenarios sifted gravely through her mind.
  16. Everything now would be filtered and sifted for meaning.
  17. You can have the ashes after they are sifted for solid.
  18. Constraint and formality sifted in and filled the boiler.
  19. The suitcase was not locked, lifted to the bed and sifted.
  20. I carefully sifted through the last chapters for the passage.
  21. Moving to the closet she sifted through the dresses, search-.
  22. Here and there, snow sifted down through fissures and crevices.
  23. EO304, he mumbled to himself as he sifted through the files.
  24. A process, the tailings of which, would be sifted on a large scale.
  25. Gradually, add the sifted dry ingredients, scraping the bowl with a.
  26. Israel is sifted through all nations, but God is not only sifting Israel.
  27. The interrogator went to the table and sifted through Farah�s equipment.
  28. Taksin and Pon sifted through the paperwork, examining documents and maps.
  29. He sifted through this information while sitting in the W’s hotel lobby.
  30. His mind desperately sifted through the available options left open to him.
  31. You have sifted out the bad and the ugly and given us the cream of the crop.
  32. Even as she sifted through her feelings, she couldn’t pinpoint the cause.
  33. We watched the flames burn down the candles as the incense smoke sifted off.
  34. Add the sifted dry ingredients alternately with hot water and mix until smooth.
  35. She sifted through the pretrial hearings, jury selection, the opening statements.
  36. I sifted through the piles of clothing and other miscellany on the bedroom floor.
  37. The three men left the bar and the crowd sifted through the doors in to the laneway.
  38. The chlorophyll is released from the liquid and is sifted finely with a filter cloth.
  39. Most of the time he sifted out the unnecessary and kept a close eye on the necessary.
  40. The Nose sifted and worried this air, like a connoisseur busy with an ancient vintage.
  41. A process, the tailings of which, would be sifted on a large scale in a modern society.
  42. The ICE agent picked up at once her passport and sifted through it, then looked severely at her.
  43. He walked to the bag and sifted through it, throwing lab equipment on the bed as he dug through.
  44. The dust was antique spice, burnt maple leaves, a prickling blue that teemed and sifted to earth.
  45. She sifted through the piles, touching each object with her fingers to register its name in her head.
  46. This was because all who began to grow depressed or who lost strength were sifted out of the army day by day.
  47. Constance glanced and searched those same towers, where a new wind sifted flurries of dust devils down and away.
  48. It was a good enough vantage point, and as I stood there, I sifted through my impressions, hoping for a nugget of insight.
  49. In the little houses the tenant people sifted their belongings and the belongings of their fathers and of their grandfathers.
  50. She sifted through the wreckage in front of them, much to Byron’s bemused fleeting glances, which she returned with a polite smile.
  51. I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall on the ground.
  52. It is also vital when this internal data is sifted and categorized, within the framework of the individual’s personal belief system.
  53. He removed the sugar from the metal bin marked sugar and sifted it into a familiar series of smaller bins marked spices, cutlery, string.
  54. Then his hand went into his robe and came out again, and from his opening fingers a shimmering feather of sparkling dust sifted to the flags.
  55. So to mend matters she decides to make the Easter cake with sifted rye-flour, brushing it over with white of egg, and surrounding it with eggs.
  56. The mill of her mind ground through every detail of nearly four years at the high school, and sifted the results through the filter of experience.
  57. The questions that children ask are as the sands of the sea, yet sifted and analyzed, they reveal a fairly uniform structure on which one may build.
  58. A pearly blur settled over them, and a light sifted of all glare, of everything unkindly and searching that dwells in the splendour of unveiled skies.
  59. And so I’m obligated to heal their hurts whenever possible until such time as they’re fully sifted by the Inquisition and condemned for their crimes.
  60. They will be sifted again through all nations – the return from which will mean the redemption of those nations and the coming of Jesus on the clouds of heaven.
  61. As it sifted through the dunes next to the green archway, the skeleton discovered vast piles of gold coins, but it let them fall back into the sand, disinterested.
  62. The windows were broken out, and throwing rocks lay on the floor, and the floor and walls sagged steeply away from the door, and the sifted dust was on the boards.
  63. As if slicing white bread rinsed by snow, the ribbon, as the traveler ghosted himself to flesh, sifted him through the hospital wall into a room as white as December.
  64. But for a welcome change on this day, the images that sifted through his tormented sleep were not of war-torn soldiers or hateful sights, but rather a kindly gentle collage.
  65. And there was Mars, with its cold sky warmed and its dead seas fired with color, with its hills like mounds of strawberry ice, and its sand like burning charcoals sifted by wind.
  66. IF the Jewish culture took the few rare ethical teaching of the New testament and the Old testament and correctly sifted out all the lies and hypocrisies of all the two sacred writings.
  67. They’d had only the little garnered from the unspoiled gardening and the gleanings sifted from the dust where the stand of golden grain had waved so luxuriantly such a short time before.
  68. As he tediously sifted through the papers, which were mostly correspondence and reports relating to inspections, Wickland suddenly had a new sense of the importance of Spalding’s position.
  69. It was reflected everywhere he looked, from the rate of confessions from inmates to the catastrophic drop in summary judgments written up by his agents inquisitor as they sifted the evidence.
  70. He was accustomed to having all his thoughts sifted through his mother's mind; so, when he wanted companionship, and was asked in reply to be the billing and twittering lover, he hated his betrothed.
  71. Crouched in little huddled clumps of threes and fours, the tattered forms of 'conscripts' scraped, cracked, chewed and sifted out even the smallest bits of ore from the mounds of rock and debris surrounding them.
  72. She sifted through a couple folders, enough to learn Arbitan was a Turgonian entrepreneur who owned hundreds of acres of orchards around the capital, but she did not have time to poke into every file in every drawer.
  73. Lucy was slumped against the white fence at the front of the bungalow, watching through bleary eyes the police ‘gardeners’ as they meticulously sifted through the area systematically creating havoc among the camellias.
  74. We have guarded not only Troy and its ruins and sifted the Egyptian sands for wise stones to put beneath our tongues to clear our speech, but we have, like cats, inhaled the breaths of mortals, siphoned and published their whispers.
  75. He would be backed on that by dozens of various instrumentation packages that would record everything during the flight, with the recorded data to be sifted through carefully afterward by a team of engineers from both the Air Force and Lockheed.
  76. Of course the prints hadn’t stayed, dust doesn’t keep, and even John Wayne’s big strides were long since sifted off, even as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John’s sandal marks had vanished from the shore of the Sea of Galilee just one hundred yards over on Lot 12.
  77. The servants brought a sieve to clean the fodder as he had requested, he then put the hay and barley into the sieve and sifted it, then removed a great number of small stones which would have caused his horse a lot of pain while chewing its food and would probably break its teeth.
  78. Whenever I see news stories about children who were killed by their parents, I think: But how could it be? They cared enough to give this kid a name, they had a moment—at least one moment—when they sifted through all the possibilities and picked one specific name for their child, decided what they would call their baby.
  79. It was pleasant to her father to be able to recollect, in the stress and dust of much in his work that was unrefreshing, how there was a yearly increasing though severely sifted number of gentle virgin blouses belonging to the best families beneath which lay and rhythmically heaved this silver reminder of the wearer's Bishop and of her God.
  80. But the next note, changed to pay for providing a dinner for their relations, that cost twenty-eight roubles, though it did excite in Levin the reflection that twenty-eight roubles meant nine measures of oats, which men would with groans and sweat have reaped and bound and thrashed and winnowed and sifted and sown,—this next one he parted with more easily.
  81. Cole's, I related to her all that passed, on which she very judiciously concluded, that if he did not come after me there was no harm done, and that, if he did, as her presage suggested to her he would, his character and his views should be well sifted, so as to know whether the game was worth the springes; that in the mean time nothing was easier than my part in it, since no more rested on me than to follow her cue and promptership throughout, till the last act.
  82. On this theory of a limited and selective judgment on the wicked rulers and teachers found alive at Christ's Advent, we might also understand the language of prophecy when it tells of good agencies operating still among the sifted nations in Christ’s Kingdom:—so that everything that is more valuable now in the work of righteous statesmen, legislators, scholars, missionaries, civilizers, will be, according to the law of continuity, carried forward into the final blessed state of the renovated world, when human life will answer to the Divine Idea, and God shall have 'destroyed them that destroy the earth.
  83. They sifted through the cracks in the walls,.
  1. She recognizes it; she’s seen it when he sifts through his memories.
  2. A mortar shell explodes somewhere in the city, and a flurry of dust sifts down.
  3. The Nassarius Snail is a saltwater snail that is used as part of a cleanup crew that sifts through.
  4. She sifts right from wrong in a realm where the villains were the local gentry and the heroes were outlaws.
  5. The Unseelie Princess sifts in, snatches the princes’ heads, and sifts out before my brain manages to process what my eyes just saw.
  6. Each person sifts through the cards and then deal out which persons they believe should be executed, though obviously the President has the final say.
  7. I gasp when the Unseelie Princess from whom I’m supposedly protecting the Nine sifts into the room, materializing directly behind Barrons and Ryodan.
  8. The most common that you can find in any appliance store is a rapidly rotating disc that tears whatever you need to juice apart and then sifts the juice through a fine net into a container.
  9. As Ralph crouches on the rock, keeping an eye out for stray or deliberate weapons, he takes what is left of his mind and sifts out the noise and the pain, all the colours of orange, red and black.

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