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    1. I am not the prophet to be able to discern which peoples fit into which “generations,” but I know that God will sift all nations (generations/peoples) and separate them like a Shepherd separates the sheep from the goats (Matthew 25:32)

    2. Sift through our memories and you can verify it for yourself

    3. Sift confectioners' sugar over potato mixture a cup at a time

    4. Sift the confectioners sugar over potato, stirring and adding about 1 cup at a time

    5. Everything had to sift through the gargantuan train of Ministry processes, officials and hearings to disappear in its labyrinth offices, clerk pits and then back up again through the same path, in order to probably but not always most likely, make something useful and tangible in the end

    6. I would hope that he might be encouraged to sift through that verbiage for those hidden “gems” to flesh out that positive support

    7. doubt that satan wanted to sift me through a horrible crucible, “but

    8. stream, shall reach to the midst of the neck, to sift the nations with the sieve of vanity, and there shall be a bridle in the jaws of the

    9. I had a lot more questions to ask but wanted to sift through the data a bit first

    10. I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall on the ground

    1. Israel is sifted through all nations, but God is not only sifting Israel

    2. They will be sifted again through all nations – the return from which will mean the redemption of those nations and the coming of Jesus on the clouds of heaven

    3. rustle of the leaves of the Gulmohar tree as the breeze sifted

    4. Crouched in little huddled clumps of threes and fours, the tattered forms of 'conscripts' scraped, cracked, chewed and sifted out even the smallest bits of ore from the mounds of rock and debris surrounding them

    5. He walked to the bag and sifted through it, throwing lab equipment on the bed as he dug through

    6. “EO304,” he mumbled to himself as he sifted through the files

    7. ” Her gaze sifted to Carmen

    8. Tiny flecks of sawdust sifted through

    9. She sifted through a couple folders, enough to learn Arbitan was a Turgonian entrepreneur who owned hundreds of acres of orchards around the capital, but she did not have time to poke into every file in every drawer

    10. They sifted through the cracks in the walls,

    1. Bolt stands at the front of a line of customers, sifting through some photos

    2. Israel is sifted through all nations, but God is not only sifting Israel

    3. He is sifting the hearts of those nations

    4. He was sifting the data in various ways, trying to reconcile it with observed course corrections in the impactors

    5. He had finally isolated some changes in some pulse trains that corresponded to course corrections on the impactors, he was still sifting the data for more

    6. ’ He replied, sifting through the heap of music on the piano

    7. Mandy and Belle published notices of hiring for the 'Concessions,' and Sarah Bunker assisted them in sifting through the applications for the most likely candidates based upon her firsthand knowledge of her former students

    8. Cupid unzipped the bag and began sifting through the contents while Sebastian turned to collect ammunition from his dresser

    9. sifting it slowly through his fingers, "and it'll fetch seventy-four

    10. Spend hours sifting through resumes or job applications

    1. Each person sifts through the cards and then deal out which persons they believe should be executed, though obviously the President has the final say

    2. 4 As when one sifts with a sieve, the refuse remains; so the filth of man in his talk

    3. As Ralph crouches on the rock, keeping an eye out for stray or deliberate weapons, he takes what is left of his mind and sifts out the noise and the pain, all the colours of orange, red and black

    4. She sifts right from wrong in a realm where the villains were the local gentry and the heroes were outlaws

    5. The Nassarius Snail is a saltwater snail that is used as part of a cleanup crew that sifts through

    6. I gasp when the Unseelie Princess from whom I’m supposedly protecting the Nine sifts into the room, materializing directly behind Barrons and Ryodan

    7. The Unseelie Princess sifts in, snatches the princes’ heads, and sifts out before my brain manages to process what my eyes just saw

    8. A mortar shell explodes somewhere in the city, and a flurry of dust sifts down

    9. She recognizes it; she’s seen it when he sifts through his memories

    10. The most common that you can find in any appliance store is a rapidly rotating disc that tears whatever you need to juice apart and then sifts the juice through a fine net into a container

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