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    1. They had built up the skeleton of the building enough so that it could support the several hundred tons of materials and furnishing

    2. Looking through the skeleton of the building, he could see dark clouds approaching in the distance; but where Travis was standing, there was still sun and blue skies

    3. It was like the ultimate skeleton key, able to open any lock

    4. Force Nouveau, was bounded by the fragile skeleton of sanity marked out by Citizen

    5. This is the skeleton of which we are going to work on

    6. His existence, such as it was in the bosom of La Force Nouveau, was bounded by the fragile skeleton of sanity marked out by Citizen Marat’s regular outbursts

    7. Danton imagined the breaking of this man’s fragile skeleton with every bounce

    8. skeleton of a 14-year-old girl show that her flesh and each other’s hands and ran together, then sat together brain were removed, presumably to be eaten by the enjoying their treats

    9. and indolent snags of wool on skeleton stunts of elm,

    10. The fluids of the body tend naturally to flow downwards and even the skeleton is subject to downward displacement by the pull of gravity

    11. the skeleton, muscle testing is now widely accepted

    12. We left a skeleton staff at the office to cover phones but most people were able to get over there which is a measure of how popular Anna is … you should have seen Anna’s face as we walked into the room, Sally

    13. What was all that about? Is there a skeleton in the cupboard that they don’t want disturbed?

    14. To Davie the thing looks like an instrument of torture or the skeleton of a defeated alien invader

    15. Principal Hartman ate as he drove to his castle, seeing the same skeleton

    16. Nevertheless, Jack had fallen into this big pile of mud, and this was what had broken his fall, and it is certainly much better to be messy than it is to be dead, so instead of complaining about this rotten circumstance he found himself in, he looked around his surroundings, and was surprised to find a skeleton nearby!

    17. Of course, Jack knew about life and death and had seen plenty of sheep skulls in his time, having lived in that small agricultural village we all know and love (You may have heard of it; it’s called Trouble Valley…), but this skeleton was different

    18. Nearby, he found another Reptilian skeleton

    19. "You said these universes are self-unfolding, which I would imagine means that the fractals which define the decorated skeleton aren't evaluated until someone looks in that direction

    20. "Not one of the ancient crypts ever found actually contained more than a skeleton and artifacts, so there's no reason, other than the fact that it draws movie audiences, to think a viable hibernation vault will be found

    21. In the furthest corner lay the remains of a skeleton: the skull, the rib cage and one arm

    22. To see someone depicted as a skeleton signifies that your relationship with them is long dead

    23. To see a skeleton key refers to old emotions or memories that you have stored or locked away

    24. I think I must have gasped so much was I taken aback by her appearance Helen had warned me that she was very ill and dying but the person lying propped up by the pillows looked like a skeleton

    25. skeleton of the sculpture a depressed artist made with leather stretched over it

    26. This was a very exciting time for this skeleton crew on the first few days of its voyage

    27. “I’ve got a couple of skeleton keys that—”

    28. He had stacked them so as to make a simple crude roof of sorts and then covered the simple skeleton with freshly snapped branches and twigs

    29. He dashed with all the speed he dared over the naked beams then, on flooring again, bolted through the darkened skeleton of the building

    30. A fully clothed skeleton blocked his way

    31. Each was furnished like an office and each was occupied by at least one fully clothed skeleton

    32. Looks like an office block back home, he thought, with a skeleton staff

    33. He jumped when he saw the clothed skeleton but forced himself to look closer

    34. A clothed skeleton rolled out of the chair and floated away

    35. He had discovered, in a skeleton of Basilosaurus, the first knee of a whale located in one part of the spine, much lower than he had imagined

    36. ―Lucy‖ was the name given to the skeleton first found in Ethiopia

    37. In 2001 ancient skeleton of a Hominid type found in a cave near Beijing

    38. The Chinese say the bones (incomplete Skeleton) show some traits of Modern human and ancient types

    39. Male skeleton found in 1996 in the banks of the Columbia river, Washington

    40. In the grey, pre-dawn light I perceived the gaunt skeleton of a cat; above it, a death's head

    41. Our source17 provides an example of a dinosaur skeleton which was discovered in the desert area of Utah (USA)

    42. The age of the skeleton of the dinosaur is estimated at 185 million years old

    43. “She” is apparently the first, almost complete human skeleton ever discovered

    44. There is also a human skeleton which was discovered in Europe, which was buried the “traditional” way, in other words in the ground

    45. The smart people later discovered it was a “he” and not a “she” in fact it was the skeleton of a young man

    46. There is another source19 which alleges a skeleton of an estimated 110 pounds, 4 foot long woman which is estimated at 4

    47. This “Ossuary” is actually a chest, building, well or place that serves as the final resting place of the deceased’s bones or skeleton

    48. At this stage the heart, lungs and other organs are visible against the sharp contrast of the white skeleton when the fat and skin has evaporated

    49. Elephant carcases, particularly the remains of the skeleton is usually carted to and stored in a single location, away from the herd, by the elephants

    50. How much do you think do the bones of an average individual weigh? This is the skeleton with all the associated bones

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