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Skeleton in una frase (in inglese)

Chapter 20 – The Skeleton.
The Skeleton spun about, tall.
The other half was a skeleton.
My skeleton collapsed within me.
Skeleton and muscles and blood.
The skeleton was in room number 3.
Thalia charged the second skeleton.

The fisherman's skeleton is still.
In these chains a skeleton dangled.
He was a skeleton covered with skin.
Measurement of The Whale's Skeleton.
It was a skeleton, a female skeleton.
The skeleton is well wrapped in flesh.
Get out your skeleton, little Simsen.
In front of us was a skeleton of a man.
Everywhere, there'd be skeleton staffs.
And then, in this grim grisly skeleton.
It’s the skeleton key to the castle.
A fully clothed skeleton blocked his way.
We will produce the skeleton of that cat.
The old man was almost a living skeleton.
He much preferred sitting by the skeleton.
BUT A SKELETON! screamed his subconscious.
Skeleton doors hung open on leather hinges.
The hat-stand looked like an empty skeleton.
One of the rooms contained a skeleton on a.
And how can the gender of a human skeleton.
Nearby, he found another Reptilian skeleton.
She must be rotting and becoming a skeleton.
The sight of the skeleton gave me the jitters.
Stewart ordered the skeleton kings to attack.
The skeleton itself fell to pieces immediately.
In the tomb was a skeleton, obviously very old.
Their frames collapse to mere skeleton and bone.
It was like the dress was draped over a skeleton.
Dawning on Hanor what it was, the skeleton of a.
Wife locked up at home, skeleton in the cupboard.
Only a skeleton crew will remain at the orbital.
I knew the skeleton warriors were still chasing me.
Most consecutive wins of the bobsleigh skeleton.

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