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Frame en una oración (en ingles)

  1. A man steps into frame.
  2. She'd have a dog frame.
  3. A man entered the frame.
  4. What is the time frame?
  5. The time frame was close.

  6. About the Shape and Frame.
  7. With each time frame the.
  8. Each time frame is unique.
  9. What is the Gestalt Frame?
  10. He lowered his huge frame.
  11. It's not the best frame of.
  12. Her frame was thin and frail.
  13. A time frame of twenty-days.
  14. It was a simple metal frame.
  15. Two soldiers filled the frame.

  16. Also in the same time frame.
  17. I sloshed water over the frame.
  18. His whole frame was shivering.
  19. You can frame a guilty—.
  20. So that puts me in the frame.
  21. Atkinson trying to frame Lester.
  22. I frame wings with my thoughts.
  23. Lester trying to frame Atkinson.
  24. A shudder wracked his big frame.
  25. Someone was trying to frame him.

  26. Inside the frame was a pen drive.
  27. The OFDM frame has four regions:.
  28. Walls and Fences to Frame it all.
  29. And sewed sequins onto the frame.
  30. Disconnected from the Main Frame.
  31. The frame was wired on all sides.
  32. The cross is our universal frame.
  33. But the frame showed no such blur.
  34. Sound telegraphs through the frame.
  35. Under the frame was a shower head.
  36. I tried to frame it as happy news.
  37. By which Living address this frame.
  38. Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
  39. Thomas would love to frame him for.
  40. Swann stretched his own tired frame.
  41. Grabs a door frame to stop her fall.
  42. Residing around this quadrant frame.
  43. There was a knock on the door frame.
  45. She threw the frame into the flaming.
  46. Washington frame in the Dome of the U.
  47. The masked man had entered the frame.
  48. Every frame of the test radiated sex.
  49. It is all relative to the time frame.
  50. His frame was thin, but not too thin.
  51. It was a freeze frame snapshot of fun.
  52. Ran his fingers over the entire frame.
  53. She knocked lightly on the door frame.
  54. I looked at the knot work in the frame.
  55. The marshmallow smeared on its frame.
  56. He was leaning against the door frame.
  57. Chen’s time frame was in tune with.
  58. Film is spliced together by the frame.
  59. She had a petite frame, but was quick.
  60. Her toes curled around the wooden frame.
  61. Within that time frame, create a pre-.
  62. For a frame you need a strong structure.
  63. I didn’t seek to frame these moments.
  64. He rests his back against a steel frame.
  65. Began picking the sequins off the frame.
  66. The frame is on its way to… the place.
  67. Ladislaw! the frame alone is worth that.
  68. It fit his muscular frame magnificently.
  69. He thus assumed his current time frame.
  70. Her eyes scanned his frame at that point.
  71. I tried--but could not frame a sentence.
  72. Check frame is square by measuring the.
  73. A second man enters the left of the frame.
  74. I tried—but could not frame a sentence.
  75. I will have to scrub the bed frame later.
  76. He bent his lofty frame down over the map.
  77. Liquid rubber skinned over a steel frame.
  78. Eroshka was in the happiest frame of mind.
  79. Houston’s burly frame seemed to tower.
  80. Listen, Bingham’s trying to frame me.
  81. Length of swing on the trading time frame.
  82. Shelagh stood in the door frame, waiting.
  83. Until, the breath of this corporeal frame.
  84. Four leans against the door frame and nods.
  85. This method can be used on any time frame.
  86. The masked man came into the camera frame.
  87. At least that gives a workable time frame.
  88. His pudgy frame was tense with expectation.
  89. The frame of the painting is made of gold.
  90. They were the picture of beauty in a frame.
  91. He went away in a very gloomy frame of mind.
  92. Take the photo frame out, she pressed.
  93. Next I wrote down the time frame, one month.
  94. You'll want to match the card to the frame.
  95. Hackles bristled around his washboard frame.
  96. He cleared the window frame on his forward.
  97. Summer turned old in the Gainsborough frame.
  98. Odin stands in the door frame for an instant.
  99. He moaned and ran his face around the frame.
  100. Frame Buster (activated across the network).
  1. The thin framing wasn't made to hold my weight.
  2. He seemed to be framing a question with his lips.
  3. Those same yellow eyes and amber locks framing them.
  4. Framing is the Royal Family of dominant metaphors, e.
  5. There was nothing but steel framing behind the walls.
  6. They just replaced the glass in the framing that was.
  7. Framing squares are not expected to be precise as try.
  8. Lower Manhattan twinkled, the red sky framing 1 WTC to the west.
  9. His hair was a little messy and looked longish, framing his face.
  10. She was a tiny thing, with two long braids framing her small face.
  11. A wave poured about the body, framing it in a clear white pool of water.
  12. Davidson’s hand, framing it and slicing pale and flat across the bones.
  13. The space was open, with heavy dark wood framing the doorways and windows.
  14. Her black jacket is zipped up to her throat, framing her face in darkness.
  15. Amy is alive and very well, and she is framing Nick, my proxy repeated.
  16. Framing his face with her hands, Donna held his lips to hers, kissing him back.
  17. Framing gives us the eyes to see the world now named and the voice to describe it.
  18. Framing the game is the construction of the syntax and diction of the named system.
  19. You could have pillars of rock, for instance, framing a maple tree in your backyard.
  20. Her red hair was stunning, framing her face in such a way that he was affected deeply.
  21. Within the framing of the Eartheart, humans are eaters, producers, and sources of food.
  22. Amy Elliott Dunne is alive, and she is framing Nick Dunne for her murder, he said.
  23. The guy who picked it up had grey eyes and kinky blond hair framing a strong, wide face.
  24. Gareth’s shirt had no buttons, so it hung open, framing his muscular chest and stomach.
  25. Carol couldn’t believe the direct and purposeful framing tactics of this little meeting.
  26. This framing equates the good with the moral and therefore right and true way of living, e.
  27. In short, knowing (perceiving, postulating, framing) good and evil creates good and evil, i.
  28. They just replaced the glass in the framing that was still part of the original construction.
  29. Then I saw the body, Nathan said, spreading his fingers, framing his face with his hands.
  30. Her red hair trailed over her face, framing long, thick eyelashes that rested against her skin.
  31. To a cat, of course, bars like that were like pillars framing splendid gateways into adventure.
  32. Choice isn’t the same thing as freedom—not when someone else is framing the choices for you.
  33. I nodded my understanding in silence as his warm breath ruffled the hair framing my ear and chin.
  34. He was gorgeous, just like his sister, his blond bowl-cut hair framing a strong face and blue eyes.
  35. The neckline came to a point between her breasts, framing a large teardrop diamond on a gold chain.
  36. Not that he would have been constitutionally capable of framing things this way in the spring of 1961.
  37. Allah’s strategies are animalistic like a tiger burning bright in the forests of night framing fear.
  38. One important aspect of framing is the selection of a reference point as the benchmark for comparisons.
  39. The framing and taming of any game generates what are its virtues and how to become that noble character.
  40. The table was strongly braced with some light framing, to keep it from sagging under maps and coffee cups.
  41. On instinct, Maria reached for the camera and began to snap photos, adjusting the framing with every shot.
  42. Her body was thin and pale, with narrow hips framing a triangle of wild brown hair; she shivered slightly.
  43. If she’s framing you, why let you know? Go was still staring, transfixed by the contents of her shed.
  44. A black steel helm in the shape of a snarling bear's head, the gaping maw framing Gruesome's own fearsome face.
  45. Almost instantly the door opened, framing the tavern-keeper, naked but for his shirt, with a dagger in his hand.
  46. Before she could voice the protest her lips were framing, he had slid through the valves and shut them behind him.
  47. It needs to be combined with other assumptions, such as narrow framing or the house money effect (as discussed below).
  48. She had a burst of dark red curls framing her round face, and a long thick knit that she was clutching around herself.
  49. At the end of it, they had three stunning images suitable for enlarging and framing for putting on the waiting room wall.
  50. She revealed, I am responsible for framing Yeltsin, and briefly explained why, mentioning the murdered survey team.
  51. Google is a better parent; more honest, obliging and without censor and prejudicial error (but not without framing bias).
  52. As tall as a 40-storey building, it was made of brass-plated structural framing and sky blue-tinted false mirror windows.
  53. In the case of lying and framing, we encounter a very real and very damaging consequence beyond the damage within the child.
  54. He was the same as always, dark features, a passionate intensity in his eyes and thick dark hair framing handsome characteristics.
  55. I felt the positive emotion that Flicker was in my thoughts before I felt the framing of her question, Are you okay honey?
  56. Overall, it is hard to make generalizations about risk preferences because they are so sensitive to the framing of investor options.
  57. You’ll recall that it’s the project I used to illustrate the gate selling method, framing my discussion in the past tense because.
  58. And he was gentle, both hands framing her face as he deepened the kiss, bit by bit, until she thought she’d go crazy with the need for more.
  59. She was as tall as Thomas and looked very athletic, with tanned skin and long silky black hair framing a pretty face with gleaming green eyes.
  60. The Count was a big man, with long grey-shot hair framing a face whose square jaw had begun to blur beneath the weight of years of easy living.
  61. He presses his hands to the metal plate, framing my head with his arms, and kisses me, slowly, on my mouth, under my jaw, right above my collarbone.
  62. They started at the joint where the wood was nailed to the framing above and below the window sill, next to the windowpane and against the baseboard.
  63. Why else would Bublanski and Sonja Modig be interested in the boy’s drawing, and why else would Blomkvist have been so cautious in framing his question?
  64. Just as it had then, her red-gold hair now fell to her waist, framing a honey-hued face and wide-set green eyes, revealing her mixed blood from centuries back.
  65. Sure, he cut some corners with the Ocean Drive murders, but he thought Noah was his guy—he thought he was framing a killer whom he otherwise couldn’t catch.
  66. Felipe, I cannot tell you anything but this as yet; I think Aimee might have had something to do with framing me as a drug smuggler and she has an accomplice.
  67. This warped framing is produced by the gravity of perception which reshapes memetic particles through sensorial habilitation – we see as we are taught to perceive.
  68. As the celebration was drawing to a close, Dominique looked across the room towards Henri as he spoke earnestly to one of their guests, the ballroom window framing them.
  69. I had to phone Tanner, my brand-new lawyer, mere hours after I’d hired him, and say the words that would make him regret taking my money: I think my wife is framing me.
  70. Burt Brister had always reminded Cam of General Custer, with the long, sandy mustache framing his mouth, a mouth that was very definitely unsmiling as he stepped forward.
  71. The following is a story wherein I have attempted to fill in a context framing the conflict between a settled and a nomadic society as they come into conflict over land use.
  72. She waited for him, at the best table, the afternoon sunlight framing her from behind, as an angel in one of those idealised, representational works that Hitler was so fond of.
  73. This gravity effects the initial framing, and once framed, the language is designed to enhance the gravity of the attracting ideal – purpose or meaning of game and gamester.
  74. I was the sole patron and, as no one arrived to harass me, I pretended to browse until an elderly woman, bright red ringlets framing a mask of powder and paint, tottered towards me.
  75. In this way, naming, minimally, defines the end, and the framing of the system is to either prove that implicit conclusion or enable the manifestation of the ideal system it represents.
  76. By early August 2013, we saw that a possible significant low had been established in late July and that this possible symmetrical triangle now had at least four solid touches framing it.
  77. Thus the framing not only functions as, but also are the symbols of the named game's direction, purpose, meaning, matrix of ends by which to judge the ethic and efficiency of its means, i.
  78. It even still had the forty-four caliber bullet hole that he and Kal had shot right through it after framing Jeremiah’s only daughter, Cameron, for the murder of her best friend’s family.
  79. It is a solemn thought that, in framing the constitutions of the new, democratic, independent, African states, we are not drafting a Negro Magna Carta, but are signing a pile of death warrants.
  80. Sir, it appears from the example of other states, as well as from principle, that a bill of rights is neither essential nor a necessary instrument in framing a system of government, since liberty may.
  81. No, I said; not if we were right in the principle which was acknowledged by all of us when we were framing the State: the principle, as you will remember, was that one man cannot practise many arts with success.
  82. Anna was already dressed in a low-necked gown of light silk and velvet that she had had made in Paris, and with costly white lace on her head, framing her face, and particularly becoming, showing up her dazzling beauty.
  83. Lately he stays up working frenetically on a model of Saint-Malo that he claims is for her, adding new houses every day, framing ramparts, mapping streets, so that she can learn the town the way she learned their neighborhood in Paris.
  84. Thus the proclivity for a conflict oriented, competition framing, disciplined by gaming culture to embrace the multi-virtuality of The Ultimate Game – War and its handmaiden, militarism, and their child, the Security State and its lover, GovCorp.
  85. I feel much satisfaction at this moment in seeing a man at the head of the Government who had a conspicuous concern in framing the constitution, and whose official duties have since closely connected him with the administration of Government under it.
  86. To Pierre all men seemed like those soldiers, seeking refuge from life: some in ambition, some in cards, some in framing laws, some in women, some in toys, some in horses, some in politics, some in sport, some in wine, and some in governmental affairs.
  87. But this science of æsthetics consists in first acknowledging a certain set of productions to be art (because they please us), and then framing such a theory of art that all those productions which please a certain circle of people should fit into it.
  88. What we believe and how we believe it – framing and interpretation – is a complex fusion and cobbling together of various and diverse comformication systems; all of these systems are social webs; many of them are systems of will mailable to personal and social ethics.
  89. He is aware of the absurdity of mankind framing their whole lives according to Homer; just as in the Phaedrus he intimates the absurdity of interpreting mythology upon rational principles; both these were the modern tendencies of his own age, which he deservedly ridicules.
  90. Cleo pressed the knob reading ‘Cerebrialysis’, when the smoke dispersed and the luscious top popped up into a 3-D arena displaying the history of the disease, events and process involved in framing a formula for it, with Minto’s background voice elucidating the events.
  91. Each cellular structure was perhaps five feet tall, with framing members something less than an inch in cross-section, and they were supported on the right side—the near side, from where Maigwair stood—by uprights that could be adjusted to raise or lower that side of it.
  92. As Wetherby Gardens and the parallel street behind it, together with the two parallel streets at right angles to them fashioned a huge framing rectangle of identical buildings, on the inside part of it a large grassy courtyard was formed with sand paths, flower beds and trees.
  93. And just to put that other matter to rest, we’ll need an affidavit, and you’ll need to swear that it was you who bought the stuff in the woodshed and hid the stuff in the woodshed, and that you did once think I was framing you, but now you love me and I love you and everything is good.
  94. It is one of my faults, that though my tongue is sometimes prompt enough at an answer, there are times when it sadly fails me in framing an excuse; and always the lapse occurs at some crisis, when a facile word or plausible pretext is specially wanted to get me out of painful embarrassment.
  95. The great public who know how to appreciate the highest art, will be delighted and surprised to learn that two of these splendid Oil Pictures, in all their original beauty and excellence, mounted on canvas and stretchers, ready for framing, are offered as a premium to each $3 yearly subscriber.
  96. Afterwards, Cameron went on, they thought they’d gotten away with it after successfully framing Lefty and I for the murders! Isn’t that right, Walter? It almost worked, didn’t it, Carrie? As it turns out, a quarter of a million dollars wasn’t nearly enough money to split three ways for all of you.
  97. When the great opportunity came to them to link arms in response to a supreme call they received it with characteristic simplicity, incorporating self-sacrifice into the texture of their common task, and, as far as emotion went, framing the horror of mankind's catastrophic time within the rigid rules of their professional conscience.
  98. Similar to seeing the world as groupings, interactions and cancellations of waves or as a perceptual array of binary code, the perceivers of those senses will be the authors of those as ifs and like as es, many of which will be bridging our current taxonomy of perceptual awareness into another – one whose physical and mental framing we cannot yet imagine.
  99. If then there are reasons for finding the origin of pedimental decoration in a plane or low-relief composition of terracotta, made more effective both by a framing of like material and technic, and by the acroteria at either extremity and above, then the process of development which leads at length to the pediments at Aegina and the Parthenon becomes at once easy and natural.
  100. Just as the individual man cannot live without having some theory of the meaning of his life, and is always, though often unconsciously, framing his conduct in accordance with the meaning he attributes to his life, so too associations of men living in similar conditions—nations—cannot but have theories of the meaning of their associated life and conduct ensuing from those theories.
  1. Framed in the small window.
  2. I abandoned it and framed a.
  3. His father is framed by them.
  4. They framed him for the crime.
  5. Which may be framed by others.
  6. Framed In The Small Window * 69.
  7. I was framed! Darek shouted.
  8. Exposed girders framed a skylight.
  9. Strategies are framed to achieve.
  10. The way it was framed in, it could.
  11. On the plaque by the ivy framed door.
  12. You were framed, Noah, she says.
  13. She pressed the framed photo of her.
  14. He admired the way it framed her face.
  15. A figure framed itself in the doorway.
  16. And all this framed by a thatch of black.
  17. Meanwhile he framed his plan of management.
  18. Of the framed ACME shell in the wall in Col.
  19. A triumphant smile framed her freckled face.
  20. My hands framed around the Bible they held.
  21. I focus on a framed, antique-looking diploma.
  22. What woke me up? His mind framed the question.
  23. No—he was framed by the apple juice industry.
  24. Cartoon drawings were framed in black squares.
  25. He stood solid and firm, framed by the doorway.
  26. She was beaming a perfect set of teeth framed.
  27. A framed diploma from the Board of Adolescent.
  28. Behind him stand two women framed in a doorway.
  29. He was a tall man wearing silver framed glasses.
  30. I have a copy of the article framed in my office.
  31. She leaned forward and framed his beautiful face.
  32. Hebrews 11:3 The WORLDS (aions-ages) were framed.
  33. The spectacles she wore framed her elfin features.
  34. My fingers framed around his little head tenderly.
  35. Claire hadn’t framed the optics through that lens.
  36. A row of framed photos on a far wall catches her eye.
  37. There were several framed police photos on the wall.
  38. You have a very fine long legs and small framed.
  39. Framed by million-dollar views and the multimillion.
  40. On one wall he sees a framed photograph of a smiling.
  41. The framed pictures probably aligned with a T square.
  42. Huck was silent while he framed a duly cautious reply.
  43. There were framed family photographs on top of the TV.
  44. A flowered needlepoint rug matched the framed emphera.
  45. He pointed at a framed photo on one of the side tables.
  46. I’ll do it, I resolved: and having framed this.
  47. We got the painting, had it framed, and put it on the.
  48. Two deep creases framed his chin, making it look hinged.
  49. A small framed picture was hung above each of the doors.
  50. Large, almond shaped eyes framed cat-like, green pupils.
  51. Okay, there was one more situation, but I was framed.
  52. A pair of fluffy love handcuffs lay framed in the middle.
  53. Framed photographs of ancestors were lovingly displayed.
  54. It’s always not what it seemed, or they were framed.
  55. He on the other hand, framed questions of a different sort.
  56. Even though you set him up, framed him? He’s innocent.
  57. Diploma, citations, and family photos framed the paneled.
  58. The hallway was filled with framed copies of the paper from.
  59. There was a smaller framed actual photograph below it that.
  60. On his dresser he had a collection of photographs all framed.
  61. It’s framed as a question but Billy knows that Bex is alive.
  62. And she had framed photographs of herself all over the house.
  63. On all four walls hang framed tintypes of glowering ancestors.
  64. She also kept a framed photograph of Gladys on her nightstand.
  65. If we framed it that way, we’d get more support in Congress.
  66. Had he been abandoned – set up and framed to take the fall?
  67. The closet was hurriedly framed in when the house was converted.
  68. Perhaps the question could have been more diplomatically framed.
  69. He framed it and put it away among some other useless documents.
  70. Ju slipped off her clothes and stood before him, framed in rouge.
  71. Dominating the wall behind his desk was a framed print of a tall.
  72. You were framed, yes, but that doesn’t mean you’re innocent.
  73. By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of.
  74. Her thick mane of auburn hair shone and framed her beautiful face.
  75. Framed in the door to the left of the dais stood a nightmare figure.
  76. He wore a pleasant enough smile framed by a perfectly trimmed beard.
  77. He paused as a dozen unspoken questions framed themselves in my mind.
  78. I haven’t had this much fun since I framed my chemistry professor.
  79. Framed posters of Aspen and Hawaii hang from the gray painted walls.
  80. Framed emphera hung on the ivory-colored walls and served as artwork.
  81. Grover stood framed in the doorway against a backdrop of pouring rain.
  82. How is it organized, how is the message framed, how are the graphics.
  83. Midge inspected Robert's collection of framed posters from old movies.
  84. Petra stood in the moonlight, framed by the inky black of the doorway.
  85. After a few brief introductions, Joyce pointed on the framed article.
  86. The mirror above the sink was framed in gold and easily ten feet high.
  87. Unsurprisingly, with such a precisely framed chal enge, the calls and.
  88. Cam framed her face with careful hands and lowered his forehead to hers.
  89. Rochester had given was merely an invention framed to pacify his guests.
  90. Dennis looked around at the trees and forest and framed shots in his mind.
  91. Frodo and a man, framed against the archway, which was now filled with a.
  92. Framed pictures of children and wildlife hung from the whitewashed walls.
  93. She wore makeup and a tiara studded with gems framed her long black hair.
  94. It sported thick velvet curtains and large framed paintings on the walls.
  95. Alice studied the framed photograph of Lydia and a man, presumably Malcolm.
  96. Her curly black hair was cut short and softly framed her large brown eyes.
  97. Because if we go to the cops with your story, that Amy framed you—.
  98. Rondon framed his questions carefully and was able to tease some critical.
  99. When they turned again, Goldberry stood in the door behind, framed in light.
  100. For people with heart shaped faces, thin or wire framed glasses are perfect.
  1. The door frames to the.
  2. Rory was in two frames of mind.
  3. Windows tremble in their frames.
  4. Bed frames should fit standard.
  5. They are just frames of reference.
  6. This can be used in all time frames.
  7. Maggie moved three more frames through.
  8. The window panes rattled in their frames.
  9. Templates and/or writing frames may be.
  10. One way is to use frames, which you can.
  11. This is what he says about time frames :.
  12. Reading Price Action on Lower Time Frames.
  13. A hole in the roof frames the darkening sky.
  14. The goal frames would have to be screwed down.
  15. And in acres of frames for what obviously had.
  16. I picked one of the frames for a closer analysis.
  17. Their frames collapse to mere skeleton and bone.
  18. When fragmenting frames at the MAC layer, an 802.
  19. Light from the skylight frames a huge-headed man.
  20. Blue window frames, old granite of grays and tans.
  21. It was like a couple of film frames that’d been.
  22. This setup works in all markets, in all time frames.
  23. The window frames are held together by condensation.
  24. Pictures frames shattered and smashed on the ground.
  25. Smythe's fingers touched the frames of his spectacles.
  26. Table 12-1 Token Ring Data Frames and Their Functions.
  27. It was fun finding frames that matched both our tastes.
  28. These act as great filters for the smaller time frames.
  29. Similarly to Flash, frames are a burden in terms of SEO.
  30. Once in, I inspected the place: empty picture frames on.
  31. He is dressed in thobe and ghutra, wears midnight frames.
  32. There were four types of MAC beacon frames, as follows:.
  33. Denise Shull cleverly frames the context of most trading.
  34. These portfolios are denoted with bold frames in Table 1.
  35. In two time frames another half of the matter would’ve.
  36. The other showed thumbnails of various frames in the movie.
  37. Steel frames have to be treated each year to avoid rusting.
  38. There were watercolor paintings in nice frames on the walls.
  39. In this manner, dates and time frames could be effectively.
  40. With each touch of the photo frames I love you more and more.
  41. Here is my cousin’s old easel and some canvases and frames.
  42. You can pick up frames, as mentioned, at dollar store venues.
  43. In the shorter time frames, patterns are bounded by liquidity.
  44. It is the habitual thought that frames itself into our life.
  45. Without a word, she began removing the picture frames as Sam.
  46. You'll notice that there are two frames located on this screen.
  47. The commands transmitted in unnumbered frames are as follows:.
  48. But where this setup really shines is on the bigger time frames.
  49. Asking that frames and explores structure, that challenges in a.
  50. As a day trader, you'll use short time frames: minutes and hours.
  51. Focusing on the frames above and behind the incongruency between.
  52. He tried on a dozen pairs and finally chose one with steel frames.
  53. Smashed flower boxes and charred window frames and shattered glass.
  54. Both systems track the sequence numbers of the frames they receive.
  55. The seats in the reception area were brown leather on chrome frames.
  56. A ranch, several frames, and a full stone original made up the array.
  57. Rain battered against the windows, rattling the glass in their frames.
  58. Skeleton frames of steel beds, most with no mattress, filled the rooms.
  59. If you have a square shaped face, round or oval frames are recommended.
  60. There were wire frames for Pim and Mim to set on near the center of the.
  61. They all occur in markets and time frames that can handle lots of volume.
  62. Windows are blown out of their frames and walls are twisted at odd angles.
  63. A few snapshots, some in frames, some not, were scattered around the room.
  64. By now the raging fire had reached the second floor and the window frames.
  65. WEP can be used only in management frames used to perform authentications.
  66. You may wish to compare CMS and OBV in a variety of stocks and time frames.
  67. Flash twenty-five frames per second upon the screen (less in poor quality.
  68. Time frames are typically related to each other by a factor between 3 and 5.
  69. Mads drawings still nestled in their drawers waiting for mounts and frames.
  70. When the rafts are not in use these side frames are folded down on the raft.
  71. This is yet another reason for trading using multiple charts and time frames.
  72. They were all framed by engraved wooden frames which were then painted grey.
  73. She sees John standing wedged between the beefy frames of Abdullah and Akbar.
  74. These cultural frames invoke physical responses – ideas becoming sensations.
  75. She reached out for some photo frames on the desk and saw nothing but herself.
  76. He wore his hair in a brush cut, and his thick glasses had red plastic frames.
  77. Two portraits in oval frames were fastened to the wall on each side of the bed.
  78. When the higher time frame is ranging, expect sharp trends on lower time frames.
  79. Teekra watches the monitor, which frames Ricci, who is on the witness stand now.
  80. The first product that the toy company Mattel came out with was picture frames.
  81. All the pictures, in gold frames, saliently depict faces and sundry accessories.
  82. These, he pointed out the frames that hang on the wall, remind me of you.
  83. Ranges on lower time frames are often continuation patterns on higher time frames.
  84. The frames or photos have a uniqueness in common - oval shapes, women only, pets.
  85. Just above the pink and square frames, Mattie’s eyes offered a look of pure pity.
  86. When the frames use standard 10-bit DLCIs, the value of this bit will always be l.
  87. Participants learn how to make bricks, window frames, door frames, and roof tiles.
  88. When the frames use standard 10-bit DLCIs, the value of this bit will always be 0.
  89. Always think deeply about what is going on behind the scenes, on lower time frames.
  90. I wanted to be like that again, he said as she closed the top over the frames.
  91. This trade can be adapted for all time frames: scalping, intraday, swing, investing.
  92. This is one of the many advantages of using multiple time frames for chart analysis.
  93. A battered dresser with a framed photograph on top, one of those side-by-side frames.
  94. The longer time frames are really the driver of what sets up those intraday moves.
  95. Naturally, shorter time frames will lead to more accurate estimates, and the longest.
  96. Door frames on either side had interconnecting patterns of snakes, vines and lizards.
  97. I notice that one of the photograph frames on the sideboard has been turned facedown.
  98. Intraday charts, however, have time frames such as a 5-minute, 15-minute, or 60-minute.
  99. This is why it’s always important to understand what the larger time frames are doing.
  100. He chiselled gems from cups, candle-holders, "t"-shaped objects, frames and book-covers.

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