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Slap en una oración (en ingles)

  1. A slap to the face.
  2. I slap his hand away.
  3. And a slap on the rear.
  4. Slap the cuffs on them.
  5. It hit her like a slap.

  6. It was a slap in the face.
  7. Sue then gave me a slap.
  8. Her firm slap surprised him.
  9. I almost wanted to slap him.
  10. If it’s you he should slap.
  11. The slither and slap of bare.
  12. I slap my hand on the dashboard.
  13. The sharp slap pierces my ears.
  14. Hold it with one hand and slap.
  15. He gives John a slap on the back.

  16. She wanted to slap his fat face.
  17. Allison heard a slap and a thud.
  18. I will also slap a horse on the.
  19. I will slap a horse in the nose.
  20. They then hear a slap or a smack.
  21. Was she going to slap me again?
  22. I'd add a drape over there, slap.
  23. Claire wanted to slap his smug face.
  24. I wished I could slap him in cuffs.
  25. This is a slap in the face!.

  26. It was a slap in the face to Tommit.
  28. Suddenly a loud slap made her cringe.
  29. Don't just slap a healthy portion of.
  30. She could hear the slap of rowing now.
  31. Nobody would slap you on the shoulder.
  32. It had hit her like a slap in the face.
  33. The slap of paws on tile filled the air.
  34. Bitch slap her! The mouthy cow’s.
  35. Much worse than a slap across the face.
  36. Jabran gave a big slap to face of David.
  37. A slap on the mouth silenced the scream.
  38. Tyler gets another slap across the cheek.
  39. Do not slap children/others on the ears.
  40. A violent slap to the head dropped Danny.
  41. Then if the cards match you have to slap.
  42. Her comment was an added slap in the face.
  43. I wanted to get up and slap him on the back.
  44. His nose was bruised with a sharp slap in.
  45. Everyone stood erect as they heard the slap.
  46. She wanted to slap Rosemary across the face.
  47. She ducked, and missed Vince's slap that time.
  48. The realization came to her like a hard slap.
  49. In three minutes it’s slap full of seawater.
  50. He took the slap with out any attempt to move.
  51. She spun round and gave his hand a sharp slap.
  52. Barimus greets him with a slap on the counter.
  54. Robert started when he felt a solid slap on his.
  55. The professor’s words struck Leesa like a slap.
  56. It seemed like a slap in the middle of a sound.
  57. Slapslap … my father interrupted my mother.
  58. This only led to me getting another slap in the.
  59. Once again, in my heart I wanted to slap this girl.
  60. Mandy gave him a little slap on the top of his head.
  61. She gave me a friendly slap on the cheek in return.
  62. I saw his huge hand come out and slap the roof hard.
  63. Then we listen’d as the Slap of Oars drew closer.
  64. With a slap of the hand Rudolph stopped the machine.
  65. He raised a hand to slap her and then stopped as a.
  66. When it’ll slap you, you never retake in your life.
  67. She finished her speech with a loud slap on her knees.
  68. She raised her hand to slap Beth just as I walked in.
  69. A gift of half-breed pups would be a slap in the face.
  70. Are you going to slap me? He said, still smiling.
  71. They slap their foreheads when they see his stupidity.
  72. Pangeran Bashir raised his hand to slap her on the face.
  73. The slap stung, producing a perfect imprint of her hand.
  74. Her response made McMasters slap his hand on the table.
  75. He slammed into her, their thighs connected with a slap.
  76. And then he'd slap me on the back and talk about dinner.
  77. She was about to slap me but Arnav took hold of her hand.
  78. We could crush their faces with a mere slap of our hand.
  79. Her eyes stared into his, but she didn’t slap him away.
  80. Then, with a lucky half-cocked slap across the face, Kal.
  81. We both can cook meals that will make you slap your momma.
  82. He nursed a strong desire to slap the hell out of her to.
  83. I slap lids on the condiments and shove them in the fridge.
  84. I heard her slap the salt pork in the pan a good time ago.
  85. He gave me a manly slap on the shoulder to show it was OK.
  86. Therefore the stinging slap across the face surprised him.
  87. He thought he had it, when he lost it with a physical slap.
  88. With a hard slap and a squishing sound the insect fell off.
  89. And most of the time, I am unshaven; I slap on a dollop of.
  90. Karit suddenly felt a hard slap across the back of his head.
  91. The slap by Anderson had awakened such horrible nightmares.
  92. No need to tell you, her comment was like a slap on my face.
  93. With a slap of the reins and a giddap! from Neva, our.
  94. He can still feel the sharp, smarting pain of Maggie's slap.
  95. Shut up Fin, Willow said, giving him a slap on the arm.
  96. After some heated debate and a slap or two, the youngest and.
  97. He'd had people slap up wanted posters and throw him in jail.
  98. Suddenly she felt a sting on her cheek from a slap by Soraya.
  99. Immediately, the boss gave him a strong slap in the face and.
  100. The slap across Ethan’s face came out almost out of nowhere.
  1. Old age was slapping the.
  2. Slapping his face and that.
  3. The slapping increased in tempo.
  4. The slapping came faster and faster.
  5. The face slapping went on for hours.
  6. Hunter slapping the ruler on the desk.
  7. Come, he commanded, slapping his leg.
  8. Slapping at the side of his own head, he.
  9. Hands pulling, pushing, plucking, slapping.
  10. Slapping each of their hands, he said, We.
  11. Slapping her hands over her mouth Leora gasped.
  12. With that, she started slapping him on his face.
  13. So? Tolro said, slapping Muja’s face hard.
  14. Or listened to the rain, slapping on the ground?
  15. The guy really is obsessed with slapping my behind.
  16. You idiot! She replied slapping his shoulder.
  17. I had images of her laughing at me or slapping me.
  18. Ella makes a slapping motion in the air towards Mike.
  19. There was much back slapping for Stinger who looked.
  20. He opened his eyes and witnessed Selar slapping him.
  21. The Professor was getting to his knees and slapping.
  22. Anyway I’m just poundin’ it, slapping her on the.
  23. When he pulled out the slapping stick, no one moved.
  24. The occasional twig slapping her face reminded her to.
  25. Jaxon shook his head, his ears close to slapping Missy.
  26. AAHH! Mark yelled, slapping his hands to his head.
  27. The movement of the slapping waves against the cement.
  28. No! he screamed, his fists slapping the pavement.
  29. Make loud noises by slapping the water with cupped hands.
  30. Golyadkin ended by slapping the real and substantial Mr.
  31. Regarding the slapping of my face, the police knew very.
  32. Flavius first went to his son, slapping him in the back.
  33. Good that, Chuck said, slapping Thomas on the back.
  34. Unbelievably, the slapping continued unabated after each.
  35. He, he, he! the bent man cackled slapping his thigh.
  36. She grimaced and turned, slapping her maid’s hand away.
  37. Then it happened! The slapping and bitching out of Timmy.
  38. Just you shush, his mom replied slapping him on the.
  39. All three men were slapping their thighs and laughing hard.
  40. They were careful to know which one they were slapping at.
  41. She mounts you, slapping the sides of your head in a taunt.
  42. Now eat! Hannah said, slapping her hands on her thighs.
  43. His balls began slapping her stomach, his brain heating as.
  44. That’s the spirit! Roy said, slapping me on the back.
  45. Sit here facing the wall, he said, slapping the table.
  46. Are you ok? he asked referring to Michelle slapping me.
  47. Slapping the steering wheel, Locke couldn’t stifle a laugh.
  48. She raced for the first door, feet slapping against the floor.
  49. He jumped his highest and best, slapping a hand onto the rock.
  50. Then he took out his rage on her, slapping her around the room.
  51. Slapping the palms of my hands on the table, I glowered up at him.
  52. Abbey was laughing and slapping the car seat with obvious delight.
  53. She is fine Joey, said Lezura, slapping Redbolt on the hide.
  54. I showed him that I was by slapping him on the back, as if I were.
  55. He took her father’s hand and shook it, slapping him on the back.
  56. Annabeth kept slapping her Yankees cap nervously against her thigh.
  57. The Professor was slapping my cheeks, as if he were trying to swat.
  58. I saw, when waves weren’t slapping me in the face, that the girl.
  59. Next she splashed cold water on Alex’s face, slapping it lightly.
  60. When you are ready, she cackled and began slapping her thighs.
  61. I sped through the path, the branches of the trees slapping my face.
  62. Of course Jesse, my apologies, I laughed, slapping my forehead.
  63. There were sounds of men slapping one another, yelling, and puffing.
  64. I tapped him on the shoulder, before slapping clear across the face.
  65. Put the words in! Chuck yelled, slapping Thomas on the shoulder.
  66. They were always kissing, slapping, grabbing and poking at each other.
  67. They kept saying "Hail King of the Jews!" and they kept slapping Him.
  68. He became aware of reins slapping loosely over his arms and shoulders.
  69. Lucifer was smiling and laughing and slapping his princes on the back.
  70. Listen, Kerr said, slapping the table and leaning toward Conklin.
  71. Rain from the dying storm came in through the window, slapping his face.
  72. C’mon, man, Cloud teased, slapping his friend playfully on the.
  73. The Butcher fired twice at the slapping noise against the kitchen door.
  74. Slapping the hostess across her rump, like she was a common prostitute.
  75. Instead of pleased and laughed uproariously, slapping Hugh on the back.
  76. Nor would my slapping you across the head even though I can’t see you.
  77. She stared up at Carrie, slapping her forehead with the palm of her hand.
  78. He struck out at Richard with open fists, futilely slapping at his face.
  79. You earned it, buddy, I said, slapping him a good one on the shoulder.
  80. Slapping the stick on the counter, Sam shouted, Do you agree with the.
  81. Shay took Richard's hand, shaking it firmly and slapping him on the back.
  82. He heard a small slapping sound, as Spock gave Pon a clip around the ear.
  83. Randy is slapping me on the shoulder and congratulating me again and again.
  84. What‘d you say? he replied, slapping dust from his pants and hands.
  85. The only sound was the slapping of the waves against the side of the ship.
  86. He pinched her nose shut, and held her until she started slapping his hip.
  87. He could have gotten away with slapping him good and hard across the mouth.
  88. The big elf gave a yelp, slapping at his ear, thinking a bug had stung him.
  89. At the far end of the room, John is pacing, his feet slapping on the floor.
  90. Yigal, slapping his sword against his shield shouted, Who goes there?
  91. Who told you this? she said, slapping the palms of her hand on the table.
  92. Standing to his feet, Sam wished he had his slapping stick with him for the.
  93. Winthrop went around the room table to table slapping each woman in the face.
  94. Then slapping me softly on my back, he suggested that we go see the jugglers.
  95. He flung the door open, slapping on the light to reveal a row of coats within.
  96. The sounds of pages flipping and slapping were heard as the assembled readers.
  97. She was stamping her feet, running on the spot, slapping her feet in hysteria.
  98. Donna turned to him as he grabbed her, slapping him, then scratching his face.
  99. I’ll keep them in line, Vicky, he says, slapping Michael on the shoulder.
  100. Caesar ignored the words and drank, slapping his own coin on the table as he went.
  1. It slapped on the table.
  2. John slapped on the door.
  3. He got up and slapped her.
  4. She slapped his hand away.
  5. The dog door slapped shut.
  6. We must have slapped each.
  7. She slapped me for that one.
  8. She slapped him on the back.
  9. The captain slapped his knee.
  10. Rob slapped his own forehead.
  11. I sighed and slapped my legs.
  12. He actually slapped his knee.
  13. I slapped Charlie on the knee.
  14. Then she slapped her forehead.
  15. Llurdis slapped at her hands.
  16. He slapped another brass pole.
  17. Nathan slapped him on the back.
  18. I slapped her across the face.
  19. He waved and slapped the side.
  20. She slapped me across the face.
  21. He slapped her across the face.
  22. He slapped me around the head.
  23. Sabina slapped him on the arm.
  24. Yes! She slapped his arm.
  25. She slapped him across the face.
  26. He slapped him across the face.
  27. Seeing this Tapas slapped him.
  28. She could have slapped herself.
  29. She slapped him on his shoulder.
  30. Thad slapped a hand on the desk.
  31. She slapped him hard on the ass.
  32. His hands slapped at the floor.
  33. Well!’ She slapped her knees.
  34. Jon slapped him across the face.
  35. Then he slapped the guy on the.
  36. Banks slapped his hands together.
  37. The thrown apple slapped my hand.
  38. Jane became angry and slapped Mr.
  39. Madeline would have slapped him.
  40. Goll slapped Erlandr on the back.
  41. He laughed and slapped his thigh.
  42. Emily slapped his arm, Behave.
  43. Fran slapped her across the face.
  44. He grinned and slapped his hands.
  45. His body slapped the ground hard.
  46. One man was slapped by his woman.
  47. Books slapped him on the shoulder.
  48. Hurd slapped his hand on the desk.
  49. Uncle Roran slapped Aesa’s horse.
  50. She cackled and slapped her thighs.
  51. Ilona slapped the back of her head.
  52. Glor laughed and slapped the table.
  53. He slapped his face with his hand.
  54. She’d never been slapped before.
  55. Kitara slapped it out of his hands.
  56. He got up and slapped her.
  57. He slapped her hard across the face.
  58. The General slapped his face again.
  59. Clemens slapped him on the arm, hard.
  60. His free hand slapped her face hard.
  61. Doris slapped her hard on the bottom.
  62. He blinked as if she’d slapped him.
  63. He slapped it on top of his.
  64. Then Sue slapped me on the side of.
  65. Pjodarr laughed and slapped his knee.
  66. She slapped him again and shouted:.
  67. She slapped him hard across the face.
  68. Connor laughed and slapped his knee.
  69. Manda slapped her hand over her mouth.
  70. He smiled and slapped Julius on the.
  71. She slapped him on the cheek, gently.
  72. Barnett slapped his hand on the table.
  73. She slapped him lightly on the cheek.
  74. Auberge slapped his palm on the table.
  75. O'Molloy slapped the heavy pages over.
  76. He reared back as though I slapped him.
  77. Houston slapped his father on the back.
  78. Slapped the mate with a broken heart;.
  79. Edger Hoover all this power, slapped.
  80. Brian slapped his hand on his forehead.
  81. Will slapped his own hand to his mouth.
  82. You’d have thought I’d slapped him.
  83. A hand had slapped the back of my head.
  84. Graham slapped his face with his palm.
  85. He slapped my bum and demanded access.
  86. The footfalls slapped slower and closer.
  87. Behrens slapped himself on the forehead.
  88. Stephi snorted and slapped her shoulder.
  89. A pair of 2x4's being slapped together.
  90. She scratched, she kicked, she slapped.
  91. He slapped the pool with his tail and.
  92. White slapped his hand down on the desk.
  93. Barron slapped his hat against his knee.
  94. She laughed and slapped him on the back.
  95. Hard he slapped Teller across the face.
  96. She shrank back like he had slapped her.
  97. Merthin looked as if he had been slapped.
  98. I slapped a hundred on the desk for her.
  99. Sarah Proud slapped him on the shoulder.
  100. Kitara slapped his hand to make him stop.
  1. She slaps him on the arm.
  2. Then he slaps my ass hard.
  3. He slaps John the back, smiling.
  4. Hard, urgent slaps on the concrete.
  5. He suavely slaps his Nokia to his ear.
  6. Nature slaps us in the face for hiding.
  7. We went back-and-forth with our slaps.
  8. The pilot of the recon jet slaps his knees.
  9. After a while slaps would turn to punches.
  10. Elmer is awoken by a series of quick slaps.
  11. What? Lynn slaps her fork on the table.
  12. Gregory slaps me hard on the back and laughs.
  13. I gave that creep three slaps across the face.
  14. He slaps a large pack of photos on the counter.
  15. He opens his fist and gently slaps Cass’ face.
  16. Her skin was still twitching from recent slaps.
  18. Zombies inside… He slaps himself in the head.
  20. Q: What should I do when a man slaps me on my face?
  21. He slaps Cass on the back, turns, and then walks away.
  22. The meat plops onto the dirt in a tumble of wet slaps.
  23. Then he slaps himself, because that's a Eugene thing to do.
  24. A few soft slaps then building up, left to right and down.
  25. A young man appears behind Joanna and slaps her on the back.
  26. I bobbed and weaved, ducked, and blocked several slaps, but.
  27. Here, don't keep me waiting, damn you! (He slaps her face).
  28. Listen! Noah slaps his hand against the plate of glass.
  29. Zem gave me a few light slaps on the shoulder and then left.
  30. Benjamin chuckles and slaps an arm around his son’s shoulder.
  31. Then he says, „Get on your knees, bitch! and he slaps her.
  32. She pushes me away and slaps my hands, my body but not a peep.
  33. He pulls her up by the arm and slaps her hard across the face.
  34. When i saw that the Professor was going to lay some slaps on my.
  35. Anyway, Julie was still cryin, and JB goes up and slaps her.
  36. Kemp slaps Josh on the back of the head, Dude you are such a dork.
  37. Imran gave another set of slaps on his face and expressed his views.
  38. Violently desperate, she slaps his face, but he won’t come around.
  39. Thus the greatest amount of the energy of my slaps results in sound.
  40. It was futile gesture, marked by the slaps of a man standing over him.
  41. She looks at me and slaps me with her claws, and then she pulled my hair.
  42. In one step he’s in front of me and he slaps me with the flat of his hand.
  43. A baby chimp reaches for the wrong plant, the mother chimp slaps its hands.
  44. As a result the helpless David had rain of fist blows and slaps once again.
  45. The older man smiles slaps the younger on the back almost knocking him over.
  46. Christina shrieks so loud I almost jump out of my skin and slaps at her cheeks.
  47. The sound of wet leather slaps the slippery stones with each of his lonely steps.
  48. The sound of shrill laughter, slaps, kisses, and whispers mingled with the singing.
  49. Corey slaps his hands to his cheeks and opens his mouth in fright, Home Alone style.
  50. Puller rose too and the two men exchanged a prolonged hug accompanied by back slaps.
  51. The air slaps him in the face and he holds still for a moment to let his head clear.
  52. My, the way the king's eyes did shine! He slaps the duke on the shoulder and says:.
  53. Oi stop the slaps! She! Can answer for herself… I only want to try a little bit.
  54. Sammy slaps on the control panel and pauses the animated film and walks to the minibar.
  55. But before he could complete the sentence Abu Sayaf rained fist blows and slaps on him.
  56. Stepping toward me, she slaps my face, the way wives do to cheating husbands in movies.
  57. He holds his chin up too high as he slaps Orcher’s shoulder and laughs through his teeth.
  58. She listened carefully but all she could hear were the gentle slaps of water upon the shore.
  59. She is so offended by the soldier’s behavior that she screams and slaps him with a soft hand.
  60. Christina turns her arm over and slaps the inside of her elbow until a vein stands at attention.
  61. She grins, slaps Alastair on the arm and tells us to get out of the way, she has coffee to serve.
  62. Anyway, I have slowed down, inevitably, with age and after the many slaps I received in my life.
  63. So in this visible mood Imran in a fist of furry showered slaps in David’s face while saying;.
  64. Suddenly a bloody hand slaps against the back window, I flinch backward, drawing in a sharp gasp.
  65. The roar of the crowd and the random slaps on our backs and high fives from spectators had said it all.
  66. Next to him, in Hoenir’s arms, Mimir says, Wait, now — but Hoenir slaps a hand over his mouth.
  67. Ryodan takes the knife from the desk, grabs her by the wrist and slaps the hilt into the palm of her hand.
  68. Quick as a flash Amin’s hand struck his face delivering two strong slaps that knocked him to the ground.
  69. Imran became sentimental and moved forward and then a rain of slaps again started on David’s face and head.
  70. He was a gentle person and did not, for a moment, consider bestowing those much-needed slaps on his wifes face.
  71. Al almost drops Christina, and she slaps her hands around the first thing she can grab, which just happens to be his face.
  72. After that, I do penis slaps, 5 times against one, 5 times against the other thigh, so I could regain circulation in the tissue.
  73. I meet Captain Blitner out front at seven-thirty, and the moment we step inside a man slaps his hand on the counter to greet us.
  74. She reaches to her thigh—reaching for a dagger?—but her hand slaps against the empty leather strap and she comes up frustrated.
  75. Some groggy voices and malformed protests were put down after a few slaps and kicks laid the patients back on their beds for good.
  76. The friend loves at all times, and the brother is born for adversity; the man void of understanding slaps hands, and becomes surety in.
  77. I'll strike you dead at my feet! Then they heard several sounding slaps, and they heard Niels curse back at the rector and call him evil names.
  78. The debater slaps his or her one hand with the other when making a point and inviting another from darkness to light, from confusion to enlightenment.
  79. The first among you who slaps a fifty-dollar bill or its equivalent in singles, fives, and tens in my hand gets to pink-slip this mythological warship home.
  80. There was a burst of applause and general merriment throughout the cavern, as backbreaking slaps by warriors abounded as they anticipated meeting new females.
  81. And then I called the porter, and Karl came, and he took Karl and hit him in the eye; and he hit Henriette in the eye, too, and gave me five slaps on the cheek.
  82. I know it's a fast-moving animal, but that fast? Babsie slaps me on the back with a laugh; mine isn't the first open mouth he's seen among novice antelope hunters.
  83. When they’d been married, there’d been tussles, little slaps upside the head, designed more to infuriate, to remind you of your helplessness, than to really hurt.
  84. He slaps a palm against the door, and as it slides closed, I hear Jo yell, Hey! I said untie me! I never would have come here if I’d known you weren’t Pri-ya!.
  85. The goatherd gave the goat which he held by the horns a couple of slaps on the back, saying, Lie down here beside me, Spotty, for we have time enough to return to our fold.
  86. She slaps the head of my dick then closes her mouth over it in one long perfect slide all the way to the base … does some kind of swirly thing, then an intense suck back out.
  87. They bullied and good naturedly manhandled the girls, petted them and fondle their breasts and behinds on the sly, getting slaps and screams for their efforts and always a good laugh.
  88. The men were amazed that the energy of hand slaps could accumulate to cause such a demonstrable effect and several of them climbed to the steeple in order to slap the bell themselves.
  89. Still glaring at them out of her sunburnt face, she slapped the radio without looking at it, as one slaps a child that cries all day every day and has become an unseen pattern in life.
  90. In other cases, the fund manager waives (or skips charging) management fees, raising the net return—then slaps the fees on later after the high returns attract plenty of customers.
  91. He smiles wide, slaps his knees, and says, That’s the whole game! It’s another useful reminder of why we’re here: to learn how to not get carried away by the clatter of the mind.
  92. Dippa continues looking at the floor too scared to look Steve in the eye, Barney raises his hand and slaps Dippa hard around the back of his head; �Look at the man when he's talking to you.
  93. As the two guards expulsed the two jailers with the help of slaps from the flat of their swords, Pope Nicolas approached the sobbing Vyyn, who was being helped to a sitting position on top of the rack by the captain of the guards.
  94. Unfortunately, his plan was quickly fizzling out, as young Bernard simply got progressively drunk while listening only partly to his mentor, eyeing instead the young and pretty maid of the inn and attracting in return a couple of light slaps from Jean meant to make him listen better.
  95. Oh, I’d been through all the training! I had learned how to interrogate a suspect with intimidation and the application of some force, slaps, dunking heads in water or slaps in the face or sharp jab to the solar plexus and I can remember fighting my conscience over the idea of using any of them.
  96. He opened them suddenly, and resigned the object of dispute; but, ere she had well secured it, he seized her with the liberated hand, and, pulling her on his knee, administered with the other a shower of terrific slaps on the side of the head, each sufficient to have fulfilled his threat, had she been able to fall.
  97. Who is there, who is there, where are you, why am I not seeing you…? he uttered many questions in one breath and his surprising level and fearing level was going to increase moment by moment when he could not see any one in his room but receiving forced slaps on his face again and again while he rubbing his cheeks with his fingers.
  98. The first thing he did was to stretch himself all over, and then he went to where Rocinante was standing and giving him a couple of slaps on the haunches said, I still trust in God and in his blessed mother, O flower and mirror of steeds, that we shall soon see ourselves, both of us, as we wish to be, thou with thy master on thy back, and I mounted upon thee, following the calling for which God sent me into the world.
  99. But tell me, thou perverter of the squirely rules of knight-errantry, where hast thou ever seen or read that any knight-errant's squire made terms with his lord, 'you must give me so much a month for serving you'? Plunge, scoundrel, rogue, monster--for such I take thee to be--plunge, I say, into the mare magnum of their histories; and if thou shalt find that any squire ever said or thought what thou hast said now, I will let thee nail it on my forehead, and give me, over and above, four sound slaps in the face.
  100. It was this: he made a tube of reed sharp at one end, and catching a dog in the street, or wherever it might be, he with his foot held one of its legs fast, and with his hand lifted up the other, and as best he could fixed the tube where, by blowing, he made the dog as round as a ball; then holding it in this position, he gave it a couple of slaps on the belly, and let it go, saying to the bystanders (and there were always plenty of them): "Do your worships think, now, that it is an easy thing to blow up a dog?"--Does your worship think now, that it is an easy thing to write a book?

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