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Bolt en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It was a bolt of.
  2. So I bolt for my life.
  3. She was about to bolt.
  4. Tap the bolt with a hammer.
  5. The bolt had almost gone.

  6. The bolt handle was rusted.
  7. She sent a freeze bolt at him.
  8. Brother Bolt! Come with us to.
  9. He felt the urge to bolt away.
  10. I expect him to bolt for the.
  11. Steve suddenly sat bolt upright.
  12. He sat bolt upright in bed and.
  13. So let what stays bolt, that is.
  14. The bolt threw, the door opened.
  15. Now, though, she wanted to bolt.

  16. To be precise: a lightning bolt.
  17. He set a bolt on the track and.
  18. The lightning bolt flew into it.
  19. The master bolt was still there.
  20. He stooped to bolt the lower bolt.
  21. The bolt rested against the jamb.
  22. Bolt upright lik surgeon M'Ardle.
  23. Held back by the bell and the bolt.
  24. Aakash came to the door to bolt it.
  25. Terry Bolt is on the witness stand.

  26. That meant you needed a bolt hole.
  27. The blue bolt hit him in the chest.
  28. I had a door I could shut and bolt.
  29. My fingers found the bolt without.
  30. Bolt smiles, faces begins to twitch.
  31. The house had an inside bolt so he.
  32. Bolt shakes his head, grins stupidly.
  33. An accurate, bolt action stainless.
  34. The Black Stone didn't need to bolt.
  35. He was white-eyed and ready to bolt.
  36. A bolt of agony jagged up his spine.
  37. I figured this was my chance to bolt.
  38. I went to bolt out of the car to run.
  39. Not even a floating bolt in our way.
  40. A bolt from a crossbow shot past him.
  41. Perhaps, a nut or bolt in the train.
  42. Wynne released the bolt and fell limp.
  43. The smell of oil on a bolt mechanism.
  44. The brass bolt that should have slid.
  45. He sat bolt upright in bed and waited.
  46. The bolt had killed a section of the.
  47. A bolt was drawn and the door flew open.
  48. Conan shut the door but did not bolt it.
  49. Bolt has gone from screaming to moaning.
  50. It was her hit him with a bolt of fever.
  51. I don’t care about the master bolt.
  52. She closed the door but did not bolt it.
  53. He removed a rusted bolt from the gate.
  54. Bolt and the other teachers follow suit.
  55. Greg backed off the steps, ready to bolt.
  56. Get me the bolt cutters, he said.
  57. A lightning bolt would be nice about now.
  58. You told him Hades stole the bolt?
  59. Jim had to bolt his dinner not to be late.
  60. A huge bolt of lightning cut across the.
  61. The red phasor bolt would cut Em in half.
  62. Bolt opens them, begins to thumb through.
  63. The shift leader tightened the final bolt.
  64. Be off, you scoundrel! Let the bolt fall.
  65. Right where the lightning bolt had struck.
  66. A bolt grated and Danglars was a prisoner.
  67. I have an appointment with Tanner Bolt.
  68. He’d bolt the halfway house, living on.
  69. Another bolt left Joshua’s house burning.
  70. Zeus hurled a bolt into the bottomless gulf.
  71. Suddenly Cath sat bolt upright in her chair.
  72. Linder, he might have decided to bolt town.
  73. With a lightning bolt exclamation point!—.
  74. The blankets dropped as he sat bolt upright.
  75. The bolt was finally ripped out of the wall.
  76. What I couldn't work out was how a bolt of.
  77. And don’t try to bolt through that door.
  78. He released a bolt of green acid at the Hive.
  79. Where did that lightning bolt come from?
  80. Smith concentrated on the spring and bolt rod.
  81. Another lightning bolt hit nearer to Pachuco.
  82. I stood opposite, ready to bolt at his signal.
  83. Plus some of the bolt holes ran the wrong way.
  84. The bolt slipped back and the gate swung open.
  85. Bolt wanders into the photo shop with Al Snafu.
  86. The master bolt was in there the whole time.
  87. So I have to find the stupid bolt, I said.
  88. Zeus didn't send that lighting bolt at the car.
  89. They were too astounded at first to bolt below.
  90. After a short while he heard the bolt withdrawn.
  91. It was all he could do not to bolt for the exit.
  92. A bloodied Bolt wakes up, looks about him, dazed.
  93. Then I braced myself for the bolt to hit bottom.
  94. He opened the bolt and was out of sight in ten.
  95. There was no coherent way to bolt them together.
  96. He sat forward on his cot, looking ready to bolt.
  97. He rose and went to the door to bolt and lock it.
  98. The bolt was scarcely drawn, and the door opened.
  99. A bolt of agony vaporised all illusions of safety.
  100. The pulley was catawampus as the last bolt came.
  1. Bolting to get it over.
  2. Ben tried to keep himself from bolting up.
  3. It was all Moses could do to keep from bolting to.
  4. So that’s why! He exclaimed, bolting to his.
  5. Then you are not in the habit of bolting your door.
  6. With the urgency of a bolting animal, he wanted to run.
  7. When the bolting Rottweiler was within a few feet of the.
  8. At home I started bolting the main gate of our house at night.
  9. It was all I could do to keep from bolting upright in my seat.
  10. After bolting his food, Tom joined the others from his intake.
  11. The idea of bolting without a word presented itself to his mind.
  12. They burst the door open just as I was bolting it, and chased me.
  13. Pa held up both hands like he was stopping a team of bolting mules.
  14. He still felt Ash’s eyes on him, still sensed how close she was to bolting.
  15. She made ready for any monstrosity that might come bolting out of the shadows.
  16. I had to keep a firm hold of Peter Pienaar to prevent myself bolting out of that house.
  17. Samsung came to a halt and turned around in time to see Brale bolting through the doorway.
  18. The pain of Lauras bolting gradually faded but a tenuous shadow never completely left me.
  19. That made her think of Cam and wonder how long he was going to stay mad at her for bolting.
  20. She interpreted as an auspicious sign the ability to cross Bowery without bolting for safety.
  21. Diomed! Spiorad capall! I heard an answering bugle and exploded bolting for the stalls.
  22. I turned around, with my nerves still on edge, only to see a lioness bolting out of the tall grass.
  23. After some drilling and bolting, I got the brackets attached to it and then mounted it back on the rover.
  24. Bolting in the opposite direction, he bit open his wrist, dripping a trail of his blood for them to follow.
  25. There was a sudden cessation of sounds in the forest and he was bolting even before Arianell said anything.
  26. She considered bolting, but the passage behind her was clogged with more people who had come to join the crowd.
  27. Like a Shepherd after a bolting ewe – with a gleeful grin for a fresh chase – the trooper sprang to his feet.
  28. Intrigued, they traced his position back to the time when he would have had to keep the horses from bolting away.
  29. But you should know that our dinner companion has a history of bolting at the first sign of emotional complication.
  30. He flew across the water faster than he had ever moved before on any conveyance for he had never ridden a bolting keda.
  31. Carefully he lifted Tarzan to the cot, and then, after closing and bolting the door, he lighted one of the lamps and examined the wound.
  32. Murphy caught sight of the Prince’s group and dropped low to buzz their horses which startled two into bolting and Corwin’s to rear.
  33. The flat top was the mounting plate, which had four holes in it, for bolting to the engine, and a large hole in the middle for the prop shaft to pass through.
  34. Only two things kept me from bolting: Dorian’s presence and his revelation the night before that if she did bite me, it would kill her as surely as it did me.
  35. She thought about bolting upstairs to the full bath, but she was strangely stuck and dumbfounded in the Twilight Zone–like, bathroomless dimension of the first floor.
  36. I made a small sound, so as not to startle her, but instead of bolting away she only stopped and looked at me, sniffing in my direction before slowly continuing toward me.
  37. The black craned his neck to stare into the starlit road behind Conan; but he opened the gate without comment, and closed it again behind the Cimmerian, locking and bolting it.
  38. It would be Vulwulf himself who would at last take action: he would somehow haphazardly make his way to the doors and throw them open, bolting into the rainy night in hopes of ending the attack.
  39. Death to the Great Satan! one youth screamed defiantly from the back of the hall, bolting out the side seconds later, fumbling across a pile of merchandise, spreading it around the ground.
  40. I was strapped securely to as wild and unmanageable a thoat as I had ever seen, and, with a mounted warrior on either side to prevent the beast from bolting, we rode forth at a furious pace in pursuit of the column.
  41. Dreams of Party immortality and political history-making have been replaced with tiny nightmares; nightmares that are not of the kind to have you bolting upright in the middle of the night in a cold sweat screaming in fear.
  42. The ambiguous cheering from outside the car mutated inside Byron’s head into one big cheer for him, suitably deluded he finally stepped from the car accompanied, and guarded against bolting, by the beautiful Flower and Candy.
  43. In order that he might awaken early he did not close the shutters, but contented himself with bolting the door and placing on the table an unclasped and long-pointed knife, whose temper he well knew, and which was never absent from him.
  44. And what had determined him? Less the opportunity of an insight into grinding and bolting than the casual fact that lodgings were to be obtained in that very farmhouse which, before its mutilation, had been the mansion of a branch of the d'Urberville family.
  45. The traffic was in full swing, the crowds were swirling noisily around the Midan El Tahrir, on foot, in honking cars and bolting bicycles; people clambering on and alighting off leaning, overstuffed buses where you could not believe another single, harassed human being would fit in.
  46. The meal was passed in commonplace talk of what he had been doing during the morning at the Abbey Mill, of the methods of bolting and the old-fashioned machinery, which he feared would not enlighten him greatly on modern improved methods, some of it seeming to have been in use ever since the days it ground for the monks in the adjoining conventual buildings—now a heap of ruins.
  1. I bolted for the exit.
  2. Bubba bolted up to me.
  3. She bolted into the wood.
  4. Carlos bolted to the door.
  5. The door had been bolted.
  6. I bolted out of the room.
  7. As the silly filly bolted.
  8. A chill bolted up her arm.
  9. He bolted for the bathroom.
  10. We bolted inside the cabin.
  11. She bolted the French lock.
  12. They bolted for Tony's pad.
  13. He wasn't fooled and bolted.
  14. The men bolted for the doors.
  15. Rosemary bolted off the chair.
  16. The fossil bolted out of her.
  17. The horse shrieked and bolted.
  18. Alan bolted upright out of bed.
  19. He bolted back towards the tent.
  20. He shut the door and bolted it.
  21. Otherwise he might have bolted.
  22. Something bolted from the woods.
  23. He bolted towards the parking lot.
  24. But now it was locked and bolted.
  25. The rat bolted down a small hole.
  26. He bolted his iron fist at Darek.
  27. He had bolted that door securely.
  28. What? He bolted off the bed.
  29. Automatically she bolted the door.
  30. My income bolted to over $3000 a.
  31. He had bolted with money, they say.
  32. He bolted upstairs to the top deck.
  33. Fred shut and double bolted the door.
  34. Felix and Alyssa bolted for the exit.
  35. He bolted first, as I understand it.
  36. Okay! Henry bolted to the door.
  37. Holly bolted up to a sitting position.
  38. Ellie turned and bolted for the door.
  39. I BOLTED UP, confused but also afraid.
  40. He bolted inside with his gun raised.
  41. I only turned and bolted out the door.
  42. An inner door stood closed and bolted.
  43. I looked back at the bolted metal door.
  44. They jumped, they bolted from the tent.
  45. Without thinking I bolted for the door.
  46. Sierra bolted upright with a loud gasp.
  47. All kinds of things could be bolted on.
  48. I bolted to the door and then opened it.
  49. Then, as one, they had suddenly bolted.
  50. The three men bolted for the lift shaft.
  51. Sam hurled himself against the bolted.
  52. Sam turned and bolted back down the path.
  53. He bolted for the front room and the exit.
  54. Once it roosted chickens: bolted wooden.
  55. I bolted out of Bed and ran to the Window.
  56. Tarak bolted up as the memory spilled out.
  57. A couple of things didn’t get bolted on.
  58. There were two doors; he bolted them both.
  59. I shut the main entrance door and bolted it.
  60. I pushed him away and bolted from the room.
  61. I bolted out of bed landing onto the carpet.
  62. Carl sprang to his feet and bolted blindly.
  63. After a moment, he suddenly bolted upright.
  64. He gave a quick nod and bolted for the door.
  65. I hit one of them twice and they both bolted.
  66. She bolted back downstairs to the living room.
  67. When they bolted through the doors and back.
  68. The town sign was bolted on a metallic arch.
  69. Hogg bolted off in the direction of the beach.
  70. I bolted up the stairs and into the wheelhouse.
  71. The trio of bandits stood trapped, then bolted.
  72. Cast away your bolted doors; prepare to move.
  73. She bolted onward as though they did not exist.
  74. The beast bolted onward and soon, it was gone.
  75. Somebody bolted the chamber's door behind him.
  76. She bolted out of Alexis Nihon Plaza and came.
  77. The door was hastily shut and bolted, he noted.
  78. Rose was breathing hard as she bolted straight.
  79. They bolted up the steps as fast as they could.
  80. Petra bolted up from her bench, heart thumping.
  81. Then I bolted, for fear I should forget myself.
  82. The dog turned around and bolted out of the room.
  83. Stacey bolted upright in his seat, then relaxed.
  84. Without warning, Chip bolted towards the officer.
  85. The engine was bolted back inside the motor well.
  86. Doors were bolted, everything went deathly silent.
  87. Rex bolted out of his chair Are you crazy?
  88. He bolted like a wild horse and tried to leap out.
  89. Janelle seized them and bolted for the front door.
  90. On the contrary, said I, I bolted my door.
  91. To my amazement, it was neither locked nor bolted.
  92. Ish bolted the door and blocked it with the sofa.
  93. There was a TV bolted to one corner of the ceiling.
  94. The cowboy did as instructed as Bellerophon bolted.
  95. With the only visible exit bolted shut, it looked.
  96. He bolted upright on the bed and his arm stung him.
  97. That and the fact that she’d just bolted down a.
  98. One minute it was bolted and the other minute , it.
  99. So he packed up his homies and he bolted outa there.
  100. Yeltsa struggled to her feet and bolted for the door.
  1. There were no bolts now.
  2. Bolts leaned over towards Mrs.
  3. The guard leaves, bolts the door.
  4. The hook and bolts were actually.
  5. He shot bolts of red lightning at.
  6. The bolts on the sign were missing.
  7. Electric bolts writhed from the rift.
  8. Both were provided with heavy bolts.
  9. The nuts and bolts of MLP investing.
  10. The bolts? No, I told him about them.
  11. I got new dead bolts for the doors.
  12. Reuben gently took the bolts from Wendy.
  13. Lightning bolts are striking to the east.
  14. The bolts of the Dagonites shattered them.
  15. He steps silently aside and Loki bolts in.
  16. Listen, he’s put new bolts on the door.
  17. Spinning quickly, Amy bolts towards her car.
  18. The Nuts and Bolts of Creating Your Product.
  19. Once again red phasor bolts lit up the dawn.
  20. Electric bolts sparked off of her fingertips.
  21. When you look at the bolts they look the same.
  22. Aiden's bolts of energy had actually connected.
  23. Several more times the bolts continued their.
  24. With doves on her shoulders or lightning bolts.
  25. The bolts were unnecessary, or should have been.
  26. Theo fumbled with the bolts, his hand trembling.
  27. I needed holes where the bolts would pass through.
  28. I added the spare bolts to my hardware stockpile.
  29. How many ships do you think have these bolts?
  30. The disruptor bolts did indeed hit the accumulator.
  31. The bolts would have spun off within an hour’s.
  32. After April some of the bolts were the wrong bolts.
  33. They guided their barrage of electric bolts at Tiamat.
  34. She undoes both dead bolts and opens the door halfway.
  35. Both bolts were completely consumed by the explosion.
  36. Whatever the reason, their bolts fell uselessly short.
  37. Lightning bolts were striking to the ground over the.
  38. He explained about the stop sign and the sheared bolts.
  39. The bolts of the Harad Ghul struck Taliesin and Sharon.
  40. Who shot the bolts into him and was it done on purpose?
  41. He loosened the bearing bolts and pulled out the piston.
  42. Flee from this zone or contend with our stun bolts!.
  43. The burden was then shifted to the remaining four bolts.
  44. He carefully undid the four cover bolts and lifted it off.
  45. The shackles had bolts on them to hold wrists and ankles.
  46. Magic bolts flared towards me as soon as they sighted me.
  47. Haze bolts in front of the boys and makes her way to the.
  48. She felt in her pocket for the bolts, padlock and small.
  49. Theo had just got one of the bolts almost into its socket.
  50. We can loosen the bolts and then slide the seats together.
  51. He unleashed a volley of electric bolts at a high velocity.
  52. After unlocking all the bolts and locks, he led her inside.
  53. And flying this rusty bag of bolts is Eleanor Rothfield.
  54. First heavy clevis bolts were drilled into the rear of the.
  55. The lock and security bolts of the door to the garden had.
  56. What would Robin do then? He had only two bolts in his bow.
  57. The black rat walked up to the grate and took off the bolts.
  58. This bucket of bolts isn’t the fastest thing on wheels.
  59. They avoid the nuts and bolts and come on with generalities.
  60. He had a feeling that Samsung knew how to avoid phasor bolts.
  61. She reached into her pocket and said, Look at these bolts.
  62. Little one, it appears that you’ve won a bucket of bolts.
  63. Cautiously I placed my foot upon the ladder, testing the bolts.
  64. The Chief Wizard of the Dire Queen was covered in energy bolts.
  65. All bolts on all work done before April were the correct bolts.
  66. He bolts down the tangled alleyways through rubbish-strewn gaps.
  67. I methodically worked my way around removing the bolts and wires.
  68. On a about, and partly to make sure we pick up anyone who bolts.
  69. They found a few of the suspect bolts and quickly replaced them.
  70. He turned to scowl at the creature and let fly bolts of lightning.
  71. Three phasor bolts tore past the spot where his head had just been.
  72. Shortly after, large bolts of fire and lightning came raining down.
  73. It had a blue face with gold hands in the shape of lightning bolts.
  74. Veck banged his fist on the table, his eyes shooting bolts at Nancy.
  75. Tam tried the door once more and then remembered the explosive bolts.
  76. The soldiers unsling their weapons, pull back the bolts to cock them.
  77. They are usually sold with all the mounting brackets, nuts and bolts.
  78. Caymus placed one of Ronan’s bolts in the large crossbow with help.
  79. It took less than a minute to undo the four bolts on the disc housing.
  80. This chapter is going to be the nuts and bolts of the whole operation.
  81. I was shielding myself without understanding the nuts and bolts of it.
  82. He drew the warped bolts and cautiously pulled aside the sagging door.
  83. The caustic, electric bolts overtook two more of the black-robed monks.
  84. Iratus was nearly blinded by the streaking turbo laser bolts that shot.
  85. All told fi fteen had been killed on three shots, and two of the bolts.
  86. Bella was not happy with this and sent lightning bolts that hit the disc.
  87. Blue Javian lightning bolts strike upwards from the vivid colorful ocean.
  88. The phasor turrets Started rapid firing random bolts into the prison yard.
  89. She could hear him pounding on the door with energy bolts at point blank.
  90. Bolts of pain shot through her legs, and they gave way almost immediately.
  91. With all the bolts tight and the electrics sorted, it was time to replace.
  92. Stationed on the top steps, one of the seamen undid the bolts of the hatch.
  93. The shield wall was broken and they proceeded to pound us with their bolts.
  94. She felt some comfort knowing she could replace the bolts without being seen.
  95. The sky appeared to be on fire as more blue bolts had flared in the distance.
  96. She noted that the doors were supplied with bolts, and asked where they led.
  97. Electric bolts from the switch flushed up in white stars a gush of fireworks.
  98. It only pissed me off as the bolts hit me and flared in scintillating lights.
  99. They popped their heads around the corner and started firing red phasor bolts.
  100. He consumed two more bolts in rapid succession and then shot swiftly into the.

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