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Hit en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It was a big hit.
  2. I hit in the cage.
  3. It was a lung hit.
  4. And then it hit me.
  5. At last it hit him.

  6. I had to hit each.
  7. I wanted to hit him.
  8. Then – it hit me.
  9. There, I hit a wall.
  10. And then it hit him.
  11. My jaw hit the floor.
  12. He wanted to hit her.
  13. She hit it and the.
  14. I hit away from him.
  15. India had hit a six.

  16. A stale smell hit me.
  17. Hit him with his car.
  18. Every shot was a hit.
  19. She hit upon me,' I.
  20. As it hit, the head.
  21. This was a slick hit.
  22. A wave of energy hit.
  23. Of course I hit her.
  24. I would have hit it.
  25. Then you are hit and.

  26. For the year, he hit.
  27. It will hit hard and.
  28. Even after he hit me.
  29. He was hit by a truck.
  30. I should have hit him.
  31. And Roy hit the phone.
  32. It really hit me hard.
  33. I hit the ground hard.
  35. The drink hit the spot.
  36. Then he hit a roadblock.
  37. I hit her way too hard.
  38. We were not hit at all.
  39. A roof title hit me.
  40. John hit the white ball.
  41. I hit her another ball.
  42. I hit the glass harder.
  43. I wanted to hit a wall.
  44. Ryan wanted to hit him.
  45. She hit the lock button.
  46. We hit it off famously.
  48. My third hit the twenty.
  49. He hit the search button.
  50. It will hit later today.
  51. We need to hit the road.
  52. That’s when it hit me.
  53. Next time, hit a rock.
  54. He hit the enter button.
  55. It hit him in the chest.
  56. That’s when it hit him.
  57. It also hit home for me.
  58. She never hit the ground.
  59. You could have been hit.
  60. Then he hit the jack-pot!.
  61. I promise I will not hit.
  62. Gina hit him in the ass.
  63. I knew could not hit him.
  64. I felt fast and hit the.
  65. Oh! That hit on top of me.
  66. Then the gold fever hit.
  67. Marv hit the pause button.
  68. Several times they hit a.
  69. And it suddenly hit Lezura.
  70. Both hit the bull’s eye.
  71. By the time Tony hit the.
  72. One of the bullets hit Mr.
  73. It did hit me rather hard.
  74. The tracer hit the motor.
  75. He didn't see what hit him.
  76. He hit the ground with a.
  77. Most of them hit my chest.
  78. Now and then I’d hit a.
  79. But I would have hit it.
  80. I hit the Review Ad button.
  81. Must’ve hit it 50 times.
  82. Andrew offered me a hit.
  83. My head hit the floor hard.
  84. Worm hit the floor with him.
  85. The dart hit the bulls-eye.
  86. The idea hit her like a bat.
  87. Depression hit her like a.
  88. I hit a few to her backhand.
  89. His own sword hit only air.
  90. Owen hit it hard with the.
  91. For the year, he only hit.
  92. I hit the gas and worried.
  93. He told me that the hit I.
  94. She groaned and hit my back.
  95. But then she hit a problem.
  96. He hit the gas and was off.
  97. This hit home with the Saxon.
  98. Then it hit her! What am I.
  99. Then the realization hit him.
  100. A popular beat hit thumped.
  1. He was hitting on me.
  2. I began hitting him on.
  3. Hitting me none too gently.
  4. I shot, hitting its abdomen.
  5. Ben felt like hitting himself.
  6. Hitting the ball in the sand.
  7. Stinky finger of hitting on.
  8. Wow, he’s really hitting it.
  9. He is simply hitting the key.
  10. Think of a bat hitting a ball.
  11. Guys, I’m hitting the sack.
  12. That is why he is hitting his.
  13. Hitting the floor with a thump.
  14. Hitting the kid had, for some.
  15. Lucas, hitting him over the head.
  16. Sports teaches hatred by hitting.
  17. But now I am hitting the streets.
  18. No more hitting or name-calling.
  19. Hitting is hurting: Hitting hurts.
  20. Ty kept hitting Frances with his.
  21. It is hitting below the intellect.
  22. Rojan swung hard, hitting the dais.
  23. Several of them were hitting Harry.
  24. After all, hitting someone in the.
  25. The nervy bastard was hitting on me.
  26. While you're hitting on her, this.
  27. I went there to stop hitting on her.
  28. He pauses before hitting the lobby.
  29. Also hitting the floor was The Book.
  30. That was when he started hitting me.
  31. That’s low, hitting a coffee place.
  32. My jaw nearly hitting the floor in.
  33. He was dead before hitting the floor.
  34. Eat before hitting the grocery store.
  35. Plan on hitting it close to the hole.
  36. I’m hitting the rack for a while.
  37. As I ran, my legs kept hitting the bag.
  38. When that"s done, I"m hitting the sack.
  39. Hitting the road, and not looking back.
  40. The chances of hitting the guy….
  41. I was hitting a thousand over the fence.
  42. As mentioned earlier, hitting on women.
  43. The third shot goes wild, hitting no one.
  44. I just kept hitting him and hitting him.
  45. He tried hitting it at a different angle.
  46. Ten top tips to stop my hitting him back.
  47. I tried hitting the keys a little lighter.
  48. The one that was always hitting on Garcia.
  49. The waves were hitting me in the back now.
  50. Pippen: They were hitting the bids so hard.
  51. Jack didn't even remember hitting the bed.
  52. Better than hitting the bottle, I thought.
  53. He died not long after hitting the ground.
  54. Tony fell back hitting the wall behind him.
  55. He was really tired of hitting those trees.
  56. He helped his cause with his bat, hitting.
  57. As fast as she was hitting him with these.
  58. She felt like hitting herself over the head.
  59. Some of the droplets were hitting the baby.
  60. So hitting a 6% loss in a month is unlikely.
  61. Yania went to the boy whom they were hitting.
  62. Ziad stopped hitting and stared at the body.
  63. Within five minutes of his head hitting the.
  64. Fraud revelations is hitting hard businesses.
  65. They were beginning to see that hitting the.
  66. The public doesn't know we are hitting there.
  67. Hitting a small clearing in the middle of the.
  68. It was hard hitting, perhaps too hard hitting.
  69. That’s low, hitting a coffee place.
  70. My head rocked back, my skull hitting plaster.
  71. They couldn’t shoot her without hitting him.
  72. You can't throw a stone without hitting water.
  73. And since when have I been hitting girls?
  74. Professor Wilbourn stood erect, hitting his com.
  75. We’re hitting a brick wall with this story.
  76. Kletsova responded by hitting Lenar in the arm.
  78. I kick again, this time hitting her in the face.
  79. Ten top tips to stop my husband from hitting me.
  80. Samantha held on tight and kept on hitting away.
  81. It had sounded like metal hitting off of a rock.
  82. I tested the brackets by hitting them with rocks.
  83. Then, she had to start hitting the books really.
  84. This may result in Fiat hitting the lottery if U.
  86. Hitting the vacuum was like hitting a brick wall.
  87. The paper would be hitting the streets the next.
  88. She ran the light, nearly hitting a station wagon.
  89. The pilot rolled, up and over, hitting the retros.
  90. It feels nice hitting the malls; especially when.
  91. He punched the second, two hard hitting blows to.
  92. You thinking about hitting that? he asked me.
  93. Occasionally they’d hear bullets hitting Ice One.
  94. Czolgolz fired three times, hitting McKinley twice.
  95. Twilly was excited, hitting the climax of his story.
  96. Partisans are hitting the trains, he explains.
  97. It wasn't the actual falling, it was the hitting he.
  98. He’s not hitting on you, is he? Lenar asked.
  99. To Stacy and Rex hitting the trail! we cheered.
  100. But I’d never heard of or seen him hitting a woman.
  1. When that air hits L.
  2. My head hits the tile.
  3. Then he hits the gas.
  4. She hits me on the arm.
  5. A silence hits the room.
  6. While it hits my chair.
  7. Her foot hits the brakes.
  8. We've taken a few hits.
  9. And the dudes selling hits.
  10. Your head hits the ground.
  11. Hits home so bad, that it.
  12. It spins and hits the wall.
  13. And the realization hits me.
  14. Another pause hits the room.
  15. He took a couple hits also.
  16. Sunlight hits the dark cave.
  17. Soon as he hits the street:.
  18. But then, it suddenly hits me.
  19. Something hits me from behind.
  20. He hits Brisbane in the neck.
  21. My husband hits me, Renata.
  22. Unless that asteroid hits us.
  23. I try to duck, but he hits me.
  24. A slight silence hits the room.
  25. Then it hits me: Lick the Pink.
  26. She took other hits with prods.
  27. It hits the floor, convulsing.
  28. When the moon hits your eye.
  29. The first bullet hits the wall.
  30. Realization hits hard and fast.
  31. When the bloody answer hits me.
  32. When the last one hits the hay.
  33. MySpace weirdos than Video Hits.
  34. The expected hits didn’t come.
  35. Count until it hits the bottom.
  36. It hits me then—he wants to die.
  37. When that hits zero? Blast off.
  38. Before the Global Recession Hits.
  39. Only certain people handled hits.
  40. I gasp and my hand hits my mouth.
  41. Something about her words hits me.
  42. A ball hits the floor and bounces.
  43. A thud as the gun hits the floor.
  44. Head hits the floor of this life;.
  45. Most of the hits were on an angle.
  46. Every dollar that hits the ground.
  47. She hits the space with their shot.
  48. Hits fast as a shot of adrenaline.
  49. Teekra hits the mute button, smiles.
  50. His body takes several direct hits.
  51. Another kick hits her in the chest.
  52. The paintball hits my arm, stinging.
  53. Shadow hits the rooftop with a thud.
  54. He hits me again across the buttocks.
  55. And then it hits me: I am not stoned.
  56. And then it hits me: this is my fault.
  57. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks.
  58. When what hits the fan, Mitch?
  59. He hits the bedstead on his way down.
  60. My knee hits something else—a step.
  61. Glacia hits her mark on the fourth try.
  62. Another sprains an ankle when he hits.
  63. AT THE INSTANT the blackout hits, Dr.
  64. Uncle Sam owed me three hits and a cot.
  65. You got hits on the AMBER alert?
  66. A bout of turbulence hits and then we.
  67. A few days later, stock B hits its stop.
  68. His vehicle's rear tire hits a rock in.
  69. It is number of hits that are important.
  70. It hits you and then it can be too late.
  71. A few hits later I realized he was dead.
  72. Directly ordered hits are in the dozens.
  73. We can sit around the fire until it hits.
  74. Not even a ripple when lightning hits it.
  75. The sound hits my head like a hammerblow.
  76. When the shit hits the fan, the Special.
  77. When it hits the mainstream, it’s over.
  78. Al of these actions require critical hits.
  79. This act hits British pride significantly.
  80. He hits the gas pedal and the engine roars.
  81. Stop counting when the second hand hits 3.
  82. And the hits just keep on coming with Prep.
  83. When revelation hits, it hits with a bang.
  84. When revelation comes, it hits with a bang.
  85. Bad news from Wiseman hits Dairy Crest too.
  86. Now get in the car before the storm hits.
  87. The illusion balls up its fist and hits him.
  88. If it hits something solid it will explode.
  89. When revelation hits, she hits with a bang.
  90. The first CD was non-stop Hindi remixed hits.
  91. I'm not quick enough: it hits a fleshy part.
  92. A share hits the same-ish price three times.
  93. What if she trips and hits her head or---.
  94. The revelation hits him like a wall of water.
  95. It is only when he is angry that he hits her.
  96. If he hits me with that bladder, I may do it.
  97. Luke hits the gym before I'm awake most days.
  98. Hits were easier when the house became quiet.
  99. When enlightenment comes, it hits with a bang.
  100. The prisoner gasps as my face hits the floor.

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