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    1. If they have hit another child,

    2. My parents taught to treat women with respect, that you should always be chivalrous and never hit a woman

    3. "How big is it and where's it going to hit?"

    4. Tom could feel the first impact and then hear a sharp snap as he hit the ground a second time

    5. “Looks like you’re surrounded by the Fourth Wall,” said Frank while he hit his fist into his palm

    6. Then again, Kevin was so inebriated, he would have hit on a mama polar bear if she were drinking next to him

    7. This in turn, will ensure that his long-term finances will not take a hit in case of major medical expenses in his latter years

    8. Toby hit Raj on the shoulder

    9. And if that is did not hit the spot than you sing:

    10. After that man hit him while he was on the job, I remember wanting to find that man and murder him

    1. The opening section of Medical Matters hits hard and fast – like an unintentional [?] simulation of the actual diagnosis and treatment

    2. The relevance of what I have said suddenly hits me – dear God, how could I have missed that?

    3. the Seven hits the Nine

    4. When the moist warm air from the tropics arrives in the polar regions, it hits the cooler temperatures and condenses as snow

    5. ‘Damn you! Leave me alone!’ I cried, hanging up with a crash as the handset hits the base unit

    6. doostEr was also already off the rockosaur's seat as Tahlmute said, "If you can see a meteor before it hits you, it missed, you have no chance of getting out of its way

    7. There’s a tap at the door and she hits the mute button

    8. BOOM! The airplane hits a sharp bumb and some of the cargo shifts

    9. BOOM! The plane hits another seemingly intense bump

    10. The plane hits some more intense bumps in rapid

    1. Raising the cup to my lips, I drink my coffee, the hot liquid hitting me hard, while the Inspector outlines what happened last Monday evening

    2. Theo weaved at break neck speed before hitting a stop go section of road works

    3. Within five minutes of his head hitting the

    4. raises his fist against my hitting my face again and again

    5. As I relieved myself the sound of liquid hitting the sides of the bucket burst the bubble of silence in my cell

    6. The sound of a blind man being hurried along, hitting his head on a door frame

    7. They would have to wait a thousand years to sow human seed after hitting the planet with this snowball, as far from habitability as the Centorin project was today

    8. Most of the traffic was actually hand-paddled kayaks, in places so thick the clack of paddles hitting each other was common

    9. JJ returned some ten minutes later, his appearance hitting Kara harder even than she’d anticipated

    10. hitting the pavement, teardrops

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    hit bang smash smasher strike hitting striking collision rack up score tally pip shoot collide with impinge on run into attain reach arrive at gain make come to stumble bump off dispatch murder off polish off remove slay achievement success knockout click wow blow punch rap stroke bash whack thrash flail kick buffet achieve accomplish win affect fit befit suit touch find discover happen upon come upon meet with crash clash collide knock bump butt jostle