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    1. But Zamir was never involved in skin-trade, at least not the kind that I specialize in

    2. specialize in the mechanics of body movement know

    3. marketing to specialize in specific areas, they are more likely to stand out

    4. She knew a fair bit about these things as Nathan loved and collected old leather bound books, and she’d had to study textiles for her Home Economics degree and as part of the textiles course she’d chosen to specialize in corsetry and embroidery as well as leather work

    5. More pointedly, you and Rufus both specialize in services to children, be it art or reading

    6. He had not had a chance to specialize in any particular field, and this was an opportunity for him to learn oral and maxillofacial surgery

    7. We were learning to specialize

    8. Agriculturally, Greece would eventually specialize in grapes and olives

    9. He would shoot for a career in teaching and writing, and would specialize in rebalancing revised American history wherever he found it, as one part of the reconstruction of American culture

    10. specialize in oilfield and construction

    1. This new gang specialized in making money from all the trades that even the DMS found taboo; child porn, the use of child 'warriors', organ 'donation' and of course always the latest and hardest drugs

    2. So, that was my reward for the hard, specialized and unpaid work of one and a half month: The guru talked to me for ten whole minutes (something unprecedented within the five years in total I have attended Janus), he advised me to wear more modern clothes and nicer glasses, and he made clear that men avoid me because of my high intelligence and strong personality

    3. Yeah, she’d taught elementary reading a dozen times in Yoonbarla, but almost all of her student hours of teaching were at university level and most were specialized in the history of the yandrille

    4. state has specialized institutions for it

    5. are even specialized bookstores

    6. specialized in the field they will be most

    7. specialized paper with a (company) logo or name printed at the top

    8. Of course if you are selling very unusual goods, you will want to consult specialized treatments of your issues, but for selling most items from Cadillacs to Cracker Jacks, these nine will do the job

    9. Each phase is a diferent type of specialized tool that, used in sequence or in conjunction with the other tools (phases), will attack every area of your bodybuilding

    10. The American workforce will need to become properly schooled and trained in order to meet the specialized requirements of an increasingly high-tech global market environment or otherwise run the risk of having their jobs outsourced

    1. I’ll illustrate the point with David, who’s an agent specializing in house sales and subdivision development

    2. Doktor Tomasz Zaletski is a metallurgist, specializing in development of certain metals that are used to make tubing that is used in certain other specialized research

    3. There are many af iliates specializing in driving traf ic and they are always looking for

    4. aspirations of specializing in Finance

    5. Although, she was specializing in Food Science and Technology at Ventura College she clearly liked nerdy stuff

    6. Specializing in the rehabilitation of all animals

    7. a yoga Master, specializing in the death process, says that during this

    8. That includes entering medical school, marrying young to Anne (with whom I have a fantastic relationship), going abroad (USA) to do an internship, signing up for the Congo, specializing in O&G, sub-specializing in reproductive endocrinology and entering an academic career, and ultimately getting off the beaten path

    9. “He trained with a Marine unit specializing in hand-to-hand combat

    10. Taking the receipt for her acquisitions from the most renowned publishing house specializing in military affairs, Nancy thanked the sales woman and grabbed her heavy case without apparent effort and left the store

    1. store specializes in the sale of fur and leather

    2. He specializes in shooting images of people and places in a way that tells their stories or sells a product

    3. Christine Wyly, an Amarillo resident for thirty nine years, works as a REALTOR® who specializes in residential properties

    4. It took place at a restaurant that specializes in Mediterranean food

    5. The Hindrance specializes in such deception

    6. As in the example of an attorney, one who specializes in, say,

    7. to work with someone that primarily specializes in that

    8. that the company specializes in

    9. "That's the arm of the KGB that specializes in eliminating people," he said

    10. Someone you must meet -- Patty Reed, a writer who specializes in wrecked ships, west coast legends, lore of the sea, and all that stuff

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