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Stall en una oración (en ingles)

1. But in an ox's stall.
2. She had to stall them.
3. So I decided to stall.
4. I felt the stall, and.
5. We were in a stable stall.
6. They were all at the stall.
7. Kristen sat on a stall bench.
8. Under a board, in the stall.
9. Don’t want to stall her.
10. This stall was beginning to.
11. She pointed at a nearby stall.
12. Do you see that lemonade stall.
13. Ginger was not in her stall.
14. In a roomy stall they put Betty.
15. But I sat in a stall and cried.
16. The groom was in a closed stall.
17. Toney just stared into the stall.
18. I put Bubba in a stall for then.
19. Matthew just stands at the stall.
20. Latch the stall door, slide under.
21. The boy went to find another stall.
22. He stood and went to a shower stall.
23. Take off one-third on a stall at 13.
24. She needed to try something to stall.
25. See if you can stall the Bishop’s.
26. He watched her dance over to the stall.
27. Flaherty finally slowed at a rug stall.
28. Their only hope was to stall for time.
29. As we arrived at Ranger’s stall, we.
30. We were approaching the ice-cream stall.
31. He came to a stall that caught his eye.
32. Patra was kicking at the stall angrily.
33. They still have the potential to stall.
34. Republished by Strand Book Stall, Mumbai.
35. That was what nature had in stall for us.
36. I stall by busying myself with throwing.
37. They were coming towards their tea stall.
38. That was my cue to enter the shower stall.
39. Caris stopped at her own father’ s stall.
40. Few, if anyone, could stall his ‘run’.
41. She would rear up in her stall if a human.
42. There was nothing more I could do to stall.
43. I was alone in a wet, empty car wash stall.
44. His four children were helping at his stall.
45. She couldn’t have the engine stall on her.
46. Did you put some more hay in her stall?
47. She hurried to his stall and hugged his neck.
48. Jeff grimaced as he stood in the shower stall.
49. Each have a stall and come in to it each day.
50. Do you like it? asked the stall keeper.
51. I exited my shower stall and then went over.
52. I ran quickly to Rahamed chacha’s tea stall.
53. Each bar in that stall area represents a day.
54. Then he saw Wulfric, at the back of the stall.
55. Then he realised, didn’t the engine stall?
56. There was a stall at the very back of the barn.
57. Emily was leading the Arabian out of the stall.
58. The stall was also roofless and lit by the sun.
59. What the fuck is a stall? Cassidy replied.
60. My stall was all that Director Hesidence needed.
61. The first was to stall and the second curiosity.
62. He heard Billy whispering hoarsely in the stall.
63. It’s ok, he said, closing the stall door.
64. Her full intent was to stall as long as possible.
65. The stall owners all seem to wear red and white.
66. Checking every stall and finding them empty, he.
67. But her butt ran into the back door of the stall.
68. She dripped with sweat as she cleaned the stall.
69. We all know that a manger is the food stall for.
71. He cranked the engine and backed out of the stall.
72. He hadn’t rattled his stall once in the last day.
73. I slithered out of my shower stall and then crept.
74. In a few hurried steps she was at Perkin’s stall.
75. Campbell could see her through a crack in the stall.
76. Curley's wife came around the end of the last stall.
77. An old shower stall stood in the corner of the room.
78. And I directly went to Rahamed chacha’s tea stall.
79. A maintenance man vacuuming the stall winked at her.
80. His stall was chock full of all manner of jewellery.
81. It was Glover the jeweller waving me from his stall.
82. The puppeteers’ stall had been knocked on its side.
83. Brian learned the hard way as to what a stall means.
84. Shah Bano’s father had a tea stall down the valley.
85. Ed peered over the stall at her and nickered softly.
86. Get it in by the stove while I put Tessa in a stall.
87. She opened the stall and turned, This one's yours.
88. But was that a stall? Perhaps they tried to get back.
89. She closed a stall and walked out without the shield.
90. This will delay or stall the progression of our life.
91. Curley’s wife came around the end of the last stall.
92. The gates of each starting stall open simultaneously.
93. Well, there are some on the stall with the gas-flare.
94. And the computer says to put him in stall number eleven.
95. The stallion in the adjoining stall was also terrorized.
96. He decided to grab a bite at a stall selling fried fish.
97. Silas found the stall where the retching was coming from.
98. Mariana runs from the stall, she is the first to hug him.
99. Opening the stall, he slid out, giving way for the canine.
100. Samara put the car in reverse and backed out of his stall.
1. She was stalling and 195.
2. I was stalling, not winning.
3. Jevan had been stalling too.
4. He was stalling and he knew it.
5. By the way, I know your stalling.
6. It was almost as if he was stalling.
7. The reason was that she was stalling.
8. He was teasing her, stalling for time.
9. Stalling when looking behind, a natural.
10. He is stalling, I said to the others.
11. I think he was just stalling until she left.
12. FBI agents became convinced he was stalling.
13. His flat stare said he knew she was stalling.
14. Randall thanks a million for stalling them.
15. It’s part of why the lawsuit is stalling out.
16. She hadn’t been the only one stalling for time.
17. Connie is stalling, hoping he will pass out quickly.
18. She was stalling, waiting for someone else to arrive.
19. I was stalling; I needed more time to think about this.
20. Duana pivoted, stalling, and threw the ball straight up.
21. It’s just a matter of stalling time, said Helios.
22. Sientia thought, Why is he stalling to take off??
23. The added ten percent requirement had been a stalling tactic.
24. I’m done with your stalling, prepare to die, Morgan said.
25. She knew he was stalling her, dragging her into a long conversation.
26. Great question, said Rip, sensing an opportunity for stalling.
27. I glanced around the room, stalling, trying to make sense of it all.
28. She turned, and she abruptly knew why Hollowcrest had been stalling.
29. What about the Clan? I asked, stalling while I figured this out.
30. Many school districts solved the issue by stalling to make any changes.
31. Diondra? He was stalling, trying to figure out exactly what I knew.
32. What did you say, ma’am? he asked, stalling for time to think.
33. His attack aircraft was now quickly losing speed and was close to stalling.
34. Still, this would act as a choke, and maybe prevent stalling of the engine.
35. OK, enough stalling, here are some examples of super foods that should be easy for.
36. Samantha had been puttering around her desk, stalling, waiting for the right moment.
37. Stalling, what could Bane say to justify his outburst earlier? The last time he had.
38. David turned his attention from his phone to Andrew, picking on him by stalling on the.
39. The stalling alarm goes off in the cockpit and the SR-71 quickly takes off at a 20° angle.
40. Carol began stalling for time and said, As near as I can tell, you are going to outlive us all.
41. It meant answering the phone and routing the calls to either Mattie or Annette, or simply stalling.
42. Quit stalling, Ryan, he said to himself as he turned to walk up the walkway to the first house.
43. Ahmed could see that the tradesman was stalling, trying to figure out what price to put on the horse.
44. When the car came to a complete stop following his stalling, he turned back to look and saw nothing.
45. The trade setup would be a stock stalling at a resistance level or threatening to drop through support.
46. It was a rolling-scissors fight, but without gravity or the possibility of stalling, completely pointless.
47. Irritated with Alicia’s stalling tactics, Richard rolled his eyes as he snapped at her through the phone.
48. Gold found some footing and moved higher during the week, stalling at the 20-day simple moving average (SMA).
49. When the Post attempted to discuss them with officials it was greeted with silence, stalling and finally warnings.
50. Take what out? Sammy knew what she meant, but he was still stalling for time so he could think more clearly.
51. Jonathan rammed on the brakes, stalling only inches from a police officer who stood in the street with his arm raised.
52. But Zorandi knew he was stalling, putting off the inevitable moment when he would discover the fate of the passengers.
53. Glaring at Vaughn wasn’t accomplishing much as I straightened my shoulders and notched my chin high, stalling for time.
54. Anthony says that we need to keep up appearances, but it only makes me suspicious of him, and makes me think he is stalling.
55. Everytime prices seemed ready to make a run, they would reverse and decline before turning up again before stalling yet again.
56. Underling was probably at the front of the room stalling for time, waiting for Henry to swoop in and save him with the report.
57. Unless there’s some other evidence we need to consider—legitimate evidence, not stalling tactics—motion to proceed to vote.
58. Garcia explained what she did wrong and had her repeat the process until she could stop without jerking them or stalling the engine.
59. Henry replied that since they were obviously stalling to give their leaders time to raise their army, he would make it easy for them.
60. The prosecutors want to review each and every document before making a decision and frankly I don't blame them for stalling for time.
61. It improved acceleration, which meant you could turn the plane a lot tighter without losing a lot of speed or even stalling into a spin.
62. As the stock attempted to emerge from this base, the first two weeks showed hints of stalling action as volume picked up on the breakout.
63. Sebastian Akers flips through some papers, stalling for time, but he knows the answer as surely as Noah’s lawyer does, as surely as I do.
64. I kept stalling him, and he would console me saying that the ashes of some his late father’s buddies who had been killed in WWII were still on his shelves.
65. She was really just stalling, even though she wouldn't admit it, and any pretense against it was shattered when her phone buzzed and displayed seven new messages.
66. Fern’s scream ran through Elm like a spear, stalling his movement and allowing the Captain to swing him around against the barrier and sink a punch deep into his lower ribs.
67. The conversation carried on like this through our starters (smoked salmon for Lily, salad for Mrs Traynor and me), stalling and moving forward in fits and starts, like someone learning to drive a car.
68. Despite turning as tight as their aircraft would let them without stalling, they still found themselves being easily outturned by their attacker, which they could now recognize as an American F-83 fighter-bomber.
69. On one of the days in the uptrend, volume for the market as a whole will increase from the day before, but the index itself will show stalling action (a significantly smaller price increase for the day compared with the prior day’s price increase).
70. He ended his flight with a low, downwind landing approach, skimming the tops of the trees in the process, flying deep into the valley where he executed a spectacular, high bank, stalling, one hundred and eighty degree, hammerhead turn back into the wind, no more than a hundred feet above the football field, and coolly finished his flight with a pin point landing on the grass, right in the middle of the pack up area.
71. The plan was stalling as far as Honey’s mother was concerned,.
1. For an instant, Time stalled.
2. Wait a second, he stalled.
3. Robbie was stalled with a flat.
4. The truck convulsed, then stalled.
5. Her breathing stalled in her chest.
6. But what? The investigation was stalled.
7. At this point Violet’s thinking stalled.
8. She possibly could have stalled Ron somehow.
9. Julianne paused and wondered why he stalled.
10. His blades finally stalled out, and he rapidly.
11. They were the less restful cows that were stalled.
12. I pulled out of the tight lane of stalled traffic.
13. The air stalled above the girl and swirled gently.
14. A transport had stalled and crashed into a tower.
15. The South has stalled, using Buchanan’s indeci-.
16. I think his truck stalled out, Sebastian said.
17. They wanted the chart tonight, but we stalled them.
18. Robert stalled briefly, and then apologized to Carla.
19. Lit by the headlights of cars stalled by the accident.
20. The breakout was reasonably decisive but soon stalled.
21. The message device that was stalled in the ship tapped.
22. They’d set out to rescue the first group but stalled.
23. He stalled twice before managing to get the car moving.
24. However, changes to the Jones Act had stalled in the House.
25. Movement from within one of the huge larders stalled Hanor.
26. Their reply was stalled by another flash and a ‘whumph’.
27. My brain stalled as I tried to assimilate the unimaginable.
28. His novel had stalled just as he was about to finish it off.
29. But then I stalled, and was suddenly standing stiff, holding.
30. The pills had stalled the immediate need of the heat, but the.
31. I… cannot…, he tried, but the shock of it stalled him.
32. But it was not the stalled investigation that had upset Walden.
33. For some reason the group had stalled in their current location.
34. This pattern is also called a Stalled pattern in some literature.
35. Cloud stalled as Tifa reached Sephiroth, realising in that instant.
36. In late May, prices stalled and started to trade in a narrow range.
37. The company stalled and stalled, then finally sent a payment or two.
38. I grabbed her and pulled up, and threw her sideways, but she stalled.
39. Yet after rising only three weeks, the Dow-Jones Industrials stalled.
40. Carroll’s heart nearly stalled as he gazed at the mountainous stacks.
41. The Tax plan wasn't hopeless, it was just stalled at the starting gate.
42. Then it stalled for 14 months as it could not break above the $78 level.
43. Prices stalled in early March before declining into the early April lows.
44. The Jeep sputtered and started, but then it stalled, refusing to turn over.
45. Initially she had thought that her car had stalled and tried to restart it.
46. With jumper cables her car started, but stalled as soon as they were removed.
47. Sir Richard, before I sign this, he stalled, glancing at Juanita again.
48. She became hopelessly stalled on page twenty-six, which was saturated in pink.
49. Willard stalled for a minute, but Jane wanted an answer and she wanted it now.
50. We figured out where your development was stalled, and we got it moving again.
51. The tape signaled that move had stalled, with massive volume printing into 10.
52. I’ve followed it nearly to completion, but am stalled at this transition.
53. The outcropping stopped its movement backward, and stalled below his brass toes.
54. New England drove the ball steadily downfield but stalled at midfield and punted.
55. He flipped the toggle switch fitted to the fuel pump off and the engine stalled.
56. After a clean breakout, the stock stalled and traded in narrow range for 3 weeks.
57. The street below, full of stalled automobiles, would be a trench of bloody light.
58. The stock stabilized, ran up to $16 and change, backed off a little, and stalled.
59. I stalled a little longer and then at 3 pM I received a second call from his of.
60. However, I stalled for time and the next day I noticed that the schnoz was better.
61. Italy had floundered everywhere, and the Germans were stalled on the Russian front.
62. I thought a car stalled out or something and backed up traffic to Parthenia Street.
63. Urging his mount on, but Hanor’s Kyboe stalled, gawping up and down river as if a.
64. Barnes must have heard me talking, because he’d stalled back there in the hallway.
65. At the start of the 4th quarter, the Atlanta’ drive stalled on the San Francisco 45.
66. The snowmobile stalled just beyond the doors with me and the balloons strapped to it.
67. Smearing sweat-slippery palms on his jeans, he tried to restart his stalled breathing.
68. Seven miles of freight cars were stalled in the sidings between Lakeland and the Port.
69. SF marched the ball across midfield after the kick, but the drive stalled and they punted.
70. Better a dinner of herbs where your chums are than a stalled ox in a lonely boardinghouse.
71. The line of chariots remained stalled as its occupants gathered in small groups chattering.
72. Then, out of nowhere, the wind ceased and the karve stalled, its speed decreasing abruptly.
73. The Health Department stalled and stonewalled matters and Lois and the group were disgusted.
74. New England had a big interference call, but the drive stalled and they kicked a field goal.
75. She had the one out of its wrapper and pressed to the wound, but there is where she stalled.
76. She looked over and saw the noise was just Donald attempting to restart the stalled vehicle.
77. They flew in on the waves of the northern front, pushing south the stalled heat of the ocean.
78. When he’s stalled long enough, Director Estilon scratches the back of his head and continues.
79. It hung there immobile, stalled somewhere between the gesture and its normal place at his side.
80. Guderian was reduced to only nine battle-ready tanks and ammunition shortages stalled the infantry.
81. The Health Security Act, which had stalled in Congress in the months before the election, was dead.
82. Amanda! He shouted loudly and listened to his voice echo off the trees and stalled coal cars.
83. Then a few days later a weak pocket pivot that closed mid-range as it stalled a bit occurred on August 7th.
84. He stalled for a moment, as a reprimanded child might, and then placed the dark mass back into his overcoat.
85. The drive stalled and San Francisco took the field goal at the end of the third quarter with the score tied.
86. When it rallied to $115, the pools stepped out, and the price again stalled and then sank for several months.
87. There was a garden float on one side that was stalled in a restoration process, a battered old barge on the other.
88. He pulls out a pistol and levels it, waist high, aiming in the general direction of the stalled doctor and his lover.
89. I stalled as long as I dared, and when 3:30 came, the chairman joined us to screen the commercials without our leader.
90. It would be submerged when they crossed but the hose would prevent water from being sucked into the engine if it stalled.
91. Morning commuters beat on their horns and shouted out their car windows, but no amount of yelling moved the stalled traffic.
92. The economy had stalled, and the bailouts were given on condition that Greece imposed harsh and crippling austerity measures.
93. McGill probably just got a little disoriented, or better yet the plane was at a high angle of attack and it simply stalled.
94. Headlights like hard objects swerve around stalled cars, bear down on bottlenecks at speed, as in some colossal game of chicken.
95. In her quest for new motivation, she browsed her CD collection which, having replaced her scratchy vinyl, had stalled in about 2007.
96. I squeezed the lever and twisted the grippy thing, but I must have done it in the wrong order, because Daisy just lurched and stalled.
97. What is important about the pattern is that it shows that the downtrend has stalled, and some basing or stability has finally arrived.
98. They stalled him off with hot irons, and afterwards shot him through the loophole of the door before they could finally extricate me.
99. Thanks to Violet Noble’s testimony, Zeno, Stu, Jerry and Col joined Jarek as murder suspects, but there police intelligence stalled.
100. Atlanta came back and had a couple of first downs, but the drive stalled and they put San Francisco deep in their own end on the punt.
1. Bound in one of the stalls.
2. That's right, I said stalls.
3. But what if it stalls at 166.
4. I pointed to the various stalls.
5. She checked under all the stalls.
6. Heart-Wall that was 29 stalls thick.
7. This area was populated by stalls.
8. The intensity on his face stalls me.
9. The three women went into the stalls.
10. In the general stalls, there was a.
11. Between the stalls, along the toes;.
12. But the vast majority of the stalls.
13. That work for bread upon Athenian stalls.
14. She would often play in the horse stalls.
15. You wouldn’t believe some of the stalls.
16. Think about the stalls and barns we place.
17. Wendy made a beeline for one of the stalls.
18. She looked at the cloth stalls with new eyes.
19. How could I? They are in the bathroom stalls.
20. Maybe I should, at least, check out the stalls.
21. It stalls the spiritual growth of all humanity.
22. There are some who make stalls of paving-stones.
23. I did spend most of my time in the horse stalls.
24. Their wives have souvenir stalls and they give.
25. The stalls are dominated by beautiful, brightly.
26. Cameron was managing the horse stalls, and Hunting.
27. While I was searching the bathroom stalls, I -.
28. Aaron purposely takes a bite of his apple and stalls.
29. New Testament and are similar to stalls in Malachi 4:2.
30. Covered with an old horse blanket in one of the stalls.
31. He could have emptied his wallet at the various stalls.
32. He was hungry now; at one of the stalls, he reluctantly.
33. The choir stalls, of deal wood, have been left unpainted.
34. Tomasz gestured towards the stalls in the rear of the barn.
35. Premarin mares are placed in tiny stalls, chained, and are.
36. He went over to one of the shower stalls and opened the door.
37. The area was full of stalls that sold practically everything.
38. I missed the mamak stalls here that I often lepak with my.
39. The helicopter pilot sees the fireman below the UFO and stalls.
40. The marketplace was packed with food vendors and various stalls.
41. At last, objections overcome and stalls answered, we’d close.
42. At least two of the stalls were competing in their selection of.
43. Towards the end of the row of stalls, there was a small upright.
44. Since it was another four hours before the stalls I had earlier.
45. In the stalls everyone began moving about, going out and coming.
46. Beyond the stalls of the main square was a tiny fairground, with.
47. In the stalls everyone began moving about, going out and coming in.
48. The two folk in the stalls were still looking at each other puzzled.
49. Kyle and Emily watched as they headed back to the stalls with their.
50. In one area, there were a few stalls set out, although Tom cold not.
51. There was not a place to be had either in the pit or the stalls, or.
52. Thank God for singing and the great acoustics in shower stalls, but.
53. Some latecomers took their seats in the stalls, and the curtain rose.
54. Before the beginning of the second act Pierre appeared in the stalls.
55. The nearby kitchen garden was manured with the straw from the stalls.
56. They threaded their way through the market stalls to the old hospital.
57. He enters one of the stalls and leads a black horse into the hallway.
58. At the 1st attempt the car stalls when the driver tries to accelerate.
59. The old man’s grey gelding was in one of the stalls, next to Maester.
60. Reaching the central Market, empty stalls added to the eerie atmosphere.
61. As they reached the stables, Toney saw someone enter one of the stalls.
62. Where volume increases during an upward trend and the price stalls the.
63. Kyle smiled from down by the stalls, but began to panic when he smelled.
64. The two adjacent garage stalls, meant for carriages, were however empty.
65. At altitude, student pilots call it practicing stalls and spin recovery.
66. A variety of food stalls stood on every other patch of the narrow street.
67. We stroll along the path between the stalls offering every kind of product.
68. It’s true that if your car stalls, you have to restart it or at least try.
69. The oxen grumble in their stalls, and the lambs leap about in their places!.
70. They passed by stalls of ducks and geese and booths full of fresh vegetables.
71. Not all stalls are bad, they give us the opportunity to check in.
72. You didn't need to clean horse stalls, to prove to me, you can run this place.
73. At least this function felt familiar to my relatives as they saw food stalls.
74. Then another man, seated astride the division between the stalls, could be seen.
75. They passed by stalls of ducks and geese and booths full of fresh vegetables and.
76. Pieces from the stalls inside the containers had been salvaged to use in the barn.
77. Killian turned towards the stalls and their horses, not bothering to argue with him.
78. Godwyn climbed the two steps and looked under the choir stalls, pretending to search.
79. He cackled out loud, and waving them away he turned to resume his seat in the stalls.
80. Daniel turned to look at her and the bags that she was hooking up on the stalls wall.
81. This dome of canvas was partially ringed at ground level with several smaller stalls.
82. We will be, he said then walked to the end of the stalls and collected his horse.
83. I was wandering around the stalls by the big marquee when I passed by Ishmaella's stall.
84. Carmen was scooping hay out of one of the kidding stalls when he found her at the barn.
85. I’d been hard at it since six that morning, setting up tables and stalls for the fete.
86. A few stalls were still doing business, but most were closing, and many had already gone.
87. Some markets (shops and fruit stalls) physically bring together the buyer and the seller.
88. Aesa finished feeding the horses by then and began shoveling the manure out of the stalls.
89. As soon as she entered the bank of changing rooms, Lily peeked out from one of the stalls.
90. Vronsky walked into the middle of the stalls, and, standing still, began looking about him.
91. Now it seemed to her there might have been room for a few more stalls within the precincts.
92. Vronsky, listening with one ear, moved his opera glass from the stalls and scanned the boxes.
93. Diomed! Spiorad capall! I heard an answering bugle and exploded bolting for the stalls.
94. There was a narrow window that overlooked the roofs of some stalls on the market square below.
95. The merchant stalls were thickest on the wide pavements that surrounded the walls of the palace.
96. It was traditionally an area where traders would sell from market stalls and off the pavements.
97. Working on a plan for parking stalls next to the new garage, he replied without looking up.
98. Following him was the man with the small crowbar who had sat on the division between the stalls.
99. Along one stretch of the road there are stalls selling various goods – doing a good trade too.
100. In defiance of this Victorian adage, inside the hall were more than forty stalls offering tarot.

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