Oraciones con la palabra "die"

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Die en una oración (en ingles)

  1. But I did not die.
  2. What a way to die.
  3. He is going to die.
  4. I was going to die.
  5. But he did not die.

  6. He was going to die.
  7. She is about to die.
  8. I saw you die, Olaf.
  9. He was ready to die.
  10. Or we could all die.
  11. It wants you to die.
  12. Things I Can Die To:.
  14. I wanted only to die.
  15. I don’t want to die.

  16. You die, I die too.
  17. But the die was cast.
  18. Even if I die, I.
  19. She had wanted to die.
  20. I just want to die.
  21. Master, I wish to die.
  22. To die, to simply end.
  23. They would die for me.
  24. I didn’t die in 1610.
  25. What would I die for?

  26. When you die, you die.
  27. He let his family die.
  28. He didn't want to die.
  29. He's not going to die.
  30. He had left her to die.
  31. He didn’t have to die.
  32. It will die (cease to.
  33. Fear that he would die.
  34. Were I to die, then He.
  35. What does he die for?
  36. I thought he would die.
  37. It’s her time to die.
  38. We expect to die in it.
  39. I didn’t want to die.
  40. We aren't going to die.
  41. He wished he would die.
  42. Looks like he will die.
  43. He's not afraid to die.
  44. He feared she would die.
  45. The die was cast, though.
  46. He had to watch her die.
  47. In the end, all men die.
  48. Please, dont die on me.
  49. And those about to die.
  50. You're not going to die.
  51. The boy is fated to die.
  52. Turney would have to die.
  53. I don’t care if I die.
  54. That's too young to die.
  55. This child will not die.
  56. The child is not to die;.
  57. She played she could die.
  58. Years die to be uncovered.
  59. Fred thought it would die.
  60. I won’t let her die.
  61. We all are living to die.
  62. I would die without you!.
  63. Soon, the Hero would die.
  64. They were prepared to die.
  65. Now you will die in truth.
  66. They did not die, Travis.
  67. Yes-suh, Ah hope you die.
  68. They will die in the.
  69. Theirs but to do and die.
  70. To die so young, with so.
  71. He will die here after all.
  72. Will I die through fear?
  73. You are not afraid to die.
  74. He knew he could die here.
  75. He didn't want her to die.
  76. When we die, what energy.
  77. JB couldnt die from that.
  78. I thought I was gonna die.
  79. Even if he would die, he.
  80. I will not let you die.
  81. We couldn’t let him die.
  82. Today, the scribe will die.
  83. He expected Keller to die.
  84. Loosing her- he would die.
  85. I don’t want you to die.
  86. Leave me or you'll die!.
  87. He wasn’t afraid to die.
  88. Without salt we would die.
  89. Now, I just wanted to die.
  90. You die when you eat meat.
  91. If the camels die, we die.
  92. To save him, you must die.
  93. Let me go, he must not die.
  94. He’s going to die here.
  95. And she didn't want to die.
  96. He knew that she would die.
  97. But he didn’t die here.
  98. Surely he would die if he.
  99. She wanted to die a mother.
  100. Then left him there to die.
  1. He knew he was dying.
  3. I knew I was dying.
  4. I was dying of ennui.
  5. Love is the dying god.
  6. I was dying of fever.
  7. She was dying of AIDS.
  8. For my flesh is dying.
  9. I was dying of thirst.
  10. I am dying in the Lord.
  11. The Whig Party is dying.
  12. He was then dying fast.
  13. The seed dying in the.
  14. He thought he was dying.
  15. Her heart beat is dying.
  17. That is worth dying for.
  18. A man with a dying face.
  19. I was afraid I was dying.
  20. He was close to dying.
  21. Dying with a Last Breath.
  22. He is dying in our house.
  23. If she was dying, yes.
  24. It is a dynamic of dying.
  25. Songs of the Dying Earth.
  26. How can he be dying?
  27. A father or mother dying.
  28. One was of a dying child.
  29. He is dying, Aine, dying.
  30. It consists in not dying.
  31. The old man must be dying.
  32. It felt like he was dying.
  33. It is the manner of dying.
  34. Edmond hoped he was dying.
  35. The king was slowly dying.
  36. He is dying, he said.
  37. This was it; he was dying.
  38. That is the fear of dying.
  39. He is dying of a long word.
  40. It seems that she is dying.
  41. Sung when the swan is dying.
  42. Character of Dying to Self.
  43. A great man was dying and.
  44. It was, indeed, like dying.
  45. The dying person needs the.
  46. The gravity of Christ dying.
  47. Im dying to hear about Lea.
  48. Dex was right—he was dying.
  49. The dying ember answered him.
  50. So dying in the observance.
  51. Nothing is worth dying over.
  52. I can’t be … dying…?
  53. Hear, then, His dying words.
  54. He replied, She is dying.
  55. We went and found him dying.
  56. It is dying, as he suspected.
  57. And here's me dying to act.
  58. A dying star, said Doc.
  59. He said, My love is dying.
  60. On the coals of a dying fire.
  62. He’s tired of dying slowly.
  63. The Radcliffes are dying out.
  64. His dying wish is to see you.
  65. I stumbled over to my dying.
  66. We all were dying to see her.
  67. I’m not dying on this cliff.
  68. Victor can't surely be dying.
  69. The king of Vendhya was dying.
  70. The call was dying to nothing.
  71. Dying twice would totally suck.
  72. There is so much pain in dying.
  73. And that’s my brother dying.
  74. It starts out when I'm dying.
  75. He's dying and I can save him.
  76. Dying from them at early ages.
  77. He was dying of cancer in my.
  78. But when the forest began dying.
  79. They said your friend is dying.
  80. Gary knew Sam was dying inside.
  81. The boar was dying, Preceptor.
  82. The Abnegation will stop dying.
  83. People were dying on that ship.
  84. I too lay dying like that once.
  86. My Mom is dying to meet you.
  87. It knew its progeny were dying.
  88. This was even worse than dying.
  89. I did it because she was dying.
  90. A stagnant soul is a dying soul.
  91. As the rain fell, they lay dying.
  92. All those years of nearly dying.
  93. The negative motive of Not dying.
  94. The fear of dying but not dying.
  95. I was dying for more information.
  96. People will be dying to be in it.
  97. They are dying, hundreds of them.
  98. Dread of dying is fear of living.
  99. They are dying, only a slow death.
  100. One dead, one dying, one left.
  1. It was like I died.
  2. Or that I had died.
  3. He died about AD 90.
  4. I expect he died too.
  5. Ten of them died of.
  6. She died on the spot.
  7. He died in his sleep.
  8. The fire died a little.
  9. He died on Mount Hood.
  10. But he died in battle.
  11. He died two years ago.
  12. They had died in the.
  13. Theo died in the night.
  14. She died when he was.
  15. Since his wife had died.
  16. I felt like I’d died.
  17. Lincoln died at 7:22 AM.
  18. Rada died in the fight.
  19. LOVE had died long ago.
  20. My love died in flames.
  21. That man did not died.
  22. A lot of tourists died.
  23. He died that I may live.
  24. He died at the age of.
  25. Then, they say, he died.
  26. She died a few weeks ago.
  27. She died in child birth.
  28. The baby died in infancy.
  29. She died some years ago.
  30. Since my mama died and.
  31. But you could have died.
  32. Dorner died in a cabin.
  33. Elmwood died on the spot.
  34. I swear that he died.
  35. If you'd died out there.
  36. Died on our kids and me.
  37. She died six years later.
  38. Dixie died in August 1989.
  39. He died yesterday for you.
  40. You never would have died.
  41. She died at a tender age.
  42. The wind had died down….
  43. Queen Mary had just died.
  44. Our dog died last year.
  45. To be honest, he died a.
  46. Miss those who have died.
  47. He died in a plane crash.
  49. Not since before mom died.
  50. Zia and I should have died.
  51. He died during her rescue.
  52. In spring 1994 my Dad died.
  53. That he died for our sins.
  54. This is where my Mom died.
  55. He’d died two years ago.
  56. If he ever died and came.
  57. Now that he had died and.
  58. He just died, I said.
  59. She died when I was ten.
  60. LORD and the fire died out.
  61. He died before I was born.
  62. Then, the poor doggy died.
  63. That is why the tumor died.
  64. Agents died in that action.
  65. He died on the cross for us.
  66. I died, I said flatly.
  67. He died when you were two.
  68. NOT mean that they died!!!.
  69. He told me Angela had died.
  70. The wind died to a whisper.
  71. Both were died on the spot.
  72. The old one must have died.
  73. The book tells how he died.
  74. I was fifteen when she died.
  75. Stalin died two days later.
  76. Since I found out he died.
  77. The reason cells died was.
  78. She wore it until she died.
  79. You know, you almost died.
  80. The flames slowly died out.
  81. She died of cancer in 1995.
  82. This one died due to a.
  83. When my dad died, I felt it.
  84. When mother died, I grieved.
  85. When His Father Died He Was.
  86. Thousands died because of me.
  87. This was why my father died.
  88. Joseph died at 110 years old.
  89. The animals simply died of.
  90. He died a few minutes later.
  91. We need to know how he died.
  92. Dear Lynda, Your mother died.
  93. Rang out; and held; and died.
  94. We will not have died alone.
  95. I bled and should have died.
  96. He probably would have died.
  97. In eighty-one my father died.
  98. She died to have this child.
  99. She would have died if she.
  100. His parents died before he.
  1. If she stays, she dies.
  2. The soul that sins, dies.
  3. As he dies, his soul was.
  4. What happens if he dies?
  5. Anything in the way dies.
  6. She dies of an Aneurism.
  7. But if he is caught he dies.
  8. He who dies is very scared.
  9. In both the soul dies.
  10. But he who dies with know-.
  11. And the worm that never dies.
  12. No wisdom with the folly dies.
  13. Nobody dies for their crimes.
  14. In the end, he dies without.
  15. How he dies matters to you.
  16. When a gnani dies, he is no.
  17. Landlord never dies they say.
  18. The flower that never dies.
  19. As one dies so dies the other.
  20. One then dies within the year.
  21. If the Eartheart dies, all die.
  22. The end of all flesh that dies.
  23. Thus man in death wholly dies.
  24. Freeze his blood, and he dies.
  25. It is a story of how love dies.
  26. But maybe not before he dies.
  27. M: It is the changing that dies.
  28. He dies a slow lingering death.
  29. Until one of you dies, that is.
  30. When someone dies we say that.
  31. The Mountain whereon Form dies.
  32. But man dies and lies prostate.
  33. He dies from kidney dysfunction.
  34. It is something that NEVER DIES.
  35. Your family dies, simple as that.
  36. The wheat gets sick and dies.
  37. Nothing dies; all is transformed.
  38. When someone dies, hes removed.
  39. Not everyone dies in the end.
  40. Fear lives and dies through self.
  41. The scream of the wind dies away.
  42. It will be all over when he dies.
  43. If one dies, the other would kil.
  44. Death cannot kill what never dies.
  45. The tumult and the shouting dies;.
  46. When one dies, the other does too.
  47. As the one dies, so the other dies.
  48. He who dies with the most toys, wins.
  49. Then today's the day Fralgoth dies.
  50. And they thought: If he dies, we die.
  51. It will be the worm that never dies.
  52. The bird dies easily and bleeds well.
  53. James Bond dies and starts for heaven.
  54. In this case one dies within the month.
  55. The rich man dies and awakes I torment.
  56. You know an angel dies with the wind.
  57. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.
  58. When the person dies, the Self departs.
  59. He will make one more before he dies.
  60. When a person dies, her soul shatters.
  61. M: What is it to me that the body dies?
  62. When she dies, the heirs will probably.
  63. With time, the horse collapses and dies.
  64. In other words, if you die, then it dies.
  65. Serve over ice cream when flame dies out.
  66. Where their worm dies not, the fire is.
  67. When she dies, the whole lot comes to me.
  68. As fast as the pig comes to life, it dies.
  69. We have to take risks or Mark Watney dies.
  70. If the Cat touches the red color, it dies.
  71. He dies with tears dripping onto his chest.
  72. He falls on the body of SAMANTHA, and dies.
  73. In all the applying of gravity, space dies.
  74. Dies in his own too much: that we would do.
  75. The worm dies but the leaves are born again.
  76. Brotherhood mostly dies while enmity lives.
  77. Then one of us dies in front of his family.
  78. If he dies in his sleep he gets nothing.
  79. Or perhaps when he dies the curse will fail.
  80. There, for the want of money, dies the world.
  81. As soon as he dies we must leave this area.
  82. Or before my poor crushed brain dies anyhow.
  83. And the fire inside me slowly dies, and dies.
  84. Once, it got to the part when Leonardo dies.
  85. When Money dies, so too does the root of Hate.
  86. They always hold a chapter when any one dies.
  88. Where their worm dies not, the fire is not.
  89. If he dies, and the money's been hidden away.
  90. Everything dies and there is a reason for it.
  91. He who dies by the blade, lives by the blade.
  92. And if Raidan dies, his secrets die with him.
  93. When the body dies the blood and water sepa-.
  94. Man is born, he lives, and he eventually dies.
  95. The man returns home and dies within the week.
  96. The crowd sort of erupts and dies down quickly.
  97. For that I will cry only when my brother dies.
  98. Disdain hath power to kill, and patience dies.
  99. When this child dies, so too does our curse.
  100. Pay-per-click dies with the end of your budget.

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