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    1. steadied and he managed to focus

    2. He felt the oily air pull him down but gradually steadied himself, finding a reserve of strength and clarity that allowed him to remain standing

    3. I steadied myself and apologised, but as they brushed past I was sure one of them gave me a nudge

    4. She tried to sidestep to keep from bumping into him but she lost her balance, James quickly reached out and steadied her by holding on to her arm

    5. the flat, where Big Al steadied his company of grey haired

    6. Handkerchiefs at the ready and resolved against using them the twins steadied themselves on Harry's arms for a moment longer, then escorted him to the boarding ladder

    7. His legs trembling as the walkway vibrated below his feet, Drua’d steadied himself and lumbered towards him

    8. ' I said this to Finlay's departing back as I steadied myself up and went to change into my clothes

    9. The feeling steadied to an even platform

    10. After her vision steadied, Penelope could see the Guild Master on his knees in the snow, shaking and bleeding from his forehead and arms

    11. He shot back away from it and as he steadied himself, those ever keen eyes of his caught the perpetrators, the re-animators

    12. He took a deep breath, steadied himself and waited for it to begin

    13. Taking a deep breath, Dawn steadied her thrumming nerves, reaching out for the starter again

    14. Taking a deep breath, Terry steadied his nerves

    15. Feeling suddenly sick, he steadied himself against the building and bent over, spewing the contents of his stomach onto the road

    16. When I had steadied the door with my one hand and collected my things in the other, I got out of the car

    17. She steadied herself for a moment before beginning the three story descent to the ground below

    18. I half-lurched against his chest as he steadied me

    19. Catching hold of the straw either side of him, he steadied himself, taking deep, shuddering breaths

    20. He steadied a hand against the burned window frame and peered at the shimmering image of the tug and barge seemingly unmoving across the wide expanse of harbor

    21. She steadied herself against Raul and unleashed a kick that caught the skinny one right in the nuts

    22. I stumbled down and Jade steadied me, then changed her mind and helped me sit

    23. I stumbled as I stood, misjudging my height and the distance of the floor, and Jade caught and steadied me

    24. Resisting the urge to kick it, Trevor floated nearer still and steadied himself against a plinth

    25. Taking his face between my hands, I steadied his head and tried to search his eyes

    26. May you be steadied as you go

    27. He steadied her, holding her waist for fear she would lose her balance

    28. His both hands steadied him, leaning fearfully on the sink for support

    29. About thirty meters to Yazadril’s left, tiny twelve-year-old Jinimin was proudly lifted above the crowd by his mother to stand balanced on his beaming father’s shoulders as the two steadied him

    30. A kettle rose off the table, shivered a bit, then steadied

    31. Court steadied himself and held his Scotch glass high

    32. He steadied himself on the broken frame, managing to avoid the worst of the jagged stonework, and gazed outside

    33. About ninety feet to Yazadril’s left, tiny twelve-year-old Jinimin was proudly lifted above the crowd by his mother to stand balanced on his beaming father’s shoulders as the two steadied him

    34. Calvin held his breath and steadied himself

    35. Pellew steadied his rifle and took two quick shots, dropping both aliens

    36. Calvin's muscles tightened and he steadied his handgun

    37. Two hands helped me up, steadied me

    38. The cleric grabbed Eva to prevent her fall and steadied her

    39. Searching, it surely felt like Marv’s just devoid of life and time – a steadied clock if you will

    40. I avoided the center of the room with one hand on the wall, which steadied me and allowed me to move more fluently

    41. He steadied himself by letting the cool breeze blow through his hair and down the collar of his shirt

    42. My heart which had been struggling, skipping and sending burning jolts down my arm steadied

    43. She steadied her gaze on him, refusing to back down

    44. When her nerves had steadied she asked if the forestry worker had been identified

    45. He briefly steadied himself, breathing in deeply and slowly, then fired a single round at his target

    46. He held onto my shoulders with great easy and steadied me for a

    47. Node quickly took back control and steadied the Roller, as the men in the back opened fire at the soldiers, then ducked beneath the counter payload of bullets

    48. Morg steadied his body, made it tensed and took three quick deep breaths

    49. Tylin sat on the ground and steadied her breath

    50. He sank to his knees, genuflect before the fish, and steadied himself for another throw

    1. Orens leads me over to a mounting block and steadies Sefir while I swing my leg over her back

    2. He steadies himself with the arm of the chair and shakes his head a couple of times

    3. The first sip of the scarlet liquid steadies her even more

    4. She steadies herself, breathing deeply, holding each breathe for five seconds

    5. She cries quietly as she steadies herself

    6. At the sound of his name, the boy’s breathing steadies

    7. Kaite out of the sunroof in the forward car, a magnetic mount straddles the hole, she steadies a heavy machine gun to the rig

    8. Tripping on the folded carpet he grabs hold of the door frame and steadies himself before he heads out the door

    9. As he steadies me, I push up on the toes of my skates

    10. Cherrie steadies me as I walk out of the hospital

    11. He steadies his hand as it begins to emit a

    12. She steadies her rifle back onto the soldier’s head

    13. Raiden steadies his breathing and stance to avoid

    14. It is Krishn who steadies and strengthens the faith of such worshippers in whatever it is inclined

    15. His grasp steadies the tray, and her excited state

    16. The trembling of the gun’s muzzle stops and steadies

    17. Blanding raises the pistol and steadies his shaking hand as much as he is able

    18. I fall instantly, and he steadies me as I land in his lap

    19. This shift in supply conditions steadies the price above fair value and eventually causes it to drop

    20. My fingers flex as they aim their healing magic, and Pearl’s breath steadies

    21. The kite spins, dips, steadies

    22. STARKÓVSKY [carrying three cushions, which he steadies with his chin, and dropping things on the way] Don't trouble, Lyúbov Nikoláyevna, I'll pick them up

    1. “You remind me of Shirley Temple when she and I were going steady

    2. “Yeah, but then she started going steady with that Black fella

    3. The cannon erupted a steady stream of fire that completely engulfed the man

    4. They need regular and steady income, without taking on much risk

    5. Nancy lost her footing and had to grab the desk to steady herself

    6. Ackers tried to steady his nerves and his breathing while he kept his head up high

    7. but there has been a steady

    8. Dave grabs the seat and the arm rest on the door to steady himself

    9. Pretty steady for a while as well, but then there was no activity for a long stretch and in the last 3 months she, or someone, has been withdrawing a couple of thousand at a time

    10. He reaches out his hands to steady himself and someone takes his arm

    11. This doesn't prevent him from going steady with the daughter of the family, but their happiness won't last: While she is in the garden, she bumps her head against a tree branch; she falls down on the ground and some mutated plants swallow her up; when they vomit her she is no longer what she was: she looks like a gigantic snail-like monster, a living horror

    12. "Gonna need some steady hands," Parker said, staring into the ports on the Chief’s left shoulder

    13. Pretty soon all the married women in our aerobics class will be his regular clients and one of them -a swarthy forty-year-old widow with two children will go steady with him

    14. As she explained to me this evening, when I visited her, during the three years we have been apart she has gone steady with lots of men, until she ended up in a yearlong relationship with a woman! Anyway, for the time being she is single; she doesn't have any love affair of any kind

    15. The family eats the fish and the lon from this pool, just enough to keep it in a steady state, as with the cattle of the land

    16. A steady hum … something alien? … machinery? … the woman in the bed became aware of consciousness … and with that broader wakefulness came other sensations

    17. Long into the night, Kara stared into the darkness listening to the now steady rain falling outside her bedroom window

    18. ’ She said, admiring how steady her voice was and registering Iain’s sideways, concerned glance

    19. I'm going to try and see something from the mast before Wen Island but we'll probably hold steady til then

    20. He has a home and a steady partner back in Shempala, that's the only thing wrong with my life right now

    21. “Hey, steady on Fred

    22. The dragon stayed steady whilst Cosmicblasto was looking

    23. "There has been a steady recovery of wildlife since the Energy Age

    24. Raise your legs and buttocks off the ground and as you put your hands on your hips to steady yourself push your legs over your head while keeping your knees straight

    25. buttocks off the floor, putting your hands on your hips to steady

    26. It has been these recent months that he has been having these dreams on a steady basis

    27. However, she responds to my instruction and, at a steady canter, allows Adamant to catch up with us

    28. A steady flow of wagons is moving through the gate, the soldiers speaking to each of the drivers in turn, though I get the feeling that they know most of them …

    29. The music came slowly leading the ring of people into a steady, anti-clockwise swaying side-step; an almost imperceptible, trance-like encircling of the musicians

    30. "Now? Sure," Morg said, "we're steady, not even a snowflake in the area," he said

    31. How are you today?' He met my gaze with a steady silence

    32. country dreams about a cushy job that gives a steady salary and provides

    33. Watching Alessandra enjoying the clouds as she strode on in front made me ignore any further nonsense from my calves and concentrate on that stepped and steady climb

    34. The Princess looked confident pushing through the water making a line for the south but then, to my confusion and astonishment, after a few minutes I saw her begin to slow and come about in a steady wide circle

    35. "At the very basic level,"Ava continued, "impulses travel these circuits in a steady state, the pulses circle their group of neurons and the pseudo-particle that emulates does not undergo a state change

    36. Aquatic plants need a steady supply of oxygen to keep them alive and thriving

    37. Tonight these flagstones on solid ground were less steady than that

    38. She got on it, somewhat more steady than she was the night before, and acted out throwing up on him again

    39. A steady stream of orders flow to and fro across the bar

    40. He catches the tub with his upper arm, feels the pressure of contact and withdraws, moving his right arm across his twisting body to steady the thing before it makes any noise, but he is too slow

    41. Harry returned the smile with a, “Thank you Miss Hill,” which broadened her own still happy expression and he walked in a steady and unhurried pace back home for dinner

    42. persisted, and made slow but steady progress, although he suspected

    43. ” Once Enjteen had a steady job, Kulai didn’t feel responsible for supporting him and his mother, just because they were his mother’s friends

    44. ” They sighted along their mother's arm and they began the steady push and pull on the tandem oars, always keeping the craft headed for the two boulders

    45. Stevie looks down at the ruined pair of jeans sticking to his legs, desperate in his desire for a moment in the shadows, for a moment out of the steady gaze of his interrogator

    46. Roman was carefree, walking at a steady pace, looking around at the

    47. ‘Is that what you meant when you said Sheila left the party, Mr Simthwaite?’ he asked, his tone steady and level

    48. didn’t sit there and pound beers by any means, but he did drink at a steady pace for

    49. Father was calm, and steady in the gaze he returned to my searching eyes, “This reminds me of my first storm in these mountains

    50. He has his gun raised in front of him, holding it in both hands to steady his aim

    1. The centering of the consciousness and its steadying within the head at a point midway between the eyebrows

    2. ’ She said, her voice cracking; she takes a deep breath, visibly steadying herself, before going on

    3. Slowly, my senses steadying, I open my eyes and try to calm my breathing … the familiar room is comforting

    4. I counted the steps down into the murk until I reached the lower level, steadying myself against the cool slimy wall in case I slipped and it felt as empty down there and as hollow and devoid of any interest, except to ghosts and spirits, as I had expected

    5. steadying it so he could dab in some kind of lotion into its cuts

    6. The officer grasped her shoulders, steadying her in the threshold of the tent

    7. steadying the float

    8. Sebastian sat next to Alex’s bed again, taking a steadying breath

    9. “Whoa, whoa,” he said, steadying her with one hand

    10. I needed nothing more and steadying my breathing I pulled the rifles butt close into my shoulder and sighted on him

    11. He grabbed the side of the cot, steadying himself, forcing himself to breathe

    12. Evelyn confirmed with the paramedic that I was able to leave and Spencer lifted me gently, putting his arm around me, steadying my wobbly legs

    13. Mai Bell clutched a handful of the big man’s thick hair, steadying his head while her husband held the knife close to the sweating face

    14. The chauffeur, a uniformed Port Authority police officer, was beside the airplane when the door opened, offering a steadying hand as she descended the shaky, flip-down staircase

    15. Then she was pulling away and sitting up, steadying herself with an arm on the bed

    16. The crew grabbed the vehicle, steadying it as he hit the button and ejected the first battery pack

    17. I remember steadying his head as he lay screaming on the floor, and cleaning the blood he left behind

    18. His face blank, he puts one arm around the corner, steadying it with the building wall, and fires twice

    19. I'd held Agnes' hand strongly, transmitting my own trust and steadying her

    20. I stand the way I always stand, easy, natural, and lift both my arms, squeezing the gun with one hand and steadying it with the other

    21. Steadying his ride as the rocket soared directly at him, Cloud

    22. Before she could turn around, he was across the room steadying her grandmother who looked ready to fall to the floor

    23. Covering the mouthpiece, she took a steadying breath

    24. But the fact of movement is itself a steadying hand in the midst of the blackness of her strange anger and grief that fill the air between us

    25. Hallsfoot stands, one arm steadying herself against Montfort’s shoulder

    26. The next moment, something forced her to stop and she would have fallen, except for Johan’s sudden shout and steadying hand

    27. As Simon made his way outside, matching his pace to his father’s slower gait and occasionally steadying him when he looked likely to stumble, the memory of how Ralph’s home used to be came flooding in

    28. Simon turned round, steadying his father so he didn’t fall

    29. Steadying his breath, he is still unable to stop the uncontained beating of his heart

    30. He felt greatly on edge, dumped into an unknown environment with too few under-trained troops, and missing the steadying influence of Dimarico

    31. Ren stands steadying herself on the windshield with your gun in her hands

    32. She burst through the doors with far too much energy, a preternatural gleam in her eye and a fit of the giggles in her throat as she stumbled a little before steadying herself against a pillar

    33. My steadying hand, my caring altruistic Father whose

    34. neophyte, and at the same time steadying it, so that there is no shaking, no

    35. Taking a few steadying breaths she turned her attention to the lock and

    36. Jed was at my side and when I reached for his hand, he grabbed mine; the contact was warm and steadying, kept me grounded and pushed back some of the fear

    37. "How long will it take to catch up with the gillnetter?" cried Travis, steadying himself by gripping a brass handrail

    38. He raised the blade to his neck again, steadying his hand as best he could

    39. His foot snagged on a rock, and only Cliff’s steadying

    40. Steadying himself expertly as the boat

    41. Steadying herself, she walked back to a seat near Locke and sat down

    42. shoulders as she struggled to rise, steadying her, through her still fuzzy vision she saw him proffer a bottle, “It’s only water,” he said quietly, “just to rinse your mouth out

    43. Placing a supportive and steadying hand, on the back of Kathy’s shoulders, Joel walked beside her, with Falcon on her other side

    44. He helped her out of the SUV, steadying her when she wobbled precariously on her uninjured foot

    45. She filled her lungs with a long, steadying breath

    46. I took a deep, steadying breath, wondering how much of my heartbeat he could hear

    47. Steadying the beam on the doorknob, he angled his legs down the small concrete stairway that led to the door, resigned to watching the man work

    48. When a smile curved up on his irresistible lips, I took a deep, steadying breath as I tried to clear my head

    49. Kiera had been steadying herself on her elbow, when she saw the man come behind Chance and attack him

    50. He stood up after she did, his hand on her upper back, steadying Kiera as her equilibrium evened out

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    steady sweetheart sweetie truelove becalm calm brace stabilise stabilize regular firm steadfast stiff unbendable unfaltering unshakable unwavering unfluctuating steadily constant continuous invariable unchanging uninterrupted unremitting unvarying balanced even stable fixed poised staid settled cool stiffen