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    1. stodgy food, they were directed to the main activities of that day and

    2. Hot, stodgy and sugary

    3. “Is it possible the stodgy, emotionless assassin has perhaps grown to care about me?”

    4. “I will confess that my father is rather stodgy in some regards,” she admitted

    5. The ships were awkward and stodgy to fly although even a novice could fly one if need be

    6. His grandfather, Harold Sinclair, was a retired diesel mechanic, standing a stodgy six feet, with a full head of silver hair

    7. this video as a promotional tool, and it appears to be a risk that few stuffy, stodgy

    8. too, but hopeful y like a fine wine, not a stodgy old account!

    9. Never had Charles seemed to her so disagreeable, to have such stodgy fingers, such vulgar ways, to be so dull as when they found themselves together after her meeting with Rodolphe

    10. Mostly, she was bored silly by the vanilla sort of boys who trailed her around, and by the stodgy set in Miami Beach

    11. his stodgy wife and his Saint Cecilia Balls and his everlasting rice fields—then I know among the sacred cows of Charleston, and most reverent toward them, and remember the compensation for breaking with the system

    12. They’ve proven that they have a good thing going, but they haven’t grown old and stodgy

    13. Miss Ethel Irving herself, so charming in musical comedy, was heavy, stodgy and uninteresting

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    stodgy stuffy fogyish moss-grown mossy stick-in-the-mud express official rigid rigourous strict formal