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    1. I look across at him, standing belligerently in the doorway of the room, his stocky frame rigid with fury

    2. ‘Inspector, you think someone was trying to frame her?’ Stephen put in, his face set and his jaw rigid

    3. creation, but now that this simulacrum of love stood rigid above him, he had to admit

    4. I’d heard him coming but it was obvious that Liz hadn’t and she was shaken rigid … I saw his face when he spotted her though he covered it immediately … yes, it was the right thing to do, going and getting Liz

    5. He stood rigid above me

    6. Travis went rigid, his eyes pointing inwards to the gun barrel at his head

    7. He plucked the rigid pastry from Williams’ hand and gnawed through it in anger

    8. The warning not to jerk any movements is reiterated here as you should not try to swing your arms over violently as you may well injure a rigid muscle which would discourage you from ever attempting this valuable exercise again

    9. Unable to accept the things she'd said I sat rigid, appalled, and whispered, 'Didn't you try to help him?'

    10. ’ He said, his self control rigid

    11. Mum was rigid about that – you couldn’t eat potatoes with tomatoes … it wasn’t right

    12. Carol’s body is fixed and rigid

    13. He sits rigid in his chair, staring at the open curtains

    14. He looked even more overcome than he had been by the song she played for him, paralyzed with fear, body rigid, eyes out on longer tentacles than most kedas

    15. The beautiful flowers in his garden turned toward the sun for light, but when Midas approached and touched them, they stood rigid and gold

    16. They were standing facing the window, rigid as statues

    17. Viktor went rigid at this

    18. Not rigid the way a human would, but rigid the way a machine would if it was turned off

    19. Nathaniel immediately stood to rigid attention and saluted

    20. Only the most powerful of witches could have made my rigid, always proper mother take the form of a wine-besotted slattern lying in the mire

    21. He might be rigid in his disdain for women’s minds, and insensate to her personal disasters, but they shared a deep, sustaining love for poetry

    22. To see tiles in your dreams indicate that you are too rigid in your thinking

    23. ” She felt his body go rigid

    24. Another shot of fluid erupted from his rigid cock and this caused the lady to pump his prick even harder

    25. Thus, there are many branches of fate as our life path is NOT something that is rigid or unchangeable

    26. Seizing his hand she pressed it down hard on her tits while at the same time she pressed her butt up against the rigid cock in his pants

    27. It was not very hard at the moment but it would soon be rigid

    28. She could scarcely take her eyes off that rigid tool

    29. She sat, rigid, staring at her aunt

    30. Your arms, though fixed in position, should never be rigid

    31. Once he was standing, she pushed her heels into the ground and, back rigid, inched up

    32. ill-tempered nor harsh, she was so cold, remote and rigid in face,

    33. investigation? I fancy perhaps I may have been too rigid in the past

    34. Kay took in the rigid set of his shoulders, the clenched hands

    35. Heat the mixture to 250 to 265 degrees F (121 to 129 degrees C), or until a small amount of syrup dropped into cold water forms a rigid

    36. Twice he tried to answer, but could not form the words, his tongue was rigid with fear

    37. Thesa looked over the edge of the narrow ledge, staring at the colours far below him, his mind and body fused rigid with terror, trying to convince himself that it had just been a dream, an hallucination, the results of the bang on his head from the falling rock

    38. The hand that still rested on my back became rigid

    39. more rigid one is in life in one’s thinking and being resistant, the more one is apt to break

    40. They all went rigid, not moving a muscle

    41. What rigid anti Communists are often confused about is their belief that anything less than chest thumping and blustery calls for war means one is weak or not sufficiently anti Communist enough

    42. For much of his life and political career, he was equally as rigid an anti Communist as his brother

    43. Our stomach muscles, rigid with seasickness, were out of working order; the fluids stayed where we had thoughtlessly stowed them, buried under other supplies

    44. Wasn’t that what the enemy prisoners were telling us? We were too rigid

    45. I slapped myself hard on the face, and went rigid

    46. But they just sat there like immovable objects, parts of the decoration; rigid and stone-like

    47. Admiral Keyes sat straight up and rigid

    48. He clamped his jaws rigid and sat with his arms braced against the window frame, unwilling to shift his weight

    49. Even then, people of staunch and Calvinist evangelical conviction were having difficulties with some of the more rigid aspects of the Westminster Confession of Faith

    50. Of course, firm doctrine and rigid teaching can bring a real sense of security

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    Sinónimos para "rigid"

    rigid stiff inflexible unbending fixed set strict immovable solid stationary unmoving static firm unyielding stern austere harsh severe exact