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Substantial en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The Root has a substantial.
  2. The loss could be substantial.
  3. Yes, I would say substantial.
  4. It was a good, substantial clue.
  5. The substantial advantage was lost.

  6. I shall also get substantial alimony.
  7. The food was substantial and adequate.
  8. It would be substantial, Reacher thought.
  9. Short-term but substantial price movement.
  10. He’s lost a substantial amount of blood.
  11. A substantial difference between Figure 5.
  12. The Gleneagle outfit was substantial and.
  13. Nothing substantial came from their efforts.
  14. However, it will be substantial enough to.
  15. We were reaching a substantial new way of.

  16. A substantial herd of horses grazed nearby.
  17. It doesn’t require a substantial donation.
  18. As a dossier it is substantial and alarming.
  19. In this direction substantial results were.
  20. Amerada also had a substantial cash surplus.
  21. So very light, it was, but still substantial.
  22. It was a dull sounding but substantial impact.
  23. Others beat the market by a substantial margin.
  24. While the cost in dollars is substantial, the.
  25. But Nicholas wasn't saying anything substantial.

  26. We'll beat on the substantial doors, nor tread.
  27. But on one point they were substantial y agreed.
  28. He was nice, large and substantial; a pleasant.
  29. In 1997 he took substantial profits off the table.
  30. Yet still, there’s nothing substantial as proof.
  31. And the pirates had sustained substantial losses.
  32. This approach resulted in complete or substantial.
  33. There is a substantial wine list by the look of it.
  34. She felt a second, more substantial rush of relief.
  35. We are talking about a very substantial amount here.
  36. That is, deception takes on substantial form after.
  37. The benefits of the position, however, are substantial.
  38. The taxes would have to be paid--a substantial amount.
  39. The waiter, expecting a more substantial tip, closed.
  40. Each team had been given a substantial amount of money.
  41. This apparition was more substantial and oozed evilness.
  42. Golyadkin ended by slapping the real and substantial Mr.
  43. An interior door, not as substantial as an outside door.
  44. You will also have access to a substantial travel budget.
  45. That was when a million dollars meant substantial wealth.
  46. She ordered each of them a more than substantial breakfast.
  47. If you don’t, you can lose substantial amounts of money.
  48. It was so good to have something substantial for a change.
  49. The risk of loss in trading securities can be substantial.
  50. A 50 percent increase in a couple of months is substantial.
  51. A substantial difference suggests an investment opportunity.
  52. Here you have limited profit potential and substantial risk.
  53. She got up off the bed, her tears leaving a substantial damp.
  54. By November of 1863, the South had put together a substantial.
  55. No substantial quid pro quo was offered for these concessions.
  56. When we got there, we noticed he had a substantial sum of.
  57. Thus there is no substantial movement for Guam's independence.
  58. The hemorrhaging was too severe, the blood loss too substantial.
  59. Often, a stock is collared after it has shown substantial gains.
  60. You never had one shadow of substantial sorrow, Miss Catherine.
  61. The money he had spent for that futile project was substantial.
  62. We name one of them as substantial, and other – as relational.
  63. But this means that we have substantial risk if the stock drops.
  64. Within a few months, all these stocks began substantial declines.
  65. He might need a lot, so I decided to find something substantial.
  66. He chose a hollow, alloy rod which had a substantial tensile and.
  67. Fish reached substantial diversity during this time, leading the.
  68. A substantial number of reports and testimonies received by this.
  69. Those thighs forced his legs apart to reveal a substantial bulge.
  70. But if there were any surprises, the payoff would be substantial.
  71. It does confer power of the most substantial and salutary nature.
  72. They would administer the account on paper, for a substantial fee.
  73. Drink 12 ounces of water immediately before each substantial meal.
  74. In the back of the truck was a substantial shipment of cannabis.
  75. Various parts of British Africa had substantial Indian populations.
  76. And words are nothing but paper boats -- not even that substantial.
  77. A substantial part of this section is devoted to this very problem.
  78. The stones were substantial, each about the size of a man’s head.
  79. What the low-carb diet (not as substantial as Atkin's) suggested is.
  80. Troubled, Hanor could detect a substantial alteration with the Souls.
  81. This can be more of a substantial benefit than most traders realize.
  82. I have received at least two very substantial and positive gifts as.
  83. Airavata was landed once substantial footholds had been established.
  84. But he has suffered substantial injuries and is currently in a coma.
  85. Substantial debts were incurred by both sides during the Civil War.
  86. History has a very substantial flaw, Michael, it’s recorded by men.
  87. A fact thus set down in substantial history cannot easily be gainsaid.
  88. But what if his substantial pride had made him return to his cousin?
  89. There's a substantial figure paid to the deposit account monthly too.
  90. This in itself is enough to bring a substantial advantage to a trader.
  91. Well, it’s a substantial undertaking, required the same amount of.
  92. It didn’t seem close, which meant it sprang from a substantial blaze.
  93. The first of the more substantial houses belonged to Wulfric’s family.
  94. If price moves are substantial the combination generates a limited loss.
  95. But Central American growers make up a substantial remainder of the pie.
  96. Without something substantial, it will be pointless for you to attempt.
  97. Craig silenced him quickly with a substantial order and a good-sized tip.
  98. But he also knew that he needed something more substantial in his stomach.
  99. But to a substantial though declining group, these terrorists are heroes.
  100. If price moves are substantial, the combination generates a limited loss.

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