Oraciones con la palabra "substantial"

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Substantial en una oración (en ingles)

The Root has a substantial.
The loss could be substantial.
Yes, I would say substantial.
It was a good, substantial clue.
The substantial advantage was lost.
I shall also get substantial alimony.
The food was substantial and adequate.

It would be substantial, Reacher thought.
Short-term but substantial price movement.
He’s lost a substantial amount of blood.
The Gleneagle outfit was substantial and.
A substantial difference between Figure 5.
However, it will be substantial enough to.
We were reaching a substantial new way of.
Nothing substantial came from their efforts.
A substantial herd of horses grazed nearby.
In this direction substantial results were.
Amerada also had a substantial cash surplus.
It doesn’t require a substantial donation.
As a dossier it is substantial and alarming.
So very light, it was, but still substantial.
It was a dull sounding but substantial impact.
Others beat the market by a substantial margin.
We'll beat on the substantial doors, nor tread.
But Nicholas wasn't saying anything substantial.
While the cost in dollars is substantial, the.
But on one point they were substantial y agreed.
He was nice, large and substantial; a pleasant.
In 1997 he took substantial profits off the table.
Yet still, there’s nothing substantial as proof.
There is a substantial wine list by the look of it.
She felt a second, more substantial rush of relief.
This approach resulted in complete or substantial.
And the pirates had sustained substantial losses.
That is, deception takes on substantial form after.
We are talking about a very substantial amount here.
The taxes would have to be paid--a substantial amount.
The waiter, expecting a more substantial tip, closed.
The benefits of the position, however, are substantial.
Each team had been given a substantial amount of money.

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