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Surround en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I want all the water surround.
  2. Gamma surround and console her.
  3. Blankets of flowers surround it.
  4. Barriers now surround the heart.
  5. Splitting in two to surround the.

  6. Placement of the Surround Speakers.
  7. Amid the snowdrifts which surround.
  8. Get ready to move and surround the.
  9. Surround yourself with soft cushions.
  10. Soon the actual surround was spotless.
  11. Sometime the sucking bees surround her.
  12. Is spread in the surround, by my sight.
  13. Meanwhile Pods had started to surround.
  14. Chain of the Eights(8) is my Surround -.
  15. Large round tables surround the podiums.

  16. Long white hairs surround the mouth and.
  17. Charly McLain--- "Surround Me With Love".
  18. Bystanders beginning to surround them….
  19. The entire crowd surround them looking on.
  20. Upstairs, the haze began to surround Nikki's.
  21. Plasma screen surround sound, all integrated.
  22. You feel the heat of the flame surround them.
  23. Entering text in formula Surround the text with.
  24. Surround yourselves with strong, Spirit filled.
  25. Love, surround him with the perfume of your balms.

  26. Be with them and surround them with your presence.
  27. Her words surround me and bury themselves inside me.
  28. Acres of barren land and trees surround the school.
  29. Dauntless soldiers surround us and point their guns.
  30. She reached out with love to surround the being for.
  31. Nine metres square with safety surround of 0ne metre.
  32. They will us surround, and destroy us to the ground;.
  33. Margarita, Marilyn and the Dianettes surround Diane D.
  34. Items that we are choosing to surround ourselves with.
  35. Whole movements surround each of them, and folks hold.
  36. We started to surround him, sharing his grief with him.
  37. A conventional laser-grid covered the immediate surround.
  38. Surround him with a star-studded team, and he will shine.
  39. Dark and fearful legends surround the Place of the Skull.
  40. A whole crowd of aliens from the settlement surround Jerry.
  41. Carter motioned for the lawmen to come closer and surround.
  42. Cover Texts may be placed on covers that surround only the.
  43. Surround yourself with Sparrows and you'll not be led astray.
  44. They could sneak up around the house and literally surround it.
  45. Stop awhile to look at the mysteries that surround the universe.
  46. The surround with the rubber seal was replaced and screwed down.
  47. She says that it is to surround herself with intelligent people.
  48. Special forces surround the robots, but allow them to them pass.
  49. To enhance the ambiance of the meditation many will surround the.
  50. The barren plains that surround Midgar, drained of their fertility.
  51. When you surround yourself with others who are in the same position.
  52. I did bring my stereo, without surround sound since that came later.
  53. Of al the lies that surround the Dalai Lama, surely the greatest is.
  54. Crows surround you Gareth; perhaps you need to sit back and observe.
  55. I shall enter first and start a fire, which will surround them and.
  56. These myths and rhetoric that surround our system of education.
  57. Surround with the syrup from the pan and serve hot or cold with cream.
  58. If you surround yourself with people who are in a constant search for.
  59. The length of wire to the surround speakers depends on placement, and.
  60. You’ll also notice all the 4’s, 7’s, and 11’s that surround me.
  61. A buddy once asked me about the surround sound speaker placement in his.
  62. We asked the peasant bear drivers whether we could now surround the bear.
  63. The batter will expand and surround the cherries so they're evenly mixed.
  64. Neither will there be armies surround Jerusalem at the second coming of.
  65. Without looking he saw the hollowed remains of men and women surround him.
  66. Figure 5 Wireless surround speakers placed on stands (without rear wall).
  67. Once you’ve created your sweet spot with the front, center and surround.
  68. Surround speakers are relatively small, so you can also buy speaker stands.
  69. He pulled on it, expecting it to slide effortlessly from its stone surround.
  70. I’ve experimented with surround speaker placement, and there are a number.
  71. They watched the troops appear seemingly from nowhere to surround the crowd.
  72. Dear friend! Surround yourself with harmonious vibrations within and without.
  73. The master then writes on the wooden boards that surround his house with a pen.
  74. You may have to twist and turn to avoid vegetation that seems to surround you.
  75. Four leads us out of the dining hall and along the paths that surround the Pit.
  76. Neither will there be armies surround Jerusalem at the second coming of Christ.
  77. Place cucumber slices in centre of serving plate and surround with toast hearts.
  78. Environment is more important than heredity – you must surround yourself with.
  79. On the other hand, to fix your attention on the best is to surround yourself with.
  80. She stands fearless as the animal creatures surround her while continuing to fire.
  81. This beach cannot fit inside that object, much less the mountains that surround it.
  82. Surround the rice with the reserved peach slices and sprinkle with the almonds and.
  83. But evil had seemed to surround everything about it, except Abraham and his journey.
  84. This Light surrounds their heart just as securely as the walls that surround a fort.
  85. This fat is found mainly within the membranes that surround the brain's nerve cells.
  86. The next thing he was aware of was an insane silver blur that seemed to surround him.
  87. The material world we surround ourselves with today has replaced our place in nature.
  88. As such, we no longer learn to play with those who surround us, whoever they are 739.
  89. You should surround yourself with people that believe in you, in life, and in business.
  90. Our armies were driven back, unable to resist the Shadows as they began to surround us.
  91. When we arrived on campus in the mornings, the children would surround us for attention.
  92. Cheetahs who were good at football and had been coached on how to surround their victim.
  93. This took about half an hour, which allowed the FBI to arrive and surround the building.
  94. Who has given the spirit the senses by which it recognizes the things that surround it?
  95. They blame Napoleon, moreover, almost unanimously, for failing to surround the Russians.
  96. At Christmas, spray paint pine cones silver and gold and surround them with pine sprigs.
  97. Immediately place the beef in the center of a serving platter and surround with broccoli.
  98. Add surround sound and increase the size of the screen and the situation is now hopeless.
  99. Hundreds of green trees that look as if they were on Earth surround him in all directions.
  100. But a young bear driver disputed with the old man, and said that he could surround him now.
  1. I scanned the surrounding wal s.
  2. Louis was surrounding the Arch.
  3. There is a barrier surrounding.
  4. The palm trees surrounding the.
  5. She scanned the surrounding area.
  6. The Light surrounding Andrew faded.
  7. The Fae closed in, surrounding us.
  8. High Plains and surrounding region.
  9. Much of the surrounding area was.
  10. We walked through the surrounding.
  11. The surrounding sand had blackened.
  12. The surrounding walls, decorated at.
  13. And as the brain and its surrounding.
  14. When the circumstances surrounding a.
  15. As Amarillo and the surrounding region.
  16. It had a ten foot fence surrounding it.
  17. All of the surrounding houses were dark.
  18. The grasses and shrubs surrounding the.
  19. Look relative to the surrounding candles.
  20. It reacts to the surrounding temperature.
  21. Surrounding the lion is a serpent design.
  22. There was something surrounding her uncle.
  23. They started to inspect their surrounding.
  24. This is a map of the surrounding area.
  25. Golden Temple and the surrounding temples.
  26. Grace to the countries surrounding Israel.
  27. I dared to look up at the surrounding room.
  28. Texas Panhandle and the surrounding region.
  29. Gasps rippled through the surrounding trees.
  30. That tile, and the eight surrounding tile.
  31. Soon the surrounding states become visible.
  32. The area surrounding it is flat and barren.
  33. Forth from the crowd of nymphs surrounding.
  34. What are these weird things surrounding us?
  35. Most of the surrounding buildings had high.
  36. There are many false ideas surrounding this.
  37. Robert gazed around at the chaos surrounding.
  38. Enraptured by the surrounding warmth of her.
  39. She gazed at him and the area surrounding her.
  40. Outside the stone wall surrounding the house.
  41. For many of the surrounding farmers and their.
  42. I looked around, taking in the surrounding area.
  43. The Holy Spirit is the energy surrounding the.
  44. He heard the chorus of laughter surrounding him.
  45. Decontamination of surrounding cities has failed.
  46. I sat on the sofa with Uni books surrounding me.
  47. Darek scanned the surrounding area with his eyes.
  48. The atmosphere surrounding the ark became heavy.
  49. A vital aspect of the symbolism surrounding the.
  50. Whenever fear comes up surrounding love - either.
  51. He would lose the white surrounding his pupils.
  52. We love in spite of the horrors surrounding us.
  53. It had lines surrounding it going very which way.
  54. I could see some of the creatures surrounding us.
  55. Although research surrounding the usefulness of.
  56. I walked towards the people surrounding the truck.
  57. Stone debris was everywhere surrounding the field.
  58. Because of the complications surrounding Lucy’s.
  59. A bright light could be seen surrounding the tomb.
  60. Minnie recounted the turmoil surrounding Martha's.
  61. It does nothing to oppose the surrounding current.
  62. Surrounding me are palm trees and a turquoise sea.
  63. The only prayer is the inscription surrounding the.
  64. Before long, that vibration will cause surrounding.
  65. Great balls of fire pierced the surrounding shadows.
  66. The shapes of tall trees surrounding a vast meadow.
  67. Everybody is surrounding the stage with excitement.
  68. He somehow senses a Presence surrounding the three.
  69. The place had quickly set up fences surrounding it.
  70. Donovan studied the surrounding landscape carefully.
  71. The space surrounding the three ships filled with.
  72. The creature’s head scanned the surrounding area.
  73. Chris was oblivious to the darkness surrounding him.
  74. Surrounding them were fifteen children of various.
  75. Surrounding houses showed no sign of activity either.
  76. His hand dwarfed hers, surrounding it in hard warmth.
  77. A large herd of yaks was grazing on the surrounding.
  78. Iverson concentrates on the monitors surrounding him.
  79. They did so with the abundant foliage surrounding it.
  80. O harsh surrounding cloud that will not free my soul.
  81. Water stretched as far as the surrounding hills on.
  82. The summit commanded a clear view of the surrounding.
  83. Christians, we are called to resist surrounding evil.
  84. The rest of the surrounding forest was deathly still.
  85. There were surrounding layers of protection made up.
  86. We can say that the arising Ether pushes surrounding.
  87. They stand there and watch everyone surrounding Dana.
  88. My gaze was soon distracted by the surrounding nature.
  89. Again, I looked at the faces that were surrounding me.
  90. And the surrounding was now almost devoid of sunlight.
  91. The governors of the states surrounding the Great.
  92. So he went out inside of the surrounding community and.
  93. I opened my eyes and saw a golden light surrounding us.
  94. Healing energy was surrounding her from a nearby stone.
  95. Adrar searched the surrounding countryside with a quick.
  96. They studied the Moapa Reservation and surrounding area.
  97. It's a salty river, saltier than the sea surrounding it.
  98. The crowd surrounding the scene of the accident begin to.
  99. The outlying areas, surrounding the base, were a contrast.
  100. The only problem was that it had a fence surrounding it.
  1. I was surrounded by jerks.
  2. It is surrounded in all.
  3. I was surrounded by water.
  4. I was surrounded by liars.
  5. It is surrounded by walls.
  6. He was surrounded by four.
  7. It was surrounded by undead.
  8. Surrounded as they were by.
  9. In seconds we are surrounded.
  10. Surrounded by ties that bind.
  11. The sound surrounded Us anon.
  12. They were at once surrounded.
  13. The family surrounded her bed.
  14. It is surrounded byhigh walls.
  15. The lake is still surrounded.
  16. Surrounded by a loving family.
  17. We were trapped and surrounded.
  18. The glass that surrounded the.
  19. There we surrounded them, and.
  20. You are surrounded by geniuses.
  21. Wow, here I was surrounded by.
  22. She was surrounded by a rainbow.
  23. They surrounded him and looked.
  24. We're surrounded by our enemies.
  25. They were surrounded with water.
  26. Every note surrounded the house.
  27. Spanish) where it was surrounded.
  28. My blood surrounded the pillars.
  29. The lot was surrounded by hedges.
  30. We are surrounded by duplication.
  31. A ring of borzois surrounded him.
  32. I was surrounded by the buildings.
  33. The backyard would be surrounded.
  34. He thus used to be surrounded by.
  35. The Cossack chiefs surrounded him.
  36. It was surrounded by three fields.
  37. The darkness that surrounded him.
  38. It was surrounded by flowers and.
  39. I noticed that we were surrounded.
  40. They were still surrounded by the.
  41. You will be surrounded by children.
  42. Everyone surrounded me, their hero.
  43. He was surrounded now by Honorless.
  44. You are surrounded by these planes.
  45. Tryton sat, surrounded by hot magma.
  46. I am surrounded by grace and light.
  47. When you are surrounded by others.
  48. She was surrounded with no way out.
  49. It’s surrounded by fields of corn.
  50. A sort of bluey light surrounded us.
  51. He’s surrounded by gorgeous women.
  52. We are surrounded by people we love.
  53. The rats quickly surrounded the boys.
  54. After two years surrounded by this.
  55. From young, I was surrounded by this.
  56. Before I knew it theyd surrounded me.
  57. Massive air flows surrounded the ship.
  58. A blue aura of energy surrounded him.
  59. They surrounded the base of the tree.
  60. Soon they had surrounded the children.
  61. They were surrounded by clear white.
  62. Cherish was surrounded by the trees.
  63. Villages surrounded the foot of the.
  64. But that's what he was surrounded by.
  65. Nothing but wispy clouds surrounded.
  66. You are completely surrounded and an.
  67. He is surrounded by enemies as before.
  68. She was surrounded by little children.
  69. One triangle surrounded by three more.
  70. It was surrounded by large stonewalls.
  71. Lawrence Rivers, that surrounded the.
  72. He is surrounded by officers and the.
  73. Rodney Boggs was now surrounded by a.
  74. A flint encrusted wall surrounded the.
  75. At the bottom, soldiers surrounded her.
  76. He was now surrounded on all sides by.
  77. His mouth was surrounded by lips that.
  78. The two men ahead were still surrounded.
  79. He was surrounded, wounded, and tiring.
  80. The silence surrounded the four of them.
  81. Only they surrounded by Light and love.
  82. A sphere of energy surrounded the Gaeans.
  83. In seconds, she was surrounded by Oakmen.
  84. They had grown up surrounded by animals.
  85. Even in his world, red tape surrounded.
  86. It was imposing and surrounded by trees.
  87. An air of sadness surrounded her spirit.
  88. She found herself surrounded by the men.
  89. Suddenly, she was surrounded by darkness.
  90. The Cossacks surrounded him, and asked:.
  91. A squad of soldiers quickly surrounded us.
  92. Then they stopped, surrounded by figures.
  93. You are surrounded by friends and family.
  94. He waved his arm, his gang surrounded me.
  95. Nozroth hunters had the school surrounded.
  96. Powerful protection runes surrounded him.
  97. And naught but ghosts surrounded her now.
  98. From out of the darkness that surrounded.
  99. That church was surrounded all night long.
  100. Surrounded by his pretty female bodyguards.
  1. Love surrounds me and pro-.
  2. A quiet dignity surrounds him.
  3. Life surrounds him with many.
  4. Don't you see? It surrounds us.
  5. The awareness of death surrounds.
  6. The Rock surrounds the foundation.
  7. Take in the beauty that surrounds you.
  8. Waste surrounds us everywhere and is a.
  9. Feel life force that surrounds from the.
  10. Buddhafield of energy that surrounds them.
  11. It surrounds the beloved city (Jerusalem).
  12. It is her web that surrounds the Earth to.
  13. Thats the membrane that surrounds the heart.
  14. Darkness surrounds you and there is no feeling.
  15. Some confusion surrounds fruit in sports nutrition.
  16. Controversy surrounds the use of electronic tweezers.
  17. The large forest that you came through surrounds our.
  18. On the screen the black water surrounds the lake house.
  19. Q: Surely, you see the actual world as it surrounds you.
  20. Over and above, God surrounds all the existing creatures.
  21. It is her web that surrounds the Earth to keep it from.
  22. He covers his tracks; surrounds himself with only the best.
  23. With the flick of a switch, Bruce Springsteen surrounds us.
  24. A six-foot wall surrounds the estate with spikes at the top.
  25. All is quiet; there is a great peace that surrounds the two.
  26. It’s the magic that surrounds you that makes the distortion.
  27. We had passed into the pine forest that surrounds the cemetery.
  28. The fluid that surrounds a fetus in the uterus; amniotic fluid.
  29. The other end, which surrounds the church and which lies in the.
  30. So it is meant to be that position whose bliss surrounds the man.
  31. Where are we? said Spock as they all surveyed their surrounds.
  32. Griffith, Mary, on the halo which surrounds all bodies, xxxviii, 22.
  33. He’s given up taking photos of the drunkenness that surrounds him.
  34. There is no glorified mystical euphoria that surrounds the Indians.
  35. Mystery surrounds the untimely deaths of Amelia Tse and Michael Wong.
  36. He looked at his surrounds upon remembering that he was in a hospital.
  37. This existence is governed by the Holy Spirit and God which surrounds.
  38. I am thankful for the food I eat, the natural beauty that surrounds me.
  39. Their blue eyes constantly scanning their surrounds, rifles held ready.
  40. He probably surrounds himself with tough men who will stand up to them.
  41. The scent of heather surrounds and protects those who inhale her essence.
  42. Your body is negatively affected by almost everything that surrounds you.
  43. As with the disease itself, controversy surrounds the TREATMENT of Chronic.
  44. Eventually, I began to approach the stockade that surrounds the city center.
  45. Hence he surrounds their transactions with every legal and friendly restraint.
  46. The human spirit is like a sponge concerning its affection with what surrounds it.
  47. They are keeping him there because of the amount of evil that surrounds the area.
  48. This Light surrounds their heart just as securely as the walls that surround a fort.
  49. Have you got a map of the surrounds showing where the parents live? I’ll go alone.
  50. What radiance surrounds the forge! To guide the plough, to bind the sheaves, is joy.
  51. And when we say life we are mentioning our own life and everything which surrounds it.
  52. It is important to understand that the unseen, incorporeal world that surrounds us has.
  53. But I know how to jump over these hurdles and keep in stride with all that surrounds me.
  54. Another one, the bigger one, is like the astral shell of this flower that surrounds you.
  55. He surrounds himself with a group of followers with whom he plots to overthrow the king.
  56. Ray continues to lay motionless on the ground as a large crowd hysterically surrounds him.
  57. The only thing I can say is that it’s a glazed house and a wide territory surrounds it.
  58. A glimmer of green surrounds him, and Ralph recognises the colour of his emeralds at once.
  59. However, the fact is that happiness is not generated from what we see or what surrounds us.
  60. But you have only to read the Genesis description of what surrounds the earth’s surface to.
  61. He does his best each day, and surrounds himself with people he respects, and helps and shares.
  62. The very same ignorance that led to the building of physical temples also surrounds the concept.
  63. The cheers of the red supporters shake the window, and the rest of Glacia’s team surrounds her.
  64. Another story, perhaps partly legendary, is the tale that surrounds the famous pirate Blackbeard.
  65. I know when I stand trembling at the edge of the fiery river that surrounds Hell, and that giant.
  66. The seeds of impurity spill out of this place and others like it and infect all that surrounds it.
  67. Ignore all of the evil that surrounds the entire story from beginning to end and see only treasure.
  68. So in cases of “pain” and “things that don’t feel good”, a red bubble surrounds the person.
  69. Her Dad looks pale and appears a little scared as his eyes look around the field that surrounds them.
  70. Without such a belief, you will be crippled by the current destructive philosophy which surrounds you.
  71. To rescue him I told him that we had better go around the pub surrounds to which he immediately agreed.
  72. Instead, she surrounds herself with the so-called successful for whom once she had nothing but contempt.
  73. For, his spirit was surrounding its body as the flame of a candle surrounds the wick from all direction.
  74. With an abundance view, we see the plenty that surrounds us, rather than to obsess on what we don't have.
  75. He stretches out his hands and presses his fingers against the mysterious green circle that surrounds him.
  76. Grimes felt a strange sensation as he surveyed his new surrounds; it was one of despair and hopelessness.
  77. Depicted as an energy field created by all living things, it surrounds and penetrate living beings, and.
  78. Patrick, William, Julian and Vince continue to lay on the ground as a large crowd hysterically surrounds them.
  79. One of the most striking features of this wondrous apparition is the splendid aura which surrounds the figure.
  80. After God created this new man apart from "the other", surrounds him with a garden, trees, plants, and animals.
  81. Mystery surrounds the drug scene, and the teenager has been warned by his associates to keep the matter secret.
  82. The great galactic barrier, the energy field that surrounds the galaxy, is one manifestation of this life force.
  83. The floor traders all operate in a big circle, with the brokers standing on the first step that surrounds the pit.
  84. A great deal of mystery surrounds the origin of this peculiar custom, or 'art' as the Hobbits preferred to call it.
  85. An autistic person has trouble relating in a normal way to what surrounds them so these things have to be coped with.
  86. Harsh lights illuminated the centre stage of this theatre with its stainless steel work surfaces and tiled surrounds.
  87. Orakne’s sense of sight is thrice as clear as a normal human so he sees anything that surrounds him during the night.
  88. Back at the scene, the taller boy continues to lay motionless on the ground as a large crowd hysterically surrounds him.
  89. I walked there and back with him, giddy from the aura that surrounds truly handsome men who are unaware of their beauty.
  90. Julian Grimes looked at his foul and filthy surrounds and now realised the main prison would be just as bad if not worse.
  91. I see the compound, shaped like the picture of a neuron I once saw in my science textbook, and the fence that surrounds it.
  92. How are such lakes formed, yet what surrounds it is lower than it and water does not ascend from a low place to a high place.
  93. Add to this really seeing the beauty that surrounds us all and the awesome majesty of dawn and sunset and natural landscapes.
  94. The consequence is that a self-created aura of unhappiness, fear, hatred, melancholy and anger constantly surrounds such 82.
  95. His automatic defensive screen instantly surrounds his body in an electrical field protecting his body from the phaser blasts.
  96. It is the stillness, which is in every sound, which surrounds every sound, and every sound is a hopeless attempt to speak this.
  97. The sky for the earth is but as a container that surrounds it from all sides just as the skin of an egg surrounds its contents.
  98. But what surrounds the model is not something her father conveyed to her; what’s beyond the model is the most compelling thing.
  99. It was early next week when Ken Murray got his second report on the surrounds of the System fault from his friend at Peat Marwick.
  100. Car-parking spaces were directly beneath and in the surrounds with the main entrance doorway taking up a large area in the middle.

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