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Surround in a sentence

I want all the water surround.
Gamma surround and console her.
Barriers now surround the heart.
Blankets of flowers surround it.
Splitting in two to surround the.
Placement of the Surround Speakers.
Amid the snowdrifts which surround.

Get ready to move and surround the.
Surround yourself with soft cushions.
Soon the actual surround was spotless.
Is spread in the surround, by my sight.
Sometime the sucking bees surround her.
Meanwhile Pods had started to surround.
Large round tables surround the podiums.
Chain of the Eights(8) is my Surround -.
Charly McLain--- "Surround Me With Love".
Bystanders beginning to surround them….
Long white hairs surround the mouth and.
The entire crowd surround them looking on.
Upstairs, the haze began to surround Nikki's.
Plasma screen surround sound, all integrated.
You feel the heat of the flame surround them.
Entering text in formula Surround the text with.
Surround yourselves with strong, Spirit filled.
Love, surround him with the perfume of your balms.
Be with them and surround them with your presence.
Her words surround me and bury themselves inside me.
Acres of barren land and trees surround the school.
Dauntless soldiers surround us and point their guns.
She reached out with love to surround the being for.
They will us surround, and destroy us to the ground;.
Nine metres square with safety surround of 0ne metre.
Margarita, Marilyn and the Dianettes surround Diane D.
Items that we are choosing to surround ourselves with.
We started to surround him, sharing his grief with him.
Whole movements surround each of them, and folks hold.
Dark and fearful legends surround the Place of the Skull.
Surround him with a star-studded team, and he will shine.
A conventional laser-grid covered the immediate surround.
A whole crowd of aliens from the settlement surround Jerry.
I scanned the surrounding wal s.
Louis was surrounding the Arch.
There is a barrier surrounding.
The palm trees surrounding the.
She scanned the surrounding area.
The Light surrounding Andrew faded.
High Plains and surrounding region.
Much of the surrounding area was.
The Fae closed in, surrounding us.
We walked through the surrounding.
The surrounding sand had blackened.
And as the brain and its surrounding.
The surrounding walls, decorated at.
When the circumstances surrounding a.
It had a ten foot fence surrounding it.
As Amarillo and the surrounding region.
All of the surrounding houses were dark.
The grasses and shrubs surrounding the.
There was something surrounding her uncle.
This is a map of the surrounding area.
Surrounding the lion is a serpent design.
They started to inspect their surrounding.
It reacts to the surrounding temperature.
Look relative to the surrounding candles.
Golden Temple and the surrounding temples.
I dared to look up at the surrounding room.
Grace to the countries surrounding Israel.
Texas Panhandle and the surrounding region.
That tile, and the eight surrounding tile.
Forth from the crowd of nymphs surrounding.
Soon the surrounding states become visible.
Gasps rippled through the surrounding trees.
The area surrounding it is flat and barren.
Most of the surrounding buildings had high.
What are these weird things surrounding us?
Robert gazed around at the chaos surrounding.
Enraptured by the surrounding warmth of her.
She gazed at him and the area surrounding her.
There are many false ideas surrounding this.
Outside the stone wall surrounding the house.
I was surrounded by jerks.
It is surrounded in all.
I was surrounded by liars.
It is surrounded by walls.
I was surrounded by water.
He was surrounded by four.
The sound surrounded Us anon.
Surrounded as they were by.
Surrounded by ties that bind.
In seconds we are surrounded.
It was surrounded by undead.
The family surrounded her bed.
They were at once surrounded.
The lake is still surrounded.
It is surrounded byhigh walls.
Surrounded by a loving family.
There we surrounded them, and.
Wow, here I was surrounded by.
We were trapped and surrounded.
The glass that surrounded the.
You are surrounded by geniuses.
She was surrounded by a rainbow.
We're surrounded by our enemies.
Every note surrounded the house.
They were surrounded with water.
My blood surrounded the pillars.
Spanish) where it was surrounded.
They surrounded him and looked.
A ring of borzois surrounded him.
The lot was surrounded by hedges.
We are surrounded by duplication.
It was surrounded by flowers and.
I noticed that we were surrounded.
It was surrounded by three fields.
The Cossack chiefs surrounded him.
He thus used to be surrounded by.
The backyard would be surrounded.
The darkness that surrounded him.
I was surrounded by the buildings.
Everyone surrounded me, their hero.
Love surrounds me and pro-.
A quiet dignity surrounds him.
Life surrounds him with many.
Don't you see? It surrounds us.
The Rock surrounds the foundation.
The awareness of death surrounds.
Take in the beauty that surrounds you.
Waste surrounds us everywhere and is a.
Feel life force that surrounds from the.
Buddhafield of energy that surrounds them.
It is her web that surrounds the Earth to.
It surrounds the beloved city (Jerusalem).
Thats the membrane that surrounds the heart.
Darkness surrounds you and there is no feeling.
Some confusion surrounds fruit in sports nutrition.
Controversy surrounds the use of electronic tweezers.
The large forest that you came through surrounds our.
Q: Surely, you see the actual world as it surrounds you.
On the screen the black water surrounds the lake house.
It is her web that surrounds the Earth to keep it from.
Over and above, God surrounds all the existing creatures.
He covers his tracks; surrounds himself with only the best.
A six-foot wall surrounds the estate with spikes at the top.
With the flick of a switch, Bruce Springsteen surrounds us.
All is quiet; there is a great peace that surrounds the two.
The fluid that surrounds a fetus in the uterus; amniotic fluid.
It’s the magic that surrounds you that makes the distortion.
We had passed into the pine forest that surrounds the cemetery.
The other end, which surrounds the church and which lies in the.
So it is meant to be that position whose bliss surrounds the man.
Griffith, Mary, on the halo which surrounds all bodies, xxxviii, 22.
Where are we? said Spock as they all surveyed their surrounds.
He’s given up taking photos of the drunkenness that surrounds him.
There is no glorified mystical euphoria that surrounds the Indians.
Mystery surrounds the untimely deaths of Amelia Tse and Michael Wong.
He looked at his surrounds upon remembering that he was in a hospital.
This existence is governed by the Holy Spirit and God which surrounds.
I am thankful for the food I eat, the natural beauty that surrounds me.
Their blue eyes constantly scanning their surrounds, rifles held ready.
He probably surrounds himself with tough men who will stand up to them.

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