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Ring en una oración (en ingles)

  1. So he let it ring.
  2. You gave me a ring.
  3. Of the ring of fire.
  4. It had a ring to it.
  5. Also there is a ring.

  6. The key is a ring.
  7. It was the same ring.
  8. We hear the bell ring.
  9. Her soul was her ring.
  10. He lacks the One Ring.
  11. Of a Mobius Ring and.
  12. I placed the ring on.
  13. Molly held up her ring.
  14. It was a ring, once.
  15. I saw his thumb ring.

  16. He wore a ring on his.
  17. It's an old Norse ring.
  18. He gave me this ring.
  19. Once in the show ring:.
  20. Then the shots ring out.
  21. Her phone began to ring.
  22. It is on the ring road.
  23. She has a wedding ring.
  24. I ring the bell and wait.
  25. He did not ring that day.

  26. My mind goes to the Ring.
  27. Bilbo had used the Ring.
  28. Clear out of the ring.
  29. The start of a new ring.
  30. With every ring of time.
  31. The phone started to ring.
  32. There was a ring at the.
  33. Still ring within my ear.
  34. Does that ring a bell?
  35. She let it ring and ring.
  36. It picked up in one ring.
  37. No ring on the left hand.
  38. Tanner looked at his ring.
  39. To command over the ring.
  40. Then as soon as they ring.
  41. Give me the ring, Patty.
  42. Please give back the ring.
  43. Your phone may never ring.
  44. Toria was wearing my ring.
  45. She gave him back the ring.
  46. She held out a man's ring.
  47. There was a ring of metal.
  48. To the right of the ring.
  49. The second ring! And the.
  50. He was the ring announcer.
  51. He took the Ring off his.
  52. III - The Ring Goes South.
  53. Doug held up his onion ring.
  54. No need to ring in advance.
  55. Of the Finding of the Ring.
  56. They stood in a little ring.
  57. There was a ring round him.
  58. I was ready with the ring.
  59. Reacher heard the ring tone.
  60. He took a key ring out of.
  61. It had a certain ring to it.
  62. Give me the ring at least.
  63. He decided to take the ring.
  64. She did not ring his mobile.
  65. Astonished, I put the ring.
  66. I already had Tanner's ring.
  67. Aunt gave me the ring today.
  68. He was at his 8th ring when.
  69. I heard about the Ring, of.
  70. I answered on the third ring.
  71. I showed them the ring and.
  72. The prolonged ring went on.
  73. The ring chooses its wearer.
  74. But it wasn’t just a ring.
  75. He held the ring out to her.
  76. There about to ring the bell.
  77. But outside the ring? I win.
  78. I didn’t hear my phone ring.
  79. He must have put the Ring on.
  80. Maybe it will ring a bell.
  81. There is a ring in the stone.
  82. My cell phone started to ring.
  83. He bounds off to ring them up.
  84. Her cell phone began to ring.
  85. There’s a ring all right.
  86. She still wore Emory’s ring.
  87. Which ever need strong ring?
  88. The first ring was his! The.
  89. He answered on the second ring.
  90. The Token Ring Physical Layer.
  91. It was certainly a man's ring.
  92. She wasn’t wearing her ring.
  93. No one hears the bell ring.
  94. He picked up on the first ring.
  95. Your name has a familiar ring.
  96. He was wearing a golden ring.
  97. He answered in a half of ring.
  98. Here, at the dog ring? Hmm.
  99. The names don’t ring a bell.
  100. With this ring, I thee wed.
  1. There was a ringing in Mr.
  2. The phone did stop ringing.
  3. I hear ringing in my ears.
  4. She was ringing the nurse.
  5. It was a telephone ringing.
  6. Is that the phone ringing?
  7. The echo is ringing in my.
  8. The phone was still ringing.
  9. The ringing in their ears.
  10. The buzzer was ringing again.
  11. It's been ringing on and.
  12. It was his telephone ringing.
  13. The ringing phone cut her off.
  14. The phone did not stop ringing.
  15. His cellular phone was ringing.
  16. Nobody answered to her ringing.
  17. Matthew heard the bell ringing.
  18. He listened to the phone ringing.
  19. She stared at the ringing phone.
  20. Ringing the bell was a test of.
  21. George's phone was ringing again.
  22. The hidden phone stopped ringing.
  23. The ringing phone interrupted him.
  24. Piping o’er the rushes, ringing.
  25. The warning bells are now ringing.
  26. In a ringing voice he declaimed:.
  27. My ears are still ringing a bit.
  28. There was a loud bell ringing sound.
  29. She was woken by her ringing phone.
  30. Where are you ringing from?
  31. Dr Tanmay’s phone started ringing.
  32. It was like a muffled bell ringing.
  33. The phone kept ringing and ringing.
  34. He waited for the ringing to stop.
  35. The press have been ringing up the.
  36. The phone started ringing downstairs.
  37. The church bells were still ringing.
  38. His name, ringing through the trees.
  39. She was woken by her phone's ringing.
  40. The ringing phone was not giving up.
  41. The ringing in my head stopped dead.
  42. The phone in his pocket began ringing.
  43. The phone was ringing off the hook.
  44. When he came out an alarm was ringing.
  45. The amounts sent alarm bells ringing.
  46. There was a moment of ringing silence.
  47. Rubbing her ringing ear, she hung up.
  48. Ringing it again and again and again.
  49. The phone ringing woke Wisdom up again.
  50. Beyond the ringing, he begins to hear.
  51. She reached for the ringing telephone.
  52. The light came on and it began ringing.
  53. Startled awake by the ringing bedside.
  54. As though I would be ringing otherwise!.
  55. She was woken by the ringing of her phone.
  56. At that moment, his cell started ringing.
  57. She was woken by hearing a ringing phone.
  58. There was a sharp ringing rap on the door.
  59. The water rippled with the ringing sounds.
  60. It's ringing up to mind: Here is the time.
  61. Her cell phone was still ringing?!.
  62. All the churches were ringing the Angelus.
  63. My head is filled with a constant ringing.
  64. Esyth? Gideon’s voice came ringing.
  65. His ears were ringing and starting to ache.
  66. His phone was ringing on the bedside table.
  67. He continues to hear her cell phone ringing.
  68. I’ve tried ringing him half a dozen times.
  69. The phone started ringing in Yukino’s hand.
  70. No one I knew would be ringing at that hour.
  71. Everywhere, metal was ringing with gunshots.
  72. He heard the phone ringing down in the hall.
  73. The phone was ringing off the hook everyday.
  74. He walked back and found his mobile ringing.
  75. She was interrupted by the telephone ringing.
  76. But my phone was ringing when I got upstairs.
  77. The ringing quieted down into a dead silence.
  78. The sound of a small bell was ringing softly.
  79. Distorted by the ringing in my ears and the.
  80. The moment was shattered by the phone ringing.
  81. The sudden silence was worse than the ringing.
  82. The in-car phone dial ed and it began ringing.
  83. Her mobile ringing got her out of her reveries.
  84. The ringing of the telephone startled the trio.
  85. Before he could answer my cell started ringing.
  86. T2 remains cut off during the ringing interval.
  87. Ringing the doorbell, he waited for a response.
  88. I heard a phone ringing, she apologized.
  89. To go on ringing was useless and out of place.
  90. The ringing of his cell phone broke the spell.
  91. The phone started ringing and Herbie answered.
  92. His phone was lately ringing with a frequency.
  93. The telephone was ringing – her wake-up call.
  94. The intercom keeps ringing and so does my phone.
  96. Somewhere in the house the phone starts ringing.
  97. Sana was intervened by the ringing of her phone.
  98. The ringing of his telephone then cut Dewey off.
  99. Cynthia had just told me was ringing in my ears.
  100. Thankfully, I later took notice of the ringing.
  1. I have rung a few bells.
  2. Tim's phone would have rung.
  3. He’s rung here four times.
  4. Alarm bells should have rung.
  5. His phone hadn’t rung all morning.
  6. His harp beneath that sky had rung.
  7. And over the waves its warning rung.
  8. She leaned her head against a metal rung.
  9. I think the name must have rung a bell.
  10. You could’ve rung the chime, you know.
  11. She gripped each rung as though her life.
  12. I too had once rung at the monster's door.
  13. It was very kind of you to have rung, Ron.
  14. Sonja's cellular phone rung in her Coach bag.
  15. His cell phone on top of the television rung.
  16. We would have rung but we have been tied up.
  17. Boom! The sound of a 45 rung in John’s ears.
  18. A quick firm pull and she felt the rung break.
  19. She rung it and placed it on Kate’s forehead.
  20. Pulling on the rung, she felt it move slightly.
  21. Her grip tightened on the metal rung, warming it.
  22. I’ve blown the whistle and I have rung the bell.
  23. Krystal stood on the bottom rung of the rope ladder.
  24. It was half-past eight, and Everard hadn't rung up.
  25. Rung 2: Pay off your credit card and any other debt.
  26. The performer laid her hands on the top rung of the.
  27. Oh! if only I could die! Have they rung for dinner?
  28. He’s rung me a couple of times to keep me in touch.
  29. But moving around the beam illuminated a rung of steps.
  30. When the phone had rung across the street in the night.
  31. One of the occupational therapists had rung Bill Clayton.
  32. He was still deep in his thoughts when the telephone rung.
  33. Before Junya got a chance to respond, his cell phone rung.
  34. I used my upper body strength and climbed to the top rung.
  35. Suddenly that sorrowful voice laughed and rung in his ears.
  36. His hand found a rung Will had nailed away among the leaves.
  37. It could have rung while I was dealing with customers, it.
  38. Now the curtain had been rung down forever, the footlights.
  39. Then, when he’d rung again she’d switched off her phone.
  40. Now at first I thought that Toto had rung it with a biro, but.
  41. He heard the sound of a handbell being rung vigorously outside.
  42. The bells of day had scarcely rung out again, a mockery in the.
  43. A bell sounds the same whether it's rung backwards or forwards.
  44. There is an axiom in sports that has rung true through the ages.
  45. Good aim! You’ve rung the bell, rejoined the lady, coolly.
  46. By time the New Year is rung in we will have a different working.
  47. Now you have moved yourself up another rung of the ladder as the.
  48. The first bell had rung already; they were waiting for the second.
  49. Benjamin opened his hand to reveal a little brass bell which he rung.
  50. Your first rung to prioritizing is to choose those jobs you have to.
  51. At seven o'clock a bell was rung, and then the folding doors of the.
  52. He did it just right, grabbing on to the bottom rung with both hands.
  53. A few minutes later, a stooped old man came out to see who had rung.
  54. Petersburg, and by ten o’clock he had rung the bell at Rogojin’s.
  55. I was clinging to the last rung as the water had dropped to my knees.
  56. I mentioned this to one of my clients who had rung for a general chat.
  57. At the top rung, she inhaled sharply and brought her hand to her face.
  58. That itself was a warning as loud as a temple bell rung after midnight.
  59. He was trying to strategize a plan when his personal cellular phone rung.
  60. Then her engines were rung on slow ahead, and immediately rung off again.
  61. That he hadn't rung up showed he regarded Lucy's indisposition as slight.
  62. He could even have been the medical type who had rung her up that evening.
  63. The lad’s father had rung Darren’s home and he was taken back in shame.
  64. After a while she crept back to the stairs and sat down on the bottom rung.
  65. The tardy bell had just rung for first period when they entered the school.
  66. As she sat across from him, Cindy put one leg on the rung of the chair and.
  67. Nekhludoff found the convoy officer only after the second bell had been rung.
  68. But she had rung up to ask about him a couple of times after he first arrived.
  69. There was no bell, or I would have rung it and begged to be allowed to go away.
  70. She had rung home before she had left Louisa’s to say that she was on her way.
  71. Lorna sat in her place on the bottom rung of the steps with her head in her hands.
  72. At last the instructor reminded them that the bell had rung, and they reluctantly.
  73. Well, she’s in his log book as having rung a couple of times asking after him.
  74. Suzy still hadn’t rung, he thought it was better he didn’t try and contact her.
  75. A driveway opened up in the woods! It was almost as if Haven had rung an invisible.
  76. The peal which orders the doctor for the dead to be summoned has already been rung.
  77. Early that afternoon, as Alexandra was leaving for Dark Harbor, the phone had rung.
  78. On the table in front of him lay a telephone that had not rung for a long, long time.
  79. Another reason I shouldn’t have rung the bell: I’m totally not dressed for this.
  80. He stands on the top rung of the railing and yells, If you be men, follow me!.
  81. He tied it firmly to the last but one rung of the ladder, which seemed quite strong.
  82. She put her bare foot on the previous rung and slowly lowered her other foot as well.
  83. Rather than going to college, though he went to work at a higher-than-usual rung of.
  84. No, I must have rung you by mistake, he said, with more conviction this time.
  85. Raekwon dialed the number he knew so well by heart and waited as the other line rung.
  86. The keen edge had rung on the mighty body as on an anvil, rebounding without cutting.
  87. And the lights on Morg’s visor flashed red, a shrill beeping sound rung in his ears.
  88. So, unless you want to advance to the fourth rung, shut up and let’s get this done.
  89. Said 3x with a bell dipped in fresh blood and rung 3x over the Gate or summoning sigil.
  90. He stepped from rung to rung blindly with a firm grip behind his back to steady himself.
  91. Yes; he’s just rung in to say that Jarvis has arrived home, complete with briefcase.
  92. She climbed the steps to the top rung and called to Harry: Please let me stay outside.
  93. When he finally did, the bell had already rung, and it was too late to start doing maths.
  94. Akua was not where he should have been, but then again I had rung him several hours prior.
  95. The Welshman had rung yesterday afternoon to say he would have to spend the night in town.
  96. It rung for a few minutes before I could hear the faint sound of Akito answering the phone.
  97. I was certain that all of the axles had rung true and that it was safe to release the train.
  98. Willie and Zach waited at the foot of the ladder while Sammy scrabbled around the first rung.
  99. Let’s leave it till tomorrow night, after our show and you’ve rung the other schools.
  100. Even the name Flautdam rung – almost historically into a trace or sketch he’d seen before.
  1. The rings are in the.
  2. And rings in the sink.
  3. From Lord of the Rings.
  4. His phone rings and he.
  5. Rose rings are in the sky.
  6. Nick rings at the weekend.
  7. The C light Mobius rings.
  8. It rings in Mary’s ears.
  9. At a moment the phone rings.
  10. The taxman only rings once.
  11. My private line rings again.
  12. Tánya raps twice and rings.
  13. The term rings a vague bell.
  14. The phone rings in the hall.
  15. The world is made of rings.
  16. Actually you have two rings.
  17. At the very small was rings.
  18. Eight times, rings the bell.
  19. After 5 rings he heard his.
  20. Dave rings just after eight.
  21. My private number rings, shit.
  22. The snowy prayer, that rings.
  23. She answered two rings later.
  24. Later on, the doorbell rings.
  25. Setne twisted his pinky rings.
  26. The Mobius rings and spheres.
  27. After twenty rings he hung up.
  28. Mark rings the doorbell again.
  29. He said it rings all the time.
  30. The rings of Uranus are very.
  31. In this box are seven rings.
  32. Of The Rings? still nothing.
  33. There were three rings to pass.
  34. No hymn rings so with joy as:.
  35. After four rings, he picked up.
  36. The telephone rings for a while.
  37. Moments later the doorbell rings.
  38. And after two rings he answered.
  39. The rings felt warm to the touch.
  40. The phone rings on the other end.
  41. Red rings danced through my head.
  42. Twenty more rings with no answer.
  43. As he exits his desk phone rings.
  44. We had the rings and the relic!.
  45. And the Mobius rings and spheres.
  46. Nick’s cell phone rings at ten A.
  47. Years of rings washed by the tide.
  48. The Lord of the Rings JRR Tolkien.
  49. As I turn on the TV my cell rings.
  50. After two rings her mother answered.
  51. Till proper rings could be procured.
  52. And here, Lord of the Rings, Tolken.
  53. In the distance a hollow bell rings.
  54. And the three rings at the top?
  55. It still rings in my ears as I write.
  56. Only three rings, that was peculiar.
  57. I cleaned the rings on my stove and.
  58. Just after ten, the phone rings again.
  59. His voice rings on in video record-.
  60. Fairy Rings: Where the fairies dance.
  61. You said Donna left her rings behind.
  62. Just after two-thirty the phone rings.
  63. That rings a bell, said Maguire.
  64. At the next table, Luke's phone rings.
  65. The rings of the trunk are fine lines.
  66. He waited patiently counting the rings.
  67. There were rows and rows of rings and.
  69. The phone rings once – a wrong number.
  70. Nathan captured the remaining two rings.
  71. There were two major spy rings in the U.
  72. Of what happened to the Rings of Saturn.
  73. To-day the starry roof of Heaven rings.
  74. Daniel, they can fly rings around us.
  75. After a couple of rings it was answered.
  77. Selwyn Lloyd answered after three rings.
  78. Silver rings encircled a few of her toes.
  79. My echo rings out, it sings in the wind.
  80. You reach for the phone just as it rings.
  81. The phone rings inside Christine's house.
  82. And your lawyer ran rings around the DA.
  83. Around the man’s eyes were pale rings.
  84. The molecules (Mobius rings and spheres).
  85. I ring his mobile and wait while it rings.
  86. Organisation of Rings in the Magmasphere.
  87. Half an hour later, the phone rings again.
  88. Selma’d scooped up a handful of rings.
  89. He rings every coin to find a counterfeit.
  90. He had a small hauberk, its rings forged.
  91. He counts out the rings, settling on five.
  92. She counted rings that she could not hear.
  93. By observing the rings around the planets.
  94. But do you think the Rings of Saturn care?
  95. Within two rings I heard a man’s voice.
  96. Uranus' rings were first discovered in 1977.
  97. The final bell rings as I slide into my seat.
  98. The phone rings and Jaden hops over the bed.
  99. The Presenter slipped the rings off of her.
  100. A wren, with those rings under your eyes.
  1. A shot rang out and.
  2. I rang the bell again.
  3. One day the phone rang.
  4. The bell rang for Terce.
  5. Two more shots rang out.
  6. A fourth shot rang out.
  7. And then the phone rang.
  8. A shot rang in the night.
  9. Just then the phone rang.
  10. A great church bell rang.
  11. Then my cell phone rang.
  12. The man rang the police.
  13. He rang; a woman with a.
  14. It vibrated when it rang.
  15. The lacquey rang his bell.
  16. Just then his phone rang.
  17. Just then, the phone rang.
  18. Still, no shots rang out.
  19. The phone rang after that.
  20. The jurymen rang the bell.
  21. He rang me from Hamilton.
  22. The cell phone rang again.
  23. The rail rang and snapped.
  24. His words rang in her ears.
  25. They rang back soon after.
  26. He rang the doorbell and.
  27. The phone rang and rang.
  28. When the gong rang, they.
  29. It rang for a few minutes.
  30. I rang the bell and waited.
  31. Her daughter rang me that.
  32. It rang with a hollow sound.
  33. He rang the bell and waited.
  34. This is when the phone rang.
  35. The Secretary rang the bell.
  36. Alarm bells rang in my ears.
  37. First, she rang her mother.
  38. But, the stories rang true.
  39. I rang my mother from work.
  40. None of the words rang true.
  41. He rang off and called Gray.
  42. Just then a shot rang out.
  43. Suddenly two shots rang out.
  44. My ears rang in the silence.
  45. The phone rang a few times.
  46. Just then the doorbell rang.
  47. A phone rang inside the auto.
  48. The church bells rang at St.
  49. Next time he rang I said no.
  50. It rang again and he sighed.
  51. The phone in his truck rang.
  52. A sword rang as it was drawn.
  53. An excited Shah rang up Modi.
  54. His phone rang in his pocket.
  55. The phrase rang in our ears.
  56. Then he rang Grandén again.
  57. The doorbell rang behind him.
  58. Two bells, three bells rang.
  59. One morning, the phone rang.
  60. Just then Harry's phone rang.
  61. A few seconds later it rang.
  62. And rang, and rang and rang.
  63. Shortly after, he rang back.
  64. I rang the chummery doorbell.
  65. A bell rang loudly upstairs.
  66. The buzzer rang in her foyer.
  67. With that, the doorbell rang.
  68. Then the telephone bell rang.
  69. Rang out; and held; and died.
  70. In the silence, my ears rang.
  71. Just then the door bell rang.
  72. His cell phone rang just then.
  73. The phone rang loud causing.
  74. The phone rang, startling her.
  75. So Jack rang the two numbers.
  76. The phone rang several times.
  77. The car phone rang once again.
  78. Just then her cell phone rang.
  79. That was when the phone rang.
  80. More shouts rang out in the.
  81. But Dolly really rang my bell.
  82. His phone rang, startling him.
  83. Phelps rang for the coffee?
  84. Then the telephone rang again.
  85. A shot rang out from the tower.
  86. His head still rang with the.
  87. The phone on the side wal rang.
  88. The stage rang with gay song:.
  89. Then his clear voice rang out.
  90. Before I left, the phone rang.
  91. He rang around, long distance.
  92. Rang the bell and went inside.
  93. It rang false to his own ears.
  94. The cheering masses rang with.
  95. Then the song rang out,.
  96. A metallic voice rang out,.
  97. Months later he rang me up,.

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