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Sympathise en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I also sympathise and wish you well.
  2. I quite understand you, and sympathise.
  3. One who can sympathise with those in similar.
  4. Susan was always ready to hear and to sympathise.
  5. This was something he could readily sympathise with.

  6. I sympathise with you Hanor, but wishing the trauma of losing Nole.
  7. The upward swing of the lines in A sympathise with the line of the.
  8. Monette told me a few things about you and I understand and sympathise with.
  9. You cannot offend me, for with my whole heart I sympathise with you and pity you!.
  10. But he's no fool; and I can sympathise with all his feelings, having felt them myself.
  11. I can sympathise with the sentiments of those who groan, I’m sick of all this shit.
  12. But he’s no fool; and I can sympathise with all his feelings, having felt them myself.
  13. I sympathise with them, I treat them, after all, but their illnesses are self-inflicted.
  14. One can but sympathise with unhappy Spain, whose jubilation was turned to despair when they learned of their absolute loss.
  15. Even the sound of Johnny's jolly bustling became a little easier to sympathise with, beneath the anxiety of what was to come.

  16. Heathcliff out? I enquired, perceiving that the wretched creature had no power to sympathise with his cousin's mental tortures.
  17. John’s taciturnity: he was sincerely glad to see his sisters; but in their glow of fervour and flow of joy he could not sympathise.
  18. If we see someone dear to us with his hand bleeding because it was badly wounded, we feel sorry for this scene and sympathise with him.
  19. There was no cause for sympathy here, and if there ever should be Miss Entwhistle would certainly never sympathise except from a neutral place.
  20. In many ways, he could sympathise with Nathanial Whittaker; both their marriages had failed because their work and their wives were incompatible.
  21. She wouldn't come into a man's house, and in the very act of being nourished by his food sympathise with his wife; she would sympathise from London.
  22. I sympathise with her, for I do the same, only Jonathan and I will start in life in a very simple way, and shall have to try to make both ends meet.
  23. Perhaps one might compare this psychological assault with the Stockholm syndrome, where hostages grow to like their captors and sympathise with them.
  24. No, it's not nonsense! A man who has suffered distress and annoyance as you did yesterday and who yet can sympathise with the misery of others, such a man.
  25. If we see someone dear to us whose hand is bleeding because it is badly wounded, we will feel sorry because of this situation and will sympathise with them.

  26. Similarly do not sympathise with Ambrosius or Stan or Jerry, for all are guilty of that atrocity of silence when asked 'Would any not pierce the fish wi' a crown of thorns?'.
  27. I heard her with wonder: I could not comprehend this doctrine of endurance; and still less could I understand or sympathise with the forbearance she expressed for her chastiser.
  28. No, Yakov Petrovitch, I did not mean that; I did not mean that at all, Yakov Petrovitch, not that at all; I sympathise with you, Yakov Petrovitch, and am humbly moved by genuine interest.
  29. Nothing, I just thought that you of all people could sympathise with the family of any one of these serial killer victims, who have died in such horrible circumstances, just like your parents.
  30. The prisoners began all to sympathise with the unhappy fellows when they heard how they had been taken, and learned that they could not help themselves, and the anxiety about the issue was keen.
  31. At that stage I understood nothing, and could not sympathise with their worries about home and children and even the family dog! Their antics made me even more determined not to get involved seriously or even worse married.
  32. But, for all that, I was not going to sympathise with him---the brute beast! Oh, give me the poker! This is the last thing of his I have about me: she slipped the gold ring from her third finger, and threw it on the floor.
  33. But, for all that, I was not going to sympathise with him—the brute beast! Oh, give me the poker! This is the last thing of his I have about me:’ she slipped the gold ring from her third finger, and threw it on the floor.
  34. If our innocence and her tears and mine can with strict justice open the door to clemency, extend it to us, for we never had any intention of injuring you, nor do we sympathise with the aims of our people, who have been justly.
  35. While something in me, he went on, is acutely sensible to her charms, something else is as deeply impressed with her defects: they are such that she could sympathise in nothing I aspired to—co-operate in nothing I undertook.
  36. In fact, most of them tended to sympathise with the communist bloc on a my-former-colonial-ruler’s-enemy-is-my-friend basis, but the fact remained that the world now seemed to be divided into three camps: Capitalist, communist, and non-aligned.
  37. But Virginsky was quite unperturbed, as the major was "incapable of betraying them"; for in spite of his stupidity he had all his life been fond of dropping in wherever extreme Radicals met; he did not sympathise with their ideas himself, but was very fond of listening to them.
  38. That is honourable, I mean to say, it's humane! You wanted to avoid gratitude, I saw! And although I cannot, I confess, in principle sympathise with private charity, for it not only fails to eradicate the evil but even promotes it, yet I must admit that I saw your action with pleasure—yes, yes, I like it.
  39. It is these incessant wars and revolutions which have given the country its present rather bad name, and have convinced those who happened to sympathise with the inhabitants when they were fighting for their independence that, after all, they had fared better even under the lame government of Spain than they have done under their own.
  40. I am Don Quixote of La Mancha, whose calling it is to give aid to the needy of all sorts; and that being so, it is not necessary for you, senora, to make any appeal to benevolence, or deal in preambles, only to tell your woes plainly and straightforwardly: for you have hearers that will know how, if not to remedy them, to sympathise with them.
  41. I think, scathed as you look, and charred and scorched, there must be a little sense of life in you yet, rising out of that adhesion at the faithful, honest roots: you will never have green leaves more—never more see birds making nests and singing idyls in your boughs; the time of pleasure and love is over with you: but you are not desolate: each of you has a comrade to sympathise with him in his decay.
  42. The affair broke the monotony of their lives, and gave them something to think of; but, above all, it was an escape, and as such, something to sympathise with deeply, and stirred fibres in the poor fellows which had long been without any exciting stimulus; something like hope and a disposition to confront their fate set their hearts beating, for the incident seemed to show that their hard lot was not hopelessly unchangeable.
  43. Miss Bertram approved the decision, for the less he had to learn the better; and though she could not sympathise in his wish that the Count and Agatha might be to act together, nor wait very patiently while he was slowly turning over the leaves with the hope of still discovering such a scene, she very kindly took his part in hand, and curtailed every speech that admitted being shortened; besides pointing out the necessity of his being very much dressed, and chusing his colours.
  44. As I walked by his side homeward, I read well in his iron silence all he felt towards me: the disappointment of an austere and despotic nature, which has met resistance where it expected submission—the disapprobation of a cool, inflexible judgment, which has detected in another feelings and views in which it has no power to sympathise: in short, as a man, he would have wished to coerce me into obedience: it was only as a sincere Christian he bore so patiently with my perversity, and allowed so long a space for reflection and repentance.

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