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Sympathize en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Just saying I can sympathize.
  2. I could not sympathize with her.
  3. They sympathize with the hssswwx.
  4. But seeing the dame, I sympathize.
  5. You mustn’t sympathize with him.

  6. I can sympathize with that problem.
  7. I could sympathize with Jack I guess.
  8. Thats why I sympathize with Angela.
  9. How could he not sympathize with 68.
  10. I sympathize, but I'm in the same boat.
  11. And not only did she sympathize with him.
  12. She did sympathize with him, and he with her.
  13. Butterfield understood, and could sympathize.
  14. We all of us sympathize with you the hssswwx.
  15. We sympathize with you, but we have our orders.

  16. I couldn’t bring myself to sympathize either.
  17. You who sympathize with us are called pathizers.
  18. It will be hard for me to sympathize with her.
  19. Houston could sympathize with him, but he liked.
  20. I’m sorry, Nerissa, I sympathize, I really do.
  21. I sympathize but if this goes to Court, you could be.
  22. I have the same amount of homework Mass, I sympathize.
  23. Maybe someone would sympathize with him, and hide him?
  24. I sympathize with the problems you're having at your job.
  25. Carius could certainly sympathize with his restlessness.

  26. They sympathize with being manipulated, powerless victims.
  27. For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with.
  28. Having lost her father, Dominique could sympathize with Henri.
  29. Poor old fellow! I've been through it all, and I can sympathize.
  30. But, my dear boy, you mustn't think I don't sympathize with you.
  31. Americans sympathize with the trials the colonists faced, though.
  32. When she found me in that shocking mood; she tried to sympathize me.
  33. It warms all four of my hearts to hear that you sympathize with us.
  34. It was a simple enough motivation; and he could sympathize with her.
  35. Still, I’m not going to sympathize with a witch throwing out curses.
  36. God damn it Zach, if anyone should be able to sympathize with her it's you.
  37. I loved him and respected him, and sympathize with you with all my heart.
  38. In this world, no one could ever be able to sympathize with the loneliness in.
  39. We understand how she feels, we sympathize, don’t we Phoebe?’ The cat purred.
  40. You were unable to sympathize with the woman, or to feel much interest in the man.
  41. Never were a lot of people more easy to be amused, more eager to laugh or sympathize.
  42. Sympathize not with your fellows merely that they may sympathize with you in return.
  43. But as he talked to Femi, he began to understand her and sympathize with her dilemma.
  44. Yes, I sympathize, but what would you have me do? Promise Tragus I’ll thrash him if.
  45. He is desirous that we shall sympathize with her, to the point of tears, in the last act.
  46. But after realizing he was a victim, just like me, I came to sympathize with his struggles.
  47. My dear friend? said she, in a tone of pathetic inquiry, prepared to sympathize in any way.
  48. I sympathize with poor Desdemona when she had such a stream poured in her ear, even by a black man.
  49. It was as if Prince Andrew would have liked to sympathize with what Pierre was saying, but could not.
  50. They have no father that may sympathize with them as well as they need charity more than those of full age.
  51. That appalling trial has, I think, two object-- first, that the candidate may be able fully to sympathize.
  52. They have no father to sympathize with them, and they need charity more than those who have reached adulthood.
  53. I assure you, I can sympathize with such a repugnance, but how can one avoid it? You see, it's the only way out.
  54. As a matter of principle, I sympathize with Ismael, for he is suffering now what I suffered some eight years ago.
  55. It’s cruel, maybe, but it’s hard to sympathize with grief when it’s over someone who just tried to kill you.
  56. And although he could understand and even sympathize, it was only through research, not from personal experience.
  57. Any girl reader who has suffered like afflictions will sympathize with poor Amy and wish her well through her task.
  58. I’m sure he will sympathize with you, you said it yourself on the phone earlier that he’s a considerate person.
  59. I say I criticise them; but that does not mean that I sympathize with the public at large in its complainings against them.
  60. And so began the very tedious task of constructing psychological profiles of everyone most likely to sympathize with Raidan.
  61. We sympathize with the trials of our Straight University corps of teachers in the disadvantages under which they are working.
  62. Hollywood was once a subculture with little enough power to sympathize and root for the Robber Baron underdog, or any underdog.
  63. How could Anne marry someone she barely knew? Did she trust him? Did he sympathize with Chambers? Petra nodded at the carriage.
  64. Based on his country’s history with America, he could understand and sympathize with his masters’ paranoia regarding the West.
  65. It’s cruel, maybe, but it’s hard to sympathize with grief when it’s over someone who just tried to kill you.
  66. I cracked up, get mad at or with, feel sad and sympathize a lot with the characters and not a lot of these stories make me do that.
  67. If we see someone dear to us with his hand bleeding because it is badly wounded, we feel sorry for this scene and sympathize with him.
  68. Yet he figured part of her problem was fright—not only of the mob but of the responsibility she faced, and he could surely sympathize.
  69. For some time I had back problems after my accident hiking, so I can really sympathize with the people that have these types of problems.
  70. For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin.
  71. When Peter Templeton had first begun his practice, he had had his share, but he had quickly found he was unable to sympathize with their problems.
  72. The people are always ready, unless led astray by ignorance or delusion, to participate in the success of the country, or to sympathize in its adversity.
  73. It certainly sounded as if he had a grievance, and she was perfectly ready to sympathize with the dear man if she knew what about, but she didn't know what about.
  74. Hebrews 4:15 - For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but One who has been tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin.
  75. We may readily infer that Shakespeare found little to sympathize with in this somewhat extravagant outline of a happy nation, but he goes out of his way to travesty it.
  76. Yes, well, he said as he looked at the reverend’s eyes that no longer stared presumptuously at him, I should just like to say that I can sympathize with you.
  77. Pellew and Calvin shouted orders to their subordinates and began a process of fortifying engineering and evicting two of the engineers who wouldn’t sympathize with them.
  78. How he might have tried harder to get along with her, to sympathize with her own cramped circumstances, maybe even to see at least some of what his father had seen in her.
  79. I guess you could say I was spoiled as a child, Faye said with a smirk as if she knew Lady Jane would sympathize with her in that respect, considering her own fortunate youth.
  80. From this perspective, she could sympathize with Terence, a young man trapped in a union with a cold, uncaring, emotionless woman, and understand his desire to be free from such pains.
  81. There is something so awe-inspiring in great afflictions that even in the worst times the first emotion of a crowd has generally been to sympathize with the sufferer in a great catastrophe.
  82. I tried to stifle these sensations; I thought that as I could not sympathize with him, I had no right to withhold from him the small portion of happiness which was yet in my power to bestow.
  83. Write to me about your troubles as often as you feel it helps you, and believe that I do most heartily sympathize with you both, but don't mind, and forgive me, if my answers are not satisfactory.
  84. The crisp air, the sunlight, the movement on the river, and the moving river itself,—the road that ran with us, seeming to sympathize with us, animate us, and encourage us on,—freshened me with new hope.
  85. They helped with pain, they helped with sleep, and I moved around so much in the summer between DC, Rhode Island, and the Cape that I could always find a doctor who would sympathize with my stories of my prescriptions running out.
  86. You will understand now how it was that I strove to keep the peace with him, and you will in some measure sympathize with me in the fears which fill me, now that he has gone from me to his other victim with threats upon his tongue.
  87. Only such a woman, who has lost the significance of her life, will sympathize with that false, sham man's labour, by means of which her husband, freeing himself from man's duty, may profit, together with her, by the labour of others.
  88. Though he could sympathize with her emotions at wanting Terence Underwood dead given that he had taken her sight, forcing her into a world of darkness, the act could not be justified no matter how much he had deserved such punishment.
  89. I should be given a small room as a favor, the soldiers would violate my father’s newly dug grave to steal his crosses and stars, they would tell me of their victories over the Russians, and would pretend to sympathize with my sorrow.
  90. Probably the feminine reader will more thoroughly understand and sympathize with Kitty Dereham’s distress of mind and spirit in her struggles with the problems presented to her, and even with her unconditional surrender to Garth Vincent.
  91. Just remember that Caris grew up in the wool business and helped her father, so she understands the problems and challenges that merchants face – whereas her rival is the daughter of a bishop, and more likely to sympathize with the prior.
  92. Flint's Pond, a mile eastward, allowing for the disturbance occasioned by its inlets and outlets, and the smaller intermediate ponds also, sympathize with Walden, and recently attained their greatest height at the same time with the latter.
  93. Still less can we sympathize with the gentleman who, in Fort comme la Mort, during his whole life deceived his friend, corrupted his wife, and now laments because, having grown old, he is not able to corrupt also the daughter of his paramour.
  94. When we hear some passage in which a hero laments his sufferings at tedious length, you know that we sympathize with him and praise the poet; and yet in our own sorrows such an exhibition of feeling is regarded as effeminate and unmanly (Ion).
  95. In order, however, to testify the respect and sorrow which this nation feels for the deceased, and to prove that we sympathize with the afflicted, without further comment on this painful subject, I beg leave to offer the following resolution:.
  96. Only such a woman, who has lost the meaning of her life, will sympathize with that delusive and false male labor, by means of which her husband, having rid himself of the obligations of a man, is enabled to enjoy, in her company, the work of others.
  97. Some old people keep young at heart in spite of wrinkles and gray hairs, can sympathize with children's little cares and joys, make them feel at home, and can hide wise lessons under pleasant plays, giving and receiving friendship in the sweetest way.
  98. I would so much like to sympathize wholly with you now, to be able to be indignant with Miss Cheriton, call her a minx, say she is heartless, and be ready with all sorts of healing balms and syrups for you, poor boy in the clutches of a cruel annoyance.
  99. No man of sense, he says in the Timaeus, would take physic; and we heartily sympathize with him in the Laws when he declares that 'the limbs of the rustic worn with toil will derive more benefit from warm baths than from the prescriptions of a not over wise doctor.
  100. The high officers, instead of encouraging the roughness and cruelty of the soldiers, which befit their occupation, promote the diffusion of education among them, preach humanity, often sympathize with the socialistic ideas of the masses, and deny the utility of war.
  1. Sympathizing is considered to be a nobler.
  2. A sympathizing friend sends the following gem:.
  3. The wives were sympathizing with each other in slightly raised voices.
  4. Ever he displayed this combination of the sympathizing friend and the authoritative teacher.
  5. They were changed to groans of sympathizing men, screams of terror-stricken, white-faced, fainting women.
  6. The lines of her face were hard and rude, like that of persons accustomed to see without sympathizing in sights of misery.
  7. In that chamber there were no longer either judges, accusers, nor gendarmes; there was nothing but staring eyes and sympathizing hearts.
  8. To all these sports and pursuits, those of the enemy who watched the besieged, and the besieged themselves, were, however, merely the idle though sympathizing spectators.
  9. Suddenly he became aware that General Epanchin was tapping him on the shoulder; Ivan Petrovitch was laughing too, but still more kind and sympathizing was the old dignitary.
  10. Ordeyne’s tribulations, growing out of his enforced guardianship of this extraordinary young woman, may be easily understood, but will hardly be considered a reason for condoling or sympathizing with him.
  11. But old Roger Chillingworth, too, had perceptions that were almost intuitive; and when the minister threw his startled eyes towards him, there the physician sat; his kind, watchful, sympathizing, but never intrusive friend.
  12. The Amalekites had destroyed the city and taken his wives, and now his own friends, whom he trusted and provided bread, shelter, and protection for, instead of sympathizing with him, turned against him and wanted to stone him.
  13. That she should suffer humiliations at which she bitterly rebelled is not to be wondered at, and, in spite of her arrogant pride, one cannot help sympathizing with her in her troubles and rejoicing with her and with Robert Marshall in their reunion.
  14. I endeavoured to crush these fears and to fortify myself for the trial which in a few months I resolved to undergo; and sometimes I allowed my thoughts, unchecked by reason, to ramble in the fields of Paradise, and dared to fancy amiable and lovely creatures sympathizing with my feelings and cheering my gloom; their angelic countenances breathed smiles of consolation.
  15. During this conversation, Dantes, after having exchanged a cheerful shake of the hand with all his sympathizing friends, had surrendered himself to the officer sent to arrest him, merely saying, Make yourselves quite easy, my good fellows, there is some little mistake to clear up, that's all, depend upon it; and very likely I may not have to go so far as the prison to effect that.
  16. If you had been there before breakfast, with your feet on that divine carpet, and your head in the nickering slight shadows of the first willow leaves, and your eyes on the shining masses of slow white clouds, and your ears filled with the fresh sound of the river, and your nose filled with the smell of young wet things, you wouldn't have wanted to think much about such gray negations as sympathizing with the gloomy.
  17. It is undeniable that but for the desire to be where Dorothea was, and perhaps the want of knowing what else to do, Will would not at this time have been meditating on the needs of the English people or criticising English statesmanship: he would probably have been rambling in Italy sketching plans for several dramas, trying prose and finding it too jejune, trying verse and finding it too artificial, beginning to copy "bits" from old pictures, leaving off because they were "no good," and observing that, after all, self-culture was the principal point; while in politics he would have been sympathizing warmly with liberty and progress in general.
  1. While she sympathized with Mr.
  2. They sympathized with Ned and gang.
  3. He admittedly sympathized with her.
  4. She has always sympathized with Michael.
  5. Max sympathized, but had his own problems.
  6. The others laughed with him and sympathized.
  7. I sympathized with her and I even liked her.
  8. It’s okay, yaar, Pranjit sympathized me.
  9. While he sympathized with her logic, he felt an.
  10. His eyes told me that they sympathized with my grief.
  11. I’m so sorry for your loss, she sympathized.
  12. In the back of her mind she sympathized with Jonathan.
  13. He sympathized with their wanting freedom, and it was.
  14. Although I sympathized with the wino I wasn’t ready to give.
  15. One would think you sympathized with the rioters, I teased.
  16. I know boy, I wouldn’t want to stay in here either, he sympathized.
  17. In the meadow, his eyes sympathized with me, and seemed to say, I understand.
  18. Then that Agent sympathized with an Offender, an Offender who killed fourteen Agents.
  19. The men on the Barracuda sympathized with their plight, but could do nothing else to help.
  20. They could both see that the girl was heartbroken and she and Matthew sympathized with her.
  21. The cheerful merchant evidently sympathized with Merchant Smelkoff's manner of passing his time.
  22. With him he sympathized in the severest calamity that could befall a man of his cast of character.
  23. She would have liked to believe or pretend to believe that Emily understood and sympathized with her.
  24. Caris had never warmed to the reserved countess, but sympathized with her plight, and was glad to give.
  25. The Blythe girls sympathized with her, and even Mary Vance agreed that it was a hard position to be in.
  26. Grief had drawn Madame Grandet, Eugenie, and Charles en rapport; even Nanon sympathized, without knowing why.
  27. An environmentalist group was holding up the project and though he sympathized with their cause, he didn't agree.
  28. The law resumed its hunting, but folk sympathized with Ned, Even though the entire gang had a price upon its head.
  29. They sympathized with the hssswwx and made it plain that they thought we should try to share this world with them.
  30. The Davidsons sympathized with the North, and the Millers (how could it be otherwise in this case?) with the South.
  31. Of all these men Prince Andrew sympathized most with Pfuel, angry, determined, and absurdly self-confident as he was.
  32. It seemed to Levin that they knew all about it already and sympathized with him, saying nothing merely from delicacy.
  33. It was thrilling to see that influential people from other countries understood so well their plight and sympathized.
  34. Well, the men gathered around and sympathized with them, and said all sorts of kind things to them, and carried their.
  35. Princess Mary understood his story and sympathized with him, but she now saw something else that absorbed all her attention.
  36. The smile comprehended Monte-negro’s troubled history and sympathized with the brave struggles of the Montenegrin people.
  37. From the beginning, much of the American public sympathized, not with hundreds of massacred Vietnamese villagers, but with Calley.
  38. Nikolai Andreevich sympathized with her and began to write down the addresses and surnames of the best experts in this area of medicine.
  39. Whatever intentions Josie had in notifying Roger’s family of her homosexuality, Roger’s sisters were stunned and sympathized with him.
  40. This was not only to show he loved her and sympathized with her, but also so that he might have a second or two to think what he ought to say next.
  41. John also deeply sympathized with Jesus because of his family's failure to understand him, being aware that they were gradually withdrawing from him.
  42. They loved and sympathized with one another; and their joys, depending on each other, were not interrupted by the casualties that took place around them.
  43. And naturally the British aristocracy sympathized with the Confederacy, as one aristocrat with another, against a race of dollar lovers like the Yankees.
  44. After carefully assessing the situation, the farmer sympathized with the mule, but decided that neither the mule nor the well was worth the trouble of saving.
  45. In this, Ben Gurion sympathized with the Overseer: the hypocrisy and inflexibility of those Christian leaders were enough to drive anyone mad with exasperation.
  46. Colling thanked Breksheim, sympathized with him about Elizabeth’s death at so young an age, and left the riding academy with more questions than answers swirling in his head.
  47. Eventually, her social circle began learning about her situation as a woman having fled a violent partner, and sympathized, signaling understanding and vowing to help to protect her.
  48. I understood his concern and sympathized with his fears, but I couldn’t spend my entire life behind a desk, running a newspaper that was sure to become obsolete because the future called for it.
  49. He sympathized with the sufferings of his impressed and incarcerated fellow-citizens; but would a territorial war exempt them from impressment? Would it establish our neutral rights? Certainly not.
  50. Duluth officials sympathized with the Coast Guard dilemma, but insisted the foghorn be maintained to blast off for special ceremonies and summer tourists (Coast Guard Wants to Silence Horn, 2005).
  51. He knew supplying Esthyr’s Abbey used up far more of Bishop Militant Bahrnabai’s precious snow lizards than the bishop militant would have preferred, and he sympathized with the Army of the Sylmahn’s commander.
  52. They were followed by many who secretly sympathized with Jesus, but most of this group of two hundred or more were either his enemies or curious idlers who merely desired to enjoy the shock of witnessing the crucifixions.
  53. At dinner, having placed Balashev beside him, Napoleon not only treated him amiably but behaved as if Balashev were one of his own courtiers, one of those who sympathized with his plans and ought to rejoice at his success.
  54. At dinner, having placed Balashëv beside him, Napoleon not only treated him amiably but behaved as if Balashëv were one of his own courtiers, one of those who sympathized with his plans and ought to rejoice at his success.
  55. Walter did not tell her that, however; but he told her all the rest, and she sympathized with him and told him she was glad he had stood up for her and Faith, and she anointed his sore spots and rubbed cologne on his aching head.
  56. I had no trouble summoning outrage at the British troops who had shot at children who wanted nothing more than to see the airship, even though I sympathized with the fear they must have felt from seeing that mob rushing toward them.
  57. As usual, Delvin sympathized with him and offered to help the Nord search, but the latter declined – he saw no need to disrupt the Guild’s current operations with the absence of yet another integral agent, and thanked him all the same.
  58. Muffled as the sound was by its passage through the church-walls, Hester Prynne listened with such intentness, and sympathized so intimately, that the sermon had throughout a meaning for her, entirely apart from its indistinguishable words.
  59. But still he pitied Prince Andrew to the point of tears and sympathized with his wounded pride, and the more he pitied his friend the more did he think with contempt and even with disgust of that Natasha who had just passed him in the ballroom with such a look of cold dignity.
  60. But still he pitied Prince Andrew to the point of tears and sympathized with his wounded pride, and the more he pitied his friend the more did he think with contempt and even with disgust of that Natásha who had just passed him in the ballroom with such a look of cold dignity.
  61. As had occurred before when she was present, Nicholas went up to her without waiting to be prompted by the governor’s wife and not asking himself whether or not it was right and proper to address her here in church, and told her he had heard of her trouble and sympathized with his whole soul.
  62. The death of my husband’s mother was a great grief to him; it was very painful to him, he said, to live after her at Nikolski, but though I also regretted her and really sympathized with his sorrow, it would have been at that time more agreeable, more restful to me, to return and make our residence there.
  63. In fact, at half-past eight in the evening the grand salon, the gallery adjoining, and the three other drawing-rooms on the same floor, were filled with a perfumed crowd, who sympathized but little in the event, but who all participated in that love of being present wherever there is anything fresh to be seen.
  64. There were moments when Versilov cursed his life and fate aloud on accotmt of the smell from the kitchen, and in that one matter I sympathized with him fully; I hated that smell, too, though it did not penetrate to my room : I lived upstairs in an attic under the roof, to which I climbed by a very steep and shaky ladder.
  65. We took forever, I sympathized with him, this was his big scoop,.
  1. May I speak quite freely, and will you remember that it's Mother who blames as well as Mother who sympathizes?
  2. PATCO was the rare union, along with the Teamsters, that supported Reagan during the election, and he sympathizes with their pay request.
  3. And you? Is it the one you ought to love that you give your heart to? Is it the one that understands you and sympathizes with you? Or is it the one whose presence gives you visions of paradise and whose absence blots out the light?
  4. One feels that the author loves this woman, and that he does not love her merely for her external forms, but for her soul, for what there is good in it, and that he sympathizes with her and suffers for her, and this sensation is involuntarily transferred to the reader.
  5. Or that again which most nearly approaches to the condition of the individual--as in the body, when but a finger of one of us is hurt, the whole frame, drawn towards the soul as a centre and forming one kingdom under the ruling power therein, feels the hurt and sympathizes all together with the part affected, and we say that the man has a pain in his finger; and the same expression is used about any other part of the body, which has a sensation of pain at suffering or of pleasure at the alleviation of suffering.

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