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Those en una oración (en ingles)

  1. When we fight as those.
  2. Some of those may have.
  3. Those that do not will.
  4. One of those options is.
  5. I need those magic hands.
  6. Oh! The idiocy of those.
  7. For those who act in the.
  8. Those who live by faith.
  9. One of those pensive ones.
  10. Who truly weep over those.
  11. Pim can elaborate on those.
  12. The strikes of those from.
  13. For those who would delude.
  14. Like those porn flicks we.
  15. Those that are should not.
  16. We call on those groups.
  17. What’s up with those two.
  18. Those carbs that are from.
  19. Those who have a great cal.
  20. Why are those men here?
  21. Those prey to them wish to.
  22. Each of those people would.
  23. What those Anglos did to us.
  24. I can eat without those.
  25. Today was one of those days.
  26. Those who are in the bible.
  27. Killed two of those bastards.
  29. Those who want to seem more.
  30. Those, on the contrary, for.
  31. Those men with whom you were.
  32. We just have to cross those.
  33. It's neither of those things.
  34. Give me two of those torches.
  35. I was not one of those girls.
  36. Those that were healed began.
  37. He seemed to me one of those.
  38. But I know about those things.
  39. But those are merely words.
  40. And I saw the souls of those.
  41. Those were years of transition.
  42. You can’t have grown those.
  43. Those are the ABCs of Success.
  44. That is, those who were women.
  45. They were those who wore white.
  46. I’d miss those times, I knew.
  47. I try hard to shine, but those.
  48. Woe to Those Who Rely on Egypt.
  49. She was one of those cyclists.
  50. None of those were lucky shots.
  51. Those are the ones he’s read.
  52. What to do in those occasions.
  53. Well, those who are in Christ.
  54. You know those were the orders.
  55. But those that thrive on that.
  56. I hardly move in those circles.
  57. Instead of reaching for those.
  58. They had too many of those also.
  59. You could cut yourself on those.
  60. Those who reject Jesus and his.
  61. Those combinations are a killer.
  62. A bard should fit those sounds.
  63. Tell that to those guys, not me.
  64. Those who oppose you will be as.
  65. Eleven of those had disappeared.
  66. Especially those who hate maths.
  67. Other than those, it was silent.
  68. I could see them barely, those.
  69. They felt the pain of those in.
  70. I don't have any of those fixes.
  71. NET and this is one of those ASP.
  72. What are those? Jorma asked.
  73. Son, those are the breaks in life.
  74. Those who wait on the Lord shall.
  75. Tragus gave me those injuries.
  76. They are those who have ascended.
  77. I wanted to save those for You.
  78. Those who have yet to be called.
  80. And one of those idiots who are.
  81. I know how those slave ships are.
  82. She was not accustomed to those.
  83. All those people were watching me.
  84. I was at one of those high-flying.
  85. For those of you who have not had.
  86. Those who fear me and meditate on.
  87. The boy from all those years ago.
  88. Those brown spheres were full of.
  89. Those cities were called ecclesia.
  90. I must have been bent over those.
  91. He killed those you loved as well.
  92. The place was a magnet for those.
  93. A lot has changed since those days.
  94. We’ve evacuated most of those.
  95. Cocooned by those solid old walls.
  96. Those who had been there had left.
  97. For those in the streets, we must.
  98. To all of them for all those years.
  99. And those who are wise shall shine.
  100. And many of those who sleep in the.

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