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Tin en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Store in a tin box.
  2. A tin of white paint.
  3. The air tasted of tin.
  4. He handed Rita the tin cup.
  5. The tin lining was intact.

  6. There was a tin of ravioli.
  7. What Tin saw next amazed it.
  8. I put a penny in the tin cup.
  9. Jim ain't got no tin plates.
  10. In his hands was a large tin.
  11. She seized the tin of white.
  12. Rain drummed the high tin roof.
  13. I’m tired of these tin cans.
  14. Winn stopped beside a tin boat.
  15. I am a Woodman, and made of tin.

  16. The tin man stares out through.
  17. THE TIN SKIFF bucked in the waves.
  18. Her mind drifted to the paint tin.
  19. It shows a huge tin coyote robot.
  20. There was a tin donation box on.
  21. He opened his tin of cigars and.
  22. A tin rolls out onto the asphalt.
  23. Over this campfire hung a tin pot.
  24. She heard him unwrap his tin plate.
  25. Rain began to crash on the tin roof.

  26. Tammas shrugged and pocketed the tin.
  27. Put cake in cake tin lined with foil.
  28. Grease a tin for small cakes with 9.
  29. Keep cake covered and store the tin.
  30. The tin can announcement jabbered on.
  31. An old tin box served as kettle-drum.
  32. Sam laughed at this tin plated display.
  33. Pieces of tin covered the gaping tops.
  34. The Tin Woodman came to her and said:.
  35. Bake on a greased tin for half-an-hour.
  36. I handed her another tin of canned soup.
  37. I paused for another sip from my tin cup.
  38. I stuffed the tin can in my back pocket.
  39. The policeman pushed back his tin helmet.
  40. Tin eh? You need lots of water for that.
  41. Thatcher was closing his lunch tin and.
  42. Spray a 9 pie tin with non-stick spray.
  43. The tin case containing these tools was.
  44. It was a note, painted on a tin square:.
  45. Tea bags, sugar…a tin of condensed milk.
  46. The excess of tin renders them too tender.
  47. It makes a noise like tin, and tin's cold.
  48. Tin has the most stable isotopes, with 10.
  49. Remember? The water in that tin over there.
  50. I asked him to bring me a tin of cigarettes.
  51. She thrust a tin marked Greed into my hands.
  52. Maybe the next one will be tin or steel.
  53. Then cover with a tin foil and cook medium.
  54. This ploy was as empty as a can made of tin.
  55. Horitio was a tin man, yet he never knew it.
  56. He was feeling the tin mine was not his cuppa.
  57. But the Tin Woodman would not let her do this.
  58. The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman were rather.
  59. Then he carefully placed the tin in her hands.
  60. Grease and flour a 20x30cm (9x13 in) cake tin.
  61. After a while she looked into the tin saucepan.
  62. The odds of discovering tin are very low indeed.
  63. The tin coyote robot lifts a leg up to walk off.
  64. He sat down and thumbed the lid off the tin box.
  65. When done, take carefully out of the tin to cool.
  66. Cherry swung the tin again, with the same outcome.
  67. Smoke spiraled from a couple of the tin rooftops.
  68. Give me lead and tin and I'll give you Shillings.
  69. Turning to the Tin Woodman, she asked, What will.
  70. The door was opening with a screech of tin on tin.
  71. Trip lines attached to tin cans filled with stones.
  72. Then the Tin Woodman went back to his friends, who.
  73. Smoke was rising from the tin chimney of the house.
  74. It is like the parable of The Tin Star, where the.
  75. And Martin snapped a tin note to the dog's collar:.
  76. She knew where every box, bottle, and tin belonged.
  77. The lamp with the tin reflector hung over the table.
  78. On August 23, TIN dropped another 14%, closing at 21.
  79. All the baggage we took off with him was one tin box.
  80. You can make a homemade smoker box by using a tin can.
  81. One was empty, the other was stacked full of tin cans.
  82. We fitted him up with an empty beef tin and he is off.
  83. It was fortunate the Tin Woodman had no heart at that.
  84. Fizzicist I used what was in the tin MARKED SUGAR!.
  85. He always kept his money at home in a tin can, hidden.
  86. Pull the pie tin out of the oven & spoon over the sauce.
  87. I looked round, and there was the tin box on the shelf.
  88. Caymus spooned some of the mix into a tin and pushed a.
  89. Live footage of the coyote tin robot wreaking havoc in L.
  90. There goes dinner; they’ll be picking tin and strog.
  91. A tin of pink paint sat amongst a pile of wood shavings.
  92. He had a paintbrush in his hand and a tin of white paint.
  93. In the one room stood a rusty tin stove and nothing more.
  94. She ran away and came back again with a tin jug of water.
  95. They agreed on chromium, copper, nickel, tin and tungsten.
  96. The same bent and battered tin tray slid across the floor.
  97. Inwardly I transitioned from the tin man to the scarecrow.
  98. I hope you are in the process of getting a heart, tin man.
  99. Christina glanced behind her; the tin flap seemed to move.
  100. Ma chuckled and took down a heap of tin plates from a shelf.

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  1. Tinned soup for lunch.
  2. Well tinned in there.
  3. They were tinned and prisoned dreams.
  4. The reverend Dr Salmon: tinned salmon.
  5. Blitz was now off duty and being fed tinned rations.
  6. What do you say to bacon and tea! Or would tinned beef.
  7. The staff put tinned dog food into four dog bowls and the.
  8. They had a breakfast of coffee, tinned grapefruit and cereal.
  9. Staples of beans, sugar and tinned tomatoes were distributed to needy.
  10. Moving to the next pallet, he found it loaded with boxes of tinned sardines.
  11. He spread two gray blankets and put out a little collection of tinned foods.
  12. Using tinned food, they prepared a cold meal and drank the juice of the tinned fruit.
  13. The tunnel sank through commissaries of tinned films to reliquaries for the nameless.
  14. He had been prepared for whims, but had always supposed they would be tinned pine apples.
  15. Well scrub a medium sized carrot and grate it to a pulp on an ordinary tinned bread grater.
  16. Nevertheless, she finished what little food she could make out of the dry food and tinned goods in the pantry.
  17. The masses were sold tinned food because the industrial barons did not want them to grow and can their own food.
  18. They breakfasted on tinned beans heated up in the fireplace, washed down with mineral water and strong black coffee.
  19. Tea came, with milk out of a tin; the potatoes seemed to be fresh, but the carrots and the turnips were evidently tinned.
  20. Jacobs, the grocer, whose clothes were rich with lettuce, celery, tomatoes, and the secret tinned and hidden smell of the red demons stamped on cans of deviled ham.
  21. I hear my Nana busying herself in the kitchen, preparing a plate of tongue for my tea, followed by a bowl of tinned tangerines that curdles the Carnation milk poured over them.
  22. Healy, Mr Justice Fitzgibbon, John Howard Parnell, the reverend Tinned Salmon, Professor Joly, Mrs Breen, Denis Breen, Theodore Purefoy, Mina Purefoy, the Westland Row postmistress, C.
  23. Or maybe he would bring Mr Jacobs, the grocer, whose clothes were rich with lettuce, celery, tomatoes, and the secret tinned and hidden smell of the red demons stamped on cans of deviled ham.
  24. This pantry opened into a kind of wash-up kitchen, and in this was firewood; there was also a cupboard, in which we found nearly a dozen of burgundy, tinned soups and salmon, and two tins of biscuits.
  25. The crate they had left this time contained only a supply of vitamins and nutritional supplements, a dozen cans of tinned meat and, as if it was the most important thing for survival, rolls and rolls of toilet paper.
  26. What, then, are these unnatural foods to be avoided? These are the refined, processed, tinned and packaged foods, the worst offenders being white sugar, white flour, white rice and any other food from which the vitality has been refined out.
  27. Toil-worn women, most of them dressed in other women's shabby cast-off clothing - weary, tired-looking mothers who fed their children for the most part on adulterated tea, tinned skimmed milk and bread and margarine, grew furious as they thought of the wicked Socialists who were trying to bring Ruin upon them.
  28. Where once a stout Edwardian family had warmed themselves by the great living room fire and eaten roast meats on Sundays in the capacious dining room, there now existed within these walls a selection of small private worlds inhabited by transparent people who warmed themselves next to two-bar electric fires, who shared bathrooms and cooked tinned meals on single ring electric cookers.
  29. There’s some salad … what can I have with that? Anything in the tinned line? Ah yes, a tin of tuna in mayo … that would go nicely with the salad and maybe a jacket potato … sorted! Feeling very righteous after my session at the gym and carrying a plate of healthy dinner, I mooch into the lounge … don’t much fancy TV … a book it is! By nine thirty, I am nodding, so call it a day and go to bed.
  30. Here much muttered conversation ensued, and the Mole only heard bits of it, such as—'Fresh, mind!—no, a pound of that will do—see you get Buggins's, for I won't have any other—no, only the best—if you can't get it there, try somewhere else—yes, of course, home-made, no tinned stuff—well then, do the best you can!' Finally, there was a chink of coin passing from paw to paw, the field-mouse was provided with an ample basket for his purchases, and off he hurried, he and his lantern.
  1. His water tins ran dry.
  2. Cool cookies on racks and store in airtight tins.
  3. The cake tins should be lined with greased paper.
  4. Then the rains stopped and the water tins dried up.
  5. Tins would carry water or cook the meal or roof the hut.
  6. The packets and tins were moving at such a slow pace that.
  7. There was nothing she could find except some tins of food.
  8. The first step is to blast the tins with a laser accelerator.
  9. Grease muffin tins; pile batter high and sprinkle with sugar.
  10. Each man in the party had to carry four petrol tins of water.
  11. Oh, you know tins, a few bits in the freezer, the usual stuff.
  12. Mess tins and water bottles completed the kit and that was about it.
  13. They can be stored for several weeks in tightly sealed jars or tins.
  14. His eyes unhungrily saw shelves of tins: sardines, gaudy lobsters' claws.
  15. Use plastic bags, ration tins or other containers and empty when possible.
  16. She cleared a space amongst the old newspapers and empty tins of cat food.
  17. Gently twist the pastry cases off the tins and set aside to cool completely.
  18. Personal-sized tins of syrupy fruit cocktail jig across oblique eating trays.
  19. Moving the boxes of junk and empty paint tins off the top, he lifted the lid.
  20. The other two tins contained seawater and kelp, in addition to some large clams and.
  21. Johnny pointed at the tins littering the table and asked, Cats? Can’t see any of.
  22. There was nothing in those tins, only ink, I checked them myself, Jenkins argued.
  23. We’re both stuck together in an oversized shed full of wheelbarrows and paint tins and.
  24. It was a huge box containing meats, cakes, tins of biscuits and all sorts of Christmas fare.
  25. Nothing Sir – tins of ink, that’s all, Jenkins said when they were back in the car.
  26. Every time he would cut a strand the bloody bully beef tins would rattle like a load of cow bells.
  27. On a shelf at the back, behind tins and packets of food and cartons of milk, he found what he needed.
  28. The rancher had a fire going when Elise returned, a few opened tins spread on the hand brushed ground.
  29. The amount of glaze should be generous so that it fills the tins and keeps the strawberries in place.
  30. Pulling the last of the tins from around his legs, Piers suddenly pushed them across the mattress at her.
  31. And he proceeded to explain to Herr Dremmel that the child in future would have to seek its nourishment in tins.
  32. And cats interspersed, no doubt, with a variety of objects of the nature of portions of crockery and empty tins.
  33. One of the men ran into the ship and brought forth food tins which were opened and dished out without much noise.
  34. The whole, horrible scene was rehearsing in her mind when, just prior to boarding, Sal handed her two tins of tuna.
  35. He looked round at the evergreens and the kissing bunch, and the little tarts that lay in their tins on the hearth.
  36. Her mother often got hurt when the few tins of food she’d been able to buy were stolen from her on her walk home.
  37. He stepped in, between the shelves on either side that were stacked with tins and packets of food and cartons of milk.
  38. It couldn’t be a crewmember either: even if one had been stealing tins of food from the cargo, he would not be armed.
  39. Bloody hell they must be handing them out with bully beef tins if you’ve got another one, and I grinned at him.
  40. Although there were tins of beef and cold rice, and fruit and two canteens of water aboard, they were too nervous to eat.
  41. Elise had taken several empty tins to the nearest water and finding an undisturbed spot meticulously collected the surface water.
  42. There seemed to be something cruel in it, something cruel in the swift way he pitched the bread out of the tins, caught it up again.
  43. Cheap plastic children’s toys, tins of no-name chilli con carne, overpriced cans of soda and budget birthday cards sold at upscale prices.
  44. Grabbing the plastic sack, Piers hurried from the bothy, the tins strapped around his legs and feet making muted chinking sounds as he walked.
  45. Jane checked the fridge, a bottle of red wine, half a dozen tins of lager, a few eggs, pack of bacon, butter and milk, past it’s sell by date.
  46. Then the last drawer - this one was stocked with condoms, lollipops and 3 tins of baby powder…what disgusting rituals were these items being used for?
  47. In no time at all, the van had been unloaded and now they had the task of finishing off the individual cheesecakes before placing them in the special tins.
  48. Cheesey and Graham take the cans with big smiles and with no thanks they open the tins and take a large swig of beer and belch contently; almost in harmony!.
  49. Anyway we were sitting in the bottom of the trench Elijah, Eli, Johnny, Ted Wallace and I making bombs out of jam tins which is what we used on the peninsula.
  50. Once her tears had dried out, Tammy got up and took out of the crate one of the tins of corned beef, craving for the meat she had not eaten for over ten months.
  51. Being of tin, she thought, it would be waterproof, and she filled it up with blankets and some tins of food from the store cupboard, and a small sack of flour.
  52. She smiled toothily and in hushed tones, related the episode of the stolen tuna tins, the involvement of Beth Tierney and the prostitute’s subsequent revelations.
  53. It was the site of an old encampment, with several empty Chicago meat tins, a bottle labeled "Brandy," a broken tin-opener, and a quantity of other travelers' debris.
  54. Here you go, General! I also took the liberty of bringing you this haversack: it has a few C-rations, a water bottle and a set of mess tins and field utensils in it.
  55. Not only could these tins be used for take away purchases, but if the customer couldn’t resist until they got there purchase home, the tin would also serve as a bowl.
  56. But it went through her like a flash of hot fire when, in passing, he lurched against the dresser, setting the tins rattling, and clutched at the white pot knobs for support.
  57. The floor was covered with linoleum: there were a number of framed pictures on the walls, and on the high mantelshelf were a number of brightly polished tins and copper utensils.
  58. She had spent most of the day moving crates in the back storeroom and putting prices on tins with an ancient sticker gun, while Samir and his cousin watched football on his iPad.
  59. He had intended hanging it on a wall but had never got around to it, the curved blade discolouring slowly in its leather sheath on the shelf next to tins of soup and paper rolls.
  60. The doctor said he would send some tins of patent food out by Johann on his return journey; if there should be much delay and the baby was noisy, said the doctor, a little water--.
  61. Apparently Samantha liked little boxes, as the top drawer was full of them: candy tins, enameled pillboxes, porcelain heart-shaped containers, and a sturdy little box made of stone.
  62. With the chocolate, Louie found several half-pint tins of water, a brass mirror, a flare gun, sea dye, a set of fishhooks, a spool of fishing line, and two air pumps in canvas cases.
  63. He took Captain Melstone to one side as we watched the Engineers tying ropes on to the hooks then onto these they tied the water cans that were made from old five gallon paraffin tins.
  64. We blundered from one country to another, from a file of bones to a file of tins, from vaults of marble to vaults of concrete and suddenly we were in old-silent-black-and-white territory.
  65. The larger pieces of luggage were in the trunk, together with a few bottles of wine and cognac that Hermann insisted that they bring with them, and some tins of caviar and other delicacies.
  66. Back in the house, I calmly unpack the shopping and put it all away, the blue box sitting on the table drawing my eyes as I put tins away in the cupboard and packets on the shelf where they belong.
  67. This pantry opened into a kind of wash-up kitchen, and in this was firewood; there was also a cupboard, in which we found nearly a dozen of burgundy, tinned soups and salmon, and two tins of biscuits.
  68. Who"s getting dinner?" We tossed for it and I drove the couple of kilometres to the nearest store, where I stocked up on tins of ham, fresh apples, bananas, bread, biscuits, and a crate of bottled water.
  69. We finished our breakfast off with a fag and then washed our mess-tins and utensils then we begged some hot water off the cooks in old kerosene tins so we could have a wash and shave in relative comfort.
  70. Bougainvillea, morning glory, hollyhocks, dusty white acanthus, all waving and grinning from everyday, ordinary tins brightened with casual splashes of paint - they just wouldn't look the same in Britain.
  71. However what was only minutes later but seemed like hours the final strand was cut but the tins kept rattling making us jump but eventually we made it back to our own trench without the Turks firing a shot.
  72. These were the ones that back in camp would miss breakfast for an extra half hour in bed but not here and as we handed our mess tins over to be filled we could hear the crump thump of shells on the wind again.
  73. Those tins of fish could prove very useful indeed on future long trips, while his mind bubbled up as he calculated what kind of huge profits he could get from the sale of some of those spices back in Saragossa.
  74. While not a large one, it was surprisingly heavy, as it contained a gun belt with Nancy Laplante’s Glock 17 pistol, lots of spare 9mm ammunition, a full water bottle with carrier and mess tins and a dozen tins of canned meat.
  75. The floor unswept and littered with dirt, scraps of paper, bits of plaster, pieces of lead pipe and dried mud; and in the midst, the steaming bucket of stewed tea and the collection of cracked cups, jam-jam and condensed milk tins.
  76. In her capacious pockets, in the drawer of the table, on the sideboard crowded with tins of Ovaltine, of Sanatogen, of Oxo, of Benger's Food, of the many different preparations with which she plied her gifted brother to keep his strength up, she searched.
  77. Either he went rabbiting in the woods, like a poacher, or he stayed in Nottingham all night instead of coming home, or he miscalculated his dive into the canal at Bestwood, and scored his chest into one mass of wounds on the raw stones and tins at the bottom.
  78. Followed by the cook and Sylvie Comeau, still pushing her platform, Jack brought the cheese to the kitchen and put them on top of a counter, then searched through the platform’s load and grabbed a number of tins of corned beef, putting them on the counter as well.
  79. After totaling the entire place, all she had come up with was a couple cans of tuna, and – you’re not going to believe this, but I was there and saw it with my own eyes – when she opened the tins, it wasn’t fish: they were crammed with one hundred dollar bills.
  80. And they came from the cabbage tenements and subways, and they found much rest and vacation in the company of silent men from the tumbleweed states who knew how to use silences so they filled you up with peace after long years crushed in tubes, tins and boxes in New York.
  81. Faster and faster Remus spun it up, until the huge lathe began to shudder out-of-balance, setting the tins and jars on the shelves to tinkling and rattling and the very floor under Jeeters’ feet to vibrating, and Remus quickly dialed the speed back down until the shaking ceased.
  82. Money availed nothing, and on several occasions, when I rode out with the few tins of beef and the hardtack I could secure for special cases, I saw the fortunate recipients offered and refuse gold pieces for a single biscuit, and one man produced twenty five dollars to buy a can of beef.
  83. I will not tell the needless trouble I had breaking into that house--afterwards I found the front door was on the latch--nor how I ransacked every room for food, until just on the verge of despair, in what seemed to me to be a servant's bedroom, I found a rat-gnawed crust and two tins of pineapple.
  84. French immediately ordered the various tins and boxes, containing the supply of food promised, to be placed conspicuously on the deck as an earnest of his honesty in the barter, and when a small keg of rum was added, the satisfaction was complete; four or five Indians followed their leader into his canoe and paddled up the river.
  85. The food and drink were in a big box, for the children did not mean to starve while they were on the island! They had brought loaves of bread, butter, biscuits, jam, tins of fruit, ripe plums, bottles of ginger-beer, a kettle to make tea, and anything else they could think of! Stephen and Justin staggered up the cliff with the heavy box.
  86. A bit later, having changed out of my office kit and into something decidedly sloppy and comfortable, I stand in the kitchen … food … need something to eat … what’s in the freezer? … don’t fancy that … or that … oh dear … is there anything in any of those tins … no, not really … cooking for one can be pretty mindless at times.
  87. There is a drawer in the sideboard that is lined with yellowed newspaper, it contains a small jumble of my Papa’s mementos: embroidered crests unpicked from uniforms, a carved clay pipe, tins that had once contained tobacco or cough sweets but are now used to collect thru’penny bits for children’s treats or shillings for the electric meter.
  88. When one has a grocer's shop, there is always plenty to eat; even if you have no money, you can take as much as you like out of your shop - good stuff, too, tins of salmon, jam, sardines, eggs, cakes, biscuits and all those sorts of things - and one was almost certain to have some money every day, because it wasn't likely that a whole day would go by without someone or other coming into the shop to buy something.

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