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Delicate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. This is a bit delicate.
  2. He needed to be delicate.
  3. I like the delicate ones.
  4. See, there is a delicate.
  5. This and the delicate side.

  6. He has a delicate mauve face.
  7. That squinty one is delicate.
  8. The delicate cheer and good.
  9. Her condition is very delicate.
  10. We have to be very delicate.
  11. She had a delicate, childlike.
  12. With her thin, delicate fingers.
  13. It was a delicate balancing act.
  14. In her arms lay the delicate baby.
  15. She emitted a soft, delicate smile.

  16. We have a delicate situation here.
  17. His fingers were thin and delicate.
  18. My skin is too delicate for that.
  19. It would be a delicate and possibly.
  20. She took a few delicate steps forward.
  21. Her breath came out of her delicate.
  22. Within was inscribed a delicate sword.
  23. We have to be very delicate with them.
  24. Except it was too delicate to be a vine.
  25. I escaped having to answer a delicate.

  26. Even their eyeballs had a delicate odor.
  27. It was a delicate matter moving forward.
  28. She was the most delicate little thing.
  29. It is all very delicate and very pretty.
  30. A delicate white tablecloth covered the.
  31. You are so delicate, so easily broken.
  32. This was a delicate situation for Rudolph.
  33. I got fine shell ears, delicate as roses.
  34. His silly tail made delicate conversation.
  35. I forgot how delicate glass of water?
  36. A delicate perfume enhanced the loveliness.
  37. The scent is more delicate still in insects.
  38. His hands were small and delicate and his.
  39. The mechanism inside was delicate, failsafe.
  40. She was petite, and her hands were delicate.
  41. This delicate operation is called spinning.
  42. It's kind of a delicate situation, said Kat.
  43. This is a delicate subject, and I wanted to.
  44. This is a very delicate operation, you know.
  45. That is rather a delicate task, my dear Fred.
  46. This is a delicate situation, she said.
  47. Health becomes more delicate after the 23rd.
  48. Katy took the delicate cup with great pleasure.
  49. Health becomes more delicate after the 18th.
  50. Then a feast of the most delicate dishes was.
  51. She was like a very clear, delicate white wine.
  52. No, they were delicate sheltered creatures now.
  53. A rather delicate matter has raised its head.
  54. His hands were delicate and pale, the fingers.
  55. It was, after all, a very delicate matter and.
  56. Delicate walks through the ancient wood-stand.
  57. He had never kissed lips so soft or so delicate.
  58. What a complex, delicate, frail machine this is.
  59. Her delicate face, staring up at me with hunger.
  60. His features were so delicate that she had just.
  61. I fear it is a delicate matter involving the.
  62. Versilov with his delicate perception noticed it.
  63. Its delicate towers and walls crawl with more ivy.
  64. Sixteen delicate pink candles were lit on the top.
  65. He held on to the delicate creature for dear life.
  66. For there on the lawn were the delicate footprints.
  67. The wife was prettier, more delicate, and stiffer.
  68. There’s really no delicate way of putting it.
  69. Isabella’s fingers in his felt cool and delicate.
  70. He whispered a sweet greeting in her delicate ears.
  71. I picked the delicate flower up with a sense of awe.
  72. At the moment this information is just too delicate.
  73. A tear began its descent down Ilky’s delicate face.
  74. Not that she’d ever thought of herself as delicate.
  75. Paul was rather a delicate boy, subject to bronchitis.
  76. Holohan was a novice in such delicate matters as the.
  77. This balance between the opposite currents is delicate.
  78. What about Rachel? The heart is such a delicate thing.
  79. Which brings up another rather delicate consideration.
  80. The girl had soft gray wings and a thin, delicate face.
  81. Shaping the aftermath, though, would be more delicate.
  82. She stroked his face, a small hand, soft and delicate.
  83. She gripped him by the arm with pale delicate fingers.
  84. Ma Marchmain was too delicate to mention the subject;.
  85. This was another delicate moment, he reflected anxiously.
  86. Health has been delicate since the 23rd of last month.
  87. Johnson's death with the delicate young wife of his boss.
  88. Each room panelled in delicate embroidery or fine weave.
  89. Gave her the look of a fairy who was delicate and bolder.
  90. She felt so tender, delicate and beautiful in her hands.
  91. Only her small, red mouth and delicate chin were visible.
  92. Willie has a very delicate nature, you should know that.
  93. He took it with his delicate fingers and clicked it open.
  94. It fell to the floor, exposing delicate curves, soft skin.
  95. How beautiful her features! How delicate her snowy skin!.
  96. They are usually of delicate texture and brightly coloured.
  97. His voice was ordinarily delicate, but suddenly grew manly.
  98. The delicate perfume of her foamy hair was in his nostrils.
  99. Be careful not to hurt them; they're sensitive and delicate.
  100. His hands traced the delicate line of her neck and shoulders.

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