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    1. Action will get you off the couch

    2. energy flowing and that will help you burn off more calories

    3. Advertising can take place on or off the Internet using newsletters, e-mail automation techniques, or by following leads that are provided by your existing customers

    4. You don’t give up and it has paid off

    5. Vera and Theo took off the British flag and painted over the sign, but they kept everything else

    6. She whips me with a towel, knocking the brim of my hat halfway off my head

    7. I pull it off my hat and toss it back to her

    8. I've never felt more at home than I do at our home off Third Canal, not even in the home I had as an Angel

    9. When you're achieving those steps, mark them off

    10. Check them off your list

    11. You can check off each step in GoalTrax

    12. When you check off the steps on your list, by taking the specific actions you need to take, that will continue to motivate you

    13. Jorma was just coming off the boats at the time

    14. We heard that some psycho had tried to eat his face off

    15. And then that he mauled some EMTs and wandered off

    16. He crumples them up and rolls them back off the bed

    17. I walked most of the beer off on the way to the house

    18. I jump off the bike before #2 comes to a complete stop

    19. · Your investment in health insurance is finally beginning to pay off

    20. No passenger ships had sailed since noonmeal, the next packet out was the Jemson's Luuker and she was ready to cast off so he had time for only the most cursory look but he did not find Venna or anyone answering her description on board, nor did he find her in any of the watering holes along the docks were someone would wait for a vessel's departure

    21. Once he pulled that one off, he thought, he could relax and be ‘exclusive’ for at least two or three years

    22. “Turn on the radio!” the captain barks, shoving some moose jerky in his mouth and tearing it off

    23. His heart sinks as he hears the firework whistle off into the sky

    24. He ran and grabbed for the horn hanging off the wall of the guard station and blew

    25. Rather than warding them off, the zombies seemed drawn by the gunfire

    26. The first day he had ever met Kira, she had been wearing a pair of large clown trousers and a combat jacket, hair having been cropped off with scissors in a fit of self-protective misery after being the victim of yet another sexual assault

    27. Kevin jerks the wheel and loses traction a bit before his car slides off the road

    28. Don’t allow them to let you off the hook

    29. Ava's week had started on a sad note when she saw Kulai off on the Flying Northwind just before Morningday lunch

    30. service trying to show off, while no one is interested

    31. "Ava," she said as she rose from the lounge in their front hall, "Athnu tells me you were seeing Kulai off

    32. Ava told her, "Yeah, he's off to henarDee for business

    33. Yorthops went off to the cook's counters and Ava leaned over the rail

    34. Start off by watering the area you want flushed

    35. “Oh, really?” she said, flaking off the first bite with her fork

    36. ” He giggled and ran off while the mother read a magazine

    37. They struggled to stand up as fast as they could before she could yank their ears off of their head

    38. “What is that? A fish?” She sat next to Kevin at the bar, almost a head taller than him, sipping the froth off a White Russian

    39. They were inside by now, Athnu had moved off

    40. So, after ten days of being together, off and on, I told her how I felt, all those things about the love and the past lives

    41. "I'm not really here to show off this boat

    42. Johnny’s yell reverberated off the walls of the quickly descending elevator

    43. And in the garbage dump was a cast off shipping container

    44. I had copies of the paperwork, they pulled it off right under our noses

    45. She heard them scuttling through the pipes, turned off the flashlight, and held her breath

    46. The mermaids backed off to the doorway

    47. “Actually, I was wondering why everything is white,” she replied, trying to throw Ackers off

    48. Nancy couldn’t see him through the flames, but when the cannon was turned off, the man was looking unharmed and vastly relieved

    49. She felt Tdeshi's hormones prompting her to blow off comfortable old Kulai and run off on an adventure with a dashing manly man, but Ava's sense of duty was going to force Herndon to pay for this junket with his fast boat

    50. The walls were also covered with writing, both on and off the multiple whiteboards around the room

    1. The shooter still hadn’t offed himself

    2. “He knows who the fuck I am and that I’m the guy that offed that kid back home

    3. “So you know this city like your wife"s ass!” Junya said as he offed a

    4. Jenny Kryss was venomous, you would have killed him if he hadn’t already offed himself

    5. "She went and offed herself over it!" The spirit laughed

    6. The Dielengann Path offed the animals and took the weapons off

    7. Jillian asked herself, could it really be Midge? It's pretty clear that she offed her last husband, Barney

    8. What kind of answer was that? Am I going to get rolled later by her goons? Maybe even offed? No, I think she’s just playing

    9. “They up and offed last night when I offered to rent the place

    10. Cam jumped up "YOU KISSED CHRIS ABELEY AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME!" he said pissed offed

    11. What I hear, he was the one who offed those kids on the beach last summer

    1. ‘Especially when there is an attractive woman in the offing

    2. JayJay still hankers after his piano and I believe there is an idea in the offing to send someone across to look into how this and other instruments requiring a fixed venue are manufactured

    3. At the base hospital there, with the navy and fleet of transports in the offing, there was a lack of everything, and men were virtually dying for the want of nourishing food

    4. scientists seemed to think it was in the offing somewhere, a few years away, but not yet

    5. might be in the offing, an unexpected death, or the death of a closely loved member

    6. when divorce might be in the offing, an unexpected death, or the death of a

    7. you’ll be telling me a remake of Jurassic Park is in the offing; what I’m more interested in is what that grubby man has stored on that

    8. When all were up and starting off, we were forced to head almost directly into the wind so as to gain offing, not willing to risk grounding on any bars the river outflows might have created

    9. Some writers are very successful bloggers but I feel as though I’ve got nothing to blog about unless I have a new book in the offing

    10. And to Gautam’s gratification, what with the Green Revolution on the cards, dozens of licenses for fertilizer plants were in the offing

    11. Deciding to sidetrack him, Gautam dispatched him post-haste to Madras as the In-charge of Global’s southern operations in the offing

    12. And the mother-son duo saw an opportunity to realize their goals with the dowry in the offing

    13. A foodwhoop, an indication that dinner was in the offing, was a signal to get to work

    14. “What museum docent?” There’s a pun in the offing

    15. All Joshua could see was Syd addressing the group and would fear that rebellion was in the offing

    16. ‘Matter of fact, I could use a bit of help with some work that is in the offing

    17. How this new-found obsession is ruining many a match in the offing? Well, it’s only love that has the power to maneuver through these encumbrances

    18. Sensing trouble, Ranga Reddy, who was sitting beside his inebriated friend, thought it fit to preempt the embarrassment in the offing, and announced thereby, ‘I request Dr

    19. Roopa Rao at some point of time? Would Sandhya then object to his bigamy? Oh no, never, life in the offing would be thrilling and vibrant, with Saroja too propping it up

    20. When she was in the family way, she instinctively knew that Satish was the father of the child; and as the issue in the offing began to draw her towards him, she thought about the ethics of its upbringing in the existing setting; as her maternal instinct got the better of her feminine infirmities, her husband’s position in her life seemed untenable in her perception, and it took little time for her to resolve that my son was the man of her destiny

    21. The sound of his voice alerted me that another messy challenge is in the offing

    22. Then we realised we may have been a bit quick offing the pirates

    23. because they are aware of the problem in the offing

    24. “I don’t think I suggested there was a coup in the offing,” he said

    25. Thrane in the offing, Ripos

    26. It didn't take me long to realise that a great gift was in the offing, and that the

    27. the ships in the offing,

    28. Blomkvist had known that the story was in the offing

    29. 563) If you buy a security below liquidation value, you should not get hurt, even if liquidation is in the offing

    30. They have a well-reasoned fear that some kind of tragedy is in the offing

    31. Despite the speed at which the actress was signed to a deal, there were no movies in the offing for the newly named Marilyn Monroe

    32. * While Marilyn may have had certain projects in the offing, the fact remains that she was still in financial straits at the end of her life

    33. Meanwhile, the price of the kits in stores was coming down, and original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) sales were in the offing; both meant lower margins, if higher volume

    34. The porpoises (who are by nature inquisitive creatures) were still hanging about in the offing to see if anything of interest was going to happen

    35. On, on we flew; and our offing gained, the Moss did homage to the blast; ducked and dived her bows as a slave before the Sultan

    36. At last we gained such an offing, that the two pilots were needed no longer

    1. Although George was a bit of a loner, he did his bit to protect his patch of land from wildfires by yearly burn offs, and was a member of the volunteer State Emergency Service

    2. Sawed offs tucked

    3. There could be a lot of other spin offs in this job

    4. night before, I dreamed that I had this huge pile of scratch offs in my hands that I was

    5. Show offs always get it in the end

    6. The chairs and table were plastic, cast offs collected from the garbage pile outside of the Honeybee Inn

    7. tip offs that would have alerted prudent analysts

    8. The space gear on the man was ergonomically designed to be comfortable even planet side, in vertical lift offs while experiencing additional G’s, and in space, regardless of temperature

    9. Then again, four holodecks wouldn’t have accommodated all of these people at the same time, so there were always trade offs

    10. How many harebrained plans did we devise? Do you remember all of the Hollywood movie like plots and rip offs we designed but never executed? Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't we even want to start a militia in the 1960's? Knowing what I know now, with the wisdom and understanding that has been given to me, it’s a wonder we didn't blow up the world somewhere along the way

    11.  Reverse Osmosis Water Filter - you need this for the initial filling and top offs of your tank

    12. doing water top offs more frequently

    13. process of dosing kalkwasser during water-top offs or slow-dripped into the aquarium

    14. “But why would he be giving us tip offs if they are involved themselves, I don’t understand” Jenkins eventually replied

    15. Your operating costs, including insurance are in the form of inventory write offs

    16. , and extremes, cults and spin offs in the broader ‘Christian’ church, there are also ‘extremist’, ‘cult’ and ‘spin offs’ in other religions that distort their intrinsic and unique ability to find and experience the essence of truth they so desire

    17. “Thanks for the offer, but I don’t need your cast offs

    18. soul ess rip offs, or attacks on the genre that insult those who love it

    19. There was more of a sea breeze than there had been before and Keturah in the absence of my attention had already unfurled the sail and made the necessary tie offs of ropes attached to it

    20. Natural gas stocks suffered major sell offs during the global recession and I believe there is opportunity for willing investors

    21. The volatility in the price of gold and silver has increased in 2008, and the spikes and sell offs are more common for the metals

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