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    1. It is for this reason that I urge great caution when using this product

    2. Serpent stared at Mouse's pointed face and, for a moment, felt the urge to bite it off

    3. primeval urge did rise it was taken care of on expenses

    4. and time her hunting ground, and with the primeval urge satisfied she would then

    5. Whenever the muscular twitch in my groin, the inevitable and basic urge to pee, eventually broke through the layers of hallucination, it was a relief to have to think of something so utterly and basically animalistic

    6. In conclusion, I want to urge all of you who are reading this material to prayerfully

    7. He thought once again of the stages of evolution, this stage is marked by conflict between the urge to be an individual and the urge to be part of a greater organism

    8. Obeying an irresistible urge, I bent over and kissed him passionately for a couple of magical seconds

    9. She was the spider, this place and time her hunting ground, and with the primeval urge satisfied she would then indulge herself within the joyous pain of bestial desire

    10. "I'll try not to smother her, I'll try not to smother you either, but I do have an urge to…" he covered her lips with his

    11. Repressing the urge to go and comfort him, I turn my attention to the document he’s given me

    12. Given that he has what appears to be a satisfactory and fulfilling life, I cannot come up with any sensible reason other than that he was bitten by the urge to help with the survival of his society and, although that would sit with the man and his general helpfulness, it’s a bit extreme as reasons go

    13. All my confident poise deserts me and I feel an absurd urge to burst into tears – shit! Some of this must have shown in my face, for the next thing I know is that Karen is reaching across the table

    14. She knew with a certainty that she wanted him to touch her, and she was fighting against the overwhelming urge to touch him

    15. The urge to touch her, stroke her, hold her to him was almost overpowering

    16. I had the urge to go see it

    17. I overcame my urge to turn to the wall

    18. she couldn’t resist the urge to stretch her legs out in front of her and

    19. ‘He better not be calling me simple,’ Kelvin thought, but resisted the urge to bellow that out

    20. hours I had the urge to send Vidya a 'did anything happen' message

    21. It is the urge to survive amidst a hatred of life

    22. online, but I urge you to follow proven systems that work

    23. Petr’s eyes started to close as an overwhelming urge

    24. Maggie manages to resist the urge to brain Jock with the crockery

    25. urge to drift toward it was more than she could

    26. him and took a few steps back, thinking of running, but holding the urge at bay

    27. Bex and drugs and wild stories in a car park, but last night’s urge to hurt, to exact vengeance in blood, has been replaced by a desperate urge to pee

    28. But soon, Jack was joined by two other would-have-been thieves; Goldie and Libby were caught, saying they had been overcome by some great urge of hunger whilst wandering through the Nevermore Forest

    29. own etiquette, resisting the urge to wipe his brow

    30. Buttworst resisted the urge to light a cigarette

    31. The urge to puke returned at once

    32. What sense does it make that I was just having the strongest urge to rub my face in your hair?”

    33. Johnny had a strong urge to vomit

    34. floor and tried to resist the urge to reply, but when his

    35. He pondered dumping them all, so irresistible was the urge, so satisfactory the ‘thunk’

    36. The way his eyes shown down on Adros, he still seemed to be fighting the urge to tear him asunder

    37. She was a kindhearted woman, but -- as it usually was when in her presence -- Ome resisted the urge to regurgitate his recent air-sifted particles through his kochlar

    38. continue the story, I urge you to become a believer too in the

    39. Nerissa fought off the urge to turn her palm and lace

    40. I had an urge to lick the moisture that trailed down the planes of his stomach

    41. I had to fight away the urge to lie down and breathe deep

    42. urge to defy her mom, who wanted Erin to grow out her

    43. Zarko felt the strong urge to take her in his arms and comfort her

    44. New chains they add, and rapid urge the way,

    45. He did go for it now, getting what he wanted every present moment that the urge arose

    46. Between her body’s torment, Trumpet’s noxious reek, and the natural urge to escape from misery, it was a

    47. How she ached for him! He looked so handsome in his formal attire and she resisted the urge to run to him and kiss him full on those lips! She blushed at the thought and turned her face away from him so that he wouldn’t see the redness spreading up from her neck to her ears

    48. Bitch! He clenched his teeth, suppressing the urge to run after her and confront her with her lies

    49. Urge him not to sign any legislation that hints at the

    50. She had an urge to kiss it, but feared that

    1. The waters covered the house and the man was forced to sit on his chimney as the rain poured down and a helicopter came by and another man urged him to get in or he'll drown

    2. He urged his mount to speed

    3. "It was probably the shuttlecraft that spooked them, once I urged mine to speed, they got carried away

    4. Still the prime governor wasted his time with the nationality issue, siding with the Colonel and Waldeis more often than not and urged Herndon in joining them within a boundary and constitution

    5. They did what they could for Ernesto and urged him to a speedy recovery

    6. Ethereead urged the two outside

    7. Now! He urged me, we must move quickly along the ditch

    8. Jake urged Kate to distract him, which she did and they continued down the mountain

    9. “I do completely,” he replied instantly, "and I would have urged you to do the same

    10. 'Run, it is a single,' Ish urged from the boundary line

    11. She urged secrecy explaining that Queen Naria would announce it at the Gathering Ball

    12. It was Lady Rayne who urged Altera to take the throne with Naria's blessing

    13. ‘Believe what?’ urged Soissons

    14. and poets of our day,’ urged the younger man, in the

    15. With a grin of triumph, he urged

    16. At last they urged us

    17. disappointed, but Jacques urged her to be patient

    18. This gossip loving woman had urged the slaves who carried her to run

    19. She urged her horse a bit closer and it obeyed, though reluctantly

    20. Something urged her to divulge her name

    21. He could feel the pent-up energy under him as she moved and he urged her on to a slow trot, not wanting to exert her too soon

    22. "Demilan, talk to me!" she urged him to answer her, yet the man still stared at the wall with a silly grin on his face

    23. The crowd before him parted like a river rapid around a rock as he urged Koyo on

    24. "Which frequency is that? Which group is it?" Arkaneh urged him

    25. So as not to draw attention, they urged their horses along but did so at an even pace

    26. But when Tribune Aetius took her shoulder and urged her along, she was suddenly struck with a twinge of nervousness

    27. She urged the onlookers to seek shelter, to flee the city

    28. Instead he urged his followers to understand that different paths were important as these would appeal to different types of people and since there is nothing in this world which is not part of the Divine Creator, all paths do lead to Home

    29. “When we arrived at the palace, he urged us to search diligently

    30. you, have I? I urged Titus to go, and I sent the brother with him

    31. I heard a chopper start up, but I was loath to take notice, the inner compulsion urged me

    32. While my daughters stacked presents around the little Christmas tree clamped tightly to Hubert’s plant table, Mom urged Dad to get his camera

    33. Hands urged her back to the bed, and a masculine voice whispered

    34. He silently urged her on, bargaining with some unknown higher power

    35. The President has issued his regrets about the loss of a great athlete but has urged the public not to jump to any conclusions until more of the facts are in

    36. Urged by the officer, he tried again, this time releasing the gag as Halon behaved himself

    37. " Urged the King

    38. She urged me to drink it, then

    39. Urged on by the

    40. old John actually smiled and urged them to send back their plates again

    41. Gasping, blood oozing down his cheek, he stamped his foot on the accelerator, leaning forward into the steering wheel as he urged the car to greater speed

    42. Inching its way along the top of the wall the cat stopped just above the man’s head, fighting the deep rage that urged it to attack the prey right now

    43. The small head gave a turn, and she urged her steed into action, driving toward the cliff

    44. "Come on mother," she urged, "the others are waiting for us

    45. Surely that was evident? She urged her steed to even faster lengths

    46. "Listen to me carefully," the one called Soffen urged as her face stopped before him once again

    47. Lemay also urged Kennedy to still bomb and invade Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis even after the Soviets withdrew from the island, even though it could lead to nuclear war

    48. "For God's sake, will you bloody shut up," I urged as Uncle Hobart opened his mouth to respond

    49. As early as 1968, US General Robert Porter urged, "In order to facilitate the coordinated employment of internal security forces within and among Latin American countries, we [US military and intelligence] are

    50. off the top and urged me to do the same

    1. ‘No, they can generally find a younger woman to satisfy their paternal urges

    2. I developed insane urges to itch and scratch, my skin burning and inflamed My nose ran in the closely confined heat, dribbling mucous across the tape over my mouth and onto my newly shaven chin

    3. And from what I have read, the discipline of the Earther ‘Samurai’ training allowed her to control the urges implanted in her

    4. fulfilling their sexual urges and men less so

    5. sun would burn away the darkness in his soul, maybe the black urges would melt

    6. John had fought off the urges to fantasize about his victims

    7. He managed to contain his urges, for now

    8. " He always urges us to "choose life

    9. To dream that you are eating oysters indicate sexual urges and gratification

    10. And the Naud officers weren't squeamish about how and when they disported their near constant animal urges

    11. But it gives me strange urges I can't satisfy

    12. “What do you mean?” I whispered, swaying slightly as I fought the warring urges within me

    13. Normally the sight of a - probably senile - old woman undressing would have been met with urges and pleas to just stop, but this was Mama Adele and I dared not

    14. Occasional urges to retch and dry-heave made the internal message plain: get the hell out, now

    15. I should continue my search as quickly as possible, but curiosity urges me forward, toward whoever called for Eric

    16. God, but he strongly urges us to conform to the new Christian pattern of living, and not to the old

    17. Temptation urges me to trace the dragon tat that sticks out from his shirt at his neck

    18. Other urges will lead me astray

    19. The body has its urges

    20. When faced with life’s needs and urges, they

    21. gate one’s urges and their motives, see all that is false in one’s

    22. The doctor then refills my glass and urges me on

    23. urges of her body, and like most, craved a settled family life with a loving husband and children

    24. Is this normal? How can I relieve myself of these urges?”

    25. the countless underlying urges and possibilities that had just

    26. The one urges to adultery and corruption avarice and deceit; the other bids farewell to these things

    27. The Coast Guard had endorsed the single-hull barge ban in 1979, but subsequently disavowed the proposal when USCG officials and barge owners concluded the proposed fees, permits and construction costs would be problematic and unnecessary, because serious barge spills on the 1250 mile stretch of river under consideration were infrequent (“Group Urges Double Hulls…,” 1993)

    28. Then we have the I of our urges, the narcissistic I, the

    29. It is no safer to say that spiritual urges and sensations are caused by brain activity than it is to say that the neurological changes through which we experience the pleasure of eating an apple cause the apple to exist

    30. any type of incestuous desire and any type of homicidal urges towards either

    31. To gain time to think he said in mock outrage, "What! You've ruined one virgin and you want me to turn another one over to your filthy urges?"

    32. uterus that still imprisons him, his suicidal and homicidal urges, so he can

    33. potential partygoers, so avoid these urges of ridding your text messages with

    34. tendencies, including controlling the sexual urges, and free choice

    35. His male urges had been in

    36. was quickly reminded that the ironclad control of his sexual urges

    37. he controlled his abusive urges

    38. Instead of the customary tormented soul vacillating between noble urges and amoral lust for power, Alwyn demanded that my Macbeth be pure evil

    39. Destructive natural urges must be curbed

    40. not sufficient evidence to suggest that this species will in any way be dangerous, but urges

    41. Completely and utterly normal! He wasn’t some freakish incompetent without sexual urges who couldn’t love, who was going to end his days wanking alone

    42. I knew what was going on but resisted the urges that were in

    43. The battle against primal urges has been won and there is harmony in the heart

    44. ‘But suppose doing ‘things’ with Loic feels as disgusting as it did with Sandra? I’ve read that heterosexual guys who’re approached by gays experience uncontrollable urges to exterminate them

    45. Faith fosters and maintains man's soul in the midst of the confusion of his early orientation in such a vast universe, whereas prayer becomes the great unifier of the various inspirations of the creative imagination and the faith urges of a soul trying to identify itself with the spirit ideals of the indwelling and associated divine presence

    46. Atlai woke up in the middle of the night feeling natural urges that called for the privy

    47. " In reaching this conclusion in regard to the appetite of the physical nature as expressed in hunger for food, the Son of Man made his final declaration concerning all other urges of the flesh and the natural impulses of human nature

    48. Remember: While inherited urges cannot be fundamentally modified, emotional responses to such urges can be changed; therefore the moral nature can be modified, character can be improved

    49. He well knew, and so taught his apostles, that the sensual urges of mankind are not suppressed by either religious rebuke or legal prohibitions

    50. If you meditate upon the legend of the phoenix you will begin to understand the Scorpio character – his or her powers and abilities, interests and deepest urges

    1. children joined into the laughter this time, urging her to

    2. Berndt glances round then sets off at speed, urging me onward

    3. They were surprised at this newfound ability, and at Rah’s urging they spoke to Jake and Master Jeffery about it

    4. the remark could be interpreted as the urging of a King's

    5. Johnny pulled on the shoulder of my suit coat, urging me to stand

    6. Me and Heather stared at Roman as well, our silence urging him into an

    7. If something really urging comes up you could call here and leave a message with the motel

    8. his companion, and began urging his mules forward

    9. She hobbled hurriedly over to Mercer, helping him to his still shaky feet and urging him to use whatever trickery he had employed against her earlier, to render himself invisible again and more freely make his way to the cave

    10. Carius put both hands on the shoulders of one man, urging him to calm down as well as slow down

    11. He assured the man that he was safe now and would be well taken care of at the camp, urging him to calm himself despite the pain

    12. As she was urging the still fuming Homer to accept her assistance, a knot of men approached the pier

    13. He felt the pressure of her hand against the back of his head again and this time she was urging him to continue, as he noted she had ceased sucking his cock

    14. Sebastian watched her head toss back against the covers as her back arched, urging him to go deeper

    15. What I find most disgusting about all of this is the fact that the same people who teach our children such nonsense also teach them to loath America while urging them to take advantage of all the benefits our country has to offer

    16. presents, urging his team of reindeer across the field

    17. Amid all the anguish, few groaned; some raved in delirium, one boyish lieutenant again urging his men forward in the historic charge

    18. The generals held a conference, and signed a petition to the Secretary of War, urging that it was imperative that the army be moved North at once

    19. I still believe the Chaplain told the Colonel as the member had to make a confession on the Chaplain's urging (who thought he wanted to commit suicide)

    20. This was no urging, no coaxing

    21. I felt an unexplainable urging to attend this ceremony

    22. He concentrated on his leg, urging it to move

    23. She did not know Melchior, only the memory of him in the cave, month after month, teaching, training, urging, pushing her to more effort, demanding more from her

    24. His sister and aunt were quick to join her, urging him to greet his cousin

    25. Amonas was motioning with his head for Hilderich to drink, urging him to just have a taste, while Hilderich slowly brought the fruit to his lips, constantly eying Amonas warily

    26. The heat of her body was urging him on, and Colling fought to control his physical reactions, holding back and prolonging the inevitable

    27. The Castigator talked to him in earnest, urging him to uphold the Law, honor his rank and office, protect him and the Council as a whole and crush the rebels before they could take root firmly

    28. Twenty torturing minutes later, Jorge was back, urging her out

    29. Colling took the bridle of the horse pulling the other wagon and with its driver urging the horse on, managed to pull among the trees just seconds before the Opel rounded the curve

    30. on his chest became a blazing hot burn urging him into

    31. Up,” he said with an authoritative voice, urging Nicole on her feet

    32. a prolonged fever urging that the medicine was pure

    33. Ash moved his hand urging her to leave; his stance remained the same

    34. This required me running behind them and urging them on at first with words of encouragement, but eventually with the tip of a spear

    35. He went ahead and as he approached our house suddenly stopped and ran back to the boat urging the men back aboard

    36. a doorway near the end of the hall, urging Cloud and Samantha

    37. But the employees have been strongly urging their friends to see this legendary club band come out of retirement for one last gig at their favorite venue,” she said

    38. The smell of smoke filled her senses, and suddenly the ground all around her was in flames, a fire that grew with the urging of the cloaked woman’s voice

    39. He kept urging me to write to the Khakhan and convince him to join Europa in a crusade against the Ottomans to free the Holy Land

    40. I expected him to be full of anger and recriminations over the ignominious debacle, but instead found him full of good cheer, urging on the men, and chatting pleasantly with me

    41. com urging its adherents to activism, to run for elective local and state offices, and to learn more effective use of internet resources such as Twitter and Facebook

    42. He then began to caress her rosy nipples, urging them to rigidity

    43. ing me up? He keeps on urging and reminding, but the dream

    44. ” I had fallen for the TV ads urging listing with a so-called national chain so that our home would be exposed to people who were relocating to East Bay but had not yet arrived

    45. converted to Catholicism and became a Catholic priest, and then at the urging of the newly-organized House of Rothschilds, defected

    46. By refusing to initial any of the PDs I drafted at Dino’s urging, Wright, in effect, shut down the entire process, yet the blame fell on me as the cognizant CA

    47. Campos, during the 6/9/10 appointment, besides changing Mike’s prescriptions to new, stronger drugs, had 1] given Mike a written diagnosis that he was an alcoholic and drug addict accompanied by a 5 sheet list of all Connecticut rehabs, urging him to enter one immediately, and 2] ordered Mike to have a colonoscopy on June 28, 2010, because of his having 6-7 daily watery and blood bowel movements

    48. I join her in strongly urging you all to do the same

    49. “After completion of a phone call guided by our talk sheet, Park dictated a cover memo into a recording device, urging my input as he did so

    50. We spoke a few times on the phone, and she indicated that she was urging my father in every way possible to work things out

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