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    1. They'd had sex on the boat already while waiting for the next wagon, he'd commented on how lusty she'd become since he left for the Gengee fourteen decades ago

    2. John drives up to the gate, a cowboy-ish affair topped with an arch of three wagon wheels flanked by a saguaro cactus and a coyote on one side and a prickly pear bush on the other

    3. A fake helicopter lands on the center wagon wheel, which is bigger than the other two

    4. doostEr picked up the wagon end of the harness and dragged it to the rockasaur's tongue

    5. Meanwhile doostEr had to figure a way to get this wagon turned around in here

    6. It was a lot longer walking to the back shed where secure cargo was kept than it was riding on the second floor of a monster wagon

    7. There were a few wagon ruts going this way, but at half the washes they had to have the kedas dig to make ramps for the wheels

    8. By the time Kortrax approached noon they were supposed to be nearing their destination, the counter on the wagon wheel said they had come two hundred thirty eight miles already

    9. Estwig was already falling into Noonsleep and might fall right off the wagon

    10. doostEr was now down from the wagon and standing on the ground beside it watching, his hand idle on EndsWaving's flank

    11. - She attached the best rendering of the wagon that was headed across the sand toward the shuttlecraft's old resting site

    12. By this time she had figured the shuttlecraft would have to intercept that wagon on its next orbit or do some serious maneuvering, or wait another native week

    13. The huge wagon pulled up at that time, they must have noticed it approaching

    14. They saw one leave the wagon and enter the shuttlecraft

    15. Soon after that they saw the wagon brought to the other end of the craft

    16. After a few more minutes they saw the speck of the great wagon and its kedas, and the dots that were humans, all run from the blob that was the shuttlecraft

    17. They saw that some of the men remained on the ground, as well the big wagon and five kedas

    18. ‘You like it here then?’ Kara asked, as they walked towards the wagon

    19. ‘I drove the wagon over

    20. Wiesse comes to see us off, confirming that the main luggage was sent off early this morning by wagon

    21. ‘He says he will get a wagon to convey us down to the docks

    22. As promised, the wagon arrives within the hour and we set off

    23. The kaht station is about a mile out of the town, set on a hillside, as a result, the journey down to the harbour is extremely nerve-wracking and uncomfortable as the wagon is not very well sprung and the gg’s hooves slip on the cobbles

    24. It is a long drag out of the town and the gg pulling the wagon strains as it hauls us up the hill

    25. All too soon, I am whisked out of the villa to where a wagon is waiting

    26. To my surprise, Wiesse comes with Berndt and I, gracefully turning down Berndt’s polite offer that Wiesse should take the reins – they chat idly while I try to work out if this is mere good manners – the younger man deferring to the older – or because Wiesse is a skilled wagon driver, or whatever they are called

    27. ’ Berndt said, breaking in on our conversation as he skilfully turns the wagon in through a well ordered gateway

    28. I stand feeling like a spare part, watching the unloading of the wagon and revelling in the not unpleasant scent of hay and horses which permeates the air

    29. wagon at a time, and there was a queue of skittish horses and

    30. wagon was just ahead

    31. jumped out the door of the wagon just as the first

    32. The wagon shimmered and disappeared, just as

    33. last night in the wagon

    34. He was lying on the bed of a wagon

    35. It was about noon when the wagon came to a halt

    36. side of the wagon for effect

    37. As Petr mounted the steps of the wagon he caught a

    38. A few moments more and the wagon lurched

    39. as the wagon trundled along

    40. The wagon stopped moving and the door opened

    41. sleeping bodies and hid behind the wagon

    42. Petr leaned back against the wall of the wagon with

    43. wagon and left with the prisoner over an hour ago

    44. The wagon rumbled down the rough dirt-road, with

    45. the wagon to cartwheel and crash into the ditch

    46. The third wagon was, by contrast, still and quiet,

    47. The rains marched through as if they were iron instead of water, and when in an hour or two the wind abated enough for me to look around, my wagon had floated off, the horse had bolted, and I was knee deep in a stream of runoff where my tent had been

    48. only said hello then started loading my stuff into the back of the station wagon

    49. back into the station wagon

    50. ” Harry said, and facing away from the wagon end, placed his shoulders flat to the bed with his arms extended along it as well

    1. There were a lot of small cargo boats tied up here now and the center of the pier had hustling wagons

    2. "If we were approaching them from the civilization side we certainly would," Luray said, "but they wouldn't have much reason to take wagons out this way, they'd drive the herd to the village and pack them there

    3. Wagons were hurrying in both directions down the middle, loading and unloading at the edges

    4. A two-tiered truck packed high with horned goats inched past other parked trucks and wagons, some drivers snoring in their cabs

    5. Another town appears on our right and for a time the trackway is populated by wagons and other riders … some wave at us in a friendly way, but most hardly give us a glance

    6. A steady flow of wagons is moving through the gate, the soldiers speaking to each of the drivers in turn, though I get the feeling that they know most of them …

    7. The roadway is busy here at the entry to what must count as docks … wagons piled high with all sorts of goods trundle heavily along, drawn by much sturdier ggs than my elegant Sefir

    8. would load up the wagons or sledges again – there was always

    9. something to trade on the return trip, but he said that the wagons were

    10. had to retrace their steps with full wagons

    11. to the Vanavara trading post – a five-day trip with full wagons in

    12. Finally, the last loading of the wagons was completed, and the farm

    13. in the wagons, so we can ride in comfort on the return journey

    14. bank a couple of times to stay clear of horse-drawn wagons and

    15. drawn wagons representing the bulk of the traffic

    16. spent long hours with pitchforks loading horse-drawn wagons

    17. the sun, loading wagons with sheaves of straw and the building of

    18. There were people out in the lot also, conversing and tending their keda’s and wagons

    19. wagons, where stood a middle aged woman with

    20. setting fire to wagons and beating any who resisted

    21. They pressed on, dodging the wagons and staying clear of

    22. another which was configured as garages for wagons

    23. Had he spent any time looking at the history of the site, as Chrissie had, he’d have known that there used to be a road used by wagons which went to the coast

    24. queues of wagons waiting on both sides of the bridge

    25. had been built to be wide enough for wagons to pass, but the bridge

    26. specially-built wagons and heavy-duty floaters

    27. the wagons and floaters were pulled by people

    28. ‘Because the trail is impassable to heavy wagons

    29. There she went down to the cargo level and dodged teams and wagons and came aboard with a load of brined karga that would probably be Nightday dinner on Grand Canal

    30. The livery's wagons, carriages and other vehicular assets had to be maintained for service

    31. The wider parts of these streets were normally where hill folk parked their wagons when they came to town

    32. There were no wagons in sight just yet

    33. They were on a wide causeway now, farm wagons streamed in the other direction

    34. It wasn't quite as straight as the other, but it was wide enough for traffic to pass, and there were quite a few farm wagons about

    35. Around the back of the stables were two old, reconditioned Dray wagons

    36. They loaded everything that they could onto the two flat back wagons

    37. We’ll need the two wagons we got from the hamlet

    38. ‘Excellent, could you get that loaded onto the wagons along with the scholars, some axes, shovels and picks?’

    39. Flitter managed to cut the harness from the wagons and the beast joined in to the rout

    40. Wagons were overturned, woodsmen stomped on and those trying to escape were caught by the children

    41. There must have been about thirty odd wagons of different types making up the train and the Battalion transport was loaded on board the train stopped and we were shown our transport and you could hear the groans all over the place

    42. “Lice and fleas old son that’s why you’re scratching the straw in the wagons is full of the little perishers

    43. Bert remarked “This is a bag of shit cooped up in these wagons going nowhere fast and now we have to put up with being eaten alive

    44. Our transport was parked with other horse drawn wagons under the trees and we watched as the horses pawed the ground nervously

    45. We marched on for most of the day and at times we were forced to halt so that convoys of artillery pieces and horse drawn supply wagons could pass us on their way to the front

    46. The road to Albert was now as straight as a dye and was packed with allsorts of transport there were horse drawn supply wagons and Crossley lorries all jammed nose to tail and waiting to move a few yards further forward

    47. Sometimes it was hell taking supplies to the front the first mile or so was alright because either the wagons or mule trains did all the hard work it was when you got close then everything had to be carried by hand food water equipment had to be shifted to the reserve trenches directly behind the front line trenches

    48. It was our horses, our covered wagons and our train

    49. Content to just sit here in this cluttered old room with all its relations and cowboys and indians and cats having kittens and it's covered wagons and trains

    50. We were in a siding waiting for an ammunition train to pass us on its way to the front we were once again being transported in the lice infested wagons of the French railway system

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