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    1. "There's finally radar available, now that they can cast silicon here, but I had to rig up a lantern over the solar panel to run it in the dark

    2. He had to ask around and everyone told him to start at the river end of Industrial Way after looking at the size of his rig

    3. There were teams hustling thru here and the rockasaur with three kedas isn't a low-footprint rig

    4. As they went further along South Harbor Road, he worried that the cargo level wouldn't be tall enough to take the backbone of this rig

    5. He had all of Nightday to rig the crate for transportation, so he didn't try to get up early

    6. First he changed the wheels on the rockasaur because wider wheels put more surface on the soil than the huge but narrow wheels of the rough ground rig

    7. "The hillside they were cutting thru was made of them, I perfected this rig over about, let's see, maybe ten decades, maybe only four, but it was a length of time

    8. All I've done in these automatons is rig up a little fuller model of the social universe

    9. The straps… He’d forgotten to rig them to hold her limbless torso

    10. He said, "Me and my partner have 184 total ports to rig," he said

    11. It was his improvised rig that messed up the Chief’s neural interface with her limbs and put her out of action

    12. “You know Kate, I’ve been thinking about those beasts,” Steve began as he was pouring honey on his second plate of biscuits; “maybe I could rig up some kind of a warning device

    13. ‘We can rig up some tarpaulins to keep the wind off and use those boxes for seating

    14. I've seen enough sail to guess what this rig is trying to do

    15. He had never seen a Bordzvekian rig before and didn't even know where it was from

    16. They had pretty much used up the subject of Vikenvor's rig by the time Yarin returned and Desa didn't try to find ways to prolong the conversation

    17. ‘I could rig up the pump

    18. Though the word charity isn’t used in Hindu writings, the premise of giving and aiding others is prevalent within the Rig Veda, Thirukkural, Bhagawad Gita,

    19. And while you're at it, do you think you can rig a video feed? I wouldn't mind watching their progress either

    20. After pulling out a table from one of the private dining nooks, I was able to rig a bed for us both to lie down on comfortably

    21. In his infinite chicken wisdom, he would rig up a heat lamp and lower it down into the cage, letting it hover about 8 inches above the bottom where they would huddle together to keep warm and peep-peep back and forth, probably talking about what a lovely accommodation this heat lamp provided

    22. “Yes, sir! And it is quite an impressive rig we built for heating the water, if I do say so, sir,” he averred, with his toothy grin that was so perfect it looked artificial

    23. They had the whole rig going, where our experiments with radios, wireless, Morse, were somewhat lackadaisical

    24. There was a loud sucking noise and the toilet rig chewed down the tasty morsel presented to it

    25. I'm going to try to rig one of these blankets into clothes of some kind

    26. “I didn’t either,” he said, “but the DA says it’s so and that was enough to get an indictment when linked to the fact that she bought the headphones and had opportunity to rig them with the explosives

    27. Turning her rig around, she guided herself to the bathroom

    28. crossed her mind than the big rig began moving toward them

    29. So I had to rig something before showing up at the hospital to get it patched

    30. “Oh…well, could you rig the lines then?” At this point, I

    31. Of course he would rig the

    32. For some reason physical dice and cards seemed, to most gamblers, harder to rig than software, and since most of the players here were swindlers anyway they demanded nothing less

    33. Maybe this place was the management town—for people who could afford to keep a horse and rig early on, then a car later

    34. So they went to extraordinary lengths to rig a trial that resulted in the death penalty for an innocent man

    35. The main danger apparently was broken windshields from flying gravel, kicked up by the big rig trucks barreling down to and from the oil fields on the North Slope

    36. loaned him the money for his rig after he had decided he could make

    37. You pull into your driveway on your motorcycle, Boo, Jenny Kryss, and Richard sit semicircle around a telescope rig, the picture runs through lens mounted camera onto rectangular touch screen tablet in the middle of them

    38. Kaite out of the sunroof in the forward car, a magnetic mount straddles the hole, she steadies a heavy machine gun to the rig

    39. Abby mentioned it would take about four minutes to rig Alistair’s car that was insecurely parked in the Main State garage

    40. Marcum was in the back of the rig as Andrew was driving and David was in the passenger’s seat

    41. The huge rig roared and jerked towards the

    42. A dozen or more arrows still decorated his boat, and he managed to rig the tiller to self steer while he recovered the arrows that had struck into the wooden hull

    43. How To Rig An Election: Confessions Of A

    44. tungsten-7 drill rig with me, that should cut through any

    45. On April 20, 2010, an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon, an offshore drilling rig, resulted in an explosion and fire that killed eleven crewmen and could be seen thirty-five miles away

    46. In the lower left hand corner of the rig I would

    47. It was a really decent rig, I thought

    48. owned his own rig – an almost-new, International, eighteen-wheeler

    49. The drill rig was cleared away, and the excavated rock chippings were bulldozed into the hole

    50. Your everyday man off the street could probably rig that up

    1. I've rigged cradles on ships and truss work to get it there

    2. John and Dave are asleep under the sail, which they have rigged up as a shade

    3. The Chief said, "Meester, you know there’s a real chance that even if you rigged all this up right and it works, we could still die

    4. Daniel had rigged a sort of cast on her wing hoping that the bones would knit

    5. “You think she rigged the bike?”

    6. When near the end of that summer it was varnished and rigged, the little family launched it for its maiden voyage

    7. Grimes, “don’t see much of it here, still Fizzicist did need a new gate, that one hinge affair he had rigged up was not a good idea

    8. “Wouldn’t whoever built it have rigged it to explode if it’s moved?” asked Susan

    9. “No, if they were careful they could have rigged this and closed the live door behind themselves

    10. ” explained Mark, lovingly patting the electronic device he had rigged up from spare parts

    11. We will then wait for the water to be loaded onto the mules and escort them back to our lines the engineers have rigged some hooks which will allow the water cans to be filled quicker

    12. There was no change in either of them and I rigged uniform shelters to protect them from the sun

    13. Pinochet allowed a heavily rigged election in 1988

    14. His phone calls could have been rigged in such a way as to allow him to be in Washington at the time of the murder

    15. of the fish had been rigged

    16. Vrikop was quite a picture himself, having evolved on a planet where the atmosphere had a jelly-like consistency, which was why they always had the little bottle and nasal harness rigged on their faces

    17. He decided after cleaning to leave the tub rigged for a while

    18. The Major had had the square in front of the train station rigged with loudspeakers, to provide marching music

    19. rigged his past, and took the job with the Phoenix Armored Car

    20. light came from a few monitors that were rigged up to car batteries

    21. He must have rigged a bomb to destroy the evidence and not bothered to tell Pine

    22. The next morning, Silpitocle went ahead since we would be crossing one of the trade trails, and I made sure the men were rigged for silent marching

    23. the larger discarded food tins and rope he’d rigged it so that water

    24. and rigged it up in the barn

    25. For example, House Members have rigged the budget process

    26. Doc and Father Boward had rigged up a steam tent over the

    27. Father Boward rigged her up a cot of sorts next to Paul’s bed

    28. You the guys that put those rigged mortar rounds in the VC supply system? Don't you do assassination and counter-terror?"

    29. The F-4 was rigged that way

    30. Swann and Sheila rigged a couple of stretchers from hauberks and abandoned spears, and by means of gesture and example chivvied the carters into helping as bearers

    31. In fact, however, Jacob had rigged the switches to detonate hidden explosives which would completely destroy the facility and all those in it

    32. The floor of the corridor was glass as well and looking down Michael could see hundreds of containers in rows rigged to stainless steel pipes which seemed to run in all directions

    33. Of course, the democratic elections were rigged,

    34. It was rigged so it had three walls and a roof to protect us from the rain

    35. course, the democratic elections were rigged, for it

    36. at the casino was rigged and generally

    37. There was no power to it so I had rigged a

    38. rigged it with a PVC pipe running out overhead

    39. It was better than winning all of those rigged carnival games

    40. The raggedy carnival had been their home, Jexter their leader, but now it felt as if they’d fallen for one of the rigged five-cent games

    41. The voting system there was rigged to ensure that Unionist Protestants would always get the majority vote to anchor them to union with Britain

    42. On March 18, 1970, while he was travelling out of the country, Lon Nol was elected as the first president of the Khmer Republic in a blatantly rigged election

    43. which was obviously rigged to be remotely detonated!

    44. “They’d think you rigged it, Raines

    45. Next, I rigged a harness, put crampons on my boots and took up the line

    46. It is a rigged market

    47. Harold rigged up a canopy over her car seat to protect her from the

    48. The control suites had been rigged with explosives which the retreating operator would detonate as they left sealing off the route they had just used to escape

    49. He had rigged the sloop for

    50. process, except to say that the output system is rigged to fire the waste in a

    1. While they discussed, doostEr was looking around and saw that getting the rockasaur into here would be a rigging job in itself

    2. They lived in the city, he'd done rigging at their workshop

    3. He and Taktor let the huge crate down onto the dolly and took the rigging down

    4. They turned around to see it over the backbone and the rigging

    5. The only crew remaining alive were those who'd found a corner to strap themselves in where they couldn't be taken overboard or battered with hunks of rigging still attached to the hull

    6. You have to pay attention now, I wouldn't want to be holding this handle if a bolt hit the rigging

    7. Jerry came up with rigging that they could use while flying

    8. Using Lady Jennie as a test dragon, they tried the rigging out on her

    9. The tower itself was surrounded by a scaffold exoskeleton, with rigging, ladders and several lift platforms providing transitions from one level to the next

    10. Even the thick rings of dwarven blue-steel seemed ready to snap as they kept the rigging air-bound

    11. The freighter’s captain was shouting orders to seamen in the rigging

    12. militia with his stones, she attached sails to the rigging

    13. From every part of the ship, the limited crew took positions in the rigging and anywhere else to observe

    14. As the battery on shore boomed out a farewell salute, the soldiers swarmed to the deck and rigging, and the air was rent with a shout of triumph from sixteen thousand throats

    15. Once back in control of his vehicle he began to race south towards Edinburgh using a map of the area he had memorised the previous day to the sound of horns rigging away sounding of their annoyance at him

    16. The fishing boat’s rigging had been shredded by the machine gun, and long lengths of line whipped out from its mast, cracking in the wind

    17. He had completed repairs to the flailing rigging before the storm had fully abated

    18. million had shown indications of “bid rigging” and that $7 million was squandered through overpayment

    19. They had the V-shaped hull and long keel and used the heavy ballast of the fuchuan but had the masts and rigging of the shachuan

    20. I noticed that the first huge ship was gone and the second one was afloat in a wet dock while the rigging and sails were being installed

    21. “I used my head—and I knew that I would be at better advantage in the rigging than on deck with the monster

    22. Somonik clacked his claws, and there was sudden silence as the sounds of the sea, the wind, and the creaking of rigging abruptly ceased

    23. The term “cutter” comes from England and was applied to Revenue Marine vessels because of the usual two-masted sail rigging, and the association of schooners with revenue collection as opposed to naval warfare

    24. Rigging: general term for ropes, chains and gear supporting masts, yards, booms, and sails

    25. Standing rigging are lines that provide support, but generally do not move

    26. Running rigging move and operate equipment

    27. She paced around me while I was rigging the sails,

    28. always reaching out to snatch at the rails or the rigging, often

    29. covering my head with my arms, convinced that rigging of some

    30. of the rigging that had blown when the gust front hit, a diagonal

    31. He had a torn cable in one hand – the rigging from the

    32. out a way to raise a sail with what little rigging was left

    33. rigging, waited for a moment, and then scurried to the foremast

    34. of its rigging still drooped sadly from its remains

    35. rigging, we could see that most of the stays and cables had

    36. with it the main sail, and all of the rigging, stays, cables and

    37. Prosecutor Parrish gets caught with his pants down blatantly rigging a false trial

    38. Rigging up a tele-

    39. Xiphias waxed gibbous above them, sending silvery shadows through the cables, sheets and shrouds, antimony sprites that seemed to man the rigging with quicksilver limbs

    40. Shrieker birds circle overhead and settle on the rigging, glad of a rest after flying for long hours over their sushimi-bar sea

    41. (Am I right, Brandy?) It was too risky for women to be onboard ocean-going vessels what with their breasts getting tangled up in the rigging, getting pregnant by pirates and attracting sharks with their constant menstruating and all

    42. needs the rigging that goes with it

    43. is the rigging: how bright it was,

    44. ‘Goddess of the Sea’ had 4 masts, miles of white rigging and an overall length of 307 feet

    45. It did not come with the torture of the citizens, their treatment as ciphers, it did not come with the rigging of elections, it did not come with the falling standard of living, with the few fabulously rich

    46. Men were moving quickly all along its decks and in the rigging overhead

    47. The crew roared out in approval as they broke up and started making their way along the ship’s rails and up into the rigging to make way with the ship again

    48. its side pelted by loose stirrups and rigging

    49. courteous with the rigging

    50. dressage of some new standing rigging and had spent the last week at sea putting her

    1. “His month on the rigs,” she said, a wistful look in her eyes

    2. There are unconfirmed reports on attacks against oil rigs in the past

    3. If the leftist does not have to see those nasty ole oil rigs and pipes and such, then it is better for them

    4. We know that 23,000 high paying jobs were lost during that time and we don‘t yet know how many drilling rigs were moved to other locations

    5. The idled 33 drilling rigs have been operating for years without safety problems and the new rules are just another opportunity for the government to reduce our oil output

    6. What struck us often is that some of the big rigs, like fifth wheelers, would back into a camping spot and as soon as they were situated the occupants would come out, walk their little dog on a leash around the campground and then go back in

    7. Due to the washouts several big rigs got stuck for days until the road could be cleared

    8. Eckhart looked out from the cabin of the ‘Seabird’ as it ploughed its way through choppy waters towards the Texas coastline where they set up the fishing rigs and weighed anchor about two miles out of Galveston

    9. I have seen too many drivers of these big rigs flying down the highway well over the speed limit

    10. that wouldn't touch the slippery NASCAR rigs with a ten-foot pole,

    11. Moments later, Murphy and the Colonel re-emerged carrying several more weapons, including two shoulder rigs with pistols

    12. that the Vatican and its cohorts choose which nations and groups will prosper or suffer and then rigs

    13. The same number as the original American highway, the celebrated Mother Road that George Maharis, as Buz Murdock, took as he tooled across the country in his Corvette, working on oil rigs and trawlers, breaking hearts and freeing junkies

    14. It’s called Black Gold and depicts the day-to-day activities of the roughnecks who man the oil rigs on three separate West Texas drilling projects

    15. Normally desolate, tonight Schwerin was impassable in both directions, cordoned off and hemmed in by twenty-odd police cars, three fire rigs, two ambulances, the fire investigator’s truck, the scene-mobile, and the coroner’s van

    16. While the fire burned, a man sat in his car, videotaping the images in his rearview mirror—the rigs pulling up, the firefighters boiling out, trying to do the dangerous and impossible, to knock down the inferno even as two other suspicious fires burned only blocks away

    17. We edged our car into the pack of sheriff’s cruisers and fire rigs, all of which had been on the scene for hours

    18. Nabors, which enjoyed strong finances, was able to acquire a huge fleet of oil and gas drilling rigs on a bargain-basement basis, in great part because virtually all its competitors had questionable financial strength

    19. The credit needed to fund the new rigs is not available and the end result will be stagnant supply, if not a fall in supply, in the coming years

    20. One was former army and the other had spent eight years roughnecking on oil rigs

    21. And what if other weather extremes forced a blazing hot summer or frigid winter upon us at the exact same time that gas production was struggling? Suddenly, drilling rigs were being contracted at a furious pace, and gas producers were sucking as much gas as they could from the ground

    22. The conventional drilling rigs that once dotted the landscape in West Texas lie idle, having been replaced with new-fangled pressure pumping equipment

    23. According to the Baker Hughes rig count, an important barometer of oil field service activity, there were approximately 2,300 drilling rigs active in North America by the end of 2008

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