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Whirl en una oración (en ingles)

  1. So, in a whirl of.
  2. My mind is in a whirl.
  3. The room began to whirl.
  4. Going to give it a whirl?
  5. My head’s in a whirl!.

  6. My mind was in a whirl wind now.
  7. Carroll started to whirl around.
  8. My head is sometimes in a whirl.
  9. The whirl of the siren magnified.
  10. Ready to give it a whirl?
  11. Jean’s mind was still in a whirl.
  12. The kitchen began to whirl around me.
  13. There was a perfect whirl in my head.
  14. Kay’s mind was a whirl of confusion.
  15. Soon, she felt the wind start whirl.

  16. Raskolnikov's thoughts were in a whirl.
  17. The racks begin to whirl, as red and.
  18. Obeast’s mind was a whirl of activity.
  19. Raskolnikov’s thoughts were in a whirl.
  20. My brain was in a whirl, my heart was full.
  21. Her mind began to whirl with a mixture of.
  22. His head was in a whirl of hope and wonder.
  23. His mind was a whirl of confusing questions.
  24. Richard’s head was in a whirl as he tried.
  25. He definitely had to give new tactics a whirl.

  26. I whirl; Ani stands there, a knife in his hand.
  27. The next few days passed in a whirl of activity.
  28. He was still pursued by the same whirl of ideas.
  29. When the whirl swept him up and left him at the.
  30. The Dukes of Hazzard, eh? Let’s give it a whirl.
  31. My thoughts were in a whirl; but I let them whirl.
  32. There was a hiss, a gushing whirl, and then silence.
  33. I returned to my grandmother with my head in a whirl.
  34. His brain began to whirl with sudden alarming thoughts.
  35. Whirl: up he jumped, his wings chewed and loved the cool air.
  36. It came from behind Squirrel Girl, and she did a quick whirl.
  37. Yet I neither saw nor heard her, for my head was in a whirl.
  38. Though my head was in a whirl I looked at Lambert with wonder.
  39. Jean’s head was a whirl of conflicting thoughts as he went.
  40. The whirl went around both of them as they were holding hands.
  41. The dead leaf whirling its spiral whirl and fal ing still and.
  42. How the whirl, the contest, the wrestle of evil with good, the.
  43. Selma was glad he didn’t whirl around the room one more time, as.
  44. Marques and Tatiana enjoy the swimming pool and whirl pools on the.
  45. Sheena could do nothing but nod at him, her mind in a frantic whirl.
  46. Oh, what a strange meeting, and how it all makes my head whirl round.
  47. So much had Tarzan seen that day that his head was in a whirl of wonder.
  48. The three men then went their separate ways with their minds in a whirl as a.
  49. Jumping from the car Dawn rushed into the shack, her mind a whirl of confusion.
  50. Perhaps it will just whirl us round and throw us out in a different direction.
  51. He was like the whirl of white on the YOU ARE HERE poster behind Vince’s head.
  52. The fourth priest could only see a golden whirl in his eyes as he felt his wrist.
  53. In a whirl of activity we uprooted the family and located them in the suburb of.
  54. Mr Bloom, breathless, caught in a whirl of wild newsboys near the offices of the.
  55. Whirl: and up he jumped, like a spring, and his wings chewed and loved the cool air.
  56. There was no mistaking the appeal that the rocking whirl of the rhythmic dance made.
  57. The buzz and whirl surrounding events as they unfolded often dealt with the Who?
  58. He saw Caleb whirl around in his perch just in time to see the backs of the driver and.
  59. The tumultuous movements of these minds at liberty and at work set his ideas in a whirl.
  60. In the cellar, the incinerator glowed suddenly and a whirl of sparks leaped up the chimney.
  61. He lay on the blue velvet cot, his body pressure causing the mirrors in the ceiling to whirl.
  62. But, as soon as the mass is finished, sarpejou! you must make a dream whirl around the bride.
  63. His mind was in a whirl of confusion; he could scarcely realize that Jesus had been arrested.
  64. Aspen and Rogan ran to grab him, but they were too late, and Mars began to whirl into the sky.
  65. Headlong they went down the steps together, in a revolving whirl of limbs and heads and bodies.
  66. First there is the distant electric bell and the tempestuous whirl of Johanna down the passage.
  67. Well, perhaps it's the opposite; it's all the same, only don't interrupt me, for I'm all in a whirl.
  68. After Kelly wandered off to her own bed and I lay back down on my cot, my thoughts continued to whirl.
  69. His mind in a whirl, Daniel returned to the bench and sat again, looking out once more over the water.
  70. For several days the whirl of catching up on what I’d missed at school pushed everything else out of my mind.
  71. But caught in the whirl of ticket distribution and rallies across the country, Modi kept delaying the interview.
  72. With another man it would have seemed ridiculous—a foolish savage prancing meaninglessly in a whirl of feathers.
  73. Tess was so receptive that the few minutes of contact with the whirl of material progress lingered in her thought.
  74. But I was in a whirl then, and besides all that I had something very different in my soul—^it was singing with.
  75. I managed to make away with the second without inhaling much of the smoke, for my head was in a whirl by this time.
  76. The days flew by telescoping themselves into what seemed a total whirl and it was quite easy to loose track of time.
  77. Above their heads a white whirl that resembled the funnel of a tornado before it touched ground, spawned in the sky.
  78. After Kid Mojo handed out his compliment to me, he whirl winded down to the ground and busted out with atomic flares.
  79. It was filled with so many new and wonderful things that his brain was in a whirl as he attempted to digest them all.
  80. The loose coils rapidly straightened out in a long dragging line astern, and then, instantly, the reel began to whirl.
  81. If you use a house-based astrology in your practice, I highly recommend your giving the Sunshine House System a whirl.
  82. The decapitation was final, leaving Garcia in a whirl wind of emotion, sickness at the number of dead lying at his feet.
  83. The next moment, the air began to whirl in wild patterns, the burning trees and the hawks swooping in a strange vortex.
  84. Still she walked forwards, still the Dark shrank until it with a sudden force vanished in a whirl into itself and was gone.
  85. A whirl of steel sheared through the hideous trunks that waved toward him, and he smote the crystal sphere again and yet again.
  86. She picked up a spoon and stirred the broth in circles, watching flecks of spice whirl into the center around chunks of potato.
  87. Kennedy and I, having no mood as things stood for the festivities, drew aside and watched the kaleidoscopic whirl of the dancers.
  88. Watching blankly, through salt-teared eyes, the pink mixed water of blood and soap whirl around his feet before exiting to the drain.
  89. The air within the circle of poles seemed to darken and then the air itself began to whirl violently, as if entering an unseen whirlpool.
  90. The nephew flicked his eyes to Will, who looked only at the floor, afraid the boy would see his eyeballs whirl with the remembered carousel.
  91. Instead, I was looking at the framed poster that hung behind him, a black rectangle with a whirl of white that was meant to be the Milky Way.
  92. Thinking about how easily a wildcat could snatch me for a snack as he walked by, I watched the bats whirl until their motion put me to sleep.
  93. Just then Julie, who by the death of her brothers had become one of the richest heiresses in Moscow, was in the full whirl of society pleasures.
  94. The soldiers, blinded by the whirl of drifting snow, could not even distinguish the road, and often fell into ditches which became their graves.
  95. She was sitting at the picnic table on campus, right outside the Jamba Juice Bar, facing White Plaza, sipping her Strawberry Whirl through a straw.
  96. How," he inquired, turning to her with all the indignant wrath of the thwarted worker, "is a man to work if he lives in a constant social whirl?".
  97. Will! Cate! He must sound like a lunatic; startled birds go leaping like fleas through the hoops of the headlights, whirl up against the moon.
  98. Cops scuttle through the disco whirl of red and blue, but they seem preoccupied with the car hanging half-out of the smashed glass, and Regan ignores them.
  99. And she waltzed so violently the whirl of her dress pulled at the box and whispers of chrysalis leapt on the air to hang golden and powdery amid her shouts.
  100. The sea, running mountains high, threw skywards with each wave mighty masses of white foam, which the tempest seemed to snatch at and whirl away into space.
  1. We spotted the whirling tunnel.
  2. Confused, his mind was whirling.
  3. Then came police lights, whirling.
  4. It was a mass of whirling colours.
  5. Made up a tumult that goes whirling on.
  6. Everything was whirling before his eyes.
  7. Where Your sun is whirling in every atom:.
  8. Whirling wheel, then soft footfall of thought.
  9. These are but wild and whirling words, my lord.
  10. That shout focused their whirling minds as one.
  11. I ran to the whirling tunnel as fast as I could.
  12. Fears increased, whirling again in his stomach.
  13. Whirling around, he was prepared to strike but.
  14. The whirling blades responded to his pull on the.
  15. Going through the whirling tunnel had altered the.
  16. A few seconds later, the whirling tunnel made its.
  17. The tiny lady kicked the whirling keg twenty feet up.
  18. He smiled in uncertainty before whirling back to Mandy.
  19. She was still whirling on the battlements in the wind.
  20. He always described them as thirty thousand whirling.
  21. I want you to re-enter the whirling tunnel in hopes of.
  22. The snow was whirling about and the ground was slippery.
  23. As soon as Cynthia’s van was pulled into the whirling.
  24. There’s one more boat, he said, whirling around.
  25. In effect, I'd entered the whirling tunnel backwards, and.
  26. The menacing rain drops bounced off of the whirling tunnel.
  27. Grane went back to the meeting room, her mind whirling.
  28. The images followed one another, whirling like a hurricane.
  29. There was a possibility that the whirling tunnel was nearby.
  30. Good thing we're entering the whirling tunnel, backwards!.
  31. Cami sucked in a breath, trying to settle her whirling mind.
  32. As I locked in on the whirling tunnel, shots were fired at.
  33. The Goblin Master swung his scimitar in a whirling maneuver.
  34. Jody, I think that the whirling tunnel will always be part.
  35. Alex grabbed her arm as she passed, whirling her to face him.
  36. A gray, whirling furor of images, memories, words, patterns.
  37. With conflicting feelings whirling in his head, he stuck the.
  38. Of course, you must enter the whirling tunnel backwards, and.
  39. The dead leaf whirling its spiral whirl and fal ing still and.
  40. He smiled and waved as he rushed by in the whirling confusion.
  41. I didn’t sleep much that night, my mind whirling with plans.
  42. And in the air there were lots of kites flapping and whirling.
  43. Unlike some of the whirling montiporas, this is an encrusting.
  44. Terror rattled him, whirling sensations forming in his stomach.
  45. The afternoon was slipping by; the party was whirling about her.
  46. Masses of cars were whirling all about, so many silly little toys.
  47. I sat now, and everything was whirling roimd like chaos in my mind.
  48. With her mind whirling in confusion, she tried to process his words.
  49. You! Youssaf, whirling around, now pointed at a surprised Moshe.
  50. He was lost in the midst of a blinding bluish blur of whirling speed.
  51. A feeling of whirling lasts a few seconds, and the world seems to stop.
  52. Wynne appeared at his side, the wind sending his platinum hair whirling.
  53. We watched it leave, trailing a high, whirling column of dust behind it.
  54. So, following what had commenced, he loosed his whirling, whistling chain.
  55. The moment he nosed the car back in the driveway, the whirling began again.
  56. The children were whirling past the door, throwing things high into the air.
  57. It had a curiously bony quality, as of rolling skulls or a whirling dicebox.
  58. They watched as all the colours of the rainbow were whirling round and round.
  59. The whirling darkness in the pillar that seemed to close in, like a sensation.
  60. We were at it then in a dangerous dance of whirling bodies and slashing blades.
  61. It still sounded as if millions of tiny bubbles were whirling round his throat.
  62. We have always thought about an electron as a really, really small BB whirling.
  63. She ran out the door, hair whirling, sequins sparkling, slamming the door shut.
  64. The office seemed to be spinning now, whirling around me with increasing velocity.
  65. She turned her attention to the road ahead and to the whirling snow rushing at her.
  66. In and out the squares moved, crossing, backing, whirling, and the music shrilled.
  67. As the whirling brushes drew nearer, my eyes grew wider, and my shouts grew wilder.
  68. The creature staring back at him had eyes of a whirling palette of silver and blue.
  69. The helicopter flew over the stand of trees again with a clatter of whirling blades.
  70. Her thoughts, whirling and whizzing, went breathless here in dark, terrifying places.
  71. I can see myself, and there is lightning, and there is violence and a whirling chasm.
  72. The ballroom was alive with men and women whirling and waltzing, smiling and laughing.
  73. The facts of the past were moulding together, whirling in a strange all-consuming fire.
  74. An incessant whirling of images and thoughts had brought him to the edge of exhaustion.
  75. But he was there: standing in front of those bloody turning gears, whirling and raving.
  76. People with vertigo may have sudden sensations of spinning or whirling motion that may.
  77. Tornadoes are violent storms associated with low atmospheric pressure and whirling winds.
  78. Before Gesta could step though to find the tardy Jasper, a whirling wind swept over her.
  79. Unless She pulled off her clothes and lay down on the bed, her mind whirling round and.
  80. At the first coming of the dawn the horrid figures melted in the whirling mist and snow.
  81. Whirling around at the opposite door, she discovered, he hadn't moved a step towards her.
  82. Whirling about, she caught a faint glimpse of a couple struggling just outside the light.
  83. Now the enormous cloud seemed to hover directly over Pharaoh's City, a gigantic whirling.
  84. Conan's fierce personality was like a dash of ice-water in their whirling blaze of terror.
  85. Her eyes took it all in, her mind whirling at how insane the whole atmosphere seemed to be.
  86. He straightened up back Wendy couldn't help it when her mind started whirling with thoughts.
  87. I was tired looking at the plants; the various sizes of leaves caused me a whirling feeling.
  88. She sees it in the rearview mirror: a black car, red and blue lights whirling atop its roof.
  89. Illiat still danced, whirling in the moon shadows that shaped her body in milky perfection.
  90. And in their whirling options, Vere was winked eye to eye with a face of one of the voices.
  91. The room was whirling round, and he had felt something go like a ripping seam behind his ear.
  92. He filled a glass and sipped at the cold water as his mind span faster than whirling dervish.
  93. The focus helped me channel whirling thoughts, slowly clearing as the medication left my body.
  94. Whirling her around, but not releasing his hold on her, he again asked, "No, what did you see?".
  95. He glanced at the whirling bodies on the dance floor then across the floor to the seated Adorno.
  96. In his mind’s eye he saw a twister of print inhaling the town and whirling it off into nothing.
  97. Joseph Harrison drove us down to the station, and we were soon whirling up in a Portsmouth train.
  98. I hear Marcus’ voice but with the rush of the wind whirling around me, it sounds like a whisper.
  99. He threw the stone into the cypress tree and started the white pigeons on another whirling flight.
  100. As the train roared through, hot air plumed ahead of the engine and set the soot particles whirling.
  1. Ingrid whirled on her heel.
  2. She whirled and faced him.
  3. Ma whirled and went to her.
  4. The white men whirled around.
  5. Its whip whirled and hissed.
  6. They whirled in the current.
  7. She whirled and offered her.
  8. I whirled around in a fright.
  9. She stopped and whirled around.
  10. The three of us whirled around.
  11. Sarah gasped and whirled around.
  12. Everything in the room whirled.
  13. She whirled around quickly and.
  14. He whirled and pulled a handgun.
  15. Jamison jumped and whirled around.
  16. He whirled round and saw nothing.
  17. She jumped and whirled to face him.
  18. Carrie whirled around in confusion.
  19. Sickness whirled at the revelation.
  20. George Smith whirled to face the sun.
  21. He whirled around to face the others.
  22. Sam whirled and stormed from the room.
  23. For Constance had whirled, as if shot.
  24. She whirled, crying out, ‘Lord!’.
  25. Her heart leapt as she whirled around.
  26. I whirled around, scanning the throng.
  27. Pounding on the door whirled her around.
  28. A sigh and she whirled back to the car.
  29. We whirled around and my heart dropped.
  30. Her eyes were ablaze, her head whirled.
  31. A ceiling fan whirled noisily overhead.
  32. Behind him the rain whirled at the door.
  33. I whirled on them, Funny, is it?
  34. Carrie whirled around to stare at Robert.
  35. He whirled around, motioned with his hand.
  36. Then he whirled around with another growl.
  37. Janelle whirled around just in time for Mr.
  38. Then she whirled about on the music stool.
  39. Joe whirled the ship up on its side to see.
  40. Carrie whirled around to stare at her father.
  41. His thoughts whirled through the metal ship.
  42. She froze, Gary with her, and whirled around.
  43. Then, · silently, he whirled about and ran.
  44. Kel Orland whirled his chair around abruptly.
  45. Colleen whirled about to face the gang of men.
  46. Everything whirled about as colored vortexes.
  47. Gorham whirled around and grabbed the counter.
  48. Next, it whirled him away to the other tower.
  49. Suddenly he whirled around to look at the sun.
  50. My teeth ground together as I whirled on him.
  51. All these thoughts whirled through his brain.
  52. The darkness swelled and whirled in his hands.
  53. I have to go, Joyce! Sam whirled and left.
  54. Rose whirled to stare into her eyes and then.
  55. He whirled around, pointing his finger at her.
  56. But next minute I whirled in on a kind of an.
  57. She was whirled into the battle herself again.
  58. Antonin Zarras whirled around, his face livid.
  59. The crescent moon’s beams whirled serpent-.
  60. He whirled it round: it sung across the main;.
  61. His mind whirled with information, and he was.
  62. Then she whirled around and stared down the road.
  63. She whirled around and lost grip of Gary’s arm.
  64. The young man gave a muted cry, whirled, and ran.
  65. The heavens opened and the planets whirled above.
  66. His sword whirled about him as if it had a mind.
  67. Suddenly David whirled round and raced over to me.
  68. His head whirled as with a draught of potent wine.
  69. She whirled her sling, and let the first stone fly.
  70. She whirled on him, ice blue eyes blazing cold fire.
  71. The rats whirled around, their eyes scanning the area.
  72. The wheat whirled in a full yellow tide at his ankles.
  73. At first, confusion and then shock whirled amid the.
  74. I grabbed her by the shoulders and whirled her around.
  75. His phasor was out in an instant as he whirled around.
  76. Lezura whirled the spear in the side of Morg’s head.
  77. Warm bubbling water whirled about him in the whirlpool.
  78. Its pompous half whirled as if shot through the heart.
  79. No! she said fiercely as she whirled to look up.
  80. The black Ferris wheel whirled twenty-five times around.
  81. When Julia finished speaking, Toria whirled to face the.
  82. Alistair whirled her around the courtyard while a waltz.
  83. He now took more wine, and his old head whirled with it.
  84. Jemelda whirled round to follow the direction of his gaze.
  85. Ma whirled around as though she had been caught off guard.
  86. Sam whirled to see the mask seemingly floating in the wind.
  87. She whirled back around and came face-to-face with the man.
  88. Everything whirled and poised in its own wind and gravity.
  89. His thoughts whirled in a tangled criss-cross in his mind.
  90. He whirled round, and threw open the black knight’s visor.
  91. George Hadley and his wife whirled and ran back to the door.
  92. It whirled about them thicker than ever, and the wind blew.
  93. I whirled in surprise and terror when someone called my name.
  94. It whirled away, showing off nicely in the lights of the car.
  95. He whirled back to her, the short hairs on his neck bristling.
  96. The animals at the front of the store suddenly whirled around.
  97. Cecil! JD shouted back, and Cecil whirled to help Murphy.
  98. She whirled to the mirror and recoiled at the image of Tommy!.
  99. He whirled and struck the head of the seated man like a melon.
  100. She heard the swoosh of doors sliding open and whirled around.
  1. That my head whirls.
  2. The wild wind whirls away.
  3. Then the doctor whirls on me and says:.
  4. Whirls in his head began easing, silence.
  5. The next minute he whirls on me and says:.
  6. And my head whirls, and in my eyes are children.
  7. What whirls of evil, bliss and sorrow, stem thee!.
  8. C-Ciere, he croaks, and she whirls to face him.
  9. He whirls back toward her window, then stops himself.
  10. Devon whirls and Daniel turns so quickly that he nearly slips.
  11. Sorry about that, comes Guntram’s voice, and she whirls.
  12. The Plant whirls through seven changes and becomes a Sacred Animal.
  13. The Dark reeled about him in still denser whirls up and down as a column.
  14. Coordinated as she whirls, though how she knows what dancing is, he could never guess.
  15. The wind howls, and the snow whirls, and we can't go out and so get away from each other.
  16. The illusion must catch the man’s eye, because he whirls around, prepared to fire on her.
  17. Let them and those with the ability to design space worms and space whirls and Black Holes now.
  18. When he hears none, he whirls around, grabs Lyre by his coat, and shoves him up against the wall.
  19. It twisted and writhed like a great shadowy serpent, then broadened and billowed out in shining folds and whirls.
  20. This time the beast is not standing still, and you throw your lasso, carefully watching the fall as it whirls through the air.
  21. I've got it in my head that I'm going to help her somehow, but she whirls in my direction, her dark blond braid whipping over her shoulder.
  22. Above eye level, branches bent under the weight of accumulated frozen snow, drifting off in whirls as little flurries of wind caught hold.
  23. I desperately wish Rain was here, and the thought makes my chest tighten so bad I nearly stumble as Angel whirls me around on the makeshift dance floor in the yard.
  24. Put the frozen pot on the fire: the ice will begin to break, and melt, and move; the water will begin to stir, and bubbles will rise; then, when it begins to boil, it whirls about and makes a noise.
  25. A whole lifetime loomed suddenly ahead, as quickly as the turns and whirls of the highway brought her suddenly to edges of cliffs, and each bend of the road, even as the years, could not be seen ahead.
  26. And what, though, about the second tree? Well, it was not so many leaves as it was frost and sheaths of ice and snow, that as you watched just lifted and blew in spirals and whirls down into the men's faces.
  27. Can’t you feel how lightweight we are, Marie? You can move by hardly twitching a muscle! He sets her in his wheeled desk chair and pants as he whirls her in circles until she cannot laugh anymore for the pain of it.
  28. An observation coming instinctively to mind one may recognise is that the form reminds rather explicitly of natural phenomenon as hurricanes, water whirls and even the shape most commonly favoured to express the cosmic object referred too as a Black Hole.
  29. Look! here, far water-locked; beyond all hum of human weal or woe; in these most candid and impartial seas; where to traditions no rocks furnish tablets; where for long Chinese ages, the billows have still rolled on speechless and unspoken to, as stars that shine upon the Niger's unknown source; here, too, life dies sunwards full of faith; but see! no sooner dead, than death whirls round the corpse, and it heads some other way.
  30. Can you hold your hand against all seductions, follies, whirls,.

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