Oraciones con la palabra "go"

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Go en una oración (en ingles)

He got up to go.
It was time to go.
I will go to the.
I want to go south.
Not a lot to go on.
Ted will have to go.
Then the guns go off.

We have to go Freda.
Dad we have to go.
Now I can't go back.
Listen I have to go.
I wanted to go home.
That time he let go.
He would go up the.
He wants to go home.
I let go the string.
I can't go in there.
They do not go there.
He had to go back in.
Go to sleep and rest.
You go have a smoke.
I might go out later.
We need to go, now.
I go along with that.
It was my time to go.
She had to let it go.
I could go to church.
Go and play with him.
Then she could go to.
Davie, got to go, pal.
The others go with us.
It is I that must go.
I had to go someplace.
Take the horse and go.
So I didn’t go over.
They can't go on land.
He lets go of her hair.
Roman let go and the.
She wanted to go home.
Go where they tell you.
I was going to die.
It was all going bad.
I was going to faint.
Maybe I was going mad.
Going Out of my Head.
This was going to be.
All of us were going.
I was going with the.
What is going on here?
I’m not going to ask.
I'm not going to yell.
The sun was going down.
There is no going back.
Are going to keep that.
There was no going back.
This is going to be bad.
You are going off track.
I wasn’t going to pay.
What was I going to do?
He was going to make it.
She was going to the pub.
I’m going to New York.
We shall be going now.
Tell me it is going to.
I’m going to head home.
This was going all wrong.
One purpose of going to.
Ethereead he was going to.
That’s going to live is.
What was he going to do?
He knew what was going on.
Things were going to plan.
This is going to be weird.
I'm going to be with you.
He’s not going to miss.
It's not going to be easy.
And I’m not going to.
They were going to need it.
We are going to stop them.
Look, it's going to happen.
I knew I was gone.
And then it is gone.
And now she is gone.
When the wax is gone.
And then I was gone.
And then it was gone.
And then he was gone.
Half of her was gone.
And then she was gone.
But now she was gone.
My face had gone red.
I had gone to bed.
Then DC was gone too.
With that he was gone.
Gone With the Wind, n.
It had not gone well.
With that, he was gone.
He smiled and was gone.
Had two hours gone by.
You must have gone on.
And then, it was gone.
Kalon had gone to work.
The old lady was gone.
Then she had gone home.
All gone now, my sweet.
The pain had gone away.
The large man was gone.
But the flag was gone.
He was already gone a.
Only, she had gone, too.
Then it was gone; the 6.
It was gone? She shook.
And then they were gone.
The bread was long gone.
But she was already gone.
The flash drive is gone.
Ish had gone to one of.
That chance had gone by.
Have you gone soft?
Today, her house is gone.
And so it goes on.
It goes on and on.
On and on this goes.
No one goes in there.
It goes a long way.
It goes to show you.
I go where he goes.
Helen goes to see her.
And life (?) goes on.
As time goes by and.
Then goes up to the.
It goes to say that.
You know how it goes.
He goes where he will.
The cash goes with us.
Andy, goes to the head.
A tone goes off and L.
Anyone who goes to a.
It just goes on and on.
It goes back to Mrs.
There goes the back up.
The same goes for tea.
The gun goes off again.
But the sun goes away.
When she goes to the.
It just goes to show.
And the list goes on.
And on and on it goes.
Goes down on-to his ski.
You know how that goes.
But when it goes with.
The list goes on and on.
Lord how the time goes.
The same goes for the.
He never goes in there.
That goes for you, too.
The road goes on forever.
I know where it goes.
The story goes this way.
On and on it went.
We went up to my.
On and on she went.
I went to see Mrs.
And so it went on.
I went to the door.
He rose and went on.
Took a bag and went.
I went back to her.
He and the wife went.
He went to find Kit.
He went on and said.
You said it went well.
The fact is, I went.
When we went to the.
They went to the pub.
He went to his room.
She went over to Kate.
We just went over Mt.
Last week I went to.
And with that he went.
When he went on the.
This went on for days.
He went into the room.
I waited, then went on.
He just went with me.
We went upto the barn.
His hands went to work.
Alex went out the room.
Ava went right to him.
She went to the store.
Hands went to her hips.
The gate we went thru.
He went to his bedroom.
Jack went for a coffee.
His face went all red.
Then she too went out.
She went to her knees.
I went to the bathroom.
He noticed, and went on.

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