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    1. Herndon was still on the opposite step and used the opportunity to go use the digester can

    2. We can go on and on, about the Patriarchs of faith who

    3. Because of that he didn't go into the bedroom

    4. In the evening before you go to bed instead of

    5. journey with God when He called him to go to the land of

    6. He needed to go be with his family in England or something

    7. problem, ask her to go over her options out loud, ask her what

    8. to profit, which lead thee by the way that thou should go

    9. I started to try and go there once and you thought you were in the sewage digester

    10. Go ahead and try to win that one

    11. I’m guessing the people who stayed thought it was in their best interest or else had nowhere else to go

    12. something in the microwave, you set the timer for a minute and you stand there waiting, watching the food go around, waiting for it to, ding! That's time

    13. “Did you see that film last night featuring the woman who was married to that chap? You know, the one who used to go out with the woman

    14. You will have to go a very, very long way to prove me wrong on

    15. "Yeah, or we could go up on the porch?" Jorma said

    16. "It is likely the only reason she bought this house is to go after those papers," Herndon said, his lips tight

    17. Take decisive actions, rather than detaching completely from problems and stresses and wishing they would just go away

    18. "Where did she go?" Herndon asked groggily, standing up, but wobbly

    19. understand because I explained it to you in a step by step system? Do you think that you would have the ability to do that? If you do, then by all means go ahead and spend an hour explaining to them exactly what you just learned

    20. That’s not going to go well, it’s just not

    21. And he answered and said, I go, sir: and went not

    22. Verily I say unto you, that the publicans and the harlots go

    23. My thoughts go to my father and Raj and the needling thought that I should have done more for them

    24. "Where'd she go?" he asked

    25. dump your friends, and go live with the monks at the top of the mountain because you want inner peace

    26. You can have the people in your life that you want to have in your life and begin to associate with other people who are moving more in the direction that you want to go in

    27. around with and you want to influence them to go in that direction with

    28. necessary as the bible said, but always go to God for the

    29. “Where the Hell would you want to go with Shirley Temple?”

    30. He was there to see Kira, but he did not quite know how to go about it

    31. He had to go find her, well maybe not today, but instead of just wishing she was here

    32. He would have to go outside to the back kitchen deck to see what it was, but there was still snow and he was barefoot

    33. with dressing to kill when you go into house of God [at

    34. "He didn't, where shall we go?" Ava asked

    35. Sarah and her husband, Travis, still go by the names “Jesse” and “Lucinda” but they refuse to speak with me after I took care of the remains of their child

    36. the choice to generate energy, so you have the energy that you need to get to where you want to go

    37. If the car that you are driving doesn’t have the energy it needs to get to where you want to go because you didn’t put the gas in the car, you are not going to get there, so choose to have energy

    38. have really easily taught you the very basics of goal setting but I know that there are a lot of other elements that go into achieving your goals

    39. He started taking his breaks earlier in the day before he even got hungry so he could go and talk to her without a big line

    40. She shifted to one foot, then the other, as if she had to go the bathroom

    41. Each day, go outside at night and collect as many snails as you can find

    42. "Scared to go there," Ava told her

    43. Henry was going to have to assert himself a bit more; he was going to have to open the door and go in boldly

    44. Henry smiled weakly and let go of the door

    45. The boat was undoubtably fast, as fast as an ocean racer from old Earth in all likelihood, but could go no faster than traffic on Third Canal

    46. in the land, whither ye go over Jordan to possess it

    47. She said nothing, he knew he had to go on, she wasn't going to beg

    48. Men go to war and are exposed to combat stress

    49. "I can't very well go up to them, this man Jorma has never even met me

    50. "I get your point," she tried not to hiss even though she should have expected it, "but I can't go up North again

    1. supernatural acts of God in your life that goes beyond

    2. you will realize that it contain a purpose that goes

    3. The more open and honest you can be with yourself and with others, in the moments of your life, will make a major difference in how your life goes

    4. Communicating with God goes beyond prayer

    5. Once it tastes a hint of it, the beast goes into a bloodlust and eats up the earth faster than before

    6. The Inspector goes on talking to Mr Merrett

    7. The same goes for you and your students

    8. I set the alarm without thinking last night so, when it goes off at the usual time, I wake just to lie in bed and wonder what I should do

    9. ‘But … the bitch! The complete bloody bitch!’ I ranted at him, turning too quickly and having to hang onto the back of a chair as my balance goes

    10. why are you here?’ I stammered, shivering slightly, as he sits me on the bed while he goes over to turn on the bedside lamp

    11. The answer is simple, trees cannot use 90% of chemicals your fertilize them with, and the remaining goes into the ground and pollutes everything! Trees must be fed naturally and in accord with how the natural system works

    12. While he goes off to shower and change, I mull over what he said … and more importantly, what he didn’t say

    13. “There the eye goes not,

    14. Speech goes not, nor the mind

    15. I believe she even goes to services occasionally

    16. I saw the other candidate and, without wanting to sound big headed, there really was no argument! She was built like a brick privy, as the saying goes!

    17. He rubs his face, gets slowly out of bed, goes and sits in a chair near the bed, staring at Clarisse, naked, dark and beautiful, the sheets wrapped about her body in a haphazard way

    18. Stephen’s mobile goes to voice mail when I ring it a few minutes later

    19. "Did you consider that he might attempt to steal it as it goes by?"

    20. He motions to Rosita, who goes over to a rusty yellow

    21. He goes on to say that 75 percent of all pollution in the U

    22. He goes reeling across the room, ending up on his ass near the chalkboard

    23. Oh, my beloved, when you pray, something goes on! it is not a

    24. Just goes to show … appearances and all that

    25. I shall miss this view, but that’s how it goes

    26. He staggers a bit, takes a pillow from a chair, goes over, sits on the floor

    27. He goes over and opens it

    28. I pass on this message and then have to hang on while my daughter goes off to grab her diary

    29. ‘Hope the move goes smoothly, Mum

    30. He pulls on his pants, goes to the window, checks out the view

    31. Moving quickly, he goes round and speaks into the intercom on his desk

    32. While I get dinner organised, Stephen goes off to see what, if anything, is said about the incident at the house on the TV news while Liz goes up to tidy herself up

    33. He goes into some detail about the anonymous letters the police have received, stressing the threat to Liz

    34. Stephen goes off to answer it while I watch the tail end of the report

    35. I hope it all goes smoothly for her

    36. Where it goes from there is more or less up to it

    37. Before I can say anything, he goes on

    38. Whatever is happening here goes far beyond local trafficking in Ireland

    39. Anyone goes in there half cocked or even fully cocked will end up the same as Rocco

    40. The music goes on for another half an hour at which point an announcement is made that supper is being served on the patio

    41. The concept of the watchman goes back to early Hebrew/Egyptian history

    42. Tree ---> This is your chance to young boy goes find the love

    43. He bends over to kiss me before he goes

    44. 10:4), as he "leads," goes before them

    45. ---> Then we have choose who goes

    46. Heading for home with a great sadness, the young man goes

    47. The young Jubei goes to a big tree in the middle of a small

    48. His commitment goes back

    49. Rising, Stephen goes over to the window, drawing back the gauzes hanging there

    50. One more of those days, when all goes abnormally wry: In the morning I went to Alimos, so as to buy ink-tapes for my typewriter

    1. That is why we are going to explore this subject on this

    2. It should be the Yakhan of the north but Entisonggas was going to be

    3. "This is going to be what splits us isn't it? You really need public sex

    4. We’re going to start in the simplest way that I could conceive

    5. understand the most critical element, I’m going to drill it into your head

    6. If you're just interested in what you want in your life then you’re going to lack consistency

    7. thousand nine hundred and fifty pages of knowledge that would be going

    8. There is a local saying “If you can see Carn Brea it’s going to rain, if you can’t, it already is” a nd, if you stand still for long enough, you wil be guaranteed to turn mouldy

    9. What action are you going to take and how

    10. consistently are you going to do it? Do the math and that'll equal your success

    11. Schulz: Why? Are you going to arrest me for that?

    12. You’re going to really be specific

    13. You’re going to be motivated

    14. Achieving, Committed, and Keep going, are the first letters that spell

    15. com you'll see that you can create a specific goal, by writing down specifically what you are going to do

    16. “I know what you’re going to say already, but Kevin stopped by today

    17. A child is not going to have a healthy value of their own worth if they

    18. I realized that someday, hopefully many, many years from now, I’m not going to be here anymore

    19. On the day that I die I’m going to take with me what's in my head

    20. If you set unrealistic goals for yourself in the short term then you're not going to achieve them and that’s not going to keep you motivated

    21. When are you going to do that by? Are you going to do that by next year at this specific time?

    22. I’m going to show you a staggering number that should wake you up

    23. She didn’t like that he was going after a killer, and sometimes they would fight about it while I was in the other room, playing with Legos

    24. going to be someone who is focused on achieving your goals then you have to be aware of that

    25. Instead of spending time on social media how about going on YouTube and instead of watching

    26. descriptions of each type of roof tile we encountered going on to

    27. grand scheme of your daily life isn't going to make much difference

    28. But if you are using your time playing games, going on social media, watching useless

    29. So I quit my job, I did it, I quit my job yesterday and I’m going to use those 8 hours effectively

    30. I’m going to focus on watching those shows and I’m going to believe that everything’s

    31. She was going to shower and comb out her hair, but he had been out in the lake and resting down at the beach for over an hour

    32. some time on your hands, are you being effective with your time, or are you being lazy? If you are being treated the way you want to be treated, pay attention! How are you being? Your life is going to move in a certain

    33. If you lie to yourself then you are probably going to continue to have what you have

    34. You are going to begin to

    35. That’s not going to go well, it’s just not

    36. I’m going to teach you how to never stop

    37. We are going to start with the biggest associations that you have which are the associations you have with other people

    38. with in your life because those associations are going to affect your life

    39. Those associations are going to have an influence on the type of person you become

    40. He felt a little teary, but he wasn’t going to give the game away

    41. She had received her cheque from Rivron that morning, for two hundred thousand dollars, and a written assurance of the A-list publicity the gift was going to attract from the buyer

    42. “I should probably get going

    43. Are they the type of people that are going to hang on to your leg while you’re climbing toward the

    44. “And I suppose you’re going to spend the rest of the night fantasizing about it, then?”

    45. have something healthy for lunch, what are you going to do? When they

    46. people, the places, and the things that you associate with are either going to energize you or they are going to drain your energy

    47. Eyes of school going children should be examined annually as also eyes of adults

    48. They were quiet for a time, Jorma worked on his forth cup of this ale, knowing he was going to feel it tomorrow

    49. "Don't tell me Illim's going to raise his fuse-ball rates again

    50. They are either going to give you a power boost or they are going to drain your power

    1. Tdeshi was gone Jorma, you have to get over that, but nothing was implanted in this flesh

    2. He began to think it was a long time that Venna had been gone

    3. Venna's toiletries were gone

    4. Her side of the headboard was picked over, the light stuff was gone, a picture of a home in the inner canals remained, a feathered set of hair rings was gone

    5. He found her everyday clothes gone from the closet, but no more copper gone from their secret bead tray

    6. By now the whole population of North Island knew that she was gone

    7. When they said ‘I Do’ they were in a mood, once they get into a fight and they continue to have more challenges in life, that mood is gone

    8. I try to navigate through the city with a broken and bloodstained windshield while he lounges back and chats about days gone by

    9. 2Kings: 6:15: And when the servant of the man of God was risen early, and gone forth, behold, an host compassed the

    10. She withdrew her hands from his butt, not noticing they'd gone there till she noticed it wasn't returned

    11. He had been hunched over, trying to make himself smaller when he had gone into the room, and now he straightened up and gave a small wave to everyone

    12. I kick back but he's already gone

    13. “I left for less than five minutes and my lunch is completely gone!” Ackers whined

    14. Whatever had happened to Earth that caused its interstellar signals to cease, the culture that built his daedalus sleepership was as gone as the solid fuel chemical booster by the time those signals ceased

    15. Gone are the scent of his sweat and cologne; gone the cardboard dust aroma from the storage room of his office; gone the smells of his secretary’s strawberry perfume and her perfect, unwithered vagina

    16. There is a mass grave – a surplus of irons that have done their job and gone to rest

    17. Her attack hadn’t gone as she had expected, and she hadn’t thought that Scar was nearly as strong as he was

    18. To know that part of you will live on, after you are gone, is truly an awesome thing

    19. In that case she could be gone a year

    20. You should be on my side, you've gone over to the natives, I'm trying to at least retain peaceful contact with them, not wall ourselves in some enclave or set out on a vain mission to rescue the motherland

    21. and it had gone so well

    22. But then again, she had gone along with him without any qualms about handing the Chip over once they got it

    23. He checked the driveway again to make sure the car was still gone

    24. Henry’s the only one with a key to the props cupboard so it can’t have gone missing after that

    25. There was no one in sight; whoever was there before was gone now

    26. "We need to know where he's gone," was all he said

    27. There have been a few women he’s gone out with

    28. "Have you gone back to him, or is this just an 'old times sake?'" the sister in the sky asked

    29. ‘There’s this, but I think it may have gone off

    30. She was tired of his secrecy, did he think the ghosts told her nothing? The vision crossed her mind of yelling to her sister that Herndon had gone berserk and the Instinct might not protect her

    31. The palm trees and garden are gone

    32. Emma had been away at college at the time … he’d even gone up to Birmingham to collect her and bring her back for me

    33. John takes her hand, tries to hold on, but she is gone in another second

    34. If those near to your current physical identity knew that you have gone by your own higher choice, they would celebrate your departure!

    35. Could I have gone on in time and distance

    36. All I know is he's gone

    37. "I only know one Brazilian who's gone much farther than that into the chaparral

    38. ‘I’ve gone and messed things up, Mum

    39. I could have gone for a walk but that would have meant leaving the phone …

    40. No, I’ve gone and done it as far as he’s concerned, that is pretty clear

    41. They’d gone away on a holiday to Spain

    42. A fact he remembered about his past, long after the actual memories of that time were gone

    43. With that he was gone

    44. Bolt has gone from screaming to moaning

    45. That as much as confirmed for him that he had not gone far reaching his compound

    46. "Was his head gone?"

    47. They were quiet a few more minutes after he was gone

    48. Otherwise it may have just gone into the records as another gangland killing

    49. The right hand was gone

    50. Several strong cups of coffee had gone a long way towards rousing me further and, by ten thirty I had been on the road

    1. Venna went thru it all looking for all your garden research," Herndon choked when he heard that, "although it was me that actually did the digging involved

    2. "It might be in there, but I might have burned something like that when we went thru it

    3. manifested wherever He went

    4. "Nice," she said, but went up the path toward the house, taking her cup and toothbrush with her

    5. She went to the boat and soon emerged with a camp quilt, started down the beach

    6. Since I first went north I met many guys that might have turned me into a farmer or a sailor or a financier, and I was infatuated with them partly for the romance of being someone new

    7. This time it's for the romance of being who I really am, who I am without the distractions of an early death and resurrection in an experimental environment, a starship expedition that went wrong and the founding of an industry to deal with

    8. Gen: 15:17: And it came to pass, that, when the sun went down, and it was dark, behold a smoking furnace, and a

    9. He went for a long swim in the brisk water and found them still sound asleep when he got back

    10. He went over the house, looking for things out of place and found almost nothing

    11. Jorma went thru the camp looking for any of their things

    12. Matt: 21:29: He answered and said I will not: but afterward he repented, and went

    13. And he answered and said, I go, sir: and went not

    14. ” Sam went to shower whilst Tatania arose from the massage table with some relief, shaking her head

    15. Jorma went back to the ale and Ennil switched also, for this cup anyway

    16. As soon as he moved, the candle went out and he knew someone was here

    17. He went thru the list again, but if he wanted them here, they had roots of their own

    18. they went into the church in first place

    19. They hadn't been separated as long as this since she went to Himla's in the Tdeshi investigation two short years ago

    20. Their relationship went much deeper than that already

    21. The entry hall went thru the middle of the formal side of Kulai's apartments

    22. She went into the kitchen Athnu used if he cooked for more than himself

    23. Tobias told me about how he went to see Micah two months prior

    24. Once across that court, they went down a shallow flight of steps into the canal-front building

    25. As soon as they were out onto the plaza atop that building, Yorthops turned east toward the basin and went to the far end and found a table among the lush pots of mushroom ferns they had in the corner

    26. All he had done was ask her not to wear revealing clothing when she went out clubbing with the girls

    27. Yorthops went off to the cook's counters and Ava leaned over the rail

    28. The next week went pretty much as normal

    29. "It's not a lunch or two, or the tickets, it's all the sheaths I bought, all the parties I went to, all the concerts I went to, all the guys I did, all the yaag I did

    30. 2Chl: 17:9: And they taught in Judah, and had the book of the law of the LORD with them, and went about

    31. Still, from Johnny’s experience he knew that nothing usually went that smoothly

    32. He looked back at Nancy before he went in

    33. Millie dragged her feet in a last act of defiance, crying as she went

    34. Samuel arose and went to Eli, and said, here am I; for thou

    35. And he arose and went to Eli, and said, here am I; for thou

    36. "You look more like twenty four than the eighty two Earth years you've been here, and you were what? Forty seven when you went into the capsule, not to mention the years between when you thawed and when you landed

    37. 2Chr: 15:2: And he went out to meet Asa, and said unto him, Hear ye me, Asa, and all Judah and Benjamin; the

    38. The waters rose above the chimney and the man drowned and went to heaven where he met God

    39. "See you down at the camp," Venna said and went on down the path

    40. With one more social comment, she went up the path

    41. ’ He went on, holding open a door for me

    42. ” He shoved his hands in his pockets, then went to the end of the block to play pachinko

    43. Venna was beat from a party the week before and missed breakfast altogether, then went up to shower

    44. Herndon went to play with his portable terminal on the boat and Ava took a camp quilt to the beach

    45. So Marley went and wrapped his ears up in duct tape

    46. Herndon cursed something unintelligible in Portuguese and went running up the dock headlong

    47. Jorma went dashing off after him, no doubt more afraid of the ghoul-woman from YingolNeerie than interested in helping them find Venna

    48. Scar charged and Silence jumped to the side, kicking out at his ankle as she went

    49. ‘Dan and I went out with each other for some years

    50. It was on a Thursday that the balloon went up

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