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Wobble en una oración (en ingles)

  1. His knees wobble dangerously.
  2. Batistuta gave his head a wobble.
  3. His cheek started to wobble, and then his arm.
  4. The presence of the Moon stabilizes Earth's wobble.
  5. Then the longer term wobble causes the precession of the.

  6. I convinced Sharon to wobble back to her apartment with us.
  7. To calm me down he made a little head wobble: no harm meant.
  8. The blast tore piece of the mech’s foot and made it wobble.
  9. Earth on its axis will create a different wobble on the rota-.
  10. They started to speed off but the vehicle began to wobble badly.
  11. Sometimes, a single star was seen to wobble considerably for no.
  12. Her breath was coming up short and her legs were beginning to wobble.
  13. Henry’s body started to wobble, and then it was torn into millions of pieces.
  14. Without any assistance, Linda managed to wobble off the sofa and into the kitchen.
  15. Yes, that seems right, I said, that wobble back in my voice, betraying me.

  16. I nudge him a little harder, and this time he begins to wobble like an unsteady bottle.
  17. A wobble on the high notes and breathiness on the low were not balanced by mellow mid tones.
  18. He watched her wobble off and head towards the farming area on the south side of the village.
  19. The variation is due to a wobble in their center of gravity caused by a shared center of mass.
  20. Hearing the words again caused his legs to lighten and wobble and his cheeks to flush with rare pallor.
  21. My bet is RSA will wobble a lot but in a year or two be back where it was before these problems came out.
  22. Will pushed his legs over to the side of his bed and stood up with a wobble, only to sit down suddenly again.
  23. You need a wobble change of the earth for this to even be remotely understandable from what history we have.
  24. The baby was not even a year old and tended to crawl or wobble all over the place keeping her mother quite busy.
  25. Willie returned to the dots, and apart from the occasional wobble he wrote "William" in a remarkably smooth hand.

  26. Thinking that I am now strong enough, I wobble over to the door and twist the doorknob, but of course it's locked.
  27. As if in response the pulley's head beam suddenly lurched, causing the stone and the water bucket to wobble mid-air.
  28. Fear gripped him as he saw Leone grin at his false bravado, wobble a bit and blink his eyes hard to clear his head.
  29. The wind causes the twenty-five by twenty-five foot structure to wobble, which converts this energy into electricity.
  30. You wobble a little bit as you become a teenager, but that’s OK because you’re going through puberty and it’s a difficult time.
  31. In other words, because of this recently discovered wobble, the Earth’s speed as it orbits the Sun is slower than originally predicted.
  32. As it turned out the other half went too; refusing payment, they swapped a wobble up and down the road on the bike in lieu of that other thing.
  33. A monk would have felt at home in my room: a narrow iron bed, a small oaken desk with a perilous wobble, and an equally wobbly cane-backed chair.
  34. Remembering the early conversation about the sabre she focused on her genuine fear of the moment that made her stomach twitch and her legs wobble.
  35. I wobble in the heels as my uncle passes me off to my mom's brother, a skinny man ten years her senior who we typically see once a year at Christmas time.
  36. They felt the dinghy wobble momentarily before the landing feet lifted clear of the icy surface and they all felt themselves pressed gently into the floor.
  37. One had her face cleft almost clean in two from a battle-axe, another had a slit across her throat which made her head wobble up and down as she ran (as if on a hinge).
  38. The Glassman-Hassett model is akin to balancing an elephant on a fence post: One small wobble in the post and several thousand pounds will lurch in an unexpected direction.
  39. Along with simple activities such as dance, yoga, pilates and wobble boards, Tai Chi is one of the most effective things you can do and has both physical and social benefits.
  40. This is because the Earth's axis is not steady but is subject to a slow wobble, just as a spinning top while spinning will also begin to sway drunkenly as it moves around the floor.
  41. His impulse had been to be very civil on parting to a woman who did not wobble in the saddle, and happened to be the wife of a personality very important to a man always short of money.
  42. You will wobble about at first but gradually you will be able to remain balanced on the toes of one foot with your hands on your hips, and remain so for as long as your breath allows you.
  43. We were walking in a northwest direction, the same direction the wind was coming from, and at times, it would gust over the peak and down the slope of the small valley we were traversing uphill, and cause our legs to wobble with its force.
  44. I pick up my dressing gown from the chair by the window and struggle into it, I’m shivering with cold … probably because I’ve not eaten … firmly tying the belt, I wobble through the hallway into the kitchen and, leaning against the work surface, I contemplate my options.
  45. Indeed, the market began to wobble in the summer of 1998, and while the major market indexes were all able to make a marginal higher high by mid-July 1998, this breakout to new highs was a bull trap, and the market quickly began to fail to the downside as the continued shockwaves from the Asian Contagion of 1997 that caused the big October 27, 2007, break in the market began to hit the headlines.
  1. My front left tooth was wobbling.
  2. Jim’s legs were wobbling under him.
  3. The cigar started wobbling in his mouth.
  4. She shook her head, wobbling as she stood.
  5. Please, says Susan, her lip wobbling.
  6. After supporting his wobbling body on the.
  7. Still, I see the gate wobbling against its.
  8. The invention prevents tables from wobbling.
  9. In fact, the wobbling of faith in the Sprug.
  10. The gun was still wobbling between the two men.
  11. Larry was stunned, wobbling to stay on his feet.
  12. In fact, the wobbling of faith in the Sprug and.
  13. But the Lilliputians didnt mind the wobbling of.
  14. He found his hands were shaking, the glass wobbling.
  15. There I was, sitting like a duck with a wobbling head.
  16. The earth is rotating and wobbling on a predictable schedule to.
  17. This time the plane has taken off to the sky bending and wobbling.
  18. Yes, Sir, Margaret said, wobbling off as fast as she could go.
  19. In the back of the wobbling cave, Caesar's silhouette turned to listen.
  20. Cooper was wobbling slightly and I noticed a bulge in his front pocket.
  21. Joey gripped the back of the couch, face growing red and jowls wobbling.
  22. Penny tutted and got me a white wine, wobbling slightly as she returned.
  23. When he was standing, he shifted his weight, the board wobbling slightly.
  24. He pointed at Halirit with a wobbling finger, as the rest of his body did.
  25. But I’m supposed to be the strongest, Janelle said, voice wobbling.
  26. The setting sun’s reflection was languidly wobbling on the river’s ripples.
  27. While Steve’s legs stopped their wobbling he realised that Mike had saved his.
  28. The elders regarded him with disgust, to them he is a wobbling poet on the brink.
  29. He bent down and picked the card up; it had been used to stop the table from wobbling.
  30. She saw his foot was still wobbling, and she took it upon herself to end his suffering.
  31. She tottered along, wobbling slightly before stepping through and stopping next to him.
  32. Shipra had been playing with her ear ring as if she was realizing her dream wobbling in her hand.
  33. Telkit’s body was wobbling slightly but constantly as he tried his best to maintain his balance.
  34. I stood slowly, wobbling a little, the distant thud of axe and wood telling me where Sebastian was.
  35. The beast threw an outrageous look at her and followed her into the woods, wobbling the Earth beneath.
  36. Ungainly and wobbling he could see the cabin door before him as he traversed the never ending corridor.
  37. Her floundering dress inhibited the rate of motion she sought and her wobbling feet did little for her balance.
  38. Said will He’s not as bad as he looks he said looking down at Jessie trying to get to his feet without wobbling.
  39. Everyone in this courtroom knows the reason why Chief James isn’t here to testify, says Akers, his voice wobbling.
  40. In truth the wobbling was as much to do with the state of the wheels after thousands of kilometres, as their lack of balance.
  41. She allowed more of her weight to rest on the computer, wobbling the chair, tilting it, causing it fall, but not onto Graisse.
  42. It started walking around in circles, with its head wobbling around, and he felt so fucking shitty after that one, he never did it again.
  43. Without the first the second is directionless, wobbling first one way then another, toward a direction that it is ill prepared to perceive.
  44. When the sound became more persistent, Lorna looked up at the wheel wobbling above them but had to close her eyes from the glare of the sun.
  45. While admiring a crayoned drawing of stick figures with blue hair, Jesse noticed a nearby toddler wobbling across the floor in her direction.
  46. Ne’er had I seen such a Crowd of Masts, wobbling upon the Water like a curious Forest seen by a Fellow who has had one Pott of Ale too many.
  47. And at three or four in the morning, wobbling back toward Brooklyn, we’d hear our voices echoing up the buildings to fill the vault of the sky.
  48. Didn't Aunt Dot think it was a great thing to know one's own mind? Instead of wobbling about, wasting one's thoughts and energies on side-shows?
  49. They both watched the screen as the destroyer, while wobbling like a spinning top when it slows down, started to ascend toward the roof of the building.
  50. Matthew noticed, from the corner of his eye that some had passed him, wobbling as they did so and placing one of their feet on the ground to stop them falling over.
  51. And Lizaveta Petrovna, with one hand supporting the wobbling head, lifted up on the other arm the strange, limp, red creature, whose head was lost in its swaddling clothes.
  52. One afternoon, he was wobbling down one of those sidestreets whose denizens he’d once written about so well, when he heard a sound like white noise from over on Broadway.
  53. The old girl eventually retired, wobbling slightly as she went, and Annie returned to her own thinly proportioned bed on a promise to call round the next morning for coffee.
  54. No heavy industry to speak of, the public sector companies constantly in the red, a high unemployment rate, the shipping industry wobbling and yet people are spending like mad.
  55. I began to chuckle at the sight of Tanya’s fat bum wobbling about as she jogged across the lawn towards the helicopter hanger, which was concealed behind a small woodland grove.
  56. Several soldiers closed in on him, and took it in turns to jab him in his wobbling buttocks with their swords, following the example which their leaders had set with the big trolless.
  57. Is that so? You’ll take me up on that? You’re wobbling along quite contentedly and think that you can dream a dream that is larger than mine? Okay then, hit me with your best shot.
  58. Hogan strode out towards the back of the monastery walls and Conradie puffed along next to him, his fat wobbling and rolling as he struggled to keep up with the tall, long legged marine.
  59. Miss Pringle saw a notice wobbling about the council office window, it had a drawing on it showing the route passing straight as an arrow from Mesapit, through Oakleigh woods across Mr.
  60. Rincewind couldn't help noticing that the hand holding the wand was shaking, this was because a piece of sudden death, wobbling uncertainly a-mere five feet from your nose, is very hard to miss.
  61. Early the next morning a great orange sun cast long wobbling shadows behind the covered dray-cart caravan as it rattled along the track – a westerly road leading from the town of Geelong directly to Melbourne.
  62. So if a set of solid shares is wobbling about going nowhere you can follow their progress and pick up shares when they have wobbled far away from their value, on the basis that soon enough they will revert back to their origin.
  63. Sometimes I leaped over a crevasse whose depth would have made me recoil had I been in the midst of glaciers on shore; sometimes I ventured out on a wobbling tree trunk fallen across a gorge, without looking down, having eyes only for marveling at the wild scenery of this region.
  1. It wobbled on his shoulders.
  2. The ship wobbled this way and.
  3. He wobbled less on the pathway.
  4. He felt his jaw wobbled as he.
  5. Her voice wobbled as she spoke.
  6. Jeff wobbled over to Laura’s bed.
  7. Corey wobbled into his new litter box.
  8. Cinder wobbled over to stand beside.
  9. He wobbled, then the bike toppled over.
  10. It wobbled and swayed like a pendulum.
  11. The machine wobbled and veered alarmingly.
  12. Her bottom lip wobbled as she tried to speak.
  13. The Tempest High Leader wobbled and cried out.
  14. Thabo wobbled back to the booth, threw a wad.
  15. They shook at their perch and it wobbled loose.
  16. Ra set down the platter and wobbled to his feet.
  17. He wobbled slightly and the end of his nose gleamed.
  18. There were tears in his eyes and his voice wobbled.
  19. Ingrid's bare knees wobbled as she moved to the door.
  20. Flash wobbled, his eyes shifted out of focus, then back.
  21. Corey wobbled down the stairs then headed to the kitchen.
  22. Griffin wobbled forward to put his hand on Savannahs back.
  23. He wobbled, pitched forward, and collapsed on the carpet.
  24. But they still wobbled and clunked on silent stone floors.
  25. The ambulance then wobbled slightly, as it took off from.
  26. He wobbled up the steps in a jerky fashion and went inside.
  27. Her legs wobbled as she started to understand what it meant.
  28. As I helped him up, he wobbled and leaned against the wal.
  29. Darek wobbled out of the shaft, stumbling over his own foot.
  30. They wobbled and wiggled to the amplified whine of a guitar.
  31. Sue stood uncertainly and wobbled in place for a few seconds.
  32. Abruptly it stopped, wobbled, turned, swayed, regained balance.
  33. She wobbled like a new-born colt, but managed to remain standing.
  34. They wobbled and swayed down the trail, slow at first, then faster.
  35. Thanks, but I’ll be all right, he said as his legs wobbled.
  36. He peed for so long that his weak legs wobbled and he nearly fell.
  37. Then she turned on her heel and wobbled toward the back of the bar.
  38. Heather wobbled out of the doorway into the darkness of the basement.
  39. He wobbled back and forth, struggling to keep the bottom rope steady.
  40. As the song faded and the needle wobbled into the inner grooves of the.
  41. Tracey wobbled down the stairs on her heels and unlocked the front door.
  42. And what would that be? I stood my ground as Chuck wobbled upright.
  43. Thing 1 wobbled in place, mired in the same absent haze as the other punks.
  44. Her toes and fingers tingled, and her cup wobbled as her strength eked away.
  45. I doubt it will come to that, Telkit said as his foot wobbled slightly.
  46. Two days later, Caesar's strung-out head wobbled against the floor of the dray.
  47. The servant rose shakily to his feet and wobbled, nearly fal ing over once more.
  48. He wobbled closer to them, extending his arms outwards as though keeping balance.
  49. Mom, Tyrese said, his voice wobbled, and then he straightened in the chair.
  50. Larkey, Bosco wobbled down the gangplank and into the bustling port of Water-Down.
  51. Joachim wobbled in his saddled and roared in pain and surprise, drawing his sword.
  52. The gates wobbled and rattled in a faint cloud of rust and dust, then became still.
  53. The cave wobbled again and the last two stalactites in the roof fell into the road.
  54. The old guy shot me an uneven finger as he wobbled past the passengers side window.
  55. Having taken a blow to the head, the policeman wobbled, and then fainted on his desk.
  56. She had seen something at the side of her world as it had wobbled in her first look.
  57. Paralyzed, Hal watched as the glob hung there for a moment, then wobbled and dropped.
  58. My legs wobbled with weakness, and I sat at the table with my face buried in my hands.
  59. In the corner, the robot’s head swung up sharply, but then wobbled about imperceptibly.
  60. The car squealed to the right and wobbled as a white claw lost its grip on the steering.
  61. The red and green jelly she carried on a platter wobbled when she stopped to let me pass.
  62. The ship wobbled as though a minor tremor had just hit it, and the wormhole sprang to life.
  63. He wobbled more than he wanted to, especially at the middle, but he never lost his footing.
  64. Laura? Ashley hesitated, then wobbled to Laura’s bed and took the IV out of her arm.
  65. It wobbled in the air, and clattered useless and spent a good few yards from Daddy’s feet.
  66. Athene’s head spun and her knees wobbled as she caught a glimpse of the massive drop down.
  67. And the more it wobbled, the more she was shocked and the harder she tried to hold it still.
  68. The two riders wobbled and slammed into each other without even trying to jab with the poles.
  69. Turbulence wobbled the wings, and he overcorrected, but they always do the first few times up.
  70. As she wobbled, still on her knees, Alexandrina Petrova put a hand on Ponomarev’s shoulder.
  71. He helped her out of the SUV, steadying her when she wobbled precariously on her uninjured foot.
  72. Her vision wobbled for a moment, because all she could think was, We were supposed to be safe here.
  73. That was a great flight today, wasn't it? He wobbled slightly as he focused his eyes on his watch.
  74. With a throat like brushed velvet I wobbled past Zacharias and dragged open the door of his cooler.
  75. Monica's legs wobbled and she shook her right arm trying to use it for leverage so she wouldn't fall.
  76. Dunit laughed to the point where he was unable to maintain his balance and his foot wobbled as well.
  77. He extricated himself from the recliner, wobbled to the kitchen and opened a couple of cans of dog food.
  78. The ball of light wobbled in the air for a moment and then dropped to the floor and imploded with a hiss.
  79. Vic grabbed a portly office clerk by the tie and tightened it so much his neck fat wobbled over his collar.
  80. It felt like someone had stuck pins into his skin, and he wobbled all over the road in his hurry to scratch at it.
  81. Scarlett’s hands shook so that her parasol wobbled above her head, Pitty was so excited her nose quivered in her.
  82. Massie didn't even realize she had just stood up until she tried to step, but her legs were so weak that they wobbled.
  83. Car horns blared, and a bloated, faded brown football wobbled out away from the sedate, Colonial-style school building.
  84. Mary Draper flicked the horses with the long fly whip, and the dray wobbled into its geriatric, lumbering perambulations.
  85. Deshavi’s gaze wobbled slightly away and she started to step back in the water, but Trent held her fast by the shoulders.
  86. The little boy wobbled off with his burden toward what Francis took to be a common room in a large building near the temple.
  87. The tower wobbled until Aesa reached out and steadied it, though Bephistoles hadn’t seemed to notice the impending collapse.
  88. Up ahead, Barbie Cooper gripped the crook of her husband’s arm as she wobbled toward the house, her heels poking holes in the lawn.
  89. The watermelon on the table split in half without sound, and the halves wobbled slightly until they settled in a still resting state.
  90. The KIRISHIMA, which was leading the battle line at a speed of 27 knots, wobbled in the water and started at once to sink by the bow.
  91. His head wobbled back and forth as I shook him, which meant that he wasn't stiff and there was a possibility that he could still be alive.
  92. The legs that once propelled him across the steep inclines of Venezuelan mountain valleys and the jungles near Lake Maracaibo wobbled 62.
  93. The drunkest of the businessmen hitched up the generous balcony that hung over his toy shop and wobbled away to press his fevered brow upon the cold tiles above the urinal.
  94. Before she could take the last step down upon the single stride that would take her to the knife, Lynch wobbled back in, dragging a large sack of flour Mary recognized at once.
  95. Suddenly, a Transport Ship exited the Cleaning Hall at an almost impossible angle, wobbled back to the horizontal position, then swung back and headed almost vertically towards the sky.
  96. He didn’t realize that Nastanovich had already fixed himself up until the bassist rose again, sniffling, and wobbled around the corner toward a parallelogram of light that had opened.
  97. Pine pulled him down toward him, his fist ploughing into the side of his face, the force causing his cheek to sink like a filled sail; it wobbled depressed as air escaped along with splatters of blood and saliva.
  98. Having wobbled the last four miles from Boston on foot, he’d been too tired to offer any account of himself, or any explanation for how he came to be carrying a silver flask monogrammed with initials not his own.
  99. So if a set of solid shares is wobbling about going nowhere you can follow their progress and pick up shares when they have wobbled far away from their value, on the basis that soon enough they will revert back to their origin.
  100. Once the baskets were full, the bearers were ordered to lug the loads off the barge and up the shore to a railroad car, where they wobbled up a narrow, steep ramp, dumped the coal into the car, and returned to have their baskets refilled.
  1. His chin wobbles.
  2. The illusion wobbles and sloughs away.
  3. Von Rumpel wobbles before the mighty cabinet.
  4. Willie wobbles away from the painted rocks as the MP's.
  5. The menu wobbles, its screen quickly replaced with new options.
  6. With a few last rattles and wobbles, the wheel above them stopped moving.
  7. Her voice wobbles, just a little, and she repeats herself, quietly this time.
  8. The train car wobbles, throwing off my balance, and I put my hand down to steady myself.
  9. A pot or pan, presumably knocked off its hook in the bombing, wobbles on the kitchen tiles.
  10. He enthusiastically wobbles his head as he tells me Gopal has called him to clock my time.
  11. In addition, the Mayans knew that once every 25,800 years, the Earth‘s axis wobbles slightly.
  12. It is the cyclic movements and axial wobbles of the Earth that changes the currently visible star.
  13. My brother gets up and wobbles his way over on unsteady legs, almost looking like he's sloshed too.
  14. As his lips move, the skin on his face stretches and wobbles and the large lump in his throat slides up and down.
  15. The brakes let out a soft groan and Ciere wobbles to her feet, gently maneuvering around the other passengers to thud down the bus steps.
  16. This sent wobbles down the computer, through the chair, and onto the bed, shaking the mattress, which, in turn, shook the chair, computer, and herself more—a vicious cycle that if continued would lead to her fall.
  17. The light hovers there another moment, as if allowing Werner to absorb their situation, then veers to the right and wobbles toward something nearby, and in the reflected light, through skeins of dust, Werner can see the huge silhouette of Volkheimer ducking and stumbling as he moves between hanging rebar and pipes.

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