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    1. As my mind tries to find a way through this apparently insoluble problem, the tussock of grass under my right foot gives way suddenly, my balance being iffy due to the alcohol, I suddenly sway and Stephen has to move pretty fast to stop me falling over

    2. By piecing together this circumstantial evidence and combining it with a few scraps of intelligence that we gleaned during our interrogations, we also decided that we were currently the guests of Cruce Signati, who held sway along the Thames Valley corridor and down in the deep heart of the South West

    3. swooning with the sway of dry edged palms,

    4. The tips of leaves sway delicately on spindle stemmed shoots

    5. furtive glances at each other, and melt into the sway

    6. whose eyes danced in the torch song sway of red and white

    7. ‘I suppose it would come down to whichever of us is the more expert in whatever we are talking about … but, if we still can’t agree, I expect I shall have to say that you hold sway

    8. He had no good reason of his own for needing it, and 'some crewman driving an over-amped cherub told me so,' was not going to sway Heymon

    9. this book, but the Sway Test is extremely simple to

    10. To try the Sway Test, assume a standing position and

    11. will begin to sway backward

    12. begin to sway backwards within a few seconds

    13. will probably sway backwards, because the memory

    14. Both began to sway back and forth to the sound for several minutes; and then suddenly they burst out in riotous laughter

    15. trapped emotions by using the Sway Test to ask the

    16. In chapter two, you learned to use the Sway Test to

    17. In chapter two you learned to do the Sway Test by

    18. With the exception of the Sway Test, the

    19. Of course, the simplest self-testing method is the Sway

    20. The only drawbacks to the Sway Test are that you

    21. forms of testing, from the Sway Test to the Basic Arm

    22. will probably test weak or sway backward, away from

    23. test strong, or sway toward her picture, toward all of

    24. and easily cut a sway through their ranks with

    25. 'Long before all the tribes of the great plains came under the sway of the first great chief, far away in an open field beyond the distant mountains, two groups of young men from 'the people' armed themselves with spears, sticks, and bows and excited each other to the verge of a violent fight

    26. That was something she’d never done before, he wasn't able to sway her, and so he took the only stand he felt would buckle her knees

    27. to sway under its own weight

    28. It did still sway with the breezes that drifted up the vang on their way to the next layer of atmosphere atop the city, but if you imagined you were on a ship that didn't worry you as much

    29. No doubt she was going to use her sex to sway his mind from the case, whether that was her original intention, she saw her opportunity to play it now, playing the same game he thought to play

    30. And she walks down the road with out a sway,

    31. She walked with an extra sway as she cleared off a plate of

    32. The center is lost in the sway of a

    33. She walked towards her friends, but her body began to sway

    34. had begun to rattle ad sway again, and after about a hundredth

    35. This time, I made every effort not to sway

    36. She’d sway over every time I happened to be speaking with Andrastus

    37. Brynjolf had long made a living of studying people and knowing the charms needed to deal with and sway them

    38. religion to sway the minds and hearts of the

    39. For a moment she felt like she was betraying a trust, until a more rational overview once more held sway

    40. When I tried to stand, the room began to sway and I nearly toppled over

    41. Raven felt the sway of the crowd as prisoners began to push their way back to the cells

    42. Something about the element of sheer chance excited him; and the women who seemed to gravitate towards the ‘Lucky Men’, as if centuries of social evolution were banished from this place where the dollar still held sway

    43. ” Then, she smiled that great smile, and walked out the door, and I think she may have added a bit more sway to her hips

    44. In short, by means of fetishism kings hold their despotic sway, and the priests draw large revenues, and exercise an enormous influence

    45. Not sure what she could possibly say to sway him, she opened her mouth to try anyway

    46. ” Amaranthe doubted her words would sway anyone at this point, but she had to try

    47. "Cheerup, chee-chee, cheerup, chee-chee, I do," sang the Robin; "how he loved to sway on thistletops!"

    48. Several of the Spaniards were weeping bitter tears of mortification, and though for months I had joyously anticipated the end of their brutal sway in Cuba, now one could but feel pity for Toral and his staff, who at least had fought bravely for their country and had won respect

    49. “Maybe you could sway Larocka to help us,” Books said

    50. Tiger�s head started to sway

    1. She was petite, blonde, with fine features and a smooth lilting voice that swayed with southern French tones

    2. Closing her eyes, fighting against the sharp disinfectant smell of the hospital, she forced herself to picture the interior of the bus … nauseating diesel fumes … a dingy, well used fabric covering the seats, chipped and faded paint on the accoutrements of metal … or was it plastic? She found it hard to tell sometimes … she heard again the chatter and laughter of the young people as they swayed along the aisle towards the door as the vehicle approached the bus stop

    3. water, shuddered and swayed their safe

    4. "I know you're going to be interested in this," she said as she swayed between the furniture in his direction

    5. "Yeah, yeah, listening", mumbled her husband as the wardrobe swayed gently in and out of focus

    6. After all, what could be more natural? She swayed like a eucalyptus in a breeze, gently from side to side, her limbs long and firm

    7. The yacht swayed on the waves

    8. A man who is swayed by negative emotions may

    9. swayed gently in and out of focus

    10. swayed gently in time with the sound of creaking mattress springs

    11. Once done with her hair, she swung her bag over her shoulder and swayed off toward the stairs to water level

    12. ” She got up and swayed toward him, took his arm deep in her jugs

    13. dad has been planning this trip for a year, and I don’t think he can be swayed

    14. Out in the middle was like flying, it swayed and the wind whistled

    15. swayed and his legs relaxed

    16. The elements had still not swayed him from his drink

    17. tears in his eyes and his body swayed slightly from side to

    18. Its camera was fixed on one of those stone tables except when the branches swayed from someone leaning on the tree

    19. If we are unaware of what is going on in the spirit we find ourselves swayed by the events of life and wondering what is going on, but as we understand the seasons we can pray, prepare, or agree with what is going on

    20. The creature swayed back and forth for a while then grabbed hold of the tree and slowly crawled away along the branch's underbelly

    21. A slight breeze swayed the

    22. As Dzunga swayed closer, Nerissa saw this gem was

    23. She merely swayed her head to signal a no

    24. Lips parted and my body swayed in a secret rhythm

    25. that the train rattles and swayed all the way, and rattled and

    26. swayed to a halt at the Pune station at about five next evening

    27. Thus the train rattled and swayed on, brimming with joy and

    28. ” As usual, Mercer was not easily swayed

    29. as counterpoised as peace and war, swayed together in a graceful embrace; and in every Asian

    30. He swayed the masses with words like over

    31. But this part of the world had a unique mindset, not swayed by the pressures to build high (logically so as not to impose on green areas)

    32. The bridge creaked and swayed, Kurt and Elizabeth crossed without a problem and saw a shelter at the entrance of a trail

    33. Elizabeth took one look at me, swayed, then placed her hand on her stomach as though she were already caressing the baby growing there

    34. Fronds of the few palm trees swayed in the unfelt breeze

    35. ” As he hit one of the supporting small tree trunks which had held up a roof, it swayed

    36. Trees swayed in the slight breeze and as I stared at the hills around us, it seemed these same flowers had bloomed the first time I made the journey

    37. They swayed in the slight breeze that caressed our faces, now and then

    38. The only logical way in which one would be able to accomplish something as elaborate as this, would be to enjoy total freedom from our dimensionality - to exist outside of time altogether and be able to influence every person in such a way that they would be swayed to carry out the requirements for the design

    39. There were more hold ups and every time we moved off again the buffers would crash together hard enough to rattle your teeth and make your ears ring and the coupling chains would jangle and clank as they swayed when the engine pulled off

    40. Jack swayed down to the toilets a few minutes later he glanced out

    41. It was their duty to uphold order and a sense of self-discipline, even when doused in wine till they swayed in the dance

    42. They made their way out into the street where people still danced and swayed to the music that floated outwards from every inn and tavern, in bright silks and painted masks with colourful feathers

    43. It would be Hollowcrest’s name that swayed them, if anything

    44. His hand passed straight through as the snake swayed in front of him

    45. Although tax cuts promote investment, production and (economic) growth, not to mention spending, that fuels all of the above; and while such measures should be vigorously pursued whenever possible, the underlying crisis concerning most (critically minded) Americans is (correctly) understood as Moral rather than Economic; especially among social conservatives, the illegitimate offsprings of an Establishment Party who will not be easily swayed by the prospect of a few additional dollars in their wallets

    46. The scent told him a sow had made the trail and as he swayed on his way, he wondered what she might look like

    47. During the long moon-cycles that followed, Darkburst and Brightness lay snug within their cosy chamber, serenaded by the sounds of the ash tree's roots as the winds swayed its slender trunk back and forth

    48. Gone were the wild flowers that had swayed in the summer breezes, lending their scents to the comforting smell of the sett

    49. And trust which is easily swayed

    50. Beneath the brightest of moons the air rang with the screams and shouts of the struggling boars as they swayed back and forth across the clearing, their changing fortunes marked by the growing bloodstains on the soil

    1. vegetation seemed to consist mostly of tall, thick grasses, swaying slightly in a

    2. swaying tufts of long eared grass

    3. I could feel the old anger rising again, like a cobra, swaying gently, fixing its prey with a striking eye

    4. The painted walls were swaying tufts of long eared grass

    5. In the gloom, I can see Berndt is swaying

    6. the life support tubes swaying with the rhythm

    7. So I stood there like a twallop, swaying in the sunshine, cursing my bad handling of the whole situation and prising tiny, bloody needles from my hand

    8. The afternoon was turning sour with his sweating and swearing and swaying

    9. I'd better choose quickly because some of the men with furrowed brows were beginning to wonder just who the hell it was swaying next to their Archbishop

    10. The music came slowly leading the ring of people into a steady, anti-clockwise swaying side-step; an almost imperceptible, trance-like encircling of the musicians

    11. Underfoot, bits of rock crumbled and splashed into the water, sinking past fishes in the swaying seaweed to the greenness down beyond

    12. I could just make out his smoky silhouette on his knees; arms outstretched, head back, swaying to and fro

    13. She had enormous swaying boobs that made him think she had stuffed balloons in her top

    14. He didn’t know what she meant, so she got up to show him and noticed that there was nothing wrong with the potency of that wine or this game’s rendering of it because the courtyard floor was swaying almost as bad as the deck of that boat

    15. Kevin is standing, swaying slightly, on the other side of the road

    16. He stood swaying and waved his arms plaintively, hoping against hope that the driver would take pity on him and give him a lift

    17. Swaying back and forth and shit

    18. The man next to him was swaying back and forth on his bar stool with an

    19. Johnson was swaying back and forth, walking with the uncoordinated

    20. Johnny looked down at the watch in front of him with his head swaying

    21. woman before, by a gurgling meadow, with the sun on my face, the trees swaying

    22. In the little valley a few miles away were clearings, and in the center of those, other trees had arching branches and long sprays of leaves swaying in the breeze

    23. Esteban Ramirez stood in the corner, swaying back in forth in place, saying

    24. How could he relate to steel and plastic corridors, silicon mind and the power structure when he was adrift in a field of violet blooms in the golden light of Kortrax? How could he relate to orders given by a starship captain frozen in stone when there was a golden-skinned naked girl on him, swaying to the rhythm of mental drums, beckoning him into her arms, into her body?

    25. She had to let Wuffs do all the hip swaying

    26. Branches swaying, groaning, moving with a life of their own

    27. After a closer look, he realized there were thousands of them up there, swaying in the breeze

    28. On each of her swaying hips was a worn leather scabbard, but only one held a sword

    29. saying, with his head swaying, “I told you to mend your ways

    30. should be swaying to salsa than sit sadly of my sofa

    31. He was feeling a bit flushed after that kiss and her sensual touch, watching her swaying hips as she walked out the room

    32. The Breton chuckled to himself, his lantern a lightly swaying beacon in the darkness

    33. Now, she rocked against Tragus with a swaying motion, as she imagined a loving Mother

    34. On the hillside, his head turned at each motion of birds and butterflies and flowers swaying in the breeze

    35. The entire audience, Breton and animals, sat swaying to the melody

    36. Susan stood rooted to the spot swaying like a tree, at that moment, completely unable to respond

    37. He turned up the staircase, groggily swaying as he ascended the stairs

    38. We cut through the blue Aegean Sea at quite a fair pace and the rolling and swaying of the ship soon lulled me and Archie to sleep when we awoke Archie said

    39. We eventually and with a lot of effort managed to get to our feet again but it took some time until we stood there swaying at the end of the street

    40. This was a tree of great standing, he thought, such a fine object should stand proudly in the sun, swaying gracefully in the breeze

    41. The snake recoiled slightly and then restarted its mesmerising swaying, watching the intruders

    42. Flesh’ailer saw the serpent swaying and appearing to watch Halon more than the others

    43. ” Manna answered, directing everyone’s gaze back to the serpent, the body had continued swaying and another head was replacing the first

    44. Flesh’ailer stood to, now with his father’s sword, not taking his eyes off of the swaying serpent, whilst Saldon tensioned his bowstring and replaced the quarrel

    45. Ivy and other creepers swarmed over the walls and some small saplings could be seen growing from the old turfed roofs, swaying in the evening breeze

    46. The swaying serpent remained swaying, still looking menacing

    47. The mouth grew bigger, so too did the stick, while the whole head was swaying

    48. Fifteen minutes later Grouchie shook its head and stood up, swaying from side to side, eyes still glazed

    49. Her head was hanging down, her ears swaying like two wet rags

    50. Broshee frowned, trying to make sense of what Grey had told her as she followed his swaying figure

    1. "Something shocking that's yet to be discovered, basically the wind sways the stem too and fro and this builds up a charge in the flower

    2. The ladder creaks and sways beneath his feet, but he keeps climbing, whistling as he does

    3. Grass rises from the concrete and sways in a wind I cannot feel

    4. This is the itchiest part of his body, and he sways ecstatically while emitting his little chirping noises

    5. Her hips she sways

    6. “Johan?” The scribe sways

    7. The boat sways with his motion

    8. Simon scrambles to his feet, sways, gains his balance again

    9. A useful testimonial is one that really sways somebody who’s been doubtful to become

    10. The lawyer on the other side may come up with something that sways the jury

    11. her wrists or palms towards you; she slightly opens her legs; she sways her hips as she walks

    12. system, that so effectively sways the mass majority, I feel from

    13. He sways in stance like the drunk he is

    14. Diane D then sways the baseball bat and positions herself again

    15. She looks away from Wesley then sways the bat and positions herself again

    16. Diane D sways the baseball bat again

    17. The Dianettes start to dance as Diane D turns back around towards the entire crowd and starts to sing, slowly swaying her body back and forth to the left, then to the right, pointing her hand up and down, then sways her shoulders back and forth

    18. The crowd begins to jump and cheer as Diane D sings and sways her shoulders with The Dianettes dancing several feet behind her

    19. Byz Ship 2 sways, bucks, weaves and rolls to ditch or damage its pursuers

    20. A dull roar hums through the walls, a sign that the thrusters have engaged, and the craft sways when the docking clamps release it

    21. Inside one restaurant, a staircase rises to a balcony and a hanging lamp sways on a fraying cord

    22. how it sways all the way in the wind

    23. She places the side of her finger into her mouth, and then slowly sways side to side

    24. He sways back and forth as both cry in this embrace

    25. It is the fragrance of the flower as the breeze gently sways the beautiful creation which you have visualized

    26. He moves and sways his hips to me

    27. He sways with me, keeping pace

    28. She just stands out there and sways back and forth

    29. Thankfully, this teaching no longer sways us…at least, not by what we say

    30. hat off, and, mounted high on her head, the ponytail sways,

    31. battle sways more to one side than the other, all

    32. With pen pouring into a sheet of pine, Letchard locks arms with the colours in his mind; and he sways and like a drunk pheasant he brays, spilling his jug of mother-love and shrilling above his fathers snore for more, more of the violent nets and crow-nests, where the lively violins saw and the wifely doorbells B

    33. And We placed on earth stabilizers, lest it sways with them, and We placed therein signposts and passages, that they may be guided

    34. On the Day when the heaven sways in agitation

    35. And the way it sways with your every movement;

    36. As the old mother sways her to and fro singing her husky song,

    37. Bob Doran, toppling from a high barstool, sways over the munching

    38. Corny Kelleher on the sideseat sways his head to and fro in sign of mirth at Bloom's plight

    39. He sways back and forth

    40. The boy sways twice more, until it’s clear he’s about to faint

    41. Werner sways between exhaustion, confusion, and exhilaration

    42. The night steams, the stars burn, the prisoner sways, the boys watch, the commandant tilts his head

    43. The Queen Anne’s lace sways on its taproots, and the bees do their steady work

    44. Oh, he’s affected all right – and my very small inner goddess sways in a gentle victorious samba

    45. The "appetite for joy" which pervades all creation, that tremendous force which sways humanity to its purpose, as the tide sways the helpless weed, was not to be controlled by vague lucubrations over the social rubric

    46. It is late afternoon and his long shadow sways back and forth on the gravel

    47. ‘To combat the evil which sways the world

    48. For the strain constantly kept up by the windlass continually keeps the whale rolling over and over in the water, and as the blubber in one strip uniformly peels off along the line called the "scarf," simultaneously cut by the spades of Starbuck and Stubb, the mates; and just as fast as it is thus peeled off, and indeed by that very act itself, it is all the time being hoisted higher and higher aloft till its upper end grazes the main-top; the men at the windlass then cease heaving, and for a moment or two the prodigious blood-dripping mass sways to and fro as if let down from the sky, and every one present must take good heed to dodge it when it swings, else it may box his ears and pitch him headlong overboard

    49. The father sways the son

    50. Nations are built up and moved by another force which sways and dominates them, the origin of which is unknown and inexplicable: that force is the force of an insatiable desire to go on to the end, though at the same time it denies that end

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