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Careen en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I hear the snapping of wood as we careen through.
  2. The destroyer lurched and then began to careen out of control.
  3. He landed on a building top, abandoning his bike to careen into a tree.
  4. Her personal treasures broke across the tiled entryway as her bare feet scattered them before her sobbing careen from the apartment.
  5. Gaal was still standing straight, but the force of Ben’s sword misdirected the thing just enough to cause it to careen past Gaal’s shoulder by six inches.

  6. Miraculously, against all logic, the southern hemisphere of Clug Raddo does not careen into oblivion but continues a functional orbit with life-sustainability.
  7. Suellen and Careen had cried themselves to sleep, as they did at least twice a day when they thought of Ellen, tears of grief and weakness oozing down their sunken cheeks.
  8. At that moment a mountainous wave struck the yacht, making her careen so violently that the mast seemed to touch the sea, and when she righted herself the lowest man was gone!.
  9. I try my best to avoid the toy aisles wherever we are, but usually end up having to put on my hard-ass mama face and careen through the check-out line before the 4-year-old tears start.
  10. The promise of the Morning Star, the universality of the Christian institution, had imploded upon itself in the afternoon of its ascendancy, leaving its fractured remnants to careen across the heavens of Man’s infidelity!.
  11. A slight smile curled Ralf’s lips---he had considered the notion that in truth he should be thanking this poor initiate for the actions that he would have taken some years hence, in a future not-to-be, as that act had been the only reason that Ralf had been enabled to careen lustily through these past centuries.
  1. A huge waterfall was careening over a precipice more.
  2. It tilted on its axis and started careening to the left.
  3. There was a fearful stampede of feet, a careening of flesh.
  4. What’s careening? I askt, knowing little then of the Pyrate Round.
  5. Cap’n jumped onto the back of the careening truck as it shot down the alley.
  6. Suddenly, out of the northeast, a great black car came careening down the road.
  7. I stow’d away on a French Ship which had call’d at Barbadoes for Careening.
  8. I GUNNED MY EXPLORER, careening through a red light on Ness heading toward Geary.
  9. It seems to me that all of us have been careening along collectively long enough.
  10. That fall, our family was like bumper cars, all alike, careening off of one another.
  11. The careening brown dwarf then collided head on with the second planet of the system.
  12. Or that a wrench of the wheel could send the car careening into a tree or stone wall.
  13. Then he was working the door handle, and suddenly it flew open to send her careening.
  14. One day, he and William had been speeding toward each other; the next, careening away.
  15. A fearsome rack of claws appeared in the firelight, careening towards Eilidh’s head.
  16. Something struck the Confederation with such force that she was sent careening into the.
  17. I mean sure there are some art house--- you swerve out of the way of a careening truck.
  18. In my daydream, Kestrel never came careening around the corner, and Raf slowly leaned toward me.
  19. It charged ahead, desperately trying to keep up with the frenzy of motion careening along beside it.
  20. The horses reared and bolted, taking their helpless driver and passengers careening into the fencing.
  21. After 15 minutes of clinging onto the careening boat, Max’s arms ached and he wondered when it would stop.
  22. The car careening toward him, swerving in the last instant, the vehicles brushing past with only inches to spare.
  23. The Happy Delivery had gone too long without Careening, and when her Timbers creakt so, she readily sprung small Leaks.
  24. A minute later two men came careening out of the building where Puller had been held and looked around for their former captive.
  25. Fire in the hole! Cap’n hollered as he jumped from the landing, careening head-on into Ritter, who was standing in his path.
  26. And then they danced, the two of them careening around the deck, swinging, smiling, laughing, giddy for now under a blue Seattle sky.
  27. My plan of stealth would have worked if the demon hadn't landed a punch to Jacob's stomach, sending him careening into the brick wall.
  28. The sudden bump and a swerve sent the jeep careening onto its side, sliding with waves of dirt and leaves riding at the sides in a small wave.
  29. Its one hundred and forty tons of metal tore the turret from its mount and bounced it over the edge like a rubber ball careening toward hell.
  30. Too much rudder and Moch ran the risk of careening into the lane to his left, too little and he might get blown to his right and off the course entirely.
  31. Vehicles; rusted old excuses for cars, hovercars and carriages, screeched wheels and careening into each other as they turned away from the orderran ships.
  32. Usually the something bad is the club head turning as it meets the golf ball, with the ball careening almost one hundred and eighty degrees from the golfer.
  33. And now the time of tide has come; the ship casts off her cables; and from the deserted wharf the uncheered ship for Tarshish, all careening, glides to sea.
  34. The last thing that she saw were the whites of Jimbo’s eyes before she sent his expensive family wagon careening off of a bridge and into the hillside below.
  35. The wind slapped the raft in one direction, then another, sending it spinning up swells, perhaps forty feet, then careening down into troughs as deep as canyons.
  36. I remained quiet as my mind whirled in careening emotions and that's when Bethanie paid me a visit, offering a million apologies about the animosity of her actions.
  37. Suddenly, amidst the packs of dragons careening past the ships, a large black dragon swooped down out of the clouds, bursting through the mainsail, and lunged for Isabel.
  38. The other ship took longer to die, its neck completely severed in two, sending the bridge tumbling and the drive section careening out of control, crashing it into an asteroid.
  39. That rambling train of information that had been careening down the track, screaming ahead into the dark with no light at the front of his engine had finally come into the station.
  40. The crowd suddenly gave a lane for a careening carriage hurried with straining faces, lugging packages and sacks and boxes of food—more food and through the lane came the frail and elegant Mrs.
  41. Then they were at the Mirror Maze and sidling, coliding, bumping, careening through the unfolded ice ponds where stricken spider-stung boys much like themselves appeared, vanished a thousand times over.
  42. With Louis now careening almost aimlessly around the ring, the German leaned into Louis’s body and launched a rapid-fire flurry of hard rights to his head and face, followed by one final crushing blow to the jaw.
  43. As Moshe’s wildly cheering troop neared the bottom of the hill, their momentum sent them careening into the great mass of people and animals streaming south toward where the ridge disappeared into the surrounding landform.
  44. An analysis of the past behavior of stocks grouped by defining factors such as PE ratio, price-to-sales ratio, and EBITDA/EV shows that rather than careening about like a drunken monkey, the stock market methodically rewards certain types of stocks while punishing others.
  45. Moving at a brisk canter, Feltus, Terence, Harold, and Billy Joe arrived at the swash, the treacherous crossing point that had turned them back the last time with its raging waters, five minutes later to find the only five—or ten-foot-wide stream nearly dry with only about an inch or two of water careening gently to the sea.
  1. The van careened down the streets of town.
  2. The boat also careened up the bank, but without.
  3. James looked greener and greener as they careened.
  4. Before he could get out of the way, the door careened.
  5. Selma bit her tongue in fear as they careened and listed.
  6. Using the stick, Pedro careened down on the head of the goat.
  7. The runaway city bus careened past him and struck a building.
  8. They crossed a street, and three drunken men careened into them.
  9. Stralin careened over, screaming and clutching his destroyed shoulder.
  10. Just then Yigal, Benjamin, and Naaman careened around the rocky outcrop.
  11. The theater careened, heaved up, and fell as if on a roller-coastal tide.
  12. It lifted off the ground again and this time, careened toward the turret.
  13. The plane caught hard, veered left, and careened toward two parked bombers.
  14. They clipped a car that was swerving out of the way and careened into a truck.
  15. Twenty Three Oh Six slid into the opening and careened through the colorful tunnel.
  16. Because of his speed, he careened off the ceiling, came towards a wall, but over.
  17. Randi screamed as the car careened through traffic and crashed into a utility pole.
  18. I got this, he said as he pressed hard on the gas and careened down the street.
  19. The lights in its eyes went out and it careened to side, dropping with a loud crash.
  20. It careened down a steep embankment and rolled a couple of times before catching fire.
  21. In the sudden press of the crowding and shoving, Moshe careened over the stern and only.
  22. As his bulky shoulders careened back towards the concrete, Tony let go of the flashlight.
  23. The back of the small torso careened into more jellyfish tendrils, waves of forgotten hair.
  24. With no opportunity for avoidance, Yigal and Azareel gaped wild-eyed as the cargo careened.
  25. Above, Vinnie careened backward, smashing against a box filled with outdated weightlifting devices.
  26. We shot up Larkin, climbing through the lights, then rocked over the bumps as we careened over Nob Hill.
  27. It careened to and fro in the slow-motion frames of an old-fashioned movie, flashing pictures from 40.
  28. Henry careened the ship, and when he had scraped and painted her, he named her Elizabeth and put to sea.
  29. With no opportunity for avoidance, Yigal and Azareel gaped wild-eyed as the cargo careened toward them.
  30. Her husband quickly careened out of control as he grabbed his wife’s hand and attempted to yank her out of the chair.
  31. I tried to point the bars away, but the more evasive maneuvers I took, the more inevitably we careened in that direction.
  32. The hydra exhaled a barrage of fireballs that enveloped the purple bird in a primrose cloud as it careened toward the sea.
  33. The giant careened back into the junkyard, and his right hand fell off, landing in the scrap metal with a horrible CLANG!.
  34. The door slammed to because it was on the careened side; and in a half second I was in the boat, and Jim come tumbling after me.
  35. Onward he walked to where the ships were careened, showing weeds and barnacles, gathered in many oceans, hanging to their shining sides.
  36. At Pier 41 the transpacific ocean liner President Madison snapped her hawsers and careened into the steamboat Harvester, sinking her.
  37. The shive hit the metal tray and careened harmlessly into the air with Mensk's arm flailing behind it like a flapping shirtsleeve in a breeze.
  38. Crushed and twisted hulls crashed into each other while smaller hunks of broken metal careened through space on dangerous, deadly trajectories.
  39. She careened down the road, cutting corners and bends, tendrils of wet hair whipping at my face, my hands on her hips and my head in the clouds.
  40. California and Washington careened into the last five hundred yards, storming down the corridor of open water between the spectators’ boats.
  41. Cars careened off roads and into ditches, where their occupants clutched cloths to their faces, struggled to breathe, gagged, and coughed up dirt.
  42. As I searched for something to say, a black car careened around the corner of the winding industrial row and screeched to a stop in front of the warehouse.
  43. The old car deliberately climbed the curb, ripped off the stairs of Western Biological, careened into the street, and crawled away, scattering lumber as it went.
  44. He reached for the steering wheel and began pulling it side-to-side and so we careened from the right side of the road to the wrong side, over and over and over again.
  45. Cars careened into one another and a television broadcast van parked outside the Legislative Council building was jolted sideways as another commercial van rammed into the side.
  46. When he lunged out of the tunnel into the cave he did not realize it until his hand slipped and he careened forward causing a painful abrasion on one side of his face and across his jaw.
  47. But at that moment, I wouldn’t have noticed if I’d careened face-first into the entire cast of The Walking Dead, because all I was focused on was the building where Matthew had lived.
  48. I shouted a warning to Detective Inspector Grunt, who was out tidying up the flowerbeds and seeing us, he jumped clear, laughing loudly when we careened into the old horse-trough, coming to a juddering halt.
  49. As both horses and riders somersaulted into the ditch from the force of their momentum alone, they were impaled on the sharpened stakes which lined the steep sides of the deep trough into which they had careened.
  50. With a wave of her hand, the molten pool behind her came to life again, depicting a familiar fleet of ships glowing with fire as they careened towards the ground, screams still echoed in the halls even after the image dissipated.
  51. Well then, this is truly remarkable! It would appear that you’ve careened headfirst into your new existence, eh? But you needn’t be overly concerned with what happened just now, as your bearings should settle down once you’ve gained self-control.
  52. When the ships had been careened and scraped, all the sails mended, the cannons scoured and tested, the holds filled with foodstuffs, then Henry Morgan called a meeting of his captains for the purpose of signing solemn articles and dividing the fleet into commands.
  53. With no driver, the car careened out of control and crashed into the house,.
  1. The blimp careens away.
  2. It careens off the road the down the hill.
  3. When instantly, the entire ship careens over on her side; every bolt in her starts like the nail-heads of an old house in frosty weather; she trembles, quivers, and nods her frighted mast-heads to the sky.
  4. As an overladen Indiaman bearing down the Hindostan coast with a deck load of frightened horses, careens, buries, rolls, and wallows on her way; so did this old whale heave his aged bulk, and now and then partly turning over on his cumbrous rib-ends, expose the cause of his devious wake in the unnatural stump of his starboard fin.

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