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Wooing en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The wooing and the poetry.
  2. He was no good at wooing women.
  3. He was dumb to love and wooing.
  5. His wooing was prompt and picturesque.

  6. When youth with its fresh face came wooing.
  7. Gadkari was assigned the task of wooing Raj.
  9. Wooing poor craftsmen with the craft of smiles.
  10. It must be admitted to be a ghostly kind of wooing.
  11. Five years later, Paul was wooing Claire at Auburn.
  12. His second wooing, he resolved, should be as calm and simple as possible.
  13. They were blind to the destruction that they were wooing with their actions.
  14. Nevertheless he continues his wooing in spite of thefact that Teodora has become.
  15. It nonplused her to realize in what a different spirit she was accepting that wooing.

  16. He remembered his wooing between two campaigns, a single short week in the season of gathering olives.
  17. If only I were a man of status, he wouldn’t have dared even to daydream about you, leave alone wooing you.
  18. As he shuddered to imagine her fall, he resolved, ‘It is better that we moved in here before I begin wooing her.
  19. It turned out he couldn’t sustain his side either: the witty banter, the clever games, the romance, and the wooing.
  20. Knowing how the bastard worked, wooing Claire had probably been part of a long game that started before they even met.
  21. He, well aware that he had got to a highly critical moment in his wooing, felt that nothing but a brain-wave now would save him.
  22. I’ve been wooing one of my father’s old trainers, he’s a master of exercise; showed me how to lift my body off the ground one-handed.
  23. A surprise! My farm hand Rasmus tells me that Morten Bruus came a- wooing to the rectory at Veilbye some years back, but was sent away with a refusal.
  24. Roy's wooing had certainly been as romantic as girlish heart could desire, but—she wished Aunt Jamesina and the girls would not take things so for granted.
  25. A potter mentioned a hunter who was wooing his sister, a man by the name of Bo-elon, who spent most of his time in the mountains to the west, hunting the puma.

  26. His first wooing had been of the tempestuous order, and he looked back upon ;it as if through a long vista of years with a feeling of compassion blended with regret.
  27. Her wooing had consisted of a timid kiss or two, a decorous marriage into whose ceremony the word “love” had slipped unobserved, close to “honor” and “obey.
  28. When it came to wooing her he was the typical male, relentless until he got what he wanted, and then he became aloof, showing her that he loved her from time to time, but not as much as she would like.
  29. When their guard became absorbed in wooing a pretty girl, the POWs sprinted from their stations, snatched up the tools, dashed over to a section of track, wrenched the pins and bolts out, and rushed back to their work.
  30. Trusotsky brings with him, in his wooing of Miss Zachlebnikoff, a name and circumstances fully well-known to that esteemed family; in the second place, he brings a fairly respectable position in the world; and thirdly, he brings wealth.
  31. On the contrary: she would have liked to discover who the author of the anonymous letter was in order to convince him of his error with all the pertinent explanations, for she felt certain that never, for any reason, would she respond to the wooing of Juvenal Urbino.
  32. Instead of opposing your will, they try to constantly put pressure so your good impulse and direction is poisoned and deflected away from what you originally wanted to do, by putting tantalizing corruptions in your path, by wooing you away from good with the attractions of evil.
  33. The count stood like one changed to stone, and turning to the bewildered crowd, Ferdinand added, with a gay smile of triumph, To you, my gallant friends, I can only wish that your wooing may prosper as mine has done, and that you may all win as fair a bride as I have by this masked marriage.
  34. Moreover, underlying all of the determined deference of his bearing to her, there was that which brought an undefined thrill of fear, that touch of primitive mastery in his wooing with which a man of strong virility may yet transfuse his personality through the pallid conventions of the centuries.
  35. Will paused, imagining that it would be impossible for Dorothea to misunderstand this; indeed he felt that he was contradicting himself and offending against his self-approval in speaking to her so plainly; but still—it could not be fairly called wooing a woman to tell her that he would never woo her.
  1. June that was too I wooed.
  2. They wooed her away from one another.
  3. That is where your father met and wooed her.
  4. The main reason I wooed you is what I owed Tdeshi.
  5. He was the perfect gentleman and he wooed me relentlessly.
  6. Stephen, his blood wooed by grace of language and gesture, blushed.
  7. Patric walked away silently as Samantha wooed the crowd into a frenzy.
  8. I repeated to Alec, How much was true? How many girls have you wooed into your cause?
  9. He must have infiltrated the business class and wooed Larocka into giving him a voice with Forge.
  10. Half his destiny would then be determined, but the other half might not be so very smoothly wooed.
  11. All the same, gullible that they are, how these silly women lose their heads when wooed by the moneyed.
  12. He charmed his associates, wooed his clients, and won over his competition through decisive action and the force of will.
  13. In his mind, Elisha would be wooed in his presence, like everyone else always was, and fall all over himself to heal Naaman.
  14. After the English aristocrats shunned him: he wooed the French aristocrats and finally gained his ultimate social notoriety.
  15. She wooed Darkness like a lover and his gift was life—life that, not being life as mortals know it, can never grow old and fade.
  16. He rang his wife and told her that the money was on its way then found a small bar close to the beach and wooed a lovely American lady into his bed.
  17. The RSS consciously wooed non-Jatav Dalit groups like the Pasis, even distributing pamphlets claiming that their ancestors were rakshaks (protectors) of the Hindu faith.
  18. I was flattered that he’d sent the flowers, it had never happened before and I had always wanted to be wooed that way, but now that it had happened it felt more like a friend or family member had sent them.
  19. I only know that my first forenoon’s search for a habitation was rendered uncommonly difficult because I could not assure six gimleteyed landladies in rusty black that I was wooed an’ married an’ all.
  20. Attorney who had wooed him these last weeks had disappeared, leaving him alone with this balding, nearly eye-browless juris doctor who spoke in a murmur, as if his every utterance weren’t already confidential.
  21. But, even as he plotted, he wooed her with his politest phrases; laughed, but not too loudly, at the little sparkles of wit, accepted with naïve delight her comments on the skill in driving that a boy of his age could show.
  22. Is it due to excess of poetry or of stupidity that we are never weary of describing what King James called a woman's "makdom and her fairnesse," never weary of listening to the twanging of the old Troubadour strings, and are comparatively uninterested in that other kind of "makdom and fairnesse" which must be wooed with industrious.
  23. And after all, what was this strange change in her and in Cyril? Was it not the mere effect of time and absence? Had not her heart grown cold and dead, so that it would never love again? — for Cyril's self was his only rival — he who had wooed and won her years before — of him she had no disloyal thought, from him her allegiance had never wandered.
  24. He loved deeply, he was hated; he adored, he was scorned; he wooed a wild beast, he pleaded with marble, he pursued the wind, he cried to the wilderness, he served ingratitude, and for reward was made the prey of death in the mid-course of life, cut short by a shepherdess whom he sought to immortalise in the memory of man, as these papers which you see could fully prove, had he not commanded me to consign them to the fire after having consigned his body to the earth.
  25. Here the lay of the heart-stricken Altisidora came to an end, while the warmly wooed Don Quixote began to feel alarm; and with a deep sigh he said to himself, O that I should be such an unlucky knight that no damsel can set eyes on me but falls in love with me! O that the peerless Dulcinea should be so unfortunate that they cannot let her enjoy my incomparable constancy in peace! What would ye with her, ye queens? Why do ye persecute her, ye empresses? Why ye pursue her, ye virgins of from fourteen to fifteen? Leave the unhappy being to triumph, rejoice and glory in the lot love has been pleased to bestow upon her in surrendering my heart and yielding up my soul to her.
  26. Oh, ye rural deities, whoever ye be that haunt this lone spot, give ear to the complaint of a wretched lover whom long absence and brooding jealousy have driven to bewail his fate among these wilds and complain of the hard heart of that fair and ungrateful one, the end and limit of all human beauty! Oh, ye wood nymphs and dryads, that dwell in the thickets of the forest, so may the nimble wanton satyrs by whom ye are vainly wooed never disturb your sweet repose, help me to lament my hard fate or at least weary not at listening to it! Oh, Dulcinea del Toboso, day of my night, glory of my pain, guide of my path, star of my fortune, so may Heaven grant thee in full all thou seekest of it, bethink thee of the place and condition to which absence from thee has brought me, and make that return in kindness that is due to my fidelity! Oh, lonely trees, that from this day forward shall bear me company in my solitude, give me some sign by the gentle movement of your boughs that my presence is not distasteful to you! Oh, thou, my squire, pleasant companion in my prosperous and adverse fortunes, fix well in thy memory what thou shalt see me do here, so that thou mayest relate and report it to the sole cause of all," and so saying he dismounted from Rocinante, and in an instant relieved him of saddle and bridle, and giving him a slap on the croup, said, "He gives thee freedom who is bereft of it himself, oh steed as excellent in deed as thou art.

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1. I love to woo you princess.
2. Dun dun woo woo, dun dun woo woo.
3. Woo her? Ralph was astonished.
4. How could you woo me and then boo me?
5. It was easy for golf, this guy, to woo.
6. She used her natural beauty to woo the.
7. In front of the Dae Woo Exhibition Center.
8. This is the commonway to woo in southern Spain.
9. Just basic animal instincts dressed up to woo.
10. Why should you think that I should woo in scorn?
11. An electric razor can't take the slices of woo off.
12. Guess what I found there? You got it! My iPod! Woo hoo!.
13. Woodruffe tried hard to woo her but the maid would not say yes.
14. They did not see the destruction that they woo by their action.
15. If he couldn’t woo the bitches with his cock, he may as well.
16. To endeavor to gain the affections of; to seek in marriage; to woo.
17. We were sometimes involved jointly in efforts to woo customers and this gave us.
18. Carried away by the euphoria of her coquetry, man begins to woo woman with hope.
19. The baseball team cheers as they wave their arms and fists in the air and shout, Woo woo.
20. She is turned off by his crude, clumsy attempts to woo her, her rejection making him only more determined.
21. She is repulsed by Bo’s boorish behavior and crude attempts to woo her, only making him more determined.
22. He tried to pretend otherwise when attempting to woo me to hire Helios, but I recognize a cretin when I see one.
23. Theirs is not so much to minister to the expression of the sublime as to woo us to the beauteous joys of the senses.
24. With the right amount of concessions, he could woo a few Blue Dogs over to his side and get some good legislation passed.
25. Mars in your sign could also show that your partner, aware of the challenges in the marriage, is working hard to woo you back.
26. When I heard they divorced I was already married and I often thought that if I were not, I would have immigrated to Canada to woo her.
27. That a discredited cleric was being used to woo the minorities only reflected the bankruptcy of the Congress’s tattered secular vision.
28. They attempt to woo the girl into a elationship by sending flowers, stuffed animals, candy and love letters in an attempt to prove their love.
29. She had an independent spirit and a sharp tongue, and he was the only man in Florence with the nerve to woo her, despite her father’s wealth.
30. Impetuous fellow! Strength of character had never been Reggy Wylie's strong point and he who would woo and win Gerty MacDowell must be a man among men.
31. She would have to woo him with kindness, convince him with a rich outpouring of love, and what a pleasure it would be to do it! chair and leaning down to him.
32. But it wasn’t just the Jats or upper castes alone—the Sangh Parivar made a deliberate attempt to woo Dalits as well, in an effort to cement an umbrella ‘Hindu’ identity.
33. Shermer was the one who, as the head of the Skeptics Society, had decided to plaster Deepak on the cover of Skeptic magazine several years prior, with the headline Doctor Woo Woo.
34. Where once he would have raided cookbooks for challenges with which to woo William, he now settled for the four food groups of bachelorhood: Frozen, Cold Cuts, Breakfast Cereal, and Takeout.
35. He said this only when he was trying to woo my mother back, when he was claiming that things would be different now, when he was promising her that he would never again do what he’d done before.
36. These last few weeks had been hard on Bob here he was trying his very best to please and woo back his wife, and there she was chasing round after another man and getting herself arrested for murder.
37. He wrote his song of praise of the meanest most miserable human filth ever to live in England, in a poetic prose: designed to woo the hearts and minds of every western soul who could read his words.
38. Harry Wong, the cook at the Woo Dip Kitchen, usually appeared early in the afternoons, carrying crates of vegetables into the restaurant before closing and locking the door until he was ready to open for business.
39. Other game-changing first readers included: Jessica Harris, Susan Mercandetti, Kris Sebastian, Amy Entelis, Kerry Smith, Andrew Miller, Nick Watt, Ricky Van Veen, Wonbo Woo, Glen Caplin, Zev Borow, and Hannah Karp.
40. It’s the loss of industry that got us into this financial state to start with, but in all of his efforts to woo companies into coming here, he pays almost no attention to improving the quality of life in the community.
41. Ah Belinda, I fear that I was more than half in Love with Lancelot and his wond’rous Words; for at that Season in my Life, soft Syllables could woo me more than Sensuality and my Love of Language was deeper than my Love of Men!.
42. Why does he send to one who is a buonaroba, a bay where all men ride, a maid of honour with a scandalous girlhood, a lordling to woo for him? He was himself a lord of language and had made himself a coistrel gentleman and he had written Romeo and Juliet.
43. And heroes voyage from afar to woo them, from Eblana to Slievemargy, the peerless princes of unfettered Munster and of Connacht the just and of smooth sleek Leinster and of Cruahan's land and of Armagh the splendid and of the noble district of Boyle, princes, the sons of kings.
44. Will paused, imagining that it would be impossible for Dorothea to misunderstand this; indeed he felt that he was contradicting himself and offending against his self-approval in speaking to her so plainly; but still—it could not be fairly called wooing a woman to tell her that he would never woo her.
45. If no European is near upon whom they can bestow their smiles and the lustre of their magnificent eyes, they have to be content with their own countrymen, who woo them after the fashion of their Spanish ancestors, by serenades at night, in which the strumming of guitars generally plays a more important part than the words it accompanies.
46. Poor father! With all his faults she loved him still when he sang Tell me, Mary, how to woo thee or My love and cottage near Rochelle and they had stewed cockles and lettuce with Lazenby's salad dressing for supper and when he sang The moon hath raised with Mr Dignam that died suddenly and was buried, God have mercy on him, from a stroke.
47. She said that’s not what her husband would’ve bargained for when he sent her to seek my help, and I told her that I couldn’t help as her charms corrupted my soul; when she retorted that she was not obliged to cater to my craving for her, I asked her, what if I helped her out only to woo her later? Won’t her sense of gratitude tend her emotionally towards me? As she would be my P.
48. Yet this enjoys before it woo,.
49. Soon the pistons will be humming steam will have a second coming, woo, woo woo! See the light,.

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