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Frasi con abatement (in inglese)

1. No gradual abatement, no tapering off.
2. It might be of importance, however, that the abatement of the tax should encourage him to cultivate to a certain extent only.
3. In this state, without experiencing any material abatement of her disease, she continued for about seven years; when her reason was suddenly restored.
4. According to this policy, the abatement of the taxes upon the distillery ought not to be so great as to reduce, in any respect, the price of those liquors.
5. I believe that between doctors and hospitals I suggested a 22% reduction in charges as reasonable for a huge savings, about $190Billion, that sort of fits in with shark abatement.
6. Instead of lasting a matter of weeks, just a few months, the panic of 2008 extended through most of the year, and as this is being written in late 2008, it shows no signs yet of abatement.
7. If any province complains of being assessed too high, it may, in the assessment of next year, obtain an abatement proportioned to the overcharge of the year before ; but it must pay in the mean time.

8. If the malt tax were to be raised to eighteen shillings upon the quarter, it might be necessary to make some abatement in the different excises which are imposed upon those particular sorts of low wines and spirits, of which malt makes any part of the materials.
9. When a certain portion of the produce is to be paid away for a tax, the farmer computes as well as he can, what the value of this portion is, one year with another, likely to amount to, and he makes a proportionable abatement in the rent which he agrees to pay to the landlord.
10. But if, at any time, this deduction or abatement of customs, which is to be made as aforesaid, shall in any manner be attempted and prejudiced, it shall be just and lawful for his sacred royal majesty of Portugal, again to prohibit the woollen cloths, and the rest of the British woollen manufactures.
11. When the landlord chose to occupy himself a part of his own lands, the rent might be valued according to an equitable arbitration of the farmers and landlords in the neighbourhood, and a moderate abatement of the tax might be granted to him, in the same manner as in the Venetian territory, provided the rent of the lands which he occupied did not exceed a certain sum.
12. The raven flew away, she saw the abatement of the waters,.

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