decrease frasi

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Frasi con decrease (in inglese)

  1. Decrease the size of the cup.
  2. This only serves to decrease.
  3. Decrease the weight of the can.
  4. Decrease the height of the seat.
  5. Decrease the width of the lines.
  6. Decrease the angle of the wedge.
  7. Decrease the height of the chair.
  8. Decrease the size of the spread.
  9. Decrease the weight on the knee.
  10. Decrease the height of the lift.
  11. Decrease the weight on the knees.
  12. Decrease the height of the stool.
  13. Decrease the tautness of the belt.
  14. Decrease distance to the targets.
  15. Decrease the height of the block.
  16. Margins had continued to decrease.
  17. Decrease the height of the plinth.
  18. Decrease the height of the stairs.
  19. Is there a decrease in appetite?
  20. Decrease the height of the chair 2.
  21. Decrease the size of the cylinders.
  22. Decrease the beat of the metronome.
  23. Decrease the tautness of the strap.
  24. Decrease the distance to the table.
  25. The resulting decrease in urinary.
  26. Decrease the height Repeat __ times.
  27. Decrease the height of the obstacle.
  28. Decrease the spacing of the markers.
  29. Decrease the height of the obstacles.
  30. He must increase but I must decrease.
  31. Decrease the distance Repeat __ times.
  32. In the former case, a decrease would.
  33. Decrease the weight of the weight belt.
  34. You notice a decrease in your sex drive.
  35. His chances of that happening decrease.
  36. Decrease the height of the rope or tape.
  37. The predicted small decrease in the low.
  38. This way you decrease the chances of an.
  39. Then from decrease to increase every day.
  40. The result is a decrease in sweating and.
  41. Decrease the amount of body-weight support.
  42. Decrease the size and weight of the object.
  43. This will in turn decrease the money supply.
  44. Your anxiety wil decrease and you wil have.
  45. Decrease the weight on the over-hanging knee.
  46. It moves from increase to decrease every day.
  47. Decrease the height variation of the objects.
  49. For every 1% decrease in APR, you will save $89.
  50. Rainfall was lower because of the decrease in.
  51. Decrease the variation in height of the objects.
  52. Yes, we adopt pets to decrease our loneliness.
  53. Such an effect is interpreted as a decrease in.
  54. Such a function will decrease as a function of.
  55. We could never predict how much of a decrease in.
  56. The cost of production will continue to decrease.
  57. Decrease the amount of water poured into the hand.
  58. Becoming emotionally mature decrease the tendency.
  59. As we walk in the opposite direction they decrease.
  60. Premiums decrease when implied volatility decreases.
  61. The cost of communications will continue to decrease.
  62. Decrease the amount that the pen is turned each time.
  63. Decrease the distance that the pen moves up and down.
  64. A temporary halt to the decrease was passed with the.
  65. Once past the state border, we began to decrease speed.
  66. Decrease the size of the rolled up towel under the arm.
  67. Decrease the distance that the object is moved through.
  68. Most likely, volatility will stay constant or decrease.
  69. This will decrease your risk of permanent capital loss.
  70. Decrease the weight-bearing target amount on the scales.
  71. An equal tax decrease on the poor will be totally spent.
  72. Decrease the distance from the wrist to the target lines.
  73. We would expect the price of the spread to decrease by 0.
  74. The party that wishes to decrease the size of government.
  75. Decrease the number of pillows under the chest and knees.
  76. Decrease the target weight borne through the affected leg.
  77. Our chances of a successful hunt decrease with every hour.
  78. Decrease the amount of forwards movement or trunk rotation.
  79. Not unless she could magically decrease the value of money.
  80. Some examples of problems that decrease platelets include:.
  81. To decrease the calories consumed in that meal, eat slower.
  82. Research show that vitamin c help decrease melanin formation.
  83. I learned the hard way that stop-losses do not decrease risk.
  84. Another way to decrease a gun's recoil is to increase its mass.
  85. X would progressively decrease with decreasing Q and eventually.
  86. Credits increase income account balances and debits decrease them.
  87. This leads to a decrease in the accumulation of fat in your body.
  88. This will decrease the amount of cash the buyer has to spend and.
  89. Withdrawal from cocaine results in a decrease in the density of.
  90. Although the market is still volatile, premiums begin to decrease.
  91. In our example this leads to a further decrease of the initial set.
  92. The idea is to decrease the number of multiplications from 4 to 3:.
  93. Caution: Never decrease overheads at the cost of quality or service.
  94. He wanted to decrease the tension on the bridge, not ratchet it up.
  95. For each 10% decrease in Medicare and Medicaid payment there was a.
  96. However, equity derived from retained earnings should decrease the.
  97. When meditating of the word increases sinful thoughts will decrease.
  98. Holes in a wall really look bad and decrease the value of your house.
  99. This causes the leptin levels to decrease and here’s what happens:.
  100. The bottom part’s decrease increases the speed of the top part or.
  1. Decreasing dividend growth by 2.
  2. Inflation is the value of money decreasing.
  3. Deficiency of vitamin E causes decreasing.
  4. He observed Surendra’s hair was decreasing.
  5. This led to her job decreasing on her list of.
  6. Threatened and a population trend that is decreasing.
  7. Federal governments are decreasing in size and power every year.
  8. Because we know that G is actually decreasing in value with the.
  9. X would progressively decrease with decreasing Q and eventually.
  10. One good example of decreasing asset value is a personal computer.
  11. Are the Company’s Total Outstanding Shares Decreasing over Time?
  12. The result was the decreasing of dog population by 28 per cent in the.
  13. The vanishing Hell: Why is the number of times Hell is used decreasing?
  14. Increasing and decreasing the number of calories in your diet will help.
  15. From the perspective of common sense, it would seem that the decreasing.
  16. Likewise, when prices and volume are decreasing, it is considered bearish.
  17. OEX options have displayed this decreasing pattern since the crash in 1987.
  18. Increase the amount of thigh support by decreasing the height of the plinth.
  19. This tribe is not decreasing in number, the births fully equaling the deaths.
  20. Some researcher found that decreasing the levels of cholesterol in the blood.
  21. More earnings retained at the same time that LTD/CAP is decreasing will give.
  22. Vitamin C helps to strengthen the capillaries, thereby decreasing the risk of.
  23. Donaldson: Our funding from our benefactor continues, but at a decreasing rate.
  24. By decreasing the contraction and over active muscles in the abdomen, magnesium.
  25. The point of MACD is to identify times when momentum is increasing or decreasing.
  26. Our excessive health care cost, by decreasing the competitiveness of our goods in.
  27. By decreasing the contraction and over active in the abdomen, magnesium phosphate.
  28. Once this screen returns a list of stocks, sort the list by order of decreasing beta.
  29. Gamma shows if the speed of the delta change is increasing, decreasing, or constant.
  30. For any of these items you said yes to, you run the risk of decreasing your influence.
  31. Besides rejecting the null hypothesis for the increasing operating income, decreasing.
  32. Its revenue starts to fall and it cannot reduce costs as fast as revenue is decreasing.
  33. Then your exponentially decreasing chance for any upward mobility doubles exponentially.
  34. Cold compress is said helping to stop or reduce bleeding, thereby decreasing the heavy.
  35. They are restricted in their wielding, decreasing the risk of infection by the taint.
  36. It’s also key to know whether the total number of sponsors is increasing or decreasing.
  37. It also helps to stimulate waste disposal through lympathic functions, thereby decreasing.
  38. In a model of this type, decreasing debt will automatically increase EPS and the return on.
  39. Then, out of nowhere, the wind ceased and the karve stalled, its speed decreasing abruptly.
  40. Decreasing the proportion of debt in the capital structure will lower beta, which is exactly.
  41. It can potentially affect both you and your partner by decreasing your partners desire for sex.
  42. Trading volume is decreasing steadily toward the tip of the triangle, but increases rapidly on the.
  43. After rapid deformation at the beginning of load, deformation of creep continues at a decreasing rate.
  44. Ultimately, increased demand coupled with flat to decreasing supply will result in higher oil prices.
  45. As you can see when volatility peaks, it begins decreasing sharply, back into its channel of normalcy.
  46. The instruments show a rapidly decreasing air pressure on all parts of Barsoom—the engine has stopped.
  47. One of the requirements of a textbook symmetrical triangle is decreasing volume during pattern formation.
  48. The plan is to de-emphasize the role of family by first decreasing the relative importance of motherhood.
  49. They are presently on your heading 110, at a distance of 36 miles and decreasing and flying at 12,000 feet.
  50. There was no one on the ground to see it, only C47 who was slowly decreasing her height with the parachute.
  51. Accordingly, the probability of overfitting can be reduced by decreasing the number of optimized parameters.
  52. I descended the road along the Whetstone to Columbus, the snow decreasing in depth all the way as I proceeded.
  53. Determine if the manager is increasing his or her ownership interest in the business rather than decreasing it.
  54. Finally values are being withdrawn from such a strong model of a brain lowered by decreasing the spirit of God.
  55. If the wind is constant but the swell and waves decreasing you can be fairly certain that land lies to windward.
  56. We can only assume that firms are decreasing the cost of capital by minimizing next year’s capital allocation.
  57. This is because the daily shrinkage of time value of option premium was accelerated by the decreasing volatility.
  58. For decreasing neutrons flow in a material there must be elements with low atomic weight, as hydrogen for example.
  59. The cold water spilled into her mouth, quenching her thirst, relaxing her breathing and decreasing her pulse rate.
  60. The Universe continued to grow in size and fall in temperature; hence the typical energy of each particle was decreasing.
  61. Primary consideration should be given to whether the rate of change in earnings is substantially increasing or decreasing.
  62. Note how the shares were acquired (direct purchases or options), and if the ownership interest is increasing or decreasing.
  63. You might end up materially weakening the health of your portfolio and decreasing its chances of survival over the long term.
  64. Sell out at that price and bank the proceeds, thereby increasing (hopefully) or decreasing (hopefully not) the available funds.
  65. A decreasing unemployment figure signals a maturing cycle, whereas the opposite is true for an increasing unemployment indicator.
  66. Some of those patterns always occur on charts before the trend reversal when the volume is significantly decreasing or increasing.
  67. His goal lately was to increase the amount of alpha, without falling asleep, while decreasing theta and SMR, a subset of Beta waves.
  68. The vanishing Hell: Why is the number of times Hell is used decreasing? Translators cannot agree on how many times to mistranslate it.
  69. To make your primary watch list, take the first 50 stocks on that list, that is, the top 50 stocks ranked by order of decreasing beta.
  70. The Nycarmans were not in the least bit moved by the sound, their earmuffs effectively decreasing the intensity of the explosion above.
  71. I wanted to have an influence in decreasing the divorce rate, rescuing children from ignorant parenting, and regaining the healthy social.
  72. That’s because the difference in daily erosion is decreasing as the June option gets closer to expiration and starts to erode more quickly.
  73. As Rosemary aged, however, her mobility became hampered, slowly decreasing over time until finally, in her last years, she used a wheelchair.
  74. Profitability from trading options, as with any other type of trading, requires either increasing your profits, decreasing your losses, or both.
  75. Dows had then named in decreasing order of competence and strategic genius the generals she knew, listing in order MacArthur, Patton and Kenney.
  76. Owning many securities reduces volatility by decreasing the impact of large price swings above or below the average return in a single security.
  77. It's a group that is very interested in decreasing government and in avoiding the type of conflict in which we found ourselves in during the war.
  78. Brookfield also staggers the maturity of its debt repayments so that they don’t all come due at the same time, thus decreasing refinancing risk.
  79. Consequently, by decreasing the range of acceptable values, the developer may exclude from consideration the area that contains the best solution.
  80. Treatment consist of two eye drops one decreasing inflammation and the second for dilating the pupil to prevent the iris from sticking to the lenses.
  81. It is said that vitamin E helps to increase the production of lubrication in the vagina, thereby decreasing the pain caused by penis penetration during.
  82. Moreover, these implied volatilities display a distinct pattern of either increasing or decreasing volatility as one views the strikes from lowest to highest.
  83. What if we are wrong? What if instead of a continual 10,000 year Progress of increasing humanity, it has been a continual regression of decreasing Humanity?
  84. The function a(j), which sets the weights {aj}can be of any form; it can be linear (with weight coefficients decreasing in time evenly), exponential, and so on.
  85. It is said that it also increases the function of lymphatic circulation, thereby decreasing the risk of water retention in the body tissues and breast tenderness.
  86. This makes sense because the width of the strangle is decreasing as both options are getting closer to at-the-money, and thus both options are getting more expensive.
  87. To split hairs over this, you prefer to invest when the overall dividend yield has been decreasing but the change from last year to now has shown a remarkable increase.
  88. In identifying potential short sales, for example, seeing decreasing inventory turns for a company audited by a non-Big Six accounting firm is an interesting correlation.
  89. By always searching for that margin of safety, value investors can protect themselves from massive losses in any market environment, both increasing or decreasing markets.
  90. Conversely, decreasing the duration input parameter shortens the maximum trade length when the market is in a trend, being more sensitive to the shorter wavelengths in the data.
  91. If the underlying contract is subject to stock-type settlement, as we raise interest rates, we raise the forward price, increasing the value of calls and decreasing the value of puts.
  92. He waved his hands back and forth over a line, increasing and decreasing the distance between the two, as if he could measure the extent of a magnetic field without holding a magnet.
  93. But keep in mind, by adding more stocks and decreasing your bonds, this change will increase risk/volatility and have you betting more on one season (in which you hope stocks will go up).
  94. In failing orders, with the genera and species decreasing in numbers as is the case with the Edentata of South America, still fewer genera and species will leave modified blood-descendants.
  95. Selling an out-of-the-money call option with a decreasing MACD indicator, I would sell an in-the-money call option to increase the odds of selling the stock if the stock price flattened out.
  96. Most physicians pragmatically believe that a disease is some bodily condition, further qualified, that decreases, or has the probability of decreasing, the natural functioning of the organism.
  97. In the early 20th century, according to the UN, less than 15 percent of the world’s population lived in cities; by 2005, that number jumped to 50 percent — and shows no sign of decreasing.
  98. That coupled with the fact there was an ever decreasing profit coming my way made me worry that my so called friend was about to use my constraints of parole against me to steal my lifes work.
  99. Tiles in line with the row and column that rose also rose, in decreasing heights the further from the center, creating the illusion of a pyramid, each raised tile becoming steps that led to the top.
  100. In other words, it quantifies the momentum at which a security is increasing or decreasing, and offers insight into how long an investor can expect that security to keep going on its price trajectory.
  1. This finding of decreased D2/3.
  2. As they gradually decreased the.
  3. The average sleep has decreased about.
  4. DELL’s share price decreased from $32.
  5. It is the truth: My value has decreased.
  6. Decreased tonic levels of dopamine in the.
  7. Others, such as hot flashes and decreased.
  8. From 2007 to 2008, net income decreased by 2.
  9. XYZ’s cost of debt would have decreased to 4.
  10. Distance between them decreased to five seconds.
  11. This is due to decreased cell production and a.
  12. The radiation can’t be increased or decreased.
  13. Productivity decreased by 6%between 1997 and 1998.
  14. With the decreased liquidity that exists from 4:00 p.
  15. Losira decreased the distance between the two of them.
  16. Wind has decreased in speed to 40 kilometres per hour.
  17. The indicator actually decreased in performance to 45.
  18. Look at the net income numbers, which decreased from $5.
  19. Patient with decreased free T4 and increased TSH level.
  20. Since then output per head has decreased by nearly a third.
  21. In 2002, net income decreased around $3 million from 2001.
  22. Their happiness was not decreased by the absence of summer.
  23. In addition, the operating income margin decreased from 31.
  24. This postscript decreased greatly the young girl's happiness.
  25. Look at the dividend trend; it decreased instead of increasing.
  26. As the echo slowed the diamond's rotations gradually decreased.
  27. As stocks and bonds decreased in value at least 40 percent, the.
  28. As the line decreased, Judas’ anxiety grew, and by the time it.
  29. The new procedure decreased cronyism and increased accountability.
  30. The pounding of the rain decreased to a soothing swish on the roof.
  31. The amount of cars around the club had decreased to only a Cadillac.
  32. As she is the only one, the number of death rolls decreased rapidly.
  33. Volume decreased again as the stock declined from the upper boundary.
  34. As his physical vitality decreased, the womanizing eventually stopped.
  35. This decreased recent earnings by about 10 cents per share, or some 4%.
  36. The probability of losing has decreased, but that is not the same thing.
  37. The operating profit per transaction at Western Union decreased from $9.
  38. In the meantime, ROC is decreased because the effect of more debt is to.
  39. So far exactly two thirds of physicians stated that if Medicare decreased.
  40. However, when it is decreased, as it was in 2006, ConocoPhillips no longer.
  41. A clinical example: thyroiditis, accompanied with the decreased function of.
  42. Gradually the breaths had slowed down when after sometime the pain decreased.
  43. During that week, the number of episodes of diarrhoea decreased by nearly 40%.
  44. This is a restaurant size recipe but works wel when recipe is decreased.
  45. And no doubt, the decreased air pressure and oxygen levels would have given.
  46. The hit ratio for long straddles decreased with the level of implied volatility.
  47. Increased inflammation and decreased antioxidant activity may each lead to an.
  48. The same study also showed that NPY decreased the rewarding effects of ICSS, and.
  49. Osteoporosis is a condition in which the normal amount of bone mass has decreased.
  50. Pearl # 3: Patients with Decreased GFR or Proteinuria Need to be Evaluated for the.
  51. By Thursday afternoon the radiation levels had decreased and the Fukushima Fifty had.
  52. Our numbers have decreased over time but still there are exactly sixty-three of us.
  53. Ackerman JM, White FJ (1992) Decreased activity of rat A10 dopamine neurons following.
  54. Carb rotation gives you the best of both worlds: decreased fat with no loss of muscle.
  55. The tetrabenazine is decreased gradually so I don’t have more dangerous side effects.
  56. When there is decreased production of beta chain, it will lead to increased HbA2 levels.
  57. The next set of cards was passed out and Calvin's odds of winning decreased even further.
  58. To what extent, if any, such a dietary change decreased the risk of stone recurrence has.
  59. When revenue and earnings decrease, the intrinsic value of the business will be decreased.
  60. As winter deepened, the rainfall decreased, but it really wasn’t unpleasant in this area.
  61. The blood fats and cholesterol levels in the treated series of patients decreased; from a.
  62. Four hours had passed quickly and the clouds began to cover the sun, the sand decreased to.
  63. The numbers on the battlefield steadily decreased until only a handful of spectres remained.
  64. This makes Choice B (Overflow incontinence from decreased detrusor activity) the correct answer.
  65. Sadly, the numbers of miles per gallon have decreased over the last thirty years, not increased.
  66. As more and more users have started to use it, however, the volatility has modestly decreased (i.
  67. And that kicking your foot increased the thruster’s output, while folding that foot decreased it.
  68. Because exercising reduces stress, the chances of dying from stress-related diseases are decreased.
  69. Without the influence and vested interest of these world powers the problems in Palestine decreased.
  70. If the period of study used to create oscillator values is decreased, it may create more false signals.
  71. Fatigue began to gain on him; and as his strength decreased, it made the weight of his burden increase.
  72. The profit would be the same, but I would have substantially decreased my risk during the first 30 days.
  73. There is also some evidence that the profitability of long volatility trades decreased over recent years.
  74. In this case, net income may be decreased by higher interest payments, while stockholders’ equity may.
  75. KO contributed around $269 million to the pension assets in 2009 because pension plan assets had decreased.
  76. The benefits of dark chocolate keep piling up: mental clarity, lowered blood pressure, decreased appetite.
  77. The aisles are not decreased by this central enlargement, as they deflect through the four abutting towers.
  78. As a result, the patient has decreased detrusor activity that is causing him to have overflow incontinence.
  79. On the contrary it is a state of hyperactivity, decreased need for sleep, high blood pressure and heart rate.
  80. Remaining orders going out had decreased ever more rapidly as staff could see the end of there shift nearing.
  81. It is only due to their intense activity in that direction that the influence of the churches has not decreased.
  82. The oscillating streams of energy that were visible on the map decreased as the energy vampires were eliminated.
  83. He also has decreased energy level, decreased appetite, decreased concentration and is experiencing hypersomnia.
  84. Fuel consumption in the rail and water transport sectors decreased by 27%and 8%respectively between 1970 and 1998.
  85. We would expect to see Choice B (Decreased complement level, increased anti-dsDNA level, and increased ESR level).
  86. Introducing a lag of one bar in the autocorrelation process causes the average correlation to be decreased slightly.
  87. It appears to me that GMan has settled into a steady, productive trading pattern with decreased emotional volatility.
  88. This number has stayed relatively constant or even decreased over the years due to improved fraud detection systems.
  89. Compared with fasting (no food), the glucose meal increased glucose oxidation and decreased lipid oxidation during and.
  90. During the last couple of decennia, the world population had finally decreased and this started to show in several areas.
  91. These two camps are bitterly divided, which has decreased the likelihood of reaching a compromise on the scientific approach.
  92. Boeing has a high degree of operating leverage: For the year ended 2008, Boeing reported in its 10-K that revenues decreased 8.
  93. Besides, in spite of the 2000 – 2001 recession the cost of houses, for example in California, was practically not decreased.
  94. Vitamin B6 deficiency was found in more than one-third of HIV-positive men; vitamin B6 deficiency was associated with decreased.
  95. Therefore, the initial set needs to be decreased to some reasonable quantities that are possible to work with on personal computers.
  96. When the price war ended, volumes at both businesses dropped because consumers, accustomed to the lower prices, decreased consumption.
  97. As the torque changes with the decrease of the coil spring force, the power transmitted to the end shaft with blades is also decreased.
  98. According to mystics, when one comes to truly know oneself, the pull of the material body and ego personality become greatly decreased.
  99. For example, as the number of transactions increased at money transfer business Western Union, the gross profit margin decreased from 46.
  100. Although that number has decreased, the jewelry industry is still a major purchaser of platinum metals for use in highly prized jewelry.
  1. If the hash rate decreases (e.
  2. As we age, our bone-mass decreases.
  3. However, its luminosity decreases slightly.
  4. If the demand for the bonds decreases, the U.
  5. This lower turnover decreases costs over time.
  6. Some studies report decreases in the levels of.
  7. The opposite is true for decreases in volatility.
  8. When t→∞, X decreases monotonously and tends.
  9. Decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  10. Decreases in the amount of effort that the animal.
  11. The pressure oddly decreases as the ship goes lower.
  12. Premiums decrease when implied volatility decreases.
  13. Spiked increases and decreases in current fl ow would.
  14. Temptation decreases when men are not liable to error.
  15. The skin turns flabby, and the fat underneath decreases.
  16. The ability to regulate our anger decreases our anger and.
  17. Or as resistance decreases in a circuit, voltage increases.
  18. With that, it decreases the chances of you getting pregnant.
  19. That's because rigidity decreases as the third power of length.
  20. It is usually assumed that increases or decreases in the number.
  21. The population grows and the productivity of the earth decreases.
  22. As fear dissipates from the market, Implied Volatility decreases.
  23. However, equity decreases at a more rapid rate and the return on.
  24. Assessing Decreases in Incentive-Motivation for Rewarding Stimuli.
  25. The number of reps decreases over the course of the weight lifting.
  26. As the number of combinations decreases, the ratio of areas changes.
  27. When we pray what is meant to be spoken it decreases the power of it.
  28. The latter decreases continuously when approaching the expiration date.
  29. Sulfur is a corrosive material that decreases the purity of a crude oil.
  30. Moreover, from the lower to the higher Plans, this probability decreases.
  31. What has been the history of decreases in Medicare payments; have they been.
  32. The difficulty increases as the radius grows and not as the radius decreases.
  33. One of these, a synthetic amino acid called D-phenylalanine (DPA), decreases.
  34. As a result, height of the shrinkage cone in feeder decreases and it’s base.
  35. It is said that baby aspirin also decreases the risk of immune dysfunction by.
  36. As the strikes go further from the at-the-money strike, this measure decreases.
  37. A controlled study found that weight loss resulted in significant decreases in.
  38. The double opt-in not only decreases the risk for AWeber that their servers are.
  39. We know that vega decreases as the strike moves further from being at-the-money.
  40. Second, they don’t emit any greenhouse gases, which decreases pollution output.
  41. Our political leaders tell us that, in the past, there have been no decreases in.
  42. The law of demand states that consumption of a commodity decreases as constraints.
  43. BZR availability compared to controls during acute abstinence that decreases with.
  44. If it decreases well below its mean for two years in a row, the probability of an.
  45. The love potion is rarely used on Slaves as it greatly decreases their resell value.
  46. Introducing another bar of lag further decreases the average correlation, and so on.
  47. If energy production decreases on a global scale, the index will reflect this change.
  48. If implied volatility increases, the hedge ratio of the in-the-money option decreases.
  49. Progentogen pill decreases the absorption of vitamin B1 in the body, therefore taking.
  50. The student/investor should notice that as NWA increases, cash-flow decreases and that.
  51. Improvement is achieved when the ratio decreases, and its absolute size depends on the.
  52. If the water speeds up, the width of the river decreases to yield a constant flow volume.
  53. As the number of days increases, the magnitude of the drop of the S&P 500 index decreases.
  54. Moreover writing answers after learning it, decreases the chance of forgetting it easily.
  55. As the length of the moving average is increased, the effectiveness of using VIX decreases.
  56. If an individual position decreases by 10 percent from our cost, we conduct a formal review.
  57. Her potential problem decreases and can take her away from obsession, the dark side of life.
  58. Increased (government) spending increases interest rates which decreases private investment.
  59. Vlachou S, Nomikos GG, Panagis G (2003) WIN 55, 212–2 decreases the reinforcing actions of.
  60. Each of them increases or decreases in conformity with the following to this way or that one.
  61. The trader would have been losing money during this period, but the variation also decreases.
  62. Time value (TV) decreases as the option moves closer to expiration; TV becomes 0 at expiration.
  63. This pressure usually increases with age whereas diastolic pressure decreases after fifty-five.
  64. As the criterion threshold decreases and the strikes range narrows, loss probability diminishes.
  65. To the violet part of spectrum the refraction (gravity) increases, and to the red – decreases.
  66. As volatility decreases, the length of the delta-neutrality boundary also decreases (see Figure 1.
  67. The difficulty is not adjusted immediately in response to increases or decreases in the hash rate.
  68. Hence, the scope of information about the objective function decreases when the step is increased.
  69. Then, late in the trend, after the big price move, the stock gets exhausted, and demand decreases.
  70. Inflation in simple words means that the purchasing power of money decreases over a period of time.
  71. The principal of a TIPS increases with inflation and decreases with deflation as measured by the CPI.
  72. An exemption decreases the taxable value of an inheritance, meaning you will pay less inheritance tax.
  73. This indicates that capital allocation based on the evaluation of the whole portfolio decreases profit.
  74. Obviously the average profit decreases as the number of layers used in the selection process increases.
  75. Theta decreases as an option gets farther from at-the-money because the amount of time value decreases.
  76. The late entry increases the risk and decreases the reward by changing the profit and loss calculations.
  77. The troops are moved according to the enemy’s movements and the number of men increases and decreases.
  78. But you must understand that your wider and more diverse refocusing possibilities decreases considerably.
  79. Thus, (1) shows that as delay d increases, the subjective value of the delayed reward v decreases at an.
  80. I expect decreases in health care costs as tough new legislation is enacted to stifle white collar crime.
  81. A variable interest rate changes automatically whenever the basic rate of the bank increases or decreases.
  82. Stock Trader: So Delta increases as an option nears expiration, while time value decreases at the same time?
  83. Furthermore, when the criterion threshold exceeds 15%, the percentage of short combinations decreases to zero.
  84. The latter decreases continuously when approaching the expiration date (this phenomenon is called time decay).
  85. The operation runs so smooth for so long, it’s odds of discovery by customs decreases with each passing year.
  86. As intrinsic value decreases, time value increases at an accelerating rate and that could help cut your losses.
  87. When options become deep in-the-money or far out-of-the-money, the change in Moneyness decreases the time value.
  88. In all situations the share of straddles in the portfolio decreases as the strikes range increases (see Figure 1.
  89. Here’s where cost difference with percent increases or decreases in performance of each component is important.
  90. This approach decreases the probability of a mistake but reduces the number of trading opportunities considerably.
  91. Psychologists tell us that once you have arrived at adolescence your ability to acquire another language decreases.
  92. This medication indirectly decreases the amount of Niacin in the body and may, therefore, increase Niacin requirement.
  93. Integration of noise increases the exponent α by 2, whereas the inverse operation of differentiation decreases it by 2.
  94. Most often, the steepness of the skew increases at times of higher volatility, and decreases at times of lower volatility.
  95. It is noticeable that the duration of the night is not constant, but increases and decreases at different times of the year.
  96. Historically, gold has also been a great hedge for inflation because as inflation rises, the value of your dollar decreases.
  97. Both increases and decreases can lead to more operating risk and the measurement can increase ten fold when a company turns.
  98. As you can see, the cost of these vertical spreads, as a function of the width of the spread, decreases as the width increases.
  99. A price decline in the futures, from 110 to 109, decreases the futures equivalents from short 5 to short 4, given our position.
  100. Simple economics states that as supply decreases, or demand increases, the price for the product will increase, and vice versa.

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